Friday, 24 April 2015


Translated from Japanese by Saya

This is a Cryptic Story!

This is something that happened a long time ago.
When I was a kid, I always walked home from school with my best friend A.

ME: "Hey, we have a test next week, right? Do you want to get together and study for it tomorrow?"

A: "Sorry. Tomorrow is the day when Final Fantasy I comes out, so I'll be skiving off school to get it. lol"

ME: "How come you play video games all night every day and sleep through classes, yet still manage to get high marks?"

A: "Well....actually, to tell you the truth, I have the power to see into the future. I know what's going to be asked in tests beforehand, so that's why I can get high marks...."

ME: "Huh? lol If you have that kind of power, give it to me, will you? I'd live off horse racing!"

A: "....Stupid. It was only a joke. lol"

ME: "What? You suck!"

A got full marks in that test. Now I think about it, that was only too natural.


Boni Nameless said...

Final Fantasy I isn't a famous game at its time. It even considered the last game by his company because they are facing bankruptcy.
And I might be wrong but there is no extensive media coverage [read : a lot mass media cover it] for the release like today. And quote wiki :
'Sakaguchi took an in-development ROM of the game to Japanese magazine Famicom Tsushin, but it would not review it. However, Famitsu gave the game extensive coverage.'
so that means they have one media cover it but I don't see anything else so well, that means unless you are a hardcore gamer and somehow have your source then there is no way you can know that the game [FF I] will be released tomorrow.

Judging from the conversation I will say they are probably below middle school so yup, A probably really have ability to see future.

Alex said...

Ah, because he called it "Final Fantasy I", because he knew it would be the first part?

Ranger Finder said...

Interesting story as always Saya.
I believe I understand the mystery behind this story.
Would you be so kind as to confirm my suspicions with a simple yes or no answer?
Does the mystery lie in A-san talking about Final Fantasy I?

Kremena Gecheva said...

Maybe it could have been impossible for him to know that Final Fantasy was coming out so he really did see the future?

Nothing said...

hmmm so A can see when ff come out o.O

Han Hyunchan said...

Hello, Saya-san! you took a long break haha I kinda worried you won't update anymore so i'm happy you're back! actually this is the first time I leave a comment on your posts lol

I've read this stories in another blogs, but every time I read it, I still don't understand what happened lol but now I kind of understand the story better. So A is actually can see the future? He knows the release date of Final Fantasy I! uh wait, actually it's not that special... I still confused lol

Anonymous said...

how come he knows when Final Fantasy ONE comes out? because he is seeing the future :)
nice story as always Saya, thank you!

Limit Seeker said...

You are correct....The game was supposed to symbolize the last hope of the company...that is why it is called FINAL Fantasy....And the name Final Fantasy 1 first came out on the remake which was called Final Fantasy 1 and 2 iirc....The game title during the first release was Final A can see the future

Yuri Meindar said...

Love the story cause I'm a Dan of final fantasy series to :D
I wonder if he still playing the game series until now?

Saya Yomino said...

Hi everyone! Thank you for your comments!

While the background info about Final Fantasy helps to solve the puzzle, you don't necessarily need to be familiar with it.

Usually, when a game has just come out, we don't know whether it's going to be part of a series or just a one-off game. So when the narrator recalled that his friend said Final Fantasy ONE and not just Final Fantasy, he knew that the friend could really see into the future. That's at least my understanding of the story!

@Boni Nameless: Thank you for providing us with the interesting background information! I was hoping someone would do that for me LOL

@Alex: Yep, I think you're quite right, dear Alex.

@Ranger Finder: YES. I think so!

@Kremena Gecheva: Very close!

@Nothing: Almost right!

@Han Hyunchan: Hello dear! I do sometimes take long breaks which make a lot of people worry, but I won't ever abandon the site! If I ever do I will let all of you know. Or if I pass away or something I'll make sure I have someone inform you people in my stead. haha

But anyway this is your first time commenting? How wonderful! I'm always happy to meet new people. :D

Oh I hope you're less confused now that it's been solved by other blog readers!

@Şefik Ateş Meriç: Spot on, dear! Thank you for your comment! :D

@Limit Seeker: Thank you for your piece of information! You hit the nail right on the head!

@Yuri Meindar: I love Final Fantasy too! XD I'm waiting for FF15 to come out!

Farz Wolf said...


His full name is A glimpse to the future.

Neo Joyeuse Oxys said...

Whoa, this one's pretty nuts! XD
That FF definitely gave a hint!

I think "A" stands for... "Asuke", huh?