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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Adrift in the Sea

(Translated from Japanese by Saya)

Three men, A, B and C were adrift in the sea.
They had been shipwrecked and only three of them managed to survive on a life boat.
A and B were ordinary businessmen, married with kids.
C had no family and noone waited for his return at home.

One day, A caught a vial which had come floating up to their boat.
Inside the vial, they found a trapped fairy.
Upon being freed from the vial, the fairy said,
"Say one wish. To repay your kindness, I will make it come true."

A and B of course replied that they wanted to go home.
As soon as their words were out, they disappeared.

C at first was going to make the same wish, but remembered how he would be all alone by himself even if he went back home.
And he also recalled how the past days had been hard yet eventful.

He had mulled these things over in his mind before he said,
"Bring A and B back to the boat."


CreanJinSung said...

Reminds me of that Spongebob episode 'Shanghaied' where Patrick wished that Squidward come back with them to the ship just as he (Squidward) landed back home.

Gabriel said...

So happy to see so much new content! (Also previously Unknown individual reporting in with a proper ID now)

This story is fairly amusing too, and there's a similar tale in my country, albeit involving a genie. (though that one is told as a joke)
But I think there's a moral to it about how we should be more selfless. I mean, all three of them made selfish wishes, right? But if the first wished for all of them to be rescued, things would probably end differently.

Anyway, thanks for the hard work as usual, Saya! Take care.

CY said...

It is funny and the end result would be very 'eventful' for C. Either C has a grudge against A and B or A and B will team up and beat the hell out of C.

Visser said...

I think that even if I were in person C's shoes, I'd still rather be at home than lost at sea waiting to die. What a sad existence.

Unknown said...


Saya Yomino said...

Somehow I forgot to reply to your comments.
Sorry and thank you!

@CreanJinSung Spongebob! I once watched it in Taiwan and it seemed funnier in Taiwanese than it was in English!

@Gabriel Hello! Great to know your name! :D
That's true. Your story also reminded me of a buddhist story where both in heaven and hell people are given the same very long chopsticks, but in heaven people use them to feed each other, but in hell they try to only feed themselves and so in the end they can carry food to their mouth and have to suffer the state of starvation for eternity.
You take care too, Gabriel! I hope your country is not as hot as my country.

@CY I know. hahaha

@Visser Some are very twisted. You and I are not one of them! XD

@Unknown 20 July Thank you, thank you! Konnichiwa! Wow I'm sorry I have not updated for a long time. More interesting posts are coming for you!:D Stay tuned!

Nunu. said...

How selfish of C. Is it any wonder why C is all alone?

Thank you for this story, Saya-san.


fyp meow said...

I will kill him for sure! He was so selfish to bring those two back😂