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Monday, 30 July 2018


(Translated from Japanese by Saya)

"Daddy, what's a 'remainder' in a division?"

 "If you have 37 people in a class and they are asked to make groups of three, how many groups will there be?"

"Hmmm... 12."

"But there is someone who can't join any of the groups, right?"

"Yes, there is one person left over."

"That was me in high school."

"Aww, Daddy...!"


  1. Eh? This one is different since it's "translated from English". I'm not sure what it trying to tell though. The dad trying to crack a joke maybe?

  2. @ 1CC That was a typo. Thank you for pointing that out to me!And yes, the story is just a joke. As you see it's posted under the category "funny."

  3. you are finally BACKKKK after 3 years!!

  4. Poor father, his classmates were so mean! Either way, it gave me a chuckle, I read this on the morning so it was definitely a good way to start the day XD!
    Thanks as usual! Till next time

  5. Aww.. that was quite sad, actually. And funny.

    I was a bit of an introvert during my school years.
    Though I have to admit, during Phys Edu class, a lot of times I intentionally became the "remainder". I dislike sport, and being left out allowed me to just relax and "sadly" observe the game from the side-line :D. Sometimes I get to be the referee too. Ha ha.


  6. That was me in high school, too. ;D

  7. SAYAAAA YOU'RE BACK!! I MISS YOU!! Occasionally I would check if you're back...anyways I'm glad you're back TvT

  8. I foolishly thought this was a cryptic story before I saw the “funny” tag, LOL

  9. That's me RN, but that's not the point. Glad I keep checking in my old bookmarks :3

  10. @George VanMeter I'm glad you found it funny! :D

    @eyan Yes, sir or madam! Howdy! :D

    @Gabriel I LOLd too, when I first read this story in the original Japanese text :D

    @Nunu and
    @Diogo I was an introvert too! I was always an odd one out at school and that was of course because I was more talented, rich and beautiful than the other children! XD

    @Unknown YES DEAR!! DON'T SCREAM OR YOU WILL WAKE UP YOUR NEIGHBOURS!!! But you may quietly shed your tears of joy XD

    @Sydney Pacione I know. It's terrible, isnt't it? I sometimes post weird stuff beside scary stories on this blog, so be prepared.

  11. @TheLoneWolf EGC Hello, dear. Nice to see you again! :D


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