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Friday, 20 July 2018

Time Travel

(Translated from Japanese by Saya)
This is a cryptic story!

I have obtained a time machine from a secret source.

That being said, you can travel only to the future using the machine, because if you could go back in time it would alter the course of history and that would be too dangerous.

I decided to travel to the time ten years from now.

 Me, ten years older than I am now -
I wonder what I will be like!


  1. So, ten years from now he's dead?

  2. I don't know if this is the "answer" or not, but now he's trapped in the future, since the time machine doesn't allow him to travel backwards. Hope it doesn't suck. Lol.

    Also, I hope this doesn't come off as whining or complaining, because I'm really happy to see this blog active again, but I'd personally love to see some regular old non-cryptic stories again. The spooky short stories and ritual instructions were really what made me fall in love with your blog.

    But, whatever you decide to do, it's cool! Welcome back.

  3. When he arrives, ten years from now, he will learn that there is no "him, ten years older": He vanished without a trace ten years ago.

    As there is no way to go back in time, neither he nor the version of him that already went into the future 10 years ago, will ever be seen again. (And depending on the country, ten years from the disappearance, the vanished person will likely be officially declared dead.)

    And if the first person decides to travel ten more years in order to meet the version of himself that went there before ... so will have the other him, so they both vanish from the respective point in time they´re at again.

    - Since this is my first comment, thank you for this blog. I am greatly enjoying the stories!

  4. The way I see it is that since "the past is set in stone", and going to the past is impossible, I'm guessing there are many, many clones (not really clones, but I can't think of any other term for it) of the person in the "10 years later" timeline.

    Because... the person who went to 10 years later using the time machine has, in one way or another, set the events of those 10 years in stone. Particularly when he/she decided to jump to the future. So... The "past" event keeps repeating itself.

  5. Yes, and the time machine will take 10 years to travel to 10 years in the future.

  6. Since the time machine will presumably not create a clone of himself that will continue to exist while he travels in time, and assuming he's the only time traveler, the only thing that will happen is that he will go missing for 10 years. Since he will cease to exist for that long and won't be subject to aging processes or any forces such as gravity, he won't even grow older, mature or undergo any changes in appearance. Literally nothing will happen to him, assuming he comes back at all and doesn't just vanish forever due to his matter failing to materialize again in 10 years. Thus, his time machine is nothing but fool's gold that not only will not work as he thinks it will, but could also kill him.

    1. Great theory.., i'm thinking even if it don't kill him, his brain won't be able to accept the alternate reality he's in

  7. Hi, everyone! Thank you for your comments!

    The "answer" to this story generally seems to be this:
    The man in this story goes to the future but he can't come back to the present(because the time machine only allows you to go to the future) and so that means he simply disappears from the face of the earth and the older version of him doesn't even exist.

    @Octavio Yes, dear. Something along that line.

    @Visser Of course, dear. I will be posting longer and scarier stories too! I was only posting shorter ones to buy me time to work on non-cryptic stories which are usually longer and more complicated.

    @Yukari How very perceptive of you. I'm very impressed with your answer! Thank you for commenting! I love getting comments from people :D I hope you will continue to enjoy my posts!

    @Unknown 20 July Thank you for your interesting thoughts! :D

    @CY Oh! Your answer sounds scarier than the answer I've given. I like that!

    @Diogo That's interesting! I thought he would disappear completely but you say he might simply go missing for 10 years. That is another very plausible answer! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us!

    Once again, thank you everyone for taking time to comment. Take care! (It's sweltering in Japan!)

  8. oooooh a cryptic story about future and death on my birthday???? 😂😂 LOVE IT

  9. @Monica Happy Birthday, Monica! Thank you for dropping by to comment! :D I

  10. Ha. This one really got me stumped. I had to read the comments for answers.
    Good one, Saya-san.


  11. Yeah, mate, it would be a very good idea to land yourself into a paradox. He won't ever reach the future because his existence got erased the moment he boarded the Time Machine. He'll just...vanish xD


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