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Friday, 10 August 2018

The Guide

(Translated from Japanese by Saya)

This is a cryptic story! :D

I live in a European-style house, due to my wife's taste for all things European.
So my room too is in European-style, which actually befits my beautiful cat, who is my best friend-cum-family member.
My cat has beautiful, shiny Russian-blue hair; his name is Noisuled.
My treasure is a certain box, made of paulownia wood and large enough to enclose a whole person.
Noisuled seems to have taken a liking to it too, and often sleeps on the top of its lid.

You may ask, why do I treasure such a box?
This may be hard to believe, but when one goes inside the box, one can go to the future.
Well, to be precise, only one's sight and hearing get transported to the future.
I can only see and eavesdrop on the future events, but cannot exercise influence over the future in any way. 
I call the box "The Eye of God," and the images of the future that are projected in the box  "The Guide."

I owe my life to The Guide.
Inside The Eye of God, I saw myself being murdered by someone. 
So I killed the person before that person could kill me in the "real" world. That was all.
No one has yet discovered that a murder has been committed.
The body is hidden away completely, so it is going to be safe for a while.

But recently, Noisuled appears to be often unwell.
He doesn't even go near the lid of The Eye of God anymore.
Should I find out what the future holds for Noisuled? I began to really worry about him.

I put my head inside The Eye of God and closed my eyes.
What I saw was a decomposing body of my beloved cat.
I left the pitiful image of my beloved friend and the stench behind, and came back to the "present."

I hugged my cat, who is the only family member left to me, and deeply regretted seeing the future.


  1. i realised noisuled is "delision" spelled backwards! Kinda creepy that he would believe he could see into the future and killed someone because of a mental illness... my guess with the cat is that it is already dead inside the box, and whatever cat he sees outside the box is just a part of his imagination, which could explain why noisuled "acting unwell".

    1. I agree with that. I also found it odd that he said he lives in the house because of his wife; yet at the end, he says that the cat is his only remaining family member. It makes me wonder if the person he killed was his wife.

  2. Hello Saya! I'm a long time reader but finally decided to comment, just wanted to say that I really love this blog and am happy that it started to be active again :)

    My thought is, that this person suffers from a mental illness that makes him have these visions he claims are from the future and since in the end he said that the cat is his only family member left leads me to question what happened to his wife, I think that he killed her after the vision he had of being murdered, possibly by her, and put the body in the box (due to the mention he made that a person could be enclosed in it and that the body of the person he killed is still hidden) and now the body has started to decompose and released its typical odor wich could explain why the cat doesn't want to be near the box anymore and why when the narrator put his head inside the box he perceived a stench and saw a dead body that on his imagination was the body of his cat.

  3. Oh, this cryptic story has many layers, I quite like it!!
    Alright, the thing we can immediately understand is that the person murdered was the wife. Since she's clearly mentioned at the beginning, but the cat was the only one left in the end.

    Really nice catch by Jessica in noticing that his name is Delusion backwards!
    The toughest part of this story is that we have an unreliable narrator, because they appear to have some kind of mental condition. But I'd beg to differ, I think that the cat exists.

    What I think happened is: they killed their wife. The box now acts as a coffin, and the cat doesn't want to be anywhere near the decomposing body. By putting their head inside of it, they saw and smelled her rotting corpse.

    Btw, I laughed at your comment on the blog header about the people from "Unknown Location" xD! There are mysterious things out there.
    Anyway, thanks for the great story, Saya!! Take care!

  4. So he killed his wife because he was under the delusion that his wife was going to kill him. As noisuled is the palindrome of delusion - we have to wonder whether the cat is real or a figment of his imagination.

  5. Wait, if the images are projected in the box, how can he see anything when he closes his eyes? It doesn't add up, so I also suspect it's mental illness, as Jessica does.

  6. Just curious, what was the original name for the cat before translation? Is it a palindrome of the Japanese word for delusion, or is it in English like you wrote? I also translate stories for my friends from time-to-time, and names with puns or wordplay I always have trouble with.

  7. perhaps this a Schrodinger's cat thing XD simultaneously alive and dead while in the box. perhaps he killed himself and thats why no one would find out about who he murdered because heactually died and left his body and is watching his family.

  8. Thank you everyone for commenting! :D <3 <3

    One theory I heard on the web was that the narrator imagines his wife has an intention of killing him so he kills her to preventit from happening, and hides the body inside the box.

    He says only his sight and hearing get transported to the future, yet he smells a "stench" in the box. That smell is coming from the decomposing body of his wife.
    And that is why there is only room enough for his head when he sees the cat's future.

    Someone else speculated that the cat is unwell because the narrator is feeding the body to the cat.

    Yet another person put forward a theory that the box can really show you the future, and the cat is going to die soon, because the narrator is about to be nabbed by the police, and there will be no one left in the house to feed the cat.

    @Jessica Vitug Well done for noticing that the cat's name is delusion spelled backward. :D Yes, the cat may be a creation of the narrator's imagination!

    @Ofelia "Wandering Tide" Here is yet another perceptive lady! :D I think a lot of people think the wife was killed by the narrator.

    @Haem Hello! Welcome to the Underworld! :D I'm so glad you love my blog! I hope to post more interesting stories!

    I think you hit the nail on the head, dear. My blog readers are all very intelligent!

    @Gabriel I'm happy you like the story. I like it too because of its unsettling atmosphere.

    I think you too guessed it right! :D You are very good at this, aren't you?

    I know! I never before encountered the word "Unknown Region" in my audience stats as far as I remember. I got a little creeped out! XD haha

    @Dethyl Where have you been? I missed your comment!
    It's scary to think the cat might be a figment of the narrator's imagination as you say! :D

    @Diogo Oh! I never noticed that discrepancy! XD Well done for noticing it!

    @En-jel I think so, dear! :D

    @Sydney Pacione The cat's name was written in Japanese Katakana, but it was based on the word delusion in English, pronounced backwards. When a Japanese person pointed that out to us, I thought s/he was very clever! :D Wow you translate stories too? From which language? :D

    @Martin Ly Good old Schrödinger's cat! I never understood it! XD
    Your theory that the narrator killed himself is new and interesting! Thank you for that!

    Once again, thank you everyone for your contributions! See you next time!

  9. Okay, I think i have to sharpen my instincts again for these cryptic story.

    I can't believe that while reading, all that I can think about is how OP will spell Noisuled in japanese accent *facepalm*

    But yeah, upon reading comments I gain insights and realize, it really is weird seeing the future from the box. Especially when he can smell the stench.. well, that is definitely not normal.

  10. @Petzie In the original Japanese text, Noisuled was spelled ノイズルド. Like I said in one of the comments above, when a Japanese person noticed the name was based on Delusion in English, I thought that person was clever! :D

  11. @saya I also translate Japanese stories to English! I’m not the best at it though.

    1. @Sydney That's great, Sydney!You don't have to be the best! I'm not the best in the field either but I'm just doing it for love. Have fun, because life is short! :D

  12. Urggg. This brings me back to a crime-detective novel that i read. So he said that the cat is unwell? The body didnt discoverrd by anyone yet? Did he fed the body to the cat thats why the cat started to get sick or smt? Urggg


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