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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Full Moon

(Translated by Saya)

The following is the account of my mother's experience...

Five years ago, my mother was working for my father's business partner.
Her boss, the company director, would become very irritable at times, and lose his temper at the slightest provacation.
Someone would tell him, "please make sure you look through these documents,"  and he would somehow blow up, and start taking his anger on the objects around him, and sometimes even start throwing them around.

One day, my mother was on her way home thinking "he was in a bad mood today too," when she noticed the full moon in the sky.
The same thing happened the following month, and the month after that; and she realised that when her boss became irritable it was invariably on a full moon day.
In time, she started thinking, "I don't want to go to work tomorrow because it's a full moon day."

But the boss died suddenly, and it was not because of illness or an accident. He had seemed perfectly robust and healthy up until the time of his death.
Apparently, he had a heart attack. People conjectured that perhaps he had been working too hard.

The day before he died, the boss told his wife, "I'm going to die tomorrow."
His wife was thinking "what is he saying...?" and said aloud, "please stop making a joke like that," and they didn't discuss any more about it at the time.

A few hours later, his wife still hadn’t been able to take her mind off what he said, and so asked him,
"Why did you say you were going to die tomorrow?"
The boss replied, "Huh? I didn't say such a thing."
I heard he looked completely baffled.
However, he penned a sort of last will that night.

After the boss died, my mother had a dream about him.
The boss came up to my mother who was sleeping, and asked,
"Why isn't there my desk in the office anymore?"
My mother replied, "Boss, you are dead."
But the boss said,
"I'm not dead. I'm not dead."

One day, my mother was having a chat with her colleagues, and their talk turned to their late boss.
My mother told them about her dream, and discovered her colleagues and the boss's wife also had the same dream.
He appeared to them and repeated the same phrase: "I'm not dead. I'm not dead."

I felt chills when I heard her story.
My mother told me that even now the boss sometimes appears in her dream and says, "I'm not dead. I'm not dead."

By the way, the day the boss died was also a full moon day.


  1. Thank you for your comemnts everyone! :D
    I hope you're all doing well and happy like me!

  2. Ah, the boss is getting mad every full moon. In English, we call that state a "lunacy"; some people believe that some people go crazy during full moon.

    Such word is derived from the Latin word "Luna", which means "moon".

    I still don't have an idea on how it happens.

    1. Cool I had no idea lunacy stemmed from Luna/lunar/the moon! Thanks for sharing.

    2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! :D

      I heard an esoteric theory before that said because the rise and fall of the tide is caused by the waning and waxing of the moon and humans are 60% water, we are also affected by the phases of the moon.XD I don't know if it's true or not. haha

    3. Ah, that thing is also prevalent with the westerners: the moon does not only affect the bodies of water but also water in our bodies.

      It has been an occurring urban legend, but there are no studies that proves that it actually happens.

      A related article:

    4. Oh great thank you for the article. I will read it later after I get some sleep first (it's three in the morning here. I woke up and can't get back to sleep yet).

      Thank you always for sharing your wisdom!

  3. was the boss a werewolf? haha
    i like how theres these weird details like the dreams

  4. 私はげんきです。 Now that I used what little Japanese I am comfortable with, really neat story. I wonder if he is haunting them and if so for how long. Perhaps instead he had somehow hypnotized so that they have these dreams, which is very scary as well.

    1. よかった!:D Great! It's such a pleasure to get a comment in Japanese! XD Thank you very much!

      I trust you also know other useful phrases in Japanese? Like "Thank you" and "Sorry"?
      Someone said there is one important phrase you should know in every language especially when you travel; that is, "My friend will pay."LOL.

      In Japanese, "My friend will pay" would be "友達が払います。”(Tomodachi ga haraimasu). Make sure you commit it to memory! XD

    2. LOL. I am using a program called Duolingo to learn Japanese and have learned those useful phrases. The program has bolster my hiragana skill. It tends to use only a few katakana, so I am not so good at them. It also throws in a some kanji so I can recognize the kanji for Watashi, Outside, Water, the days of the week, etc. Slowly learning at least some Japanese through it but enough to be completely comfortable in responding with it in writing. I can only imagine my pronunciation is way worse. Though it is cool when I pick up the gist of a phrase in a Japanese movie without looking at the subtitles. The most recent was in episode of Tantei no Tantei, that I am watching on Prime.

    3. Oh nice! :D
      I heard that katakana is confusing for most foreigners, so don't worry too much about it yet. You will learn them in good time!

      And your pronunciation skill in Japanese can't be much worse than my pronunciation skill in English! XD haha
      I think people in Japan generally don't mind foreigners speaking Japanese with accent. Of course there will always be uneducated people who look down on those who speak with accent, but don't worry about those people. XD

      When I was learning English I had to endure numerous embarrassing moments. A few of those experiences were quite traumatizing. haha
      I think I'm getting over them, but I still sometimes feel tense when I have to speak to strangers in English. When I am speaking to close friends I am completely alright though.
      I seem to be dreaming in English quite often too, because people tell me I sleep talk in English, and sometimes I woke up from a dream while I was speaking English aloud. XD
      So my subconscious mind seems to know how to speak English well, even if I think I'm lousy at it in my waking hours.

      What I'm trying to say is if you are learning a foreign language you might have to go through embarassing experiences like I did but don't worry if you do. Just keep going and don't give up.

      There was a period in my life when I didn't like to use English so much, but I'm so grateful now that I can use it to communicate with people like you. Learning languages is definitely a rewarding and wonderful experience.

      When I travel to a foreign country I always to try to learn at least a few phrases of its language before I go there. Like when I went to France a few years back, I learned some French beforehand (using Michel Thomas method. LOL), and when I got into a taxi, the taxi driver was so delighted I could speak French. It makes travelling much easier to if you know some phrases of the local language.

      Well, you can watch a Japanese film and are able to understand some of it, so that's wonderful. You must have a talent for it!

      Good luck with your study! :D If you have questions about Japanese language you can always ask me. haha

    4. Yep, not going to give up, though sometimes I get frustrated. Cool story from France there. Thanks for the offer of help. I may take you up on it.

  5. What if? The dream is actually what's happening in their "real life" and in real life is what's happening in their "dream"

    Meaning, the boss really is alive and someone stole his desk from the office! NOOOOO!!!

    1. Your theory is mind-boggling! haha

      Poor Boss! XD

    2. If someone stole my desk and people keep saying I'm dead when I'm clearly not. I will keep saying "I'm not dead"...

      ... And no, I'm not in denial.

      I imagine this is what "ghosts" feel like.

    3. You often hear about ghosts not realising they are already dead, right? :D

      When I die I hope I get reincarnated quickly, so I don't have to roam the earth seeking confirmation from the living that I'm still not dead. XD

    4. I have heard that. Yes.

      My confirmation that I'm a ghost would probably be if technology got more advanced than I remembered. Then I'll be the ghost that's all
      "You kids with your newfangled technology. Back in my day... My day? Oh no! Can it be? I AM DEAD! NOOOOOOO!!!"
      Then they'll also scream because they saw me as a ghost.

    5. Haha you have a wild imagination! XD


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