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Monday, 11 February 2019

Long Sleeves

(Translated by Saya)
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384 :Anonymous:03/10/23 22:49
When I was an elementary school kid, a weird boy transferred to my school.
He looked rather poor, and didn't appear to have a father.

His mother, whom I met a few times, seemed like an ordinary, kind and cheerful lady, and didn't look particularly unhappy.

What was so weird about the boy was that he kept wearing long-sleeved clothes even at the height of summer.
It wasn't because he was sensitive to the cold. I mean, he would come to school wearing a long-sleeved top and knee-length shorts during summer.
He also never took part in swimming lessons.

Just as everyone started wondering if the boy was hiding some body defects, a group of bad boys in my class began teasing him.
They would often threaten to take his long-sleeved shirt off him.

One day, the boy suddenly went berserk, and accidentally jabbed me in the eye with his finger.
Tears after tears started rolling down my face, and the sight enraged the other boys so much that this time they stripped him off his shirt for real.

Then we saw something bizarre on his right arm...

"Thank you for being born (Heart Shape)
My Sweet Baby ___(his name) (Heart Shape)
Mummy is so Happy (Heart Shape)
Please grow up to be a Good Boy (Heart Shape)
From Your Mummy  (Heart Shape)"

It was a horribly crooked tatoo.
I guessed it was his mother's handiwork.

After a while, the boy transferred to another school.
I have never seen him since. I wonder where he is now?
He is the same age as me, so 25 this year.

385 :Anonymous:03/10/23 23:08
Poor boy....
To be born to such a stupid parent...

387 :Anonymous:03/10/24 00:12
Not stupid, but a psycho.

388 :Anonymous:03/10/24 00:28
I agree with you.
The mother was a little strange, but otherwise a normal person.
I also remember his body odor, or the "smell of the house," which his clothes gave off, was quite unpleasant, and it was a kind of odor that I had never smelt anywhere else before.

389 :384,388:03/10/24 00:33
I don't remember the tattooed writing word for word, and it was quite crooked (perhaps because his body had grown larger), so my account isn't one hundered percent accurate.

But I do remember it was made up of Hiragana** letters and heart shapes.
I can't recall whether the heart shapes were black or red...

I wonder if she couldn't imagine that the child would someday grow up to be an adult?
Did she have the same kind of mentality as those parents who give their children weird names just because they sound cute, as if the children were their pets?

** Hiragana is a Japanese lettering system. (Hiragana Chart)


  1. Oops it appears they decided to remove Google + or something?

    Hi everyone, I hope you are happy and well.
    I will start replying to your comments at older posts today.

    Thank you always for your kind support!

  2. So lucky I decided to check your blog again today, I guess I just felt that update coming! (lol xD) Happy to hear from you again, hope that things have been going well for you.

    As for this story, that's pretty sad and creepy. That poor kid, there are terrible parents in the world... btw, it just occurred me, but I feel like the narrator teased the boy about his long sleeves too, since he was the target of his anger.

    As always, thank you very much for this post! And welcome back ofc :D
    Take care and stay safe, hope you have a great week.
    (And yep, Google is shutting down G+)

    1. Dear Gabriel, I apologize for my delay in replying. How are you?
      I hope everything is going well for you too!

      Yes I agree the story is sad and creepy.
      Imagine how the kid must feel :(

      I hope you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram, Gabriel.
      Keep in touch! :D

    2. Hey, everything's been going well, thanks :D! Hope things are okay there too. And don't apologize, no worries, we all know how it is to be busy!

      That's true, he must've had a rough life :/.
      And oh I had forgotten to follow you there!! Alright, I'll be sure to :D
      Take care!

  3. Sadly, Google + is no more. Creepy. Some people should not have kids.

    1. I like how your comments are succinct and to the point XD

      I think the mother had some kind of twisted love for the boy.

  4. Woah... That's so creepy. If I saw a kid with a tattoo like that, I would be so terrified for their safety. Who tattoos a child??

    1. I imagine because the mother did not have a happy marriage!
      I feel it's not love but just purely sickly attachment.

  5. Wow. Humans are sometimes scarier than supernatural beings. Thanks for another story, Saya. Take care.

    1. Yes indeed people are scary!
      Thank you dear for your support! :D

  6. Was it a tattoo or the mother carved it on his arm using a knife?

    ...There goes my morbid thinking again.

    1. I think it's possible the mother used a knife to carve those words on his arm!

  7. Somehow I felt like the boy carved the words on himself. Please tell me thaat I'm not the only one who thinks so...

  8. I think if the kid still in elementary school yet the tattoo on his arm already crooked because of him growing up,, maybe his mother carved the tattoo on his arm since he was born

    1. Yes I think the mother did it when the boy was still a baby or something... That's bizarre, isn't it?

  9. if it was done as a baby, that must have been really small writing! the idea that it was a knife didnt occur to me, since scars look a lot different than tattoos. im pictuirng her doing many long sessions of "stick and poke" tattoo with a needle.

    kinda weird that she'd give the kid a long phrase, and not just something symbolic like just a heart. i guess she was worried about him growing up well.

  10. Saya, are you going to continue posting stories in Twitter instead since blogspot is shutting down? Will I be able to read them even if I don't have a Twitter account?

    1. It looks like Blogger will not be shutting down, so don't you worry! :D

  11. Hi Saya. I've been reading your blog ever since I was in secondary school, and now I'm going to graduate from uni lol.
    Just wanna let you know how glad I am to see your update! Pls keep up the good work.

    1. Saya_In_Underworld27 October 2020 at 10:31

      Wow😆✨ That's great to know! I hope everything continues to go well for you! Thank you for commenting 🌈✨


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