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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

The Chest of Drawers

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(Translated by Saya)

(Translated by Saya)

This story creeped me out quite a bit.
I heard it from an English teacher while at high school.

The teacher was a quiet, but fairly popular person among the students, because of his dry sense of humour, and clear and concise way of teaching.

He started off his story by saying that when his wife died (we didn't even know he had a wife and that she was already dead, so it freaked us out quite a lot), he often had strange hallucinations. 

Those hallucinations involved an old chest of drawers which belonged to his late wife.
One of the drawers would open by itself at night, and the upper half of his wife's head would appear out of the drawer, and she would watch him sleeping on the bed. 

I must be mentally unstable because of her death, he thought to himself, and went to see a psychiatrist and got prescribed some medication. He also tried to take good care of himself so that he wouldn't feel tired and stressed out, but despite all his efforts, his wife continued to appear in the drawer at night, and watched him while making various peculiar poses.

If my mental state isn't causing this, what is happening must be real - he thought.
One day, he decided to get into one of the drawers himself.
He laid his whole body inside the drawer, and with some effort, shook the drawer to close it.

He had been waiting for a long time inside the drawer, when he suddenly heard his wife's exclamation:
He hadn't really prepared himself for this turn of events. 
(He told us something like: "I thought I was calm, but now I realise I wasn't, because I felt too agitated to respond.")
He kept quiet, not knowing what to say.
Then he heard his wife say, "you are too fat and can't stay in here."
He thought she was quite right, and shook the drawer again to get out. 

He told us that the chest of drawers in question was still in his house, 
and sometimes when he was tired he would see his wife appear before falling asleep.

This story would have ended as just a heart-warming story, had the teacher not concluded the story with these words:
"Nothing bad happened to me in the end, but had it happened to someone else who was less mentally strong, I suspect the person would have stayed inside the drawer forever. Because it felt so good and so comfortable being inside it."
He said these words so matter-of-factly....

And it is so creepy too to imagine that he still keeps the chest of drawers in his bedroom.


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  2. ooooh this is one nice story

  3. When I was young, I used to crawl into a small space behind my bed and surround myself with blankets, pillows, and dolls. Even though it was such a small space, I used to feel so comfortable back there that I would fall asleep, eventually only waking up to my mom screaming for me to come do chores. Sometimes I think if she had never called me, I would have never left- so I kind of get what this guy is talking about when he says being stuck in the drawers was comfortable.

    1. Maybe it would feel like being in a womb? XD
      Thank you for sharing your nice childhood memory!

  4. The way the teacher finished his story leads me to believe that's how his wife died. I have to admit that sometimes I also feel very comfortable laying in small spaces haha.

    Great story as always! Your uploads are always appreciated!

  5. Thank you for always taking time to comment, Haem!

    That's an interesting thought! I didn't imagine his wife might have died in such a peculiar way!

    Take care! :D

  6. Small spaces are great. If I could fit in a drawer, I would probably stay there as well. There's just something comforting about being in a small but comfortable space that helps me sleep.

  7. Chest of drawers. I imagine something creepier, a (human) chest like drawers, when it can be opened and contains internal organs

  8. この話は面白いのか、怖いのか、が分からなくて決められないです笑


  9. Very spooky ^ ^ thank you for your hard work translating, always fun to read


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