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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Weird Pictures (Updated)

Go To The Weird Japanese Blog

The link above is now dead, but I've managed to find some pictures on the web which I remember were once displayed on that blog.

CLICK HERE to see the pictures.


(Below is the original text posted in 2011)

A Japanese blog full of bizarre and disturbing pictures.
Each picture is accompanied by indecipherable Japanese words.
I can't even read the blog title (hence just "the Weird Japanese Blog").

When you are there click the link at the bottom left of the page to see the older posts.


  1. Very, very peculiar. The fifth picture down made my stomach turn. I'll definitely be exploring it some more. I just wish I could read the text.

  2. Saya, can you read the comments of it? Maybe that can help you to figure what it is all about!

    Also, I left a comment on your previous post :3

    Thank you very much for coming back!

  3. This is strange. Also, why is the same picture posted so many times? It makes it even creepier.

  4. i just its not cursed or somthing

  5. Man, some of those pics can be really... hypnotizing... in a very creepy way.

    By the way, regarding to your response to my last commment, I also think of Charlie Brown when I hear my own name sometimes, so it's ok, hahaha.

    My best regards, Saya-san! Keep up the great work with this blog!

  6. so my comp has a translator, which i used on this site to translate it all to english and most of it came back as nonsense, which makes it even creepier... good work saya, you seem to have an affinity for finding stuff that makes your skin crawl

  7. Oh boy, Saya-san is back again! I'm reading all the post I've missed. Waiting for more updates, thanks for your effort!

  8. OMG! Some of those pictures made me scream! Very nice.

  9. @Picklegod: the fifth one! Yes that was particularly bad!

    I wish I knew the meaning of the texts too! They are just creepy letters put together at random.

    @Nami: the comments are just as meaningless as the texts on the blog! I don't think there is anything in there to shed light on the blogger's intent! But I will look into it!

    Thank YOU for commenting dear!;)

    @Chloe: I agree dear! Very strange!

    @Anonymous: I hope not, dear!

    @Charlie: "Hypnotizing" is the word I would also use to describe those pictures!

    Oh!So you do think of Charlie Brown too? I'm glad it's not only me! lol

    Thank you dear!

    @Anonymous#2: Yes that was to be expected. There are just meaningless letters put together! Occasionally words like "death" and "suffering" pop up, making them look freakier. This blogger doesn't seem to be in his right mind, to be honest.

    @Mateusz: oh hello dear! Long time no see! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

    @Simon: oh I hope your neighbours didn't call the police hearing you scream!

    @FluffyChocolatey: I don't know dear. But no curse would ever have any effect on someone as fulffy as you!

  10. Yes. i was showing some of my friends this page. One of them immediately went offline and I haven't spoken to them since.
    I'm sure he's ok, just a little weirded out. ^-^"
    I have also described it as hypnotizing to others.
    When I was scrolling down, it didn't seem like I was looking at pictures, it seemed like I was watching a video. I felt out-of-body.
    This is probably me just scaring myself though. Ahaha.

  11. Everything on SiU is cursed, dearests.

  12. Anonymous~

    I'm sorry dear, but what is "SiU"?

  13. Finally I had courage to see it again and I noticed the posts date. The first post is 0000-00-00, and none of them posted newer than year 1958 0_+

    Could the pictures be related to certain events?

    I remember some people on internet love to make cryptic blog/vlog, giving hint in the entries which lead to something. It's like a game! :D

  14. O__O Those images will haunt my nightmares forever. Though I'm sure I recognised at least two of them...

  15. @Nami:
    SiU=Saya in Underworld

  16. @Chloe: Oh I hope I didn't break your friendship dear!
    Don't look at those pics too often! Be careful!

    @Anonymous: now, don't go around scaring people like that! lol

    @Anoymous after Nami: I didn't notice about the date! That's intereting!

    @Tani: yes apparently the pics have been around since 1950s so you might have seen one or two of them! lol

    @Picklegod: For a few seconds it I didn't know what SiU stood for either! lol

  17. Woah, how silly I am! Thank you Picklegod, I have a mental block for acronyms. D':

  18. Ahaha Saya. You don't have to tell me twice. I am finished!
    I feel cursed. -.-
    This is the only thing on the entire site that has made me feel like an ominous cloud is constantly hovering over me all day. ahaha

  19. woah I felt glued to the screen!
    For some reason 954 just made me feel sad. The one that keeps appearing makes me think it has a deeper meaning, like somthing is hidden in it. I don't like to stare too long...

    Some of them don't mean much to me, but it certainly is creepy!
    Is it possible the site is in a code?

    I'm no expert, just a guess ;)
    How did you find it? '.'

  20. Wait, there's something wrong with these dates, guys... I mean, didn't the internet only emerged on the decade of 1960?

  21. Furthermore, all images are edited, and some even colored. The dates are completely random.

    0000-00-00 00:00:00
    1805-08-08 23:55:05
    1915-06-08 00:31:25
    1945-11-08 01:15:29
    1946-08-09 23:57:41
    1948-06-09 01:10:14
    1949-11-15 00:00:00
    1949-11-22 10:00:51
    1950-08-11 00:21:54
    1952-10-10 00:00:00
    1954-02-11 00:00:00
    1955-08-10 00:31:49
    1955-11-12 00:00:39
    1956-01-11 00:00:01
    1956-09-01 00:45:00
    1958-11-00 00:56:10
    1958-11-05 00:00:37
    1958-11-06 00:00:00
    1958-11-08 23:49:48
    1958-11-09 23:37:46
    1958-11-10 00:00:39
    1958-11-10 00:00:40
    1958-11-10 00:00:41
    1958-11-11 00:00:39*
    1958-11-11 00:00:39**
    1958-11-11 00:00:39***
    1958-11-12 00:00:38
    1958-11-12 00:00:39
    1958-11-13 00:00:39*
    1958-11-13 00:00:39**
    1958-11-13 00:00:39***
    1958-11-13 00:00:40*
    1958-11-13 00:00:40**
    1958-11-14 00:40:44

    * As you can see, there's some posts with the exactly same date and hour.

    I guess the autor is just a psychotic hacker...

  22. The dates are really weird, but can't they be set that way?
    I doubt it was posted 0000-00-00 00:00:00, that's just impossible !...

    well, it's a very creep site!

  23. ....That website.
    It's freaky.
    I love it. ;w;

  24. I'm a bit of a timid person so I dared not to see the blog for myself but i asked a friend to describe the pictures for me.

    Towards the end of the explanation, my friend told me she saw something wasn't right with the blog especially when she scrolled through it quickly. So try scrolling through, quickly, what do you see?
    I honestly haven't seen the blog for myself. I was too scared. (>A<);;

  25. For me it says in Japanese that the website is "not visible." damn, I wish I could see that blog.

  26. What Brandr said. I can't see it. Is the link broken?

  27. Looks like the blog got taken down, after a moment it transfered me to a somewhat coherent blog with pretty nature pictures... but it does sound like either the blog was in some sort of code, or just there to mess with people's heads.

  28. Hey, could you put the link back up? It might be archived so we can take a look at it...

  29. @ayakashi: I wish I could, but I think the blog has been deleted. Sorry dear. If I ever find a new link again, I'll put it back on.

  30. I couldn't stand looking at more than 4 or 5 pictures, I had to close the tab almost as soon as I opened it. I swear I've never been so cold in my life.

  31. I'm too chicken to open it...
    Well im going to see it now. I hope i'm okay XI

  32. So even though the link is dead I got there.
    I was going to scroll down (I'm on my iphone) and all of a sudden the page loaded? I know it wasn't the one with the pictures you set yourself. It had the picyure of the baby you were talking about that seemed to be connected to the mum with an umbilical cord?
    Everything was ina typical tumblr format and said 'updated three days ago. Updated two hours ago' even though the pictures are in the same order you said they were three years ago. Im trying to find the place I clicked but it's not loading anymore. I got a couple pages into it and then my phone died (it was at 27 per cent so that's a bit weird) and now I can't find the pages on my browsing history. ._.

  33. This is an old post but I though I would say, When i looked at the 14th or 15th picture i suddenly felt like someone hit me on the right side of my head.

    It's probably nothing, just.... interesting?


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