The Fortune-Teller

That day I had to work until late and ended up catching the last train home.
On arriving at my local station I immediately started walking home, when I saw a few people gathering in one corner of the square in front of the station. Curious, I took a closer look to see what was going on, and found there a desk with a paper hanging from it which said 'Fortune-Telling,' and a chair on which an old woman sat; both the desk and the chair looked like the type usually seen in school classrooms.

I had never expected to see a fortune-teller at such a lonely country station like this, and was still more surprised to see some customers there. I went closer.
Those standing around the desk included one businessman and two students. On the desk stood one candle.
The person who was being seen by the fortune-teller was an attractive woman in her forties.

I tried talking to the people standing about.
Me:"Is she a good fortune-teller? I use this station everyday but I've never seen her before."
Businessman: "........"
Students: "........"
None of them replied.
The students wore the uniform of S_ High, a local school which I was familiar with.
What's wrong with them? So mean! I got a bit cross, but decided to wait for a while.
I waited for about fifteen minutes but still the first woman hadn't finished her turn.
She sure is taking a long time. What are they doing? I wondered.

There was nothing there to prevent me from eavesdropping, and so I listened.
Woman: "Is that inevitable?"
Fortune-teller: "Yes. That is the fate."
Woman: "Is that inevitable?"
Fortune-teller: "Yes. That is the fate."
They kept repeating the same words in whispers.

Something was wrong with them, I thought. Creepy. I decided to go home and turned around; but the businessman and the students who had been standing around me only a second before had disappeared. Before I had time to be surprised, the lights from the station switched off and it got all dark around me.
I turned to the fortune-teller and the woman again, and was further confused when I found they too had disappeared, along with the chair and desk.
I ran back home, wanting to get as far away from the place as possible.

Some days had passed before I read an article on the local newspaper that a family with two children died in a car crush on a railroad crossing near the same station. It was a small article and there were only their names and hints about where they lived, but the children were students of S_ High school.


  1. So I guess the fortune teller was a ghost trying to tell a ghost family that they were really dead?

    That's kind of sad.

  2. Sad.But yes,That is the fate. I like this 1 though

  3. Adorably Dead - dunno but the thing is, the fortune-teller appeared before the family died. The accident happened a few days later than when the narrator saw the fortune-teller. It is a strange story. Maybe the whole family was having an out-of-body experience.

    美B - me too!:)

    Sugar - it is rather sad. Good to hear you like it though!

    Thanks a lot for your comments!

  4. Ohhhh I get it! See I have to read more carefully, now it's creepy, lol!

  5. What an excellent way to begin the weekend... even though it hasn't started yet. Almost there! Thanks for another great story, Ms. Saya. Have a great weekend!

  6. Adorably Dead - I think it's the way I wrote it that made it confusing, dear. Don't worry.

    William - always glad to be of service!:) Thank you, and have a great creepy weekend!!

  7. Good brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

  8. Well I agree but I think the collection should acquire more info then it has.


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