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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

How to Go to Another World: "Fed Up"

Happy Halloween Everyone ~ :D
Here is a little ritual for you to enjoy! 
I hope you all get loads of sweets to stuff yourselves with. XD 
Love and Peace!

(Translated by Saya)

1: Anonymous :2012/01/05(Thur) 02:06:27.80 ID:73sG3iym0

How to do it:

This ritual is recommended for people who are fed up with their lives or who want more excitement in their lives.

Write a hexagram as large as possible on a paper measuring 5 X 5 cm, and write "Fed Up" (Akita 飽きた in Japanese) inside the hexagram.
It will be more effective if you write it in red ink.

When you finish writing, you go to sleep holding the paper in your hand or with the paper under your pillow. 
Next day, if you wake up and the paper is gone and you feel a difference in the air, or something out of ordinary happens to you, then you know you have been successful. 

The reason the paper disappears is not because you have lost it, but you have changed places with yourself in another world. 

Can anoyone here try this?
I'm too scared to try it myself. 

6: Anonymous 2012/01/05 (Thur) 02:08:47.63 ID:pfZPlbxM0
I can try this, but I have a question.

How do you get back to the world from which you came originally?

8: Anonymous :2012/01/05(Thur) 02:09:54.90 ID:73sG3iym0

Probably you won't be able to come back.
But I heard the ritual often fails to work.

11:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:10:55.18 ID:nPeadacT0
Has anyone ever succeeded at it?

14: Anonymous :2012/01/05(木) 02:11:28.64 ID:73sG3iym0

I don't know but I heard about someone who tried it and failed, and in the process he went through a scary experience.

17:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:12:21.92 ID:pfZPlbxM0
Clarify, please.

20:Anonymous :2012/01/05(Thur) 02:16:10.06 ID:73sG3iym0

I only have a vague memory of it, but I read a story about a person who tried the ritual but failed at bringing it about.

1. He tried the above method, and went to sleep while holding the paper in his hand in a way it would be visible to anyone who might come in.

2. And he had a dream of some sort in which a man in black tried to snatch the paper away from him.

3. The man was hell-bent on snatching it away from him, and he got scared and clang to it with all his might.

4. When he came to, the man was gone and the paper had become all crinkled.

That was how it went.  

13:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:11:26.10 ID:uFtRRXrsO
If you succeed you will be in another world.
So the people in this world will have no way of knowing whether the person has succeeded or not.

18:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:13:56.23 ID:GmTTrbTs0
I have a feeling you have to have a high spiritual power to succeed at this ritual.

19: Anoymous :2012/01/05(木) 02:16:03.85 ID:SIkRAJrP0
This is dangerous.
My parent practices exorcism,
but since the month before last, people with dull eyes who keep talking gibberish started turning up at our house.

I was told not to get involved with it, but I heard those people had papers like the one shown by >>1.

21:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:16:33.97 ID:0EH9U1n30
Must it measure exactly 5 X 5 cm?

23:Anonymous :2012/01/05(Thur) 02:17:13.28 ID:73sG3iym0
The measurement is given only as a guidance,
but I guess more precise the measurement, the better chance you have of succeeding.

27:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:18:36.44 ID:Jm3k8jwS0
Is this real?
So scary...

28:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:19:01.72 ID:WA8B4fq30
Isn't it a Jewish symbol? The Star of David thingy? 

32: Anonymous :2012/01/05(木) 02:20:38.14 ID:73sG3iym0

Hexagram is supposed to symbolise safety. 

So to write "Fed Up" inside it might invite danger...

 33:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:20:58.13 ID:WA8B4fq30

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Cause of Her Death

(Translated by Saya)

When I was a second-year high school student, a classmate called Minako*1 passed away. The cause of her death, I heard, was leukemia.

Her house was located in Ichikawa, in Chiba prefecture *2, and it took me more than an hour to reach the place where her funeral service was held.
I wasn't particularly close to Minako, so I left as soon as I finished offering incense. *3

The whole class was sunk in grief for a long time after that, but gradually we regained normalcy and in time the memory of her death faded from our minds.
By the time I graduated from high school I had totally forgotten about the unfortunate girl who had died young.

After high school I went to college and then began working.
One day I bumped into an old female friend from high school by chance.
It was she who first approached me on the street. If she hadn't walked up to me and called my name I wouldn't have recognised who she was, because she had become much thinner in comparison to how she used to be in high school.
In fact, she was so frail that she looked ill.

"It has been a while."
We exchanged brief greetings, and as she said she wanted to talk to me more, we headed for a cafe nearby.

We first told each other what we had been doing lately and so on.
 And then my friend abruptly asked me,
"Do you remember about Minako?"
"Minako? Oh, you mean the girl who died of leukemia."
I recalled then that she and Minako were close friends.
"I felt sorry for her at the time."
"Yeah, about that..." She knitted her brows. "She didn't actually die of leukemia."
"Really? Then of what illness did she die?"
Frankly I had zero interest in the subject.
You sometimes hear people hiding true causes of their deaths, for one reason or another.
But, undeterred by my bored reaction, she pressed on with her story.

"I really want to tell you something. You need to hear this."
"What is it? OK, go ahead and tell me."
I had already finished my work for the day.
I saw that she had become uncommonly serious.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Animals Donations

(Translated by Saya)

This is a cryptic story! :D

A long time ago, I came across a site called "Donations for Poor Wounded Animals"

The site was chock full of highly explicit images such as pictures of a legless dog and disemboweled cats.
But it also came with step-by-step pictures of how these animals recovered from their injuries after receiving treatments.

It appeared they were receiving quite a lot of donations and used the money to carry out proper operations on those poor creatures.
It made me feel really good to see them become healthy and happy again.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Police Officer

(Translated by Saya)

I was beat after a long day at work.
When I reached my apartment block and tried to get in the elevator, there was already a man inside it.
He stood there with a cap drawn deeply over his forehead as if he were trying to hide his face.
What a creepy guy - I thought. But I could do nothing but give him a brief greeting and get in with him.

He didn't respond to my greeting but just stood there keeping his head bowed.
The man got off the elevator before me, but just as he was getting out his shoulder bumped into me.
I apologised "Oh, sorry," just to be polite, but he ignored me and walked away, still keeping his head bowed.

When I returned to my room, I looked at the part of my body where he had bumped into, and found some blood on my clothes.
"What the hell? Disgusting!" I thought, but didn't think anything more of it.

A few days later, when my room's doorbell rang, I looked through the peephole and saw a police officer standing outside.

"Excuse me, Madam, but a few days ago we had a murder case in this building. Have you seen any supicious looking persons around here?" Asked the police officer.

The question brought to mind the creepy guy in the elevator.
But I was watching an interesting TV drama at the time, and if I told the police officer I saw someone I would probably have to spend a long time being questioned by him, and I was just too lazy for that.
So I answered, "I haven't seen anyone."
The police officer went away without further ado.

Next day, while I was watching TV, news coverage of a murder case appeared on it.
It said the murder took place in this apartment block. And it happened on the very day I saw that guy in the elevator.

"So it did really happen on that day."
The murderer had already been caught.
The news proceeded to show a picture of the murderer.

It was the face of the police officer who visited my room.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Saya's Experience with a Ghost!

I think I encountered a ghost recently. It's not very scary but I want to share my experience with you!:D

It was last Sunday. I woke up early in the morning.

The first thing I did when I awoke was check my phone to see if there were any comments to my posts (but I think there were none. It made me feel lonely. LOL).

As I felt quite awake and didn't feel like going back to sleep, I started browsing the internet to see if I could find some interesting horror stories that I could translate.

I started reading horror stories and after a while the air began to feel a little chilly.
And then I heard noises ---- at first I thought it had started raining and that what I was hearing were simply sounds of rain drops pattering on the roof and walls of my house.
But I soon realised they were sounds of footsteps.

The footsteps sounded sticky, like the sounds of bare feet walking on a wooden floor.

I then started feeling a presence. There was actually someone lurking at the door of my room.
My room had its lights on, but the door was wide open and it was pitch black outside the door.

At this point I knew for sure that something was amiss.
I went, "Uh-oh..."
I tried to believe it was my mother but clearly it wasn't.  And I'm the only one who is sleeping on the floor, although there are two other bedrooms on the same floor.

In a panic I searched for something that might help me in the situation.
Then I remembered about the mantra my mother ( who is a devout Buddhist) taught me.

The mantra goes: ”"Om mani padme hum." It is the famous, very poweful Sanskrit mantra as some of you may know (

So I started chanting the mantra, over and over again, in my heart.
As I chanted, I caught a glimpse of white feet and something that looked like white skirt at the door.
The thing was trying to get into my room, but couldn't.
The holy mantra was working!

After sometime, the presence was gone, and I was alone again (Thank God).
Then the sunlight started coming in through the curtains and I breathed out a huge sigh of relief.

That was all ~! :D

I've heard before that when you read ghost stories you tend to attract low-level spirits lurking around the area, so you'd better watch out too!

In the event you have attracted something unpleasant, you can try chanting the mantra I wrote down above to ward it off! (Good luck! LOL)

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The Penpal

(Translated by Saya)

A country girl, a first year student in high school, was given a mobile phone for her birthday by her parents.
She was very happy about it, but at the time not many people had mobile phones, and as it was a countryside where she lived, she had no friends who had mobile phones like her.

However, one day, she received a text message on her phone.

The message said:
"I really wanted to have a penpal, and typed in some random numbers in the hope that someone may receive my message. To whomever is reading this, will you consider becoming my penpal?"

The girl was overjoyed at this offer of friendship, and accepted it without hesitation.
From that day onwards, the girl started texting the penpal everyday.
The penpal told her that he was a second year student in high school, and because they were close in age, she became increasingly attached to him.
But although he talked about TV and school life, he never told her where he lived.
The boy didn't seem like he wanted to talk about such things.

Saturday, 13 October 2018


(Translated by Saya)
This is a cryptic story! :D

Once upon a time, a girl found a mermaid on a rocky seashore.
The mermaid was gravely injured, and the girl did not know how to help her.
"You can help me return to the sea," said the mermaid in a feeble voice.
The girl did as she was bid, and helped the mermaid go into the sea.
The mermaid regained her health soon after, and gave the girl a large amount of pearls as a token of gratitude for the girl's kindness.

Now there was a man who was watching all this from a hidden place.
The man waited until the girl left, sneaked up on the mermaid and killed her.
He then hacked some meat off her body and took it home so that he can partake of it with his daughter.

The reason he did this was because he had heard the rumour that the mermaid's meat had the power to bestow immortality on those who consumed it.**
The man's daughter suffered from a serious illness and had been told she did not have much time left to live.

Seventy years later, the girl who rescued the mermaid was living a life of abundance, having capitalised on the pearls the mermaid gave her.
The man and his daughter, on the other hand, were fated to suffer for eternity.

** There is a legend in Japan about a nun, known as Yao-bikuni (八百比丘尼), who ate a mermaid's meat and lived to be eight hundred years old. See Wikipedia for more details

Thursday, 11 October 2018


Have you ever felt a presence behind you while washing your hair in the bathroom?
The thing is not actually behind you but above you.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018


(Translated by Saya)

Once when I was in the middle of sleep paralysis, a woman appeared beside my bed who said, "I will send you a doll and if you receive it I will kill you."

Some days later, I was getting out of an elevator when an unknown woman said to me, "Excuse me, you just dropped this," and tried to hand a doll over to me.

I ran away in a total panic.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

The Family I Saw at E Island

Shonan Beach and Enoshima Island
(Translated by Saya)

Every Summer, around the end of July, I take a holiday on a weekday to go swimming at Shonan Beach, alone. *1
There are too many visitors on weekends, and although it can be nice to go there with a girlfriend or friends, it's better to be on my own because I can just lay on the beach all day doing nothing but drink beer, and forget about all my troubles.
So that is why I visit the beach every year.

On that particular day too I intended to drink some beer so I travelled by train.
I got off the train and walked down the path leading to the sea, which was flanked by shops and restaurants.
I went into one of the restaurants to take late lunch.
Although it was a weekday, the restaurant was quite crowded, because schools were on holiday.

A mother and a daughter sat at the next table to mine.
The daughter must have been in her third or fourth year of her elementary school...
I wasn't trying to eavesdrop on them, but since I was eating all by myself I couldn't help but overhear their conversation.
"Mum, how long has it been since we got separated from Dad?"
"It has been four years."
There was a pain in the mother's voice as she answered her daughter's question.

Oh, so the father is living away from his family, perhaps for work. Or for some other unknown reasons.
I was making all sorts of wild conjectures in my mind, as I gulped down my Shirasu Don. *2

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Bizarre Cult Game: Osamu Sato's Eastern Mind

Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong Nou (東脳) is a surrealistic point-and-click adventure game created by Japanese artist Osamu Sato. It was published by Sony Music Entertainment Japan for Classic Mac OS in Japan in 1994, and in North America the following year by Sony Imagesoft. The game is considered to be a cult classic, with critics praising its surrealism and general strangeness.

Plot and Gameplay:
Eastern Mind is a point-and-click adventure game in which the player is a man named Rin who has lost his soul. Borrowing his friend's soul for 49 days, he goes on a quest to an location known as Tong Nou to die and be reincarnated nine times in order to recover his soul. Transmigration is a core game mechanic, requiring the player to die and be reborn as part of the experience. (Wikipedia)

Eastern Mind Promotional Video:

Watch Eastern Mind Gameplay on Youtube: