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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

How to Go to Another World: "Fed Up"

Happy Halloween Everyone ~ :D
Here is a little ritual for you to enjoy! 
I hope you all get loads of sweets to stuff yourselves with. XD 
Love and Peace!

(Translated by Saya)

1: Anonymous :2012/01/05(Thur) 02:06:27.80 ID:73sG3iym0

How to do it:

This ritual is recommended for people who are fed up with their lives or who want more excitement in their lives.

Write a hexagram as large as possible on a paper measuring 5 X 5 cm, and write "Fed Up" (Akita 飽きた in Japanese) inside the hexagram.
It will be more effective if you write it in red ink.

When you finish writing, you go to sleep holding the paper in your hand or with the paper under your pillow. 
Next day, if you wake up and the paper is gone and you feel a difference in the air, or something out of ordinary happens to you, then you know you have been successful. 

The reason the paper disappears is not because you have lost it, but you have changed places with yourself in another world. 

Can anoyone here try this?
I'm too scared to try it myself. 

6: Anonymous 2012/01/05 (Thur) 02:08:47.63 ID:pfZPlbxM0
I can try this, but I have a question.

How do you get back to the world from which you came originally?

8: Anonymous :2012/01/05(Thur) 02:09:54.90 ID:73sG3iym0

Probably you won't be able to come back.
But I heard the ritual often fails to work.

11:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:10:55.18 ID:nPeadacT0
Has anyone ever succeeded at it?

14: Anonymous :2012/01/05(木) 02:11:28.64 ID:73sG3iym0

I don't know but I heard about someone who tried it and failed, and in the process he went through a scary experience.

17:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:12:21.92 ID:pfZPlbxM0
Clarify, please.

20:Anonymous :2012/01/05(Thur) 02:16:10.06 ID:73sG3iym0

I only have a vague memory of it, but I read a story about a person who tried the ritual but failed at bringing it about.

1. He tried the above method, and went to sleep while holding the paper in his hand in a way it would be visible to anyone who might come in.

2. And he had a dream of some sort in which a man in black tried to snatch the paper away from him.

3. The man was hell-bent on snatching it away from him, and he got scared and clang to it with all his might.

4. When he came to, the man was gone and the paper had become all crinkled.

That was how it went.  

13:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:11:26.10 ID:uFtRRXrsO
If you succeed you will be in another world.
So the people in this world will have no way of knowing whether the person has succeeded or not.

18:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:13:56.23 ID:GmTTrbTs0
I have a feeling you have to have a high spiritual power to succeed at this ritual.

19: Anoymous :2012/01/05(木) 02:16:03.85 ID:SIkRAJrP0
This is dangerous.
My parent practices exorcism,
but since the month before last, people with dull eyes who keep talking gibberish started turning up at our house.

I was told not to get involved with it, but I heard those people had papers like the one shown by >>1.

21:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:16:33.97 ID:0EH9U1n30
Must it measure exactly 5 X 5 cm?

23:Anonymous :2012/01/05(Thur) 02:17:13.28 ID:73sG3iym0
The measurement is given only as a guidance,
but I guess more precise the measurement, the better chance you have of succeeding.

27:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:18:36.44 ID:Jm3k8jwS0
Is this real?
So scary...

28:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:19:01.72 ID:WA8B4fq30
Isn't it a Jewish symbol? The Star of David thingy? 

32: Anonymous :2012/01/05(木) 02:20:38.14 ID:73sG3iym0

Hexagram is supposed to symbolise safety. 

So to write "Fed Up" inside it might invite danger...

 33:Anonymous:2012/01/05(Thur) 02:20:58.13 ID:WA8B4fq30


Here is one man's experience of the ritual:

 1: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:37:40.11 ID:EQgFpRcg0
I tried the "Fed Up" ritual and nearly went to another world LOL

It looks like I failed but something came for me

2: Anonymous ◆AVDgkd9Lcg 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:38:21.11 ID:cvgw0dXq0
Can you explain it in more detail?

3: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:38:58.83 ID:pHmuS1+H0
I'm curious

4: Anonymous 2012/12/09(日) 00:39:16.57 ID:EQgFpRcg0
There was an old thread before about methods to go to another world.
I was fed up with my life and I thought I might try the easiest one among them. 

5: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:41:04.22 ID:EQgFpRcg0
There were other methods like the elevator ritual ( but I chose this one:
"Fed Up"

What you do is prepare a piece of paper measuring 5 × 5 cm and write a hexagram on it, and then write "Fed Up" in red ink inside the hexagram, and put the paper under your pillow and go to sleep.

6: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:41:13.79 ID:0j3FG+Mr0
This looks rather promising

7: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:42:21.54 ID:EQgFpRcg0
In the thread, there were stories about how other people experienced such things as "ringing in ears before falling asleep" or "a man in black pulling at the paper."

I thought they all must have been dreaming, and I put the paper under the paper and lay down on my bed.

But shortly after, ringing in my ears started.

9: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:43:50.73 ID:EQgFpRcg0

I believed the ringing in my ears had its cause in autosuggestion, because I had expected it to happen after reading the thread. 

I heard a heavy humming sound echo in my right ear.
And in a blink of an eye, I fell asleep.

11: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:44:54.28 ID:JFmW36vn0
That's a really dangerous one.

13:Anonymous 2012/12/09(日) 00:46:22.10 ID:EQgFpRcg0
I think so too, in restrospect.
I used to have a habit of taking a nap after lunch, but I'm afraid to do it now (・ω・`)

12: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:45:45.48 ID:EQgFpRcg0
Well I had a dream but it was short.
It lasted for about 20 seconds.
I was riding on a motorcycle and there was another guy driving a car and we were driving in a race track, competing with each other.
In the last part of the race, I got a head start with the car following close on my heels.

But I failed to round a corner properly and lost control of the car.

Just when the car was about to crash,
I heard a voice from somehwere.
"You have no right to *** (I don't rememeber the rest)."

As soon as I heard the words,  I woke up.
I thought at first that this dream too had been a creation of autosuggestion.
But it was what came after this that was the real problem.

15: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:49:20.35 ID:EQgFpRcg0
I woke up.

Great, "it was all a dream" ending. LOL.
I thought, and I tried to pick up the mobile phone that was on my right had side

......and felt that something was wrong.

Suddenly, my body started shaking.
It wasn't earthquake. I was the only object that was shaking.

I clung to my bed as my body shook,
and realised one more strange thing.

 Something stood in front of me.

Not a person. It was shapeless.
But it looked distinctively all black just in that spot.

I had kept the door open so the room was not totally dark but only dim.
But it was all black just in front of my eyes.

I realised I had been instinctively resisting the force that was pulling me and trying to take me away.

17: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:51:02.84 ID:t0oNpN4j0

18: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:52:03.63 ID:2VFsBuDS0
I was going to try this one too so I found this thread at just the right time.

21: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:52:36.11 ID:EQgFpRcg0
I couldn't comprehend its shape. I didn't see its eyes.
Because I was too scared to look at it.

When you are really scared your voice dies in your throat.
I wanted help but I couldn't shout because no voice would come out of my mouth.

I think the shaking lasted for about 2 minutes.

When the shaking stopped, the shadow? in front me also disappeared.
I quickly got up and threw away the "Fed Up" paper that was under the pillow into a bin and I recorded what had just happened to me in a mail.
Just so that I can confirm to myself it has not been a dream.

23: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:54:02.23 ID:EQgFpRcg0
Afterwards, I closed my eyes and just waited for the morning to come.
It seemed I fell asleep because before I realised it was already morning.

I got up and saw the "Fed Up" paper in the bin, and also the draft email on my phone in which there was the record of the whole experience yesterday.

So they were proof that what happened yesterday had not been a dream.    

25: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 00:56:07.22 ID:t0oNpN4j0
I always wanted to try something like this but I'm too scared

33: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 01:03:57.35 ID:EQgFpRcg0
As the ritual is called "Fed Up" you may need to be really fed up with the world for it to work.

In my case, I had been betrayed by someone important to me, and broken my dominant hand and couldn't continue my hobby, and basically lost hope for everything. So maybe that was why it was tyring to take me away LOL.

29: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 01:00:04.09 ID:EQgFpRcg0
So that was what happened last night.

According to the thread I read,
the "Thing" tries to pull the "Fed Up" paper away from you.

If you hold it in your hand, it pulls your hand.
I had it under my pillow, so it pulled my body.

I think it was trying to move my body so it can get the paper.

30: Anonymous 2012/12/09(Sun) 01:00:39.04 ID:EQgFpRcg0
The paper must be a kind of ticket to "another world" in question.
It is supposed to disappear after you have succeeded in going over to another world

You have to hand your paper over to it in order to go to another world, 
but my instinct told me not to let go of the paper once I encountered that dreadful thing.


  1. Howdy! :D Thank you everyone for messaging me while I was away.
    I will write replies to your comments at recent posts later today.
    Please forgive my rudeness for not replying to you sooner.

    Take care and have a lovely day! ;)

  2. I'm o excited for a new spooky ritual! Thanks Saya.

  3. Do I have to write in Japanese or should I write "Fed Up" in the language I'm most familiar with? Not that I'm gonna do it. How can I be fed up in the world when this blog is something I look forward to, among other things xD

    Anyway, Halloween "season" here is the time where we do the thing like in the movie Coco. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

    1. You can try writing it in various tongues XD

      Aww, that's so nice of you to compliment my blog! haha
      Every time you comment, it motivates me to post more stuff!

      Oh I've never watched the film! Was it good?
      I haven't watched any films at all lately.

    2. We go to the cemetery to visit loved ones who have passed away. Some people stay overnight even.

      For some reason, in my country it's done during October 31st or November 1st but All Souls Day is actually November 2nd.

  4. The black thing must be mad, many people have tried to do the ritual, and they need to hand the paper in order to go, but the people who did the ritual instead resisted.
    If I was that black thing, I would shout to that person who tried thr ritual, something like "do you actually want to go or not?! don't resist it!"

    1. I guess it's normal to resist when one encoutered something he or she is not really ready for.

      that's why for the ritual to be successful, one has to be really fed up and ready to let everything go.

  5. What I’m wondering is if the thing trying to take the paper is good or bad. Is he the other self trying to switch places with you, or is it a malevolent spirit trying to take your place, leaving you in the void?

    1. Interesting food for thought! Thank you my friend.

  6. I'm really tempted to try it since it's too easy, but I'm not fed up of this world yet, there are still a few things that keep me going haha. Also Happy Halloween Saya!

    1. Thank you! I hope you had a happy halloween too! :D

      And that's great that you're not fed up with world yet! You are too young and too nice! XD

  7. The "thing" must has been fed up by people who couldn't be firm with their decisions lmao

    anw what did you do this halloween, saya?

    1. Haha true! XD

      I didn't do anyting special. haha But my nieces came to my house and we had a little party. And you? Guessing by your profile picture, you love cosplay? :D

    2. I studied all day long. Sad life :')

      It's lolita fashion! It's just too cute, isn't it? but lately i have no opportunity to wear it :((

    3. Don't be so sad! haha
      Compliment yourself for making so much effort!

      You do look really cute :D

  8. Ritual stories are also fun. Really enjoyed this one.

    1. Yes, they are a lot of fun! Only I've never tried any of them myself XD haha

  9. It really shows that you must not do things half-heartedly. These people who tightly resist are the ones who are unsure of themselves.

    Hesitation could mean either death or suffering or shame. Samurai warriors know too well to not hesitate in all matters.

    1. I won't ever hesitate because I know I want to stay in this world! XD

      It's rare to find samurai-like people nowadays!

  10. New rituals always make me happy, more occult knowledge for me :P! I like how some of them can seem deceptively simple, like this one, but it'd be super scary to wake up to the darkness trying to pull away the paper. I quite enjoyed reading that anon's tale too!

    It reminds me of another ritual I had seen somewhere else, not quite sure where, but you basically had to print a magic symbol and then you'd put the paper under your pillow, and that was supposed to attract a spirit/creature that'd become your familiar.

    Either way, thanks a lot for this post, and happy halloween for you too! Hope you've had have all the treats :D take care and stay safe.

    1. My little niece made some biscuits for Halloween and she gave one to me. :D

      Oh that's an interesting ritual too. I would like a familiar or two to protect me at night so no other spirits would bother me. XD

      Thank you very much for your kind words! I hope you enjoyed your Hallween too!

    2. Aw that's really sweet of her :D! Glad to hear you've had a good halloween. It's my favorite holiday, even if it's barely celebrated here in Brazil :d

      lol Ikr, same here xD! A shame that when I decided to try it out, the link to download the thing you had to print was broken.
      You're very welcome as usual, and thanks, I did!

    3. Oh? You mean the link to the Wikipedia page? I just checked it and it seems to be working fine. Try it again! :D

  11. I'm surprised no one even thinks of asking "I'm fed up with this world but what if the other one is a billion times worse?" I mean, the fact that this black thing is so desperately trying to escape it should tell you something. Don't try foolish things, people. Stay in this world and read Saya's blog ;)

    1. Very true, the other you in the other world might be worse off than you! XD

      Yes, by all means stay in this world and because in the other world you may not be able to read my blog! XD

  12. These rituals are always so fascinating to read but I almost never feel compelled to try them! One day though, I have a feeling you'll come across a ritual with no repercussions and share it on your blog so all your visitors may benefit! ^__^

    Granted, it wouldn't be very scary and thus not appropriate for this blog...but it would be nice still ^^" Like, if you write "Chin up" instead of "Fed up," you'll wake up with someone having sent you an encouraging message to tackle the day with a smile :D

    1. Hi Christian, previously also known as Unkown from Unknown region. haha XD Thank you for your comment at the FAQ post.

      Yes, OK, maybe one day I will post about a ritual which is fun and cheerful XD. After all I post funny stories too, so why not?

      haha "Chin up" ritual would be really nice. I would like that.

    2. Perhaps I should have stayed as Unknown from Unknown; sounds a lot more mysterious!

      Sure, I'd very much be more than happy to perform such a ritual! :D Then you can add the label "Encouraging" or "Inspiring" to your list of labels, haha.

      Well, I certainly wish you the best in your future endeavors, and that you're able to combat them with a smile as well!

    3. No, it's good we know who you are now XD

      Thank you for wishing me the best! I wish you a bright future and the best in all your future endeavours too! :D

  13. Hi Saya! I just wanted to say I've been a big (but quiet) fan for a long time, and it is delightful to see you back :)

    1. Hello dear :D Thank you for dropping by to leave a comment! You made my day! <3

  14. I will try this ritual today. I just want to know if there is anyway to control the world you go to

  15. I didn't try it but, does this ritual support the multiverse theory?

  16. Many people talk about how you will go to world that is 1 billion times worser than this one. What if I end up in a world 1 billion times better than this one

    I think it didn't work for me because I really wasn't fed up...I actually thought nothing was going to happen but I was wrong. I tried to think of things that I was tired off in this world, and what I wanted. I still wanted something things to remain the same...But I guess being fed with your world means you want a whole ass new life😂. Welp anyway, I had went to bed and put the paper under my pillow, and decided to watch S.O.G, which is where I got this ritual from. My 5:30am alarm goes off for school, I snoozed it as usual...bad idea. All my dreams had been fine until I snoozed that alarm. Going back to sleep for a bit, the dream started with me in my room with the paper in my hand. But it was blank...only slight sketch marks of when I used pencil to make the symbol. I quickly realized this wasn't right and I said, "I wanna go back!". A doll is on my night stand;looked like something from Okami. It said "if you're not serious, don't do it!" All of a sudden I'm back to laying on my side. A dark figure is there and I could see its finger on my bed. It screams in my ear, but its more of a high pitched ringing noise. Then, a boy appeared, eyes shades with darkness, like how an anime character looks down 😂 then a voice said, look at him something thousand times, and I do but he looks at me and I look away... He comes to me and says "I'm sorry" for scary me. That actually eased me a bit. BUT I WOKE UP AND I CALLED MY MOM CUZ I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA TURN OVER AND SEE SOMETHING!


  18. welp, I know this thing isn't active anymore but I'm gonna try it likely tonight

  19. I'm definitely going to give this a try, Fingers crossed it works ^ ^ I desperately need this.

  20. Hey so can this make us wake up in a particular world of our choice? Or is it random? Also, can we wake in another place in this next world?

    Last question, can we be reborn as someone else in this world?

  21. Hi Saya.
    I've been trying to do that ritual (the Fed Up ritual) since 2017 ... but I've always failed. The only thing I use was a squared notebook (5cm x 5cm, which also according to my squared notebook is 10 squares x 10 squares), scissors, ruler, and a black and red pen. And sometimes I don't know how I can work. And before going to sleep, I made a little leaf about the characteristics of the universe that I am going to go. Because, try under the bed, but it doesn't work, also try by hand, but it doesn't work either. At what time (obviously, at night) is the use recommended for this ritual? And where is it most recommended for this to be done?

    Greetings from Argentina,


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