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Sunday, 29 September 2013

The "Come Here" Ritual

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 How To Do It
  • Shut out all the lights from the outside to make the room dark.
  • Light up a candle, and with the candle in hand, walk around the room while saying "Come here, come here" repeatedly.
  • Head to the front door and walk around the area saying "Come here, come here," all the time, like above.
  • Go back to the room and hide (in a narrow place).
  • When you hide make sure you blow out the candle.
  • Wait quietly.

It is not known what might happen next.
Below is one person's experience of the ritual:

There were two people (me and one friend) 
I didn't hide but just sat on the bed.
My friend first walked around the house with the candle, and later hid underneath the bed.

The results:
The candle got suddenly blown out while walking around, although there was no wind.
My friend felt someone's breath on his ear, felt someone tagging at his legs and heard some footsteps while hiding.
I saw some strange luminous object, and felt some eyes on me.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hi, everyone!

Here's a little cryptic story for you to enjoy!
I'm still busy, so I can't make a full come-back yet, but I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the kind and encouraging comments you've been sending to me!

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Please do NOT copy or distribute my works without permission. Thank you.

What the hell are the police doing these days?
They're frittering away our taxes without achieving any results. What a waste of money!
You know there was a murder near my work place last week.
A young girl got stabbed to death by an ice pick. What's more it wasn't a normal ice pick, but a special one with three blades. Scary, eh?
This is a small town, so the story is on everyone's lips.
It's making huge headlines too. It's understandable considering you don't often get such an extraordinary incident like that around here, but all the media does is make people feel even more uneasy.
You should see my grandma, the poor woman is scared witless. She's been praying in front of the alter everyday for hours on end.
But you know what, I heard the stupid police haven't even identified the murder weapon yet. It really sucks.