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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sick God

Note: This story has been carefully translated from Japanese into English by me. Please do NOT copy/distribute it without my permission. 

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A long time ago my family thrived as Onmyo-ji *1 and because of that I have a rather unusual surname. For some reason the women of the family have always been born with stronger power than men, so strange as it may seem, it is always women who get designated as the master of the house.
But with so much mixing of blood the power has diminished, and in recent years, up until my generation, my grandmother was the only woman who was gifted with the power to ward off evil. All my grandmother's sons, including my father, have ordinary jobs.

However I was born with the power. Grandmother said that it was because I happened to be born on the death anniversary of someone from many generations ago, who had a very strong spiritual power.
My peculiar family, combined with my power, meant that I had scary experiences almost every day during my childhood.
Ghosts are usually invisible unless you can "tune in" to them; I often saw things others could not see, and because of that, my classmates, and sometimes even my own parents, called me a liar.

So that was the state of affairs in those days.
One day my classmates -  two boys - were bullying me as usual and they locked me up in a small, old, derelict shrine; it was one place from which Grandmother had always told me to stay away, at all costs.
I guess the boys thought it would be fun to lock me up in there, because I used to cry by the mere mentioning of the place.

During the first 10 minutes of being inside I just kept screaming, begging them to let me out, but somehow after a while the taunting by the boys from the outside stopped altogether.
All of a sudden a cold air brushed my cheek. Strangely, I didn't feel it was unpleasant.

"You must not turn around."
I remember it to be a curiously androgynous but beautiful voice, like the tinkling of a bell.
And he (?) touched my hair; it was very long because Grandmother had told me to always keep it long.
"It is beautiful....I want it."
He talked quietly and deliberately. I was overcome by a sudden fear.
I remembered then what Grandmother had always told me: "Because your soul is empty, it becomes a good source of nutrition for those other-worldly creatures. Therefore if you ever find yourself in danger of being devoured by them, cut off your hair and give it to them."

His words "I want it" echoed in my head.
My voice trembling, I managed to say to him at last:
"If it's my hair...If it's only my hair, you can have it."
My words were hardly out before I heard sticky saliva-like sound from behind and the back of my neck suddenly became cooler.
Oh.. he's eaten it... My knees gave out and I thought I was going to collapse.
But hands reached out from behind and, getting hold of my waist, they slowly lowered my body down.
I had never been touched by something not human and I was surprised. Moreover, I felt my body heat gradually begin to drop.

I apparently fell asleep after that. When I awoke I found myself riding piggyback on one of the boys.
They were both crying, and for a moment I was distracted by their voices, but I could hear some footsteps following me from behind.
The boys told me that they tried to open the gate to let me out, but somehow couldn't open it.
After a while I came out of the shrine by myself but they were shocked to see my hair had become shorter; and the next thing they knew I collapsed in front of them.
Also they told me they got chased by some white, mist-like thing.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Notice from Saya

Dear All,

I'm EXTREMELY busy right now.
Therefore, I don't think I can update until (probably) 29th June.
Thank you for all your comments and I promise I'll respond to them as soon as I'm free.


I'll let you know if the situation changes.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

I Can't Open Them

Please do NOT copy or distribute my works without permission. Thank you.

This is what my older sister experienced.

It happened in the middle of one very cold winter night.
My sister was sleeping in bed, when she heard something  go padump, padum, padump, padum.

"So annoying....!"
She thought, and she tried to open her eyes, but couldn't open them.

Then the padump, padum, padump, padum grew louder and louder.

"What the hell!?"

While she was panicking, the thing suddenly jumped on top of her chest.

It was bouncing up and down, and giggling.

She could tell that it was the voice of a little girl.

My sister was sweating like a pig and tried to chant some sort of prayer.
But then she heard the voice say:
"Open your eyes and look."

My sister muttered,
"I can't open them...."

Then the thing said,
"If you sleep with your eyes open, you'll get a rooound cake.
So you'll be fine.
Because you'll get a roooound cake you'll be fine."
It repeated the same phrase over and over.

My sister still thought she couldn't do it, but in the end she managed to open her eyes.

And there she saw an ordinary looking little girl sitting astride her.
Soon after that she passed out.

I heard her story on the following morning.

"Some rich imagination! lol"
I told her, laughing.
"That's what I told myself. lol"
My sister was laughing too.

That was the last conversation we had.
On the same day, my sister got run over by a car on the way to school, and died.
Her eyes were wide open.

At the funeral, when I was preparing some offerings, a daugther of a distant relative - a little girl - came up to me.
She said,
"Here. Mi-chan*1 told me to give you this."

I thought this Mi-chan must be another kid of a distant relative I don't know about, and I accepted the gift without hesitation.

"Who's Mi-chan?"
When I asked, the girl said:
"Mi-chan says, because she lives inside the closet, she can't come out. But she says she'll be able to come out soon."

I was lost for words.

The gift she gave me was a small, tasty-looking round cake.*2

*1 "chan" is a suffix at the end of a person's name, used to show endearment towards that person.

*2 A round cake : the original text at this point was manju
 (まんじゅう) , a Japanese-style round cake with usually red bean paste inside.  Pictured right: Cherry-blossom manju.

Monday, 10 June 2013

A Young Man and His Mobile

Please do NOT copy/distribute my work without permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

A young man was messing with his mobile on the train.
Next to him sat an old woman who said to him,
"I use a medical device so could you please turn your phone off."

The young man replied, "I'm just reading a mail," and kept on messing with it.
An office worker who was standing nearby said, "You know, you may be just reading now but another mail might arrive while you're reading. So turn it off."

At this point the young man barked angrily, "Hey, what's your problem!!?"

He looked really pissed off. The office worker was in trouble! (The young man was very well-built.)
Every onlooker was holding their breath when the young man held up his mobile in front of the office worker and burst out,
"Look!! The last mail that came was 4 months ago! Since then nobody's sent me one single mail! Who would send me a mail now!!? I also know nobody I can send a mail to!!!"

That shut us up.
But then there was among us one gruff-looking young woman, who walked up to him.
Without a word, she snatched his mobile out of his hand, pushed some buttons on it, and thrust it back into his hand.
While the dumbfounded young man looked on, the woman took out her own mobile and started using it too.
Then after a few seconds the young man's mobile beeped.
The young man's eyes went wide and his eyelids fluttered busily as he stared at the mobile.
I could just feel it - everyone was crying in their hearts. The young man was crying too.
Never before had I felt so acutely that this world goes round by love.

The old woman died.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Mysterious Notes

Please do NOT copy/distribute my works without permission.

(This is a thread from 2chan)

287 name:Reserve Army Posting Day:03/05/10 11:28
I can't tell anyone about this for fear they'll think I'm mental, but...
Sometimes I get messages from (what I'm guessing as) "the other me," and they're getting creepier.

The first time it happened was 5 years ago.
I had been glued to TV when I noticed there was a note lying in front of me on the table.
"This is a test," it said.
It was written in my own handwriting, no doubt about it, but I couldn't remember writing it at all.
The same sort of thing happens once every half a year.

The next note said:
"What does this mean? I want to record the state I am in.
If I see what I've written it might help jog my memory, so I'll write it down."

The next:
"When was the last time I was here? Strange, it seems the time freezes while I am not here."

The next:
"I have no memory of what happened before coming here, so I haven't got a clue. I guess the only thing I can do is to make the other me notice."

The next:
"Oi, you! Don't you dare ignore me! I'm going to drag you to this side no matter what it takes."

And this is the one that arrived today:
"Is it possible you have no memory of this side? In that case.....try writing a reply for a start."

This is how it goes with these strange notes. They arrive at the most unexpected moments.
Actually I have more notes like this, but they are mostly meaningless. What I've written above are the most coherent ones.

It's not like I have memory lapses or people around me notice me saying or doing things out of my character.
Is this the onset of some mental illness?
I'm debating whether I should respond to it or not.

Anyway, I can't predict when the next note will appear, so I don't know where to put my reply....
Do you have any ideas?

288 name:Anonymous behind you...:03/05/10 11:34*1
Why don't you take an empty box or something, label it "REPLY" and put a note in it?

289 name:287:03/05/10 11:39
Great idea....well, actually, no.
If someone in my family saw me doing that they'd think I'd gone crazy....
These notes appear when I'm not looking, mostly after I've been wrapped up in doing some activity; I snap out it, and there it is, in front of me.
Freaks me out a bit.

290 name:287:03/05/10 11:42

Of course it'd freak me out more if we started a conversation by exchanging notes though
Seriously lol

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Girl from the Next Town

Note: Please do NOT copy/ distribute my posts without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

(This is a cryptic story)

For two years this girl from the next town had been chasing after me.
She was someone I knew from highschool. I liked her personality but didn't like her looks very much so I kept refusing her advances, gently but firmly.

At the time my work wasn't going well, and to make things worse, my mum suddenly died in an accident.
I couldn't bear to have people around me who might look at me with pity, so I didn't tell anyone about mum's death and locked myself up in the house, depressed beyond hope.

During the night of the same day that mum died, I got a call from the girl.
"I've heard that your mother passed away..."
"I didn't tell you this before, but my mother died too....It was yesterday. She fell from the stairs in my house..."
".....I guess we're in the same boat."

I felt like I was saved by her words. I knew she would understand what I was going through.
Until then I'd thought I didn't want sympathy from anyone. But deep down I needed some shoulders to cry on.
All my pent-up emotions burst forth and I broke down in uncontrollable fits of tears; she stayed on the line and cried with me too.
From then on my feelings towards her changed and before I knew I fell in love with her.

So that's the story of how my wife and I started dating!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Resident Evil Clown 4

It's not actually Ronald who is being evil in it, actually. LOL

This is just a daft video which contains absolutely NO scary moments.
(Please don't expect anything impressive. Nothing really happens.)

I just needed a new addition to the "I'm Lovin' It" category!

But his hairstyle...? LOL
(Pay attention to his ringtone too)

The Room Next Door

Note: Please do NOT copy or distribute my work without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

This happened when I was still living in an apartment.
The apartment was located on the outskirts of a rural village and the room next to mine had been empty for ages.

One day I was trying to get some sleep when I heard some hushed voices form the next room.
"Yamano kansan, mou oran jaro. Saru do mazesena, tataruzo."*1

They were talking in dialect. The words could be translated as: "The mountain god is probably no longer there. If you don't set a monkey on it or something, a curse would ensue."
I'd never heard that sort of conversation before so didn't dwell too much on their meaning.

But their voices, which at first were mere whispers, gradually grew louder and louder, and eventually turned into a cacophony.  I assumed, without thiking much about it, that they were just rude people, who had moved in during the day when I was out for work. So I knocked loudly twice on the wall as I lay on the bed.

For a brief moment, the voices ceased. But then they started again and I heard them say, we've been caught, we've been caught, we must kill. It became like a meeting of old men as the voices began to increase in number.
But I was a laid back sort of person and even then all I thought was, now I can finally go back to sleep.
However just as I turned over in the bed, one voice rang out in the next door. This boss of the voices*2 screamed out,  "Man? Or Beast? You are man! Aren't you!?" and he bashed himself against the wall making a terrible bang.
My body was suddenly rendered immobile and I passed out. When I came to I was lying next to a well behind a shrine.

The priest who nursed me, after offering me some tea, said, "There's no need for gratuity but you must have yourself purified here today," and starved to death.

*1"yama no kansan...." The original Japanese text is the following: 山のかんさん もうおらんじゃろ 猿どまぜせな、たたるぞう。Althought it's in dialect some bits of it is still translatable: for example, "yama" means "mountain."  But I thought transliteration would be better here, because I feel it fits well with the rest of the story. (This is obviously the part that gave me the most trouble, because I cannot translate a dialect like that.)

*2 "boss" of the voices : a weird expression, but "boss" is the exact word the author used in the original text, so I left it there.