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Friday, 8 January 2010

Tomizaki Nori

"Little Nurse's Scissors"

It seems girls and dolls are one and the same in the Japanese artist's Tomizaki Nori's mind.
He produces CG drawings of dolls dressed in Gothic Lolita fashion that seem as alive as real girls, and take pictures of real girls impersonating as dolls (below).

"Ball-Joint Type: Tomoe II"

You can see more of his works at his website: TOMIZAKI NORI under the "Galleries" section.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My Master Series: Episode 6 "The Kojoike Tunnel"

There were often times when my master could see something that I couldn't.

One summer my master in the Way of Occult took me on a ride through the Kojoike Tunnel around midnight.

The Kojoike Tunnel is a famous tunnel situated in K_ , a city which was right next to the one where we lived. The tunnel is known to be one of the five most famous haunted places in the area.
For some strange reason K_city had a lot of haunted places.
On the way to the tunnel my master explained to me the main attraction of the place:

"The Kojoike Tunnel is haunted for real. The telephone box in front of it is also great but inside the tunnel the thing gets in."
I have heard about that before.
"Especially it's dangerous to drive with only three people in the car. If you leave one seat empty, it gets in there."
I had a really awful feeling.
There was a stuffed doll on the passenger seat next to my master.
I lost all hope of dissuading him.
"I see. So you are going to lure it in."
The tunnel came into our sight.

I didn't see anything in the telephone box in front of the tunnel, but once inside I sensed a palpable difference in the air.
It was much darker than I had expected and I kept looking around nervously.

Just a few metres into the tunnel all my previous doubt about the rumour was gone; the ear-ringing started.
I was undecided about whether to sit on the right or left side of the seat and ended up just fidgeting uncomfortably in the middle.

I wondered whether it was going to come from the right, that is, from the direction of the opposite lane, or from the the tunnel wall on the left.
I was holding my breath when my master suddenly shouted.

"I'll kill you, you bast**d!"
I thought he was shouting at me and trembled.
"Keep your head down. Don't let him touch you."
The ear-ringing was getting intense. But I couldn't see anything unusual at all.
I quickly lowered my head but imagining that there might have been an invisible hand that had passed over my head nearly gave me a heart attack.

"Don't you run away!! If you run away I'll kill you again!"
I had seen him go berserk before but never so intense as this.
"Oi! Don't let him run away. Take pictures, quickly."
He had entrusted me with his camera for this occasion.

But- :
"Where is it?"
"Hurry up, he's by the right window."
"I can't see anything!"
"The taxi cap! Can't you see it? - Don't f**king run away! I'll kill you!"
"I can't see it!"
I heard my master click his tongue in annoyance and saw him turn back to the wheel.

Oh no..he is going to stop the car...
I felt all the blood drain from my face and I pressed the shutter button again and again like crazy.

When we came out of the tunnel I was totally shaken.
Later my master showed me the photos he had developed and all of them showed the window and tunnel lights beyond them.
My master said, a little crossly, "it was the window to my right."
When I looked at one of the pictures more closely I saw the reflection of myself holding a camera on the window; and behind me over my shoulder was a transparent shape of a terrified-looking old man wearing a taxi cap.