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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Dumbfounding Question

(Translated by Saya)

*The following interaction once appeared on a Japanese Question and Answer platform (Now deleted).  

Name: Anxious Mother
I want to cut off my three-year old son's willy to turn him into a girl.
Please tell me the best way to do it. 
(2000/12/27 05:59:32)

Name: Kyoko
In such times as we are living now, it does not surprise me at all to encounter such a question.
What is driving you to want him to turn him into a girl?
Tell me your reasons first, and I will tell you the safest and easiest way of accomplishing exactly what you wish.

Name: Anxious Mother
Dear Kyoko,
I have already been bringing up my son as a girl. I divorced my husband on the grounds of adultery.
I cannot and will not allow my son to become such a man.
Fortunately, his name sounds like a girl's name,
so ever since I divorced and started living alone with my son, I have been making him wear girl's clothes and bringing him up as a girl.
The sooner I cut his willy off the better.
Please tell me the safest and surest way of getting the job done. I will set about doing the task straight away.

Name: Kyoko
Dear Anxious Mother,
I understand the situation you are in and feel for you.
I will tell you the safest and easiest way to turn a boy into a girl.
You do not cut off his willy.
You need to squash his balls.
Let the doctor cut off his willy later.
Do you think you will manage to squash them by yourself?
If you think you can, I will tell you how to do it and how to set up a situation.

Name: Anxious Mother
Kyoko, I have been waiting for your message.
You tell me to squash my son's balls? Of course I can.
It's simple. I have had enough practice with boiled quail's eggs so many times before.
Please tell me how to set up a situation and also how to do it.

(Immediately after this message, a woman named "Aki" appears, who also says she wishes to turn her own son into a girl. On the other hand, she laments about a case of kidnapping of a newborn baby that occurred recently.)

Monday, 11 February 2019

Long Sleeves

(Translated by Saya)
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384 :Anonymous:03/10/23 22:49
When I was an elementary school kid, a weird boy transferred to my school.
He looked rather poor, and didn't appear to have a father.

His mother, whom I met a few times, seemed like an ordinary, kind and cheerful lady, and didn't look particularly unhappy.

What was so weird about the boy was that he kept wearing long-sleeved clothes even at the height of summer.
It wasn't because he was sensitive to the cold. I mean, he would come to school wearing a long-sleeved top and knee-length shorts during summer.
He also never took part in swimming lessons.

Just as everyone started wondering if the boy was hiding some body defects, a group of bad boys in my class began teasing him.
They would often threaten to take his long-sleeved shirt off him.

One day, the boy suddenly went berserk, and accidentally jabbed me in the eye with his finger.
Tears after tears started rolling down my face, and the sight enraged the other boys so much that this time they stripped him off his shirt for real.

Then we saw something bizarre on his right arm...