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Friday, 7 December 2018

Kurokami sama

What is Kurokami Sama?
It is the name of a ritual as well as of a god.*1
This ritual can be done when you have received unfair treatment, such as bullying and power harrassment*2, from others. 

How to do it
1. Pull out a strand of your hair.
2. Holding the strand of your hair in your hand, intone the name of the person you want to get revenge on and what deeds this person has done to you. And say, "May my wrongs be avenged."
3. Go up to a high place like the top of a building, and say "Kurokami sama, please avenge my wrongs," and let go of the strand of the hair.

Make sure you tell no one about the ritual 
There was once a girl called K who was being bullied at school. As soon as she performed the ritual, those who were bullying her met with misfortunes one by one; some had their families broken up, some fell victims to incurable disease, and others suffered severe mental breakdown. The bullying to her stopped, but one day K came across another bullying done to another girl, and she taught the girl about Kurokami sama ritual. Right after that, the fortunes of K's bullies gradually began to rise, and instead K's fortune quickly declined. K eventually disappeared. No one knows where she is now.

When is Kurokami sama active?
It is said that Kurokami sama begins to be active around two after midnight to fulfil the wish of those who seek the god's help. Kurokami sama appears in the form of "something that is covered competely by hair." If a "good person" happens to encounter Kurokami sama, it will bring luck to the person, but if a "bad person" encounters  Kurokami sama, it will bring misfortune to the person. There has been sporadic reports of sightings of Kurokami sama in Kanto region. *3

*1Kurokami sama - Kuro (黒) means black, kami (髪) means hair and sama is a horonific for someone of a higher rank than yourself or for deities (Wikipedia).
*2 5 facts about Power Harassment: Workplace Bullying in Japan 
*3 Kanto Region - an area encompasing Tokyo (Wikipedia)