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Monday, 31 March 2014

Phantom Voice

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Right after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a female voice was emitted from Hiroshima Broadcasting Station (the building of which was thought to have suffered an instantaneous annihilation) calling out to Osaka Broadcasting Station for help. 

"Osaka, Osaka, this is Hiroshima Broadcasting Station. Hiroshima has been annihilated and we are short of radio waves. Please, Osaka, Osaka, send us some radio waves...."

Everyone who heard her on the radio later remarked,
"It was a very beautiful and clear voice, like a voice of an angel." **

**Angel - Tennyo (天女)in the original text. They are heavenly beings who often appear in Japanese mythology. (See Wiki)

Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Piano at Night

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An urban legend.

If you leave four music scores open on the piano, at four minutes past three after midnight a girl ghost will come and start playing the music on those scores.

Apparently if you hear her play, a spirit will start residing in your ear.

Friday, 28 March 2014


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This is a cryptic story!

Today I got yelled by my boss again. The boss is a baldy who is unpopular among female colleagues.
"What if my stalker turns out to be that baldy...." I think to myself, as I arrive home.
My home is a shabby old apartment, with only two rooms, namely a kitchen-sitting room and a bedroom.
There is only one window in the sitting room. The rent is cheap, so I won't complain.

As soon as I unlock the front door and enter the apartment, I'm greeted with a shocking sight. The wardrobe in the sitting room has been ransacked.
Then I remember that after I had breakfast this morning I left the house without locking the door.
Damn! The window is locked up tight so the person must have entered through the front door.
Ugh, so disgusting. Sick bastard. I hope he goes to hell.
I have no more energy left for today. I'll skip supper. I'll go to the police tomorrow to report.

After checking the front door again to make sure it is securely locked, I walk into my bedroom.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How to Check If There Is a Ghost in Your Room

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This ritual was originally posted on Twitter

I heard this from a friend

〔Check if there is a ghost in your room by this method〕

  1. Hold your mobile phone and stand in the middle of your room
  2. Switch to the video mode (with the lens facing outward), close your eyes and slowly spin around once, and save the recorded video
  3. Repeat the procedure 2 but this time with the lens facing toward you   

Note: Prepare your escape plan beforehand in case something happens.

My friend apparently does this every time when looking for a new house.
He's had a fair number of successes. (Before moving into the house he's living now, he went to see four different houses and recorded ghosts in two of them) 

Apparently, this person in the photo tried this ritual and no one knows his whereabouts now.

He uploaded this picture immediately after he'd done the ritual with the caption"No ghost was recorded in the video! Don't be fooled into believing that ghosts exist!"

Friday, 21 March 2014


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This happened when I was still a high school student.
My friend Yamada (pseudonym)'s parents had to attend a Buddhist memorial service and they were away for three days.
It was a summer holiday but Tanaka (pseudonym) and I so far had had nothing interesting to do, so we decided to stay over at Yamada's place to just mess around.  (Saya's note: all three of them are boys.) *1

We got together in the evening and first cooked dinner together.
After that we started telling each other some ghost stories.
It was then that Yamada's old friend from junior high school, called Suzuki (pseudonym), came over to join us.
Suzuki was a quiet and serious boy. At first glace he looked like some pampered rich kid who was rather small built for his age. He didn't look like a high school student at all.
Tanaka and I met Suzuki for the first time, but Suzuki kept up with our conversation easily like we had known each other for a long time.

After Yamada told us some urban legend I started telling them my favourite creepy story, but Tanaka started acting like a wet blanket.
Even as I spoke he kept interrupting me with stupid remarks and tried his best to dampen our mood.
"You're just scared, admit it! That's why you are being such a nuisance."
"Hell, no! Don't blame me when your story is boring."
At the time we often became competitive about small things which sometimes led to a full-on fight.

Yamada wasn't about to stand by and watch us go into a scuffle, and he came up with an idea to pacify us both.
"Why don't you decide who is more brave, by trying a game of dare? "
Tanaka thought that was a cool idea, but I wasn't so into it.
"There's a storehouse around the ___bridge. I heard some reports of ghost sighting around there. My own friend from junior high school told me he and his girlfriend saw it with their own eyes. Let's do it there."

Suzuki said he would go home because it was getting late.
By the time the three of us left for the storehouse, it was already about 11pm.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

About the Poll (Notice from Saya:UPDATED)

Edited: 7 April 2014

Dear Everyone,

Thank you very, very much for your thoughtful suggestions.
I have read all of your comments and, after giving it a long thought, finally decided against publishing stories written by other people -  for the moment.

I'll keep my mind focused on translating and publishing creepy stories that I discovered by myself as often as I can!

Many of you sent me such encouraging messages - as usual I really appreciate them from the bottom of my heart, as it is mostly your support that motivates me to continue this blog.

Take care :D,
Love, Saya

Some of my readers want to share their own stories. Would you like me to post these stories or not? free polls

Some of my readers want to share their own creepy stories and they have asked me whether I can publish those stories on this blog.

I thought I would first ask you readers whether you would like me to do that or not.

My concern is that this blog is meant to be a blog for Japanese horror stories and urban legends, and to publish the readers' stories would mean bringing alien elements into it.

I'm also afraid that I wouldn't have enough time to proofread. I'm the only person who is managing this blog and accepting readers' stories might prove too much for me to handle.

Anyway, I thought I would ask for your opinion on this matter first and take them into consideration before making the final decision.

So kindly please take time to vote in the poll that I've set up on the right hand side of the blog.

Thank you! :)

Love, Saya

The Bus Trip

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This is a cryptic story!

A family on the way to visit the grandparents' house took a ride on a bus.
Just as the bus was driving around the foot of a mountain, the child started throwing a tantrum, saying, "Mummy, I'm hungry."
So even though they still had a long way to go, they got off at the next bus stop and went into a restaurant nearby.

They had just finished their meal when they saw a breaking news on TV that said that the bus they had just gotten off got crushed by a rock slide and every passenger on it was thought to be dead.

As soon as the wife saw the news, she uttered, "we should never have gotten off the bus..."
Hearing this the husband at first got angry, but soon he said, "oh, I see," realizing what she meant.