The Opening Scene from "The Happiness of the Katakuris"

Art Of Silent Hill #2: 兎 (USAGI)

Art Of Silent Hill: 袋 (FUKURO)

Bloody Night ~ A Silent Movie ~ (clay animation)

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A Job Advertisement

Ronald The Stalker

The Legmonger

The Fisherman On The Roof

The Manhole

Thirteen Bodies

Get Lost!


The One-Man Hide And Seek

Updating Tomorrow

The Clay Animation "Bloody Date"

Mad About McDonald's

It Makes No Sense At All

The Well

Seven Misaki #2

One Too Many

The Black Kewpie Doll

A Cursed Video (from Okinawa)

A Wonderful Place

The Green Man


Monkey Dream

Posting on this Sunday

The End of A Love Affair

Seven Misaki (七人ミサキ)