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Friday, 3 October 2008

Art Of Silent Hill #2: 兎 (USAGI)

I love bunnies!
And bunnies are bloodier the better!
Bunnies rule!!

I'm not going to translate any more stories until around the end of October (have too many things to do).
BUT I will be posting movies.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Art Of Silent Hill: 袋 (FUKURO)

WARNING - Images of blood!
From the DVD Art of Silent Hill.
It uses images from the playstation game Silent Hill 2.
Fukuro means "sack" in Japanese.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Monday, 29 September 2008

Thank you!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your comments.
I'm sorry that sometimes I can't reply to them, but I appreciate and read all of them nevertheless.
And I thank you when you provide me with useful information relating to the articles I wrote.

Best Wishes,

A Job Advertisement

About two years ago, I wanted to go travelling and was looking for a summer job. Sweltering days had continued for many days. Soaking wet with sweat, I kept looking through a situations-vacant magazine and made numerous phone calls; but no place would accept me. I threw the magazine on the floor, swearing with annoyance. Then by chance a page opened where there was an advertisement offering a job at an inn.

The location of the hotel was exactly where I wanted to go for holiday.
The pay wasn't so good, but it provided accommodation and free meals for all employees, which was an attractive offer for someone like me who had been living on instant noodles. I called them up immediately.

"Hello, this is ____ Inn, may I help you?"
"Ah.. hi. I saw your advertisement. Is the job still available?"
"Just a moment"

The receptionist sounded like a young woman. I heard her talking to a man (maybe the owner?) in low voices. I waited, full of expectation. Soon I heard someone pick up the phone again.

"Hello?" It was the man's voice."So you want to take the job?"
"Yes, I saw the ___ magazine, and I really want to work at your inn."
"Ok...Thank you very much. We'll be very happy to have you with us, too. When can you come?" "Anytime."
"Well then, why don't you start tomorrow? May I take down your name? "
"It's Kamio (pseudonym)"
"Fine. Mr. Kamio, come quickly...."

Things went surprisingly smoothely. I was lucky.
I always record phone conversations in case I miss out on important information. I took notes as I replayed it. I had a lot to take with me. Since it was a live-in job, I needed things like an insurance.
I glanced at the inn's advertisement again. It had a picture of the inn in black and white. The surrounding looked beautifully rustic.

I felt relieved at having finally found a job and was also glad it was the place I wanted to visit. But something was wrong. I started cooking instant noodles while humming a tune. The tune too, sounded somewhat strange to my ears. Feeling the humid breeze from the window, I began eating the noodle; then I realized what was wrong. The conditions were good:I could both earn money and enjoy the feeling of travelling too; there seemed to be some girls working there and I could expect a pleasant encounter. But somehow, I didn't feel happy at all.
I looked myself in the mirror. I felt severely depressed and for no reason at all. My face looked as though it had suddenly become older and lifeless.

The next day I woke up with a terrible headache. I had a nasty cough. Maybe I caught a cold?
I tottered to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Blood oozed from the gums. I looked at myself in the mirror. It gave me a fright. I had very deep dark circles under my eyes and my face was so pallid that I looked almost....
Should I not go? But I had already packed everything the night before.Still, I hesitated.
Then the phone rang.

"Good morning. This is ___Inn. Is it Mr.Kamio?"
"Yes. I was just getting ready to go."
"I see. But are you OK? You don't sound well."
"I'm fine. It's only that I just woke up."
"Take care of yourself. You can enjoy our inn's hot spring when you get here. It's only the first day and you've got to relax a little. We are not so busy yet."
"Oh..Thank you very much. But... I'm quite OK. Thank you."

How kind of them to call me like that. I was very grateful.
But as soon as I hung up, I started feeling cold all over. My head was spinning as I opened the front door.
"I.....I.... will be...OK when I get to the Inn."
I was so unsteady on feet that, as I walked to the station, people turned their heads to look at me.

Soon it started raining.
I had to walk without an umbrella in the cold rain. My coughing got so bad it was painful.
"I want the Inn."
I arrived at the station, drenched to the skin. I bought a ticket. Then I saw my hand, the appearance of which gave me a shock; although wet with rain, the skin was very rough to the point of cracking. It was a hand of an old man.
"What's this..? Maybe it's a disease? I hope I can get to the Inn alright."

I walked up the stairs, leaning heavily on the handrail, and taking frequent rests. There was a plenty of time yet before the train came. I almost collapsed on the bench. I wheezed hard. My voice was gone. My hands and feet felt numb. Headache attacked me constantly.
I coughed again and blood splattered at my feet. I wiped my mouth with a tissue; it was covered with blood.
I stared at the platform with blurry eyes. "Quickly.....must go to the Inn..."

The train arrived and the doors opened.
I saw people getting on and off, and slowly got up from the bench. I had a pain in my lower back. I staggered to the door. My body ached everywhere. If only I could get on that train.....

And just when I placed my hand on the edge of the door, an old woman with a fiendish expression on her face appeared from the inside of the train and made a dash towards me.
I was knocked to the ground. The old woman staggered for a moment but she attacked me again. We began to grapple with each other; but sadly, I was so feeble that I was no match even against an old woman.

"Stop! Stop it! Let me go! I have to get on that train!"
"Why?Why?"Sitting astride on my chest, the old woman asked me. She took hold of my head and pinned it firmly to the ground.
"If...if not, I won't be able to go to the Inn!"
The station staff came and pulled us apart.
The train was gone. Unable even to stand up, I sat still in the middle of the gathering crowd.
Then the old woman, breathing hard, said to me, "you are being called. That was close."
And she left.

The station staff asked me a few questions, but I was soon released.
Reluctantly, I started walking towards home.
On the way, I gradually began to feel better.
My voice began to come back too. I caught sight of my own reflection on a shop window; my face had regained its colour. It was odd.

I arrived home, put down my luggage and smoked a cigarette. When I calmed down sufficiently I picked up the phone, thinking that at least I could tell the people at the Inn that I was not coming.
But what I heard the next moment was a mechanical voice which said,
"The number you have dialled is not in service..."
I dialled the number again.
"The number you have dialled is not in service..."

I was confused. The number was exactly the same as the one from which I received the call this very morning.
It's not right. It's not right it's not right....
Then I remembered I had recorded the conversation. I rewound it to the beginning.

"zzzz....buzzz...z..Hello, this is __Inn. May I help you?"
What? A shiver went up my spine. I was sure it was a young woman's voice before; but now, it sounded like a man's voice.
"Ah.. hi. I saw your advertisement. Is the job still available?"
"Just a moment"
I thought I caught some bits of their conversation.
I rewound it a little and turned up the volume.
"Just a moment"
"Just a moment"
"It's so cold... I'm freezing.."
It was a child's voice. Moreover, I could hear voices of so many people, groaning and moaning, in the background.
I jumped back from the phone.

"Ok...Thank you very much. We'll be very happy to have you with us, too. When can you come?"
The conversation was as I remembered it. But I was talking to a middle-aged man. The voice I heard now was a chillingly deep voice of an old man.
"Fine. Mr. Kamio, come quickly...."
The call ended at that point.
I broke out in a cold sweat.
I was unable to move. It started raining buckets outside again...
Soon, the recording of this morning's conversation started replaying.
But I was the only person speaking in it.


"Yes. I was just getting ready to go."
"Die die die die die die die die die die die die die die"
"I'm fine. It's only that I just woke up."
"Die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die"
"Oh..Thank you very much. But... I'm quite OK. Thank you."

I unplugged the phone completely.
My mouth went all dry. What? What's this?
What the hell is this?

I grabbed the situation-vacant magazine. Trembling, I turned its pages to find the advert.
My hands shook. The page was there. The magazine was brand new but only that particular page had creases and stains, and was slightly burnt around the edge. No matter how you looked at it, it was an old piece of paper, like a magazine page from a few decades ago. And the page showed a picture of a burnt-down inn, and some paragraphs below it. The words read: Thirty dead. Fire started in the kitchen. The fact that the body of the owner was found in the kitchen indicates the fire started while cooking. The fire rapidly spread and many guests failed to escape and burned to death....

This...this is not an advertisement..
I sat there paralysed.
The wind blew and caused the pages of the magazine to turn. My mind had become numb and I sat as motionless as a stone.
Just then the rain started to subside.
And for a brief moment, I was enveloped in dead silence.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Ronald The Stalker

This video is especially for those who enjoyed reading Mad About McDonald's.
No doubt it will make you love Ronald even more!

The song goes: "Always there for you - McDonald's"

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Legmonger

The Story

One afternoon, a boy walking home from school was approached by an old woman.
"Do you want a leg? Do you want a leeeg?"
The boy tried to ignore her but she wouldn't go away.
"Do want a leeg? Do you want a leeeg?"
She asked him, over and over again.
"I don't want a leg!" The boy rebuffed her harshly.

A horrible scream rang out in the darkening street.

People who rushed to the scene got the shock of their lives.
On the street lay a boy who got his leg torn off.

There is no escape from the Legmonger.
If you say no to the monster, you will lose your leg like the boy above; but say yes to her and she will put the third leg on you, whether you like it or not.

There is only one answer that would get you safely out of the situation:
Tell her, "I don't want your service, but I suggest you go and ask___(someone's name)"
She would do as you say and go to the other person, but make sure you say the name of someone you don't like.....(he he he)

Monday, 22 September 2008

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Manhole

There was a girl called Mayumi.
One day when she was walking towards the school, she caught sight of another girl ahead on the street wearing the same school uniform as her. The girl was her classmate, and was often the target of bullying in the class.

Bullying could often get extreme at an all-girls school like Mayumi's.
Sometimes her classmates just ignored the girl, and at other times they would do things like putting used sanitary items on the girl's desk. The teachers knew about the bullying but pretended they didn't see it.

Mayumi had no particular feelings towards the girl, but she didn't dare to be the odd one out and so bullied the girl along with the rest of the class. She remembered saying some cruel things to the girl.

Mayumi got closer and noticed the girl was looking very happy. And somehow she kept jumping at the same spot. Mayumi was puzzled. The spot where she was jumping on was a manhole. Why was she jumping like that, smiling like mad?
"Nine, nine, nine, nine...." The girl kept muttering while she jumped.
"What are you doing?" Mayumi asked the girl.
But the girl didn't answer and just went on muttering, "nine, nine, nine, nine...."
"Hey! Don't you ignore me!" Mayumi said with more heat in her voice.
But still the girl said nothing.

Until that moment, Mayumi never despised the girl like the others did, but what with the girl enjoying all by herself and ignoring her completely, a sudden feeling of anger welled up in her.
"Why the hell are you doing that?"She asked once again. But the girl went on jumping happily as before, as if she hadn't heard Mayumi's outburst.

Then suddenly a strange idea occurred to Mayumi that maybe this "jumping on the manhole as you say numbers" is a very wonderful and interesting thing to do.
It was a stupid idea, Mayumi knew. She felt confused about her feelings, and at the same time, found herself wanting to make the girl stop what she was doing. Mayumi somehow couldn't accept that someone like her was enjoying herself in that way.

"Move! I'll try that myself!" Mayumi said, and pushing the girl away, stood on the manhole herself.

Mayumi bent her knees well before making a big jump. At the exact moment, the girl who had been pushed away, quickly, and using all her strength, removed the lid of the manhole. Mayumi fell right into it.

The girl put the lid back on. And smiling with satisfaction, she started jumping again, this time muttering, "ten, ten, ten, ten...."

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Thirteen Bodies

Everytime I try to post this story things go wrong, so I'm posting it on the blog's storeroom instead.


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


"Don't judge a book by its cover," the old saying goes.
Mr.Yamaoka seems like a sincerely caring teacher!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The One-Man Hide And Seek

(Click here to view the multiple-player version)


The one-man hide and seek, aka the one-man tag, is a ritual for contacting the dead.

The spirits which are wandering restless on the earth are always looking for bodies to possess. In this ritual you summon such a spirit by offering it a doll instead of a human body.

Warning: If you have psychic abilities you may feel unwell or be prone to accidents during the ritual.

Things you need:
+ A Stuffed Doll with limbs
+ Some Rice (enough to stuff the doll full)
+ A Needle and a Crimson Thread
+ A Sharp-Edged Tool (such as a Knife, a Glass Shard, or Scissors)
+ A Cupful of Salt (natural salt would be best)
+ A Hiding Place (preferably a room purified by incense and ofuda)

1. Take all the cotton (or whatever it is stuffed with) out of the doll, and stuff it instead with rice*1.
2. Clip a bit of your nails and put them inside the doll, and sew the opening up with the crimson thread. When you finish sewing, tie up the doll with the rest of the thread *2.
3. Pour water into a bathtub.
4. Place a cup of salt water inside the hiding place.
How To Do It:

1.Give a name to the doll (the name could be anything but your own)
2.When it is 3 am, say to the doll "__(your name) is the first it," three times.
3.Go to the bathroom and put the doll into the water-filled bathtub.
4.Turn off all lights in the house, go back to the hiding place and switch on the TV.
5.When you have counted ten with your eyes closed, go back to the bathroom with the edged tool (a knife, etc) in your hand.
6.When you get there, say to the doll ,"I have found you, __(the doll's name)," and stab the doll with the edged tool*3.
7. Say "You are the next it, __(the doll's name)," as you put the doll back in its place.
8.As soon as you have put the doll down, run back to the hiding place and hide.
How To Finish It:
1. Pour half the cup of salt water into your mouth (don't drink it; keep it there)*4 and get out of the hiding place and start looking for the doll. The doll is not necessarily in the bathroom. Whatever happens don't spit out the salt water.
2. When you find the doll, pour the rest of the salt water which is left in the cup over it, and then spray the salt water in your mouth over it as well.
3. Say "I win," three times.

This supposed to end the ritual.
After this make sure you dry the doll, burn and discard it later.

Please don't stop this ritual halfway. You must do it through to the end.

This is a dangerous ritual and I will not be responsible for what happens to you if you try.

Other things to keep in mind:

+Don't go out of the house until you have done the finishing ritual.
+You must turn off all lights.
+Keep quiet while hiding.
+You don't need to put the salt water in your mouth all the time. You only need to do it during the finishing ritual.
+Remember, if you are living with someone you might put them in danger too.
+Don't continue this ritual for more than one or two hours.
+For safety reasons, it might be best to keep all the doors in the house unlocked (including your front door) and have some friends close by so that they can come and help you at a moment's noice, if you ever need them. Keeping a mobile close at hand would be a good idea too.

*1 - the rice represents innards and also has the role of attracting spirits.
*2 - the crimson thread represents a blood vessel. It seals the spirit(s) up inside the doll.
*3 - by cutting the thread off, you break the seal and release the spirit(s) you have trapped.
*4 - if you go out of the hiding place without salt water, you might encounter "something wandering around" in your house which might harm you in some way. Apparently the way to feel the presence of the "something wandering around" is to watch "what happens to the TV."
The video clip below apparently shows the changes seen to the TV after 40 mins into the ritual. Nothing really happens but it gives you some ideas anyway.

You can hear the changes in the sound;it becomes unsteady, repeats itself like a broken record, and gets warped towards the end.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Clay Animation "Bloody Date"

WARNING!! - This video contains images of blood and violence!!!

A sort of hommage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The creator's site (in Japanese): TN Theatre

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Mad About McDonald's

My dad was mad about McDonald's and he couldn't live without having something from McDonald's at least once a day. It was good for him, but not for the rest of the family who had to put up with him. We gradually started to avoid eating at McDonald's with him, and he showed obvious displeasure at our lack of enthusiasm.
- Why don't you come? Don't you want to eat with me?
- No, Dad, we just don't want to eat at McDonald's.
All of us (me, mum and sister) told him loud and clear. He spent the whole day looking depressed, but he was unrepentant.

On one Sunday Night, after finishing preparing for school, I turned off the light in the bedroom. My little sister was already fast asleep on the top of the bunk bed. I quietly slid into the bottom bunk so as not to disturb my sister, and closed my eyes.
Sometime later I heard the door of our bedroom open. I opened my eyes a crack to see who came in, and saw Ronald McDonald standing there. Ronald seemed unaware that I was awake, and walked stealthily to our bed. From what I saw through my half-closed eyes and the noise being made, I could sense he was trying to wake up my sister.
"Gooood Niiiiiiiiiiight! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!"
I heard Ronald's joyful laugh, followed by my sister's piercing scream, and the violent shaking of the bed.
Something shot out of the top bunk and hit the desk below; the desk tumbled over, and the stationery goods scattered all over the floor.

"What are you doing there?"
From the doorway I heard my mum cry out in alarm.
Ronald turned on the light.
At that moment I realized for the first time that the person impersonating as Ronald was my dad.
Behind my dad, from underneath the desk that had turned over I saw a bit of my sister's pink pyjamas peeping out, around which a pool of blood was forming.
The ambulance came. The paramedics looked at my dad with astonishment. My dad, in his excitement, punched one of them in the face.
"You stay at home!"
My mum shouted, but my dad pushed her away and got into the ambulance with my sister. Our neighbours just watched us, dumbfounded.
I was left alone in the messed-up bedroom.
My dad told me and my mum later that he did it to make us like McDonald's more.

My little sister lay on the bed. She opened her eyes wide, clenched her teeth, and waved her arms and legs uncontrollably.
"nnnnmph, nnnnmmmm, nnnhmmmmn," groaned my sister under the bedcover, who had damaged both her head and spine in her fall.
My sister, who had been so sweet and pretty before, had changed into a different creature in just half a year.
My mum cried. I said nothing. My dad munched on a Big Mac.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

It Makes No Sense At All

Introduction: there is a huge internet forum in Japan, called 2channel, where people can post anything they want to discuss freely and anonymously. The story below was posted at this site. The title "it makes no sense at all," was named after a comment posted immediately after the story.


I always take bus to go to the school,
the bus turned right.
On the bus I usually take, something odd happened one day.
Because the usual old lady was there,
it went until the end. Because it's painful.

And it was alright until then, but a huge thing which was like a paper bag but not made of paper was there, and something like a ball was there, and so many people wearing top hats were there too.
Isn't that strange? Because it was just driving on a normal road.
Still, the bus was driving normally for a long time
until it rounded a corner on the left and suddenly he slammed on the brakes.
And because it literally screeched to a halt without warning, the people inside lost their balance and they nearly all fell.
I was OK because I was seated.

But the strangest thing happened just before I got to the school. The bus usually drove past a large park, but they were doing some works on the road so the bus had to make a detour and go to the one with a tunnel on the way.

And just as the bus reached the middle of the tunnel, suddenly it rattled and stopped. Of course I thought that was strange.

And before I knew it, the bus had already arrived at the bus stop in front of the school.I was thinking; Oh? That was strange. But I just got off the bus anyway and went to the school as usual.
Everyone who was on the bus died though.

Saya's comment : A few years after the story appeared, another story was posted on the same site, seemingly related to the first story. Click here to view the second story.

Monday, 25 August 2008

The Well

One day I killed my little sister because she annoyed me.
I threw her body down the well.
The next day when I checked the well, the body had disappeared.

Five years later I killed my friend after a row.
I threw his body down the well.
The next day when I checked the well, the body had disappeared.

Ten years later, I killed a woman I got pregnant in a drunken daze.
I threw her body down the well.
The next day when I checked the well, the body had disappeared.

Fifteen years later I killed a boss I hated.
I threw his body down the well.
The next day when I checked the well, the body had disappeared.

Twenty years later I killed my mother because she had become bedridden and I didn't want to look after her.
I threw her body down the well.
The next day when I checked the well, the body had not disappeared.
And the body remained there for days - days and days and days.

Saya : Why do you think the body didn't disappear at the end?
For the answer, read the comments below!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Seven Misaki #2

*To read the previous article about Seven Misaki, click here.

I come from a small village in Shikoku region. This is a story I heard nearly 20 years ago, when I was still a junior-high school student; later, about a year after the incident in the story took place, I met the very person who experienced it and was able to check the truth of it myself.

There was a boy called A, who was two years younger than me. One evening in August (during a summer holiday), A was taking a nap at home while he waited for the supper to be ready. Sometime later A woke up, and with a torch in his hand, stepped out into the garden. A described later that his mind was half in a dream state, and could not understand why he woke up at all. One of A's family members saw him in the garden but didn't pay any attention to him, thinking he was out just for a walk; the time was around 7pm.

In the garden, A saw six "people" standing there. He didn't remember anything about their sex, age or appearance, but he just thought there were six "people." As soon as the six people acknowledged A they started walking towards the mountain (A's house itself was on the slope of a mountain). Even though A was half in a dream state and didn't have a clue about who they were, he didn't feel scared; the only thought that occupied his mind was that he should follow them, and he did so, almost as if he was being drawn to a magnet. Although the so-called mountain was more like a steep hill, it was still quite high. The six people gathered around A and walked on.

Before A knew, it got all dark around him. Moreover, the six people who surrounded him no longer seemed like people;they had become mere presences. By this time A had come to understand that they were not "people" at all, but in spite of the realization he felt no fear and kept walking. A was still half-dreaming.

The "presences" around him kept whispering between themselves but he couldn't hear exactly what they were talking about.

Sometime passed before something tapped the torch; it was an insect that had been attracted to the light. And at the same moment, the six presences which surrounded A disappeared, and their voices also ceased.

A regained consciousness instantly.
When he looked around he was alone in an area of the mountain he had never seen. The only source of light was the torch he was holding. Being overcome by a sudden rush of fear and confusion, he ran back home. When he finally managed to meet his family, who had come out looking for him, it was already a few minutes before midnight.

Later A's family heard from a Tayu (the priest of Izanagi-Ryu*1) that what A encountered were those who had been lured by Seven Misaki, and they came to make A to be the seventh. If he had not come back before midnight, he would have been dead. But since A's grandmother prayed at an altar(*2) everyday, a god came to A's rescue, using the insect as his medium.

Certainly, there is a well-known place in our region, where once upon a time a woman who was betrayed by a lover killed herself and became "Seven Misaki." After her death men died in succession under mysterious circumstances. A Tayu tried to purify the place but he gave up, claiming that "the power is too strong for me to purify."

But the death of the woman happened such a long time ago and I heard quite a number of people died back then, that I supposed that they already had the required number of deaths to appease the spirits. I used to swim around the cursed place (it was by the sea) without any worry.

In the end, we could never find out why they came for A. Apart from this incident, A has never experienced anything out of ordinary up until now. At the time I used to get scared imagining that one day they might come for me too.

This is all I have to tell. Thank you for reading my story.

1*Izanagi-Ryu - This is a folk religion practiced, apparently only in the village of Monobe, Kochi Prefecture, in Shikoku region. Its beliefs and rituals are made up from a mixture of Shugendo, Onmyodo, Shinto and Buddhism. It is possible the narrator of this story is originally from Monobe-son. A Tayu is a shaman-priest of Izanagi-Ryu.

2*An altar - written "kamidana" in the original Japanese version. Kami literally
means "god" and dana means "shelf", so together kamidana could be transliterated as "god shelf ." It is a type of miniature shrine placed or hung high on a wall in some Japanese homes (and more in offices). The Kamidana contains a wide variety of items related to the Shinto style ceremony. Worship at the kamidana is as simple as saying prayers, offering food (i.e rice, water etc) and flowers (from Wikipedia).

On the left: An image of Kamidana

Monday, 18 August 2008

One Too Many

There was a college student (we call him "D") who loved pulling people's legs. For example, D would go to a restaurant with three friends, and when the waiter asked "four persons?" D would say "come on, look more carefully! There are five of us!"

D would do this often, and people began to think D could really see "it." But of course D couldn't see anything really; he was just amusing himself by watching people's reaction. No matter how many times his friends told him to stop it, all D would do was just laugh at them.

One day D, who was always with someone when he ate, thought he would eat alone just for a change, and went into a restaurant all by himself.

He sat down at a table, and a waiter brought him a glass of water and put it down in front of him... and in front of the seat opposite D's. "That's weird."D thought. " Of course, there was no one apart from D at the table.
"Maybe there was someone here just before I came in, and the waiter thought that the person was with me...Oh well, I will just move to another table if someone comes back"

The waiter came to take orders. D ordered a spaghetti dish.
By that time all other diners had left the restaurant, and D became the only diner there. It seemed now certain that the waiter made a mistake.

After a while the waiter brought him the dish; and to D's dismay, he again put the same dish in front of the opposite seat.
"Why do you put two dishes when there's only me here!?" D said to the waiter angrily.
The waiter, surprised, looked around him quickly. "That's strange! I'm sure I saw there were two of you."
Then D talked to the manger, who was at the door when D came into the restaurant, but he too said D was not alone but walked in with someone else.
D became very upset and stormed out of the restaurant.

Now being (he thought) at the receiving end of the joke he used to play himself, he realized how uncomfortable it felt. He swore he would never do it again.

But that was only the beginning. From then on, everytime he went out people saw someone else beside D. Everywhere he went, whoever he met, D was seen with someone; even on a very crowded train people made a space, just enough for one person, only in front of D.

"Someone is following me...."D couldn't bear going out anymore. He grew paranoid, lost a lot of weight, and became a completely different person.
For many months he continued to live like a hermit.
He stayed in, just so that he wouldn't have to deal with "the other person."

Many days had passed. D gradually came to imagine that, after such a long time, "the other person" must have gone to somewhere else. He stepped outside for the first time in ages. The air outside felt fresh and good.

D went into a random restaurant. The restaurant had a lively atomosphere and D felt quite relaxed. However, he was still scared of sitting at a table so he chose to sit at the empty bar counter.

I had been stupid, D thought. There was nothing I should be scared of.
He couldn't have felt any better.

"Welcome," the waiter said, and put down a glass of water in front of D.
And he put another glass down next to D; and still another one next to it, and another one after that, and another one after that, and then another one after that...!

The Black Kewpie Doll

A young mother was caring for a new born baby on her own. One day the mother left her baby at home and went out for shopping; but on the way home she met with accident and died. She carried nothing to identify herself at the time and there was no hope of finding her relatives; and so she was buried alone, without no one realizing that she had a little baby left back in her room.

A few weeks later, the dead mother's landlord, who realized that his tenant was falling behind on rent, made a visit to her room. He knocked on the door, but obviously, there was no answer. He asked the next door neighbour of his tenant's whereabouts, but got no useful infomation. "She must have run away," thought the landlord, and fetched the master key. When he went inside, the room was dark and all windows were shut. He tried to switch on the lights but it was no use since the power supply had been cut off.

He looked around in the dark. The room looked as though someone was still living in it. The furnitures were still there, and a black kewpie doll was left lying in the middle of the floor. "She must have left in a great hurry and had no time to take anything with her," the landlord mused, and stooped down to pick up the kewpie doll. But the moment he touched it, the doll crumbled apart; at the same time, he saw so many cockroaches scurry away. And all there was left in his hand was a skelton of a baby.

If you don't know what a kewpie doll is, look here for information.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

A Cursed Video (from Okinawa)

I don't know the story behind this video, so I'm just going to translate what the voices are saying in it.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The narrator:"....(The sender of this film*1) was pushed by someone and fell from the train platform; her injury was so grave that she had to have her little toe amputated. The attacker is unknown. But the face the sender saw, seconds before she fell, looked very similar to the mysterious face that appears in the video. We don't have any information of where this video was taken, or the identity of the couple who were filmed. The image in question apparently comes in when this video about the couple suddenly comes to an end."

The man's voice(at 0:39): "What's this? (He reads the label)Warning, a viper*2?"
The woman's voice: "To have it lying here like this... There got to be people who would want to open it."
The man:"I want to have a look at it. Don't you?"
The woman:"Yes... Oh, but look, it has been sealed by screws."
The man (at 0:50, looking at a tree in front) "Look, there's another one over there. Why did they put it there?"
(The woman says something unintelligible in between)

The man (at 1:04): "Oh, another one over there. It's everywhere."
The woman : "Yeah, that's right."

The man (at 1:10):"That's one great Banyan.*3"

The woman (at 1:25): "You can cross that bridge from here."
The man: "This bridge is quite old, isn't it?"

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++As I understand it, the "sender" the narrator mentions at the beginning came across this old video by chance; and had the accident sometime after watching it.

1* - I'm just quessing the words here: the beginning of the narration is chopped off.
2* - "viper" The actual name the man mentions is a "
habu," a venomous pitviper found in Ryukyu Islands.
3* -
Banyan tree. This is a tree also commonly found in Ryukyu Islands.

Judging from the above facts and from what I've heard, the video was apparently taken around the Urasoe Castle, Okinawa, Japan.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

A Wonderful Place

There was a girl whose grandmother had fallen seriously ill. One night her family got a call saying the grandmother was in critical condition.
The girl's parents said to her; "we have to go to grandma's tonight. Stay here and look after your little brother. We'll call you if anything happens with grandma." Then they left.

That night, the girl stayed up in case her parents called her with news of her grandmother. And it was past midnight when she heard the phone ring.

"Hello?" said the girl.
"Hello." It was her grandma's voice, although it sounded deeper and quieter than usual. "I'm in a wonderful place right now. Are you coming too?"
Before the girl could answer, the phone abruptly went dead.

Sometime later, the girl got another call, this time from her parents.
What they told her was that the grandmother had passed away; and the time she died was exactly the same time as when the girl received that strange phone call.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Green Man

A while ago, my older sister, who had run away from home ten years ago and who had not contacted us all that time, suddenly came back in the middle of the night. There was only me in the house then to receive her since our parents were out for the night.

My sister seemed scared of something and she kept trembling. "Please, don't leave me alone! I don't want to go back! I don't want to go back!"She cried, and clung to me desperately. She was in a total panic, and all I could do was to take her to her old room on the first floor (which had been left exactly as it was when she left ten years ago) and lay her down on the bed.

Thinking it would calm her down, I said "I'll bring you something to drink," and tried to go out of the room. My sister cried, "Don't go! Please, please, please don't go! I'm scared! I'm scarrrrrrred!!!"

The moment I stepped out of the room, the door banged shut behind me on its own. And from inside the room I heard my sister scream, "Aaaagrrrrgh!! The green man is coming! The green man is coming! The green man is comiiiing!!"

When I finally managed to pry the door open, my sister had already disappeared. I looked under the bed, in the wardrobe, and in the loft, but there was no trace of her anywhere. We still have her tattered shoes at the front door. It wasn't a dream. She just disappeared.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Be careful the next time you watch youtube.

Monkey Dream

Please do not copy/distribute my works without permission.

*2013 - I made a little alteration to the translation.


I was dreaming. Ever since I was a child, I was sometimes aware, when I was dreaming, that I was in a dream. This time was the same. I was standing on the platform of a dark, empty railway station. What a gloomy dream, I thought. Then an announcement was made, in a dull, spiritless voice of a man;
"The train is approaching. If you get on it something scarrrry will happen to youuuu." It sounded nonsensical.
Soon the train came in. It wasn't a proper train, but rather like a monkey train (*1) you might see in amusement parks, and there were some men and women seated on it in a row.

I sensed something unusual about the dream, but decided to get on the train, just to see how much fear I could take. If I really found it too much I could always wake up. I was able to make myself wake up whenever I wanted, but the only time I could do that was when I was aware I was dreaming.

I settled in the third seat from the back. The air around me felt so realistically warm it was hard to believe this was a dream at all.

"The train is deparrrtiiiing," said the announcement, and the train started moving. My heart was pounding hard with both anxiety and expectation. The train entered into a tunnel soon after leaving the platform. The tunnel was illuminated with a mysterious purple-ish light.

This tunnel - I thought - is like the tunnel I saw on that "ghost train" ride in an amusement park I once went when I was a child. This thing I'm on too is just a monkey train. After all, this dream, like any other dreams, is just made up of pieces of my own memories. It doesn't feel scary at all.

Just then there was another announcement. "The next station is, Sliced Alive, Sliced Aliiiiiive(*2)."
Sliced alive? You mean like a fish? While I was still wondering, a loud scream broke out from behind. When I turned around, I saw the man in the last seat was surrounded by four ugly midgets ( 3*) dressed in rags.

Before my eyes, the man was cut into pieces with sharp knives just like what they would do to prepare for a sliced fish dish. An overpowering stench filled the air, and the man screamed and screamed until my ears began to hurt. Bloody intestines and various organs were pulled out of the man's body and scattered all around him. Immediately behind me sat an ashen-faced woman with long hair, but she seemed totally uninterested of what was happening behind her, in spite of the ghastly din it was making.

I for one was certainly unprepared for this turn of events, and began to feel scared. I thought I would wait a little longer and see what happened next, and then try to wake up. Before I knew it, the man on the last seat was gone, leaving behind only some dark, reddish blood and chunks of meat. The woman behind me was still looking straight ahead with a blank look on her face.

"The next station is Gouging Ouuut, Gouuuging Ouuuuut," the announcement said.
This time two midgets appeared and with something that looked like serrated spoons they began to gouge out the eyes of the woman behind me. The woman's face, which had been a total blank only a moment before, turned into a mask of great fear and pain; then came from her a piercing scream, which nearly shattered my eardrums. I saw her eyeballs pop out. The stench of sweat and blood was unbearable. I bent over, trembling with fear. This was it. I couldn't bear it anymore. Guessing from how things had been, the next would be my turn, since I sat in the third seat from the back. I was going to wake up - but not, I decided, before I check what the announcement would be next.

"The next station is Mince Meat, Mince Meeeaaaat."
This was the worst I could possibly expect. I could easily imagine what was going to happen. I focused all my energy on waking up from the dream. "Wake up, wake up, wake up....." This intensive praying was usually enough to escape from a dream.
Abruptly, I heard something buzzing and wheezing close to me. A midget crawled up into my lap and held up some sort of device and waved it towards me. It must be a tool to turn me into  mince meat. Still, all I could do was close my eyes tight and pray frantically "come on, please, wake up! Wake up wake up wake up wake up...!" The buzzing sound was getting closer and closer. Finally it got so close that I felt the wind pressure on my face. And just when I thought it was the end of me, everything became quiet and still.

I managed to escape from the nightmare. I was wet all over with sweat, and tears were streaming down my cheeks. It wasn't until after I went to the kitchen and drank tons of water, that I was finally able to calm down. The dream was real - too real; but it was just a dream, nothing more, I told myself.

The following day at school I told my friends about the dream. They just found it funny. It was only a dream, they said, and that was all.
Then four years passed and I became a college student. I kept myself busy with studying and working. So much had been going on in my life that by that time I had completely forgotten about the dream.

But one night, it started again.
"The next station is Gouging Ouuut, Gouuuging Ouuuuut," the dream began from that scene. Immediately, my memories came flooding back. Things carried on in exactly the same way as before. The two midgets were gouging out the woman's eyes. I started praying straight away ."Wake up, wake up, wake up!"

But this time, for some reason, I couldn't wake up as easily as the last time. "Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up....."

"The next station is Mince Meat, Mince Meeeaaaat," said the announcement. The time was running out. I heard the familiar buzzing, and it was getting closer and closer. "Wake up, come on, wake up wake up wake up!!"

A dead silence descended. I somehow managed to escape again. With a huge relief I was about to open my eyes when I heard: "you are going to run away agaiiiin? But the next time is goiiing to be yourrr laaast." It was the voice of that announcer in the dream. When I opened my eyes I was back in my own room.

The last voice wasn't part of the dream. I heard it in the real world, there is no mistake about it. Why me? What things have I done to deserve this? Since then I have not had the same dream again; but I know that if I ever dream it again, I will die, probably by a heart attack or something. It might appear to be a heart attack in the real life, but it will be  "mince meat" in the other world.....

1* - A "monkey train" is how some people call a toy train in Japan. There used to be a famous toy train in Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, run by a real monkey (actually all the monkey did was just sit on the train and nothing else). You can see a picture of the original monkey train here. The monkey train of Ueno Zoo was banned after people started vociferating about "animal rights." The monkey train is now gone, but the name lives on by itself.
2* - The original text is Ike-Zukuri (or iki-zukuri) and it could be literally translated as "live-making or live-arranging." It is a fish served alive and whole, slices of flesh having been cut and put back in place (kensyusha's new college Japanese-English Dictionary, 5th edition). Go here to see what it looks like.

3* - I've got nothing against little people. In fact, I measure only about 5ft that I might be called a midget myself.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Posting on this Sunday

I'm in the process of translating another luvly story, friends.
Please wait until this Sunday.....zzzz

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The End of A Love Affair

This happened when my aunt was living in a flat in Tokyo. My aunt was then studying to be a seamstress and when she came home it would always be well past midnight. Her apartment block was an old type, built with wood and iron stairs set outside which made clanging noise whenever my aunt used them to go up to her room on the first floor.

There was a room on the ground floor just beside the iron staircase, and through its window my aunt would often see, on the way to her own room, a silhuetto of a young woman with braided hair. The young woman always appeared busy cooking and doing some houseworks in spite of the very late hours.

A year and a half had passed and my aunt's lifestyle had remained unchanged. She would come home late every night and see the young woman's silhouette through the window, and hear noises coming from there, although she never got to see the young woman directly.

One time my aunt was late paying her rent, and her landlord came to her room for collection.
They had a little chat, and while at it my aunt casually mentioned to her landlord about "the young woman on the ground floor."As soon as her words were out she noticed her landlord's face had gone pale; he left her then and there, as if he was running away, completely forgetting what he had come for.

It was sometime later that my aunt got a chance to hear a proper explanation from her landlord; he said that the young woman whom my aunt saw was probably a ghost of the woman who committed suicide, after she had an affair with a married man which ended very badly. That room on the ground floor, he said, had been empty for years. The young woman's lover often visited her after midnight so she would often prepare meals for him around that time.
People should never have affairs. Don't you think?

The photograph is just an image and is nothing to do with the story.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Seven Misaki (七人ミサキ)

Seven Misaki, or Shichi-Nin Misaki in Japanese, is a name given to a group of seven vengeful spirits.

They are spirits of seven people who had met their ends in tragic ways, such as by drowning. They usually haunt places like sea or riverside.

The Seven Misaki's souls are so full of grudge that they will not rest until they succeed at possessing and eventually killing another seven human beings: only then they become appeased and are able to leave this world.

The unfortunate victims of Seven Misaki become the new Seven Misaki. And they too, must look for another seven victims to replace them, so that they can rest in peace.


*This legend is well-known in Shikoku and Kyushu regions.