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Monday, 31 December 2012

Boy and Grandmother

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

I'm 33 years old this year and this happened nearly 30 years ago when I was still at nursery school.
Nursery schools in those days were often run by Buddhist shrines and mine was no exception.
I remember there was a charnel house and a cemetery right next to the nursery building.

One late afternoon I was playing in the nursery playground. I was the only one playing outside.
I think there were still a lot of children staying behind but somehow I was playing alone.

I saw a child standing on the top of the climbing frame. It was a boy.
The boy wore short trousers and a jacket with gold buttons. He was barefoot.
He had closely cropped hair and looked a few years older than me.

He stood still staring down at me.
I don't remember feeling scared or surprised. But I remember being overcome by a sudden, inexplicable loneliness.

Without a word, the boy got down from the climbing frame and started walking, past the charnel house and towards the cemetery.
I followed him from behind. I didn't see the cemetery as a scary place because, being next to the nursery, it was part of the everyday scenery; we sometimes even played  hide-and-seek in there.
I am sure I had my eyes fixed on the boy's back all the time but somehow I can no longer recall what happened next, no matter how hard I try to search my memory.
The only vivid image I still retain is about a small grave overgrown with moss. A massive tree, such as the ones often seen in old cemeteries, towered over me, shutting off the dying sun rays and making the place appear darker than usual. I think I was out there only for one or two minutes but it felt like I was there for a very long time.

Sometime later my grandmother came to fetch me home. When I think about it now, it was the first and last time my grandmother ever came to the nursery to fetch me.
 For some reason I felt really relieved the moment I saw my grandmother's face.

My grandmother stood there, gazing at the cemetery for sometime, her eyes full of sadness. Then she said:
"You have nothing to worry about, dear. Granny will take care of it." I remember the intense look she had on her face as she uttered these words.

We went home with our hands firmly joined together. On the way we walked past a sweets shop and I really wanted to go inside, but she chided me by saying,  'Not today! Not today! We have to go home quickly!'

It was the evening of the very same day that my grandmother passed away.
Strangely I don't remember clearly the details surrounding her death. I do remember the funeral and how it was busy with all the relatives rushing to our house, but even now I don't remember feeling sad at the time, although my grandmother's death must have caused me a great distress because I was very attached to her.

The following year I entered the elementary school. The school was right across the street from the nursery but I never went near the nursery anymore.
To be more precise I couldn't go near it because whenever I thought of the nursery the image of the little moss-covered grave flashed across my mind and it disturbed me.
When I became a junior-high schooler I got involved in a community work and it gave me an opportunity to revisit the shrine in the nursery.

The cemetery had been going through a renovation and all the ancient gravestones had been removed. The nursery too had a new building. The place looked very different from how I remembered it.
The main shrine was also about to get renovated and our job was to clean it out and take all the old things and rubbish to the outside. The chief priest was sorting out various things that had been brought to the shrine.
Among these were many photographic portraits of the deceased. We were told to carry them out as well.
All portraits were wrapped up in old yellowish newspapers but there was one portrait which had accidentally come unwrapped.

The moment I picked up the exposed portrait and looked at it, all the blood in my body froze.
It was a portrait of the very boy I saw in the nursery. But there was also my grandmother, who was strangling the boy's neck from behind, with such a fierce expression on her face that she did not look like someone of this world.  

I passed out right there and when I next came to, I was in hospital.
My father and mother were there and they both looked terror-stricken.
I found out later that they asked the Buddhist priest to perform a purification ceremony on the portrait and had it incinerated.

According to the story which my father heard from the priest, the boy was adopted by the landowner who lived around the area during the war. The boy suffered much maltreatment until one day he scummed to illness and died.
My grandmother used to be a housemaid at the said landowner's household when she was young, and she was the only one who treated the boy with affection.

The priest told my father that the boy probably appeared to me because he wanted to take me with him.
My grandmother was not going to let that happen, and the result was what we saw in the picture.

We moved out of the area soon after that, but even after all these years I still find myself musing over the incident from time to time.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Storeroom

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

The end of one corridor in my house was a cul-de-sac, and my father, who had just retired from his job and had too much time on his hands, said, "We can make use of that space by turning it into a storeroom," and set out to make one by himself.

Like a man possessed he kept at it, and within less than a day managed to construct a storeroom with a shelf and a door.
The day after that I came home, but my father, who should have been at home, was nowhere to be found.
I wondered if he was still working on the storeroom. I went to the corridor but he wasn't there. I only saw a padlock hanging on the door of the storeroom.
In the end my father didn't return that day.

The following night when my father still hadn't come home, my mother became really worried and said to me, let's break the padlock and look inside the storeroom.
I was also curious what he had hidden inside that he wanted to protect so badly. It was strange that he even went the length of locking it up with a padlock. I removed the padlock and metal fittings.

Inside we found my father sitting on the floor hugging his knees, facing us, with a faint smile and vacant eyes.

Why was the door locked? Why was my father inside?
I am yet to hear a plausible answer from him because he's gone senile since that day.
Today he still sits inside the storeroom, looking at the empty space and laughing happily.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Notice from Saya

Thank you all for your messages.

But I'm quite busy right now!
You are still welcome to leave messages but it'll be at least a few days before I can post proper replies.
So please be patient with me!!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Stalker in the House

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

This is a story that appears on the website of Dr.Hayashi, a well-known psychiatrist on the internet.
He recieves a lot of mails everyday and the contents of these mails sometimes get displayed anonymously on his site alongside his own responses to them.


Case【1087】 I Have a Stalker in My House

It's about my younger brother, who is 38 years old.
He hasn't been working for the past seven or eight years and he just stays at home all day.
For a long time now I have suffered constant childish harassment from him but he is getting even worse recently.
My room and his room were originally one and the same room but we divided it by a sliding door and by propping some pieces of furniture against the door.
These things have no sound insulating properties and we can hear everything in each other's rooms.
On weekdays my younger brother wakes up between thirty minutes to an hour before I get up, by a very loud alarm clock.
When I go downstairs he follows close behind me.
When I go upstairs he comes up immediately after me, stands in front of my room and bursts out laughing in a creepy way, and then goes back into his room, banging the door shut.
When I am getting ready for work in the morning, he follows me every time as I go back and forth between the 2nd floor and 1st floor.
When I want to use the washbasin he follows me too and uses it immediately after I finish.
When my hands get dirty and I go to the bathroom to wash them, my younger brother comes soon after me and washes his hands too.
When I come home from work and start having supper he goes to the washbasin and starts brushing his teeth and makes disgusting noises.
Those noises make me lose appetite so I always decide to stop eating and wait until he finishes, but when I stop he stops too, and he waits until I start eating again to start brushing again..
When he has a bath he is determined to have it before me so he is always watching me and biding his time.
When he does have a bath before me he either drains all the hot water and pours cold water in instead, or pours scalding hot water in instead, purely out of spite*1.
When I have a bath late at night and goes upstairs after bath, he will be waiting for me in the dark on the first floor and follows me to upstairs from behind and bursts out laughing in a creepy way.
When during the night I go downstairs to drink water and after that go upstairs again, my brother, who has followed me secretly, comes upstairs right after me.
When I turn off the light to go to sleep he immediately turns off the light in his room too, although he may have been watching TV and laughing up until then. He then does his best to make some loud noises before he finally goes to sleep.
When I have a day off he gets up earlier than usual and turns up the volume of the radio really high.
He won't stop listening to the radio until I wake up.
If I still don't wake up despite his radio he starts vacuuming the room.
It appears that he contrives to make the vacuuming as noisy as possible, and he would let the vacuum cleaner go over the windowpane for many minutes producing squeaky noises, or he would sometimes keep vacuuming the same place over and over for more than an hour.
When he opens and shuts the door he does it so violently that things in my room move.
He stops doing all these things only after I am completely awake ( I use ear plugs).
The only time he dries his laundry on the balcony is when I have day-offs.
He uses every single wash-line and dries everything he has and tries to prevent me from drying my laundry.
He does it even when it's raining.
Other times he won't dry his laundry even if the weather is fine.
Instead he comes while I put things on the wash-line and watches me, pressing his face on the windowpane, and again starts laughing in a creepy way.
When I am vacuuming he immediately comes along and sits in the middle of the corridor to block the way.
He also does numerous other things that are not on the list.
At the moment I try to ignore him and do my best to get on with my own things, but I might go mad if things continue the way they are now.
Sometimes even when I try to ignore him, something would get on his nerves and he would start hitting me or try strangling me.
My brother is the only male in the household and nobody can stop him.
Other things he does include him leaving mosquito coils*2 all around in the house in summer because he hates getting stung by mosquitoes.
I think the reason for all his abnormal behaviours is that he has schizophrenia. What do you think?

Dr. Hayashi

If all the facts in your mail are true, we have a strong reason to believe that your brother is suffering from schizophrenia.
But some details in your story puzzle me.

 Even supposing your younger brother really is a schizophrenic and has some sort of delusions about you, would he do something as elaborate as constantly keep a watch on you and obstruct your every single action? It is hard to imagine he would do such a thing.
 It is also hard to imagine you have been able to ignore his actions and go on living relatively normally for such a prolonged period of time.
 On top of that, this "someone is keeping a watch on me all the time and tries to interfere with my every single action" type of thinking is a typical delusional complaint made by a sufferer of schizophrenia.

  I cannot be sure but do you think there might be a possibility that this "younger brother" you speak of is someone who exists only in your imagination? If so it is most likely that you yourself are suffering from schizophrenia.
 Or it is possible that this "younger brother" does in fact exist but he doesn't exhibit these strange behaviours, and all of them have been the creation of your delusion. In this case too you are most likely to be suffering from schizophrenia yourself.

I may be completely wrong but I wanted to point it out to you as a possibility.
Since I have to base my judgement solely on the information provided in your mail, please understand this is the best I can do on this Q&A psychiatric site.


*1 Japanese bath - some Japanese people like to share bath water, so for example the first person who has bath might not drain the water after he finishes, thereby letting other people who come after him use it too. This might sound rather unhygienic but modern Japanese bathtubs (I believe) often come with this hi-tech self-cleaning system that cleans the water at the touch of a button so that shouldn't be a huge problem. (my own house doesn't have this system because no one in my family likes to share bath water, except my dad lol)

*2 mosquito coil (pictured above): This coil of green incense produces a mosquito-repellent smoke when burnt, and is used widely in Japan during summer.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Miso Soup

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

A cryptic story (but an easy one!)

The mother-in-law, who passed away a year ago, was a very warm, kind and elegant lady. She was even nice to her daughter-in-law.

But the father-in-law, in contrast, was quite mean and stubborn.
He bombarded the daugther-in-law with constant nagging although she always did her best to serve him.

He especially had issues with miso soup**.
Father-in-law: "This is nowhere near the excellency of my wife's miso soup.  You really are a dimwit who can never learn to cook properly!"
Thus he screeched at her on daily basis.

One day the daughter-in-law got so pissed off that she sprayed a tiny bit of insecticide on his soup bowl.
The father-in-law, after taking a sip from the bowl, said,
"This is it! This is the taste! My wife's miso soup!"

** Miso soup (pictured top) : a delicious traditional Japanese soup made from miso. Miso is a type of seasoning of which the chief ingredient is soybeans (wiki). Some people drink it everyday, and some families pass down its own secret recipe from generation to generation. It's full of goodness!

Monday, 17 December 2012

10-Day Dream

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

(WARNING) If you hear this story you might end up having the same dream within three days.
This story is not known to be cursed but I put it under the curse category just as an extra caution.

You will dream for ten days in succession.
Each dream comes with a rule you must follow.

The 1st day:
You will dream that you are sleeping in your room. Then you will notice a girl peeping through the window.
The 1st rule:
You must let the girl in.

The 2nd day:
The girl is inside your room. She is looking downward and you cannot see her face because of her long hair. She is muttering something ― after a while you realise she is saying "Please...Please...."
The 2nd rule:
Let her come into the bed. And lie down next to her.

The 3rd day:
You and the girl are lying side by side. You are now able to see the girl's face.
Her face is horribly burnt.
The 3rd rule:
Do not cry out when you see her face.

The 4th day:
You get out of the bed.
The girl says "Let's go to the park."
The 4th rule:
Take the girl to the nearest park without saying a word.

The 5th day:
When you arrive at the park you will notice someone pushing a stroller.
You look closely and notice that the mother is a cat and the baby is a dog.
The 5th rule:
You must kill either one of them.

The 6th day:
While you are playing with the girl in the park you will see an airship about to take off.
The 6th rule:
Make sure you get on the airship in time.

The 7th day:
The airship is full of people who have heard this story just like you.
The 7th rule:
Find a seat for yourself at any cost.

The 8th day:
After sometime red roses and black roses start raining down on you.
The 8th rule:
Throw out only the black roses from the airship.

The 9th day:
The airship takes you back to the park.
The 9th rule:
Go home with the girl and lie down in the bed again.

The 10th day:
You will not know what happens on the 10th day unless you have observed all the rules in the previous days. And you should tell this story to someone while you are awake, otherwise you will go back to the 1st day of the dream. Forever.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

True Genius

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

Marie the French doll, who always comes back by herself no matter where or how many times I dump her ―
During my student years I often put her in pawn to pay my drinking bills.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Gateway to Another World

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

Apparently, according to the Building Standard Act or something you have to install an elevator in the building of five stories or more (maybe it was six stories or more. I forgot).

So the apartment block along the highway where I used to live also had an elevator.
I lived on the 6th floor and almost never used the stairs. Well, everyone on my floor did the same, I think.
I was totally dependent on the elevator. The stairs are fine when you are going down but no good when you are going up.

But these days, although I know walking up the stairs is hard, I use the stairs only.

One weekday around noon I had no classes at college,  so I thought I would go out and buy a lunch at the nearest convinience store.
Like always, I was going to use the elevator to get down.
The elevator at the time was stopping on the 8th floor and I guessed someone else must be getting off or in.

I pressed the button and waited for it to come down.
When the door opened I saw one middle-aged woman inside. I often saw her around so she must have been a resident on the 8th floor.
I gave her a small bow and got in. The 1st-floor button had already been pressed.

The elevator stopped again on the 4th floor, and a delivery man got in. It looked like we were all going down to the 1st floor.


The elevator suddenly jolted and stopped between the 3rd and the 2nd floor. For a moment I felt gravity weighing down on me.
All three of us looked at one another.

What's happening? Broken? Not a power failure. There was nothing wrong with the lights inside the elevator.

" you think has happened?"
I mumbled. The woman and the delivery man were both looking as puzzled as I was. We waited for a while but the elevator showed no sign of moving.

The delivery man was the first to spring into action. He pressed the button for the emergency phone. But we got no responses.
He sighed.

"I wonder what on earth is happening?"
He echoed my question.

We all fell silent. If we had a mind to measure the time the silence lasted, it wouldn't have been more than three minutes; but it was long enough to make us feel nervous and agitated.

All of us were beginning to fidget again when all of a sudden the elevator started working again.
The woman gasped in surprise. It was a bit of a shock to me too, because it just started moivng without a warning.

Even though the only button that had been pressed was the 1st-floor button, somehow it was not going down. It was going up.
It went past the 4th floor, then the 5th, and then the 6th....

Finally it stopped on the 7th floor and the door opened. I eyed the opening with suspicion.
Really, what the hell is happening?

"I think it's unstable."
The woman said, as she stepped off the elevator.

"Yeah. It definitely is unstable. We'd better use the stairs to get down. You never know what might happen next."
The delivery man agreed and he too got off.

"That might be the best option." 
I agreed with them wholeheartedly. We were able to get out now but we might not be so lucky the next time. We could get stuck inside for a long time, or worse still get injured as a result of the malfunction.
That wouldn't be very pleasant.
I felt I could no longer trust it to take me safely down and I almost made up my mind to follow them.

But, wait.
Something is wrong.

The scenery I saw was familiar enough; the 7th floor of the apartment that looked pretty much the same as the floor where I lived.
But it was too dark. Not one light was on. No source of illumination whatsoever.  I could barely see to the end of the corridor.
So is it a power failure after all? I thought, and turned around. But the elevator itself was aglow with lights, making it look out of place with the rest of the surrounding.

Of course. The elevator was malfunctioning but it was still moving. We couldn't be having a power failure. I don't know what, but something is wrong.

With an unsettling feeling inside, I next shifted my eyes to the scenery outside of the apartment.

What the hell...?

The sky was red. It looked like the sky either at dawn or dusk. But it wasn't the time of day for either of those. I also saw no sun or clouds.
The vivid crimson red somehow made my skin crawl.

Next I looked at the highway. It was dark... no, all black. I saw only black buildings and black highway silhouetted against the sky.
Like inside of the apartment there was no source of light to be seen anywhere.

Not only that, but I heard no usual, loud, unpleasant sounds of cars from the highway.
Dead silence. I could hear absolutely no sounds.
I also saw no movements. I don't know how to express it, but I felt there was nothing "alive" about the scenery I was seeing.
Only the sky was vividly red. The red-and-black world.

I quickly glanced back inside the elevator once more. The elevator looked as brightly aglow as before.

I had only a few seconds to decide. The doors began to close.
Wait. Think again. Should I get off or stay inside.....?

The doors closed.
This time nothing out of ordinary happened and the elevator descended smoothly down to the 1st floor.

The doors opened and I saw the usual scenery. People walking, cars driving. The sounds of life. It was noon outside. Just an ordinary, everyday life scenery.

I sighed with relief. I'm safe now ― that was the immediate thought which darted across my mind. I got off.

When I had sufficiently calmed down I began to worry about the other two.
I waited for them at the bottom of the stairs.
But no matter how long I waited they didn't show up.

I waited for a good 15 minutes but no one was coming down. They couldn't have taken that long to come down the stairs.

I got completely freaked out. I sprinted to the outside. I didn't want to stay there any longer.

Ever since that day I have develped a phobia for elevators.
Now I've moved to a different apartment and I use the stairs whenever I need to go up or down the floors.
The stairs are "continuous with the ground" so I won't have to worry about suddenly finding myself transported to another world without noticing it.
But the elevator is different. That thing is a gateway to another world. At least that's what I think.

I'll never, ever get into an elevator again.

Monday, 10 December 2012

(updated) Do You Have A Grudge?

An interactive flash promoting the horror flick "The Grudge (US version)"
Are you courageous enough to play it through?


Just fixed the link. Enjoy!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sorry! From Saya

OH NO! Do you know what I just did?

 I deleted some of your comments by mistake!

Recently I changed the setting so the comments cannot be displayed unless I first check and approve of them.
But just now...I ticked the boxes beside your comments and pressed the "delete" button...

So I'm so sorry!

I just found out it's bopluseven bopluseven and Adorably Dead's comments I deleted.

So Adorably Dead, and bopluseven bopluseven , please do post your comments again, if you can!



I just found out I actually did NOT delete the comments. They are still there.
What happened to me? Was I dreaming or what?
I should go to bed early... I have been staying up late for too many nights....LOL

Dream in Reverse

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

I had a nightmare.
In the dream someone was trying to strangle me.
The face of the attacker was blurred like it was shrouded in mist so I couldn't tell who it was.
I tried desperately to shake him off and gripped his wrists but it was to no use. I only felt my consciousness slowly leaving me.

I woke up as I  completely lost my consciousness in the dream.
Inadvertently I felt for my neck.
Copious sweat was teeming down my entire body.

If I find some handprints on my neck this will turn into a piece of ghost story -  I thought, as I went into the bathroom to take off my clothes. And the moment I looked in the mirror I froze.

They were there.
The vivid purple handprints.

Not on my neck, but on my wrists.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

A cryptic story!

A short while ago my headphone, which cost me 24,000 yen, abruptly stopped working.
Perhaps I'd been listening to music at too high volume for too long. All of a sudden something snapped and the sound won't come out anymore.

Out of annoyance, I flung my TV set to the floor.
I felt the heavy thud as the TV landed on the floor and came to my senses.
What am I doing? This TV cost me 150,000 yen!
Fortunately, the place where the TV had dropped was carpeted and although I felt the thud I couldn't hear the sound as it dropped.
It can'be broken, can it?  - I  thought, as I flicked on the TV.
It was showing images as usual, but not a sound came out of it.
Great. The 150,000 yen TV is now broken too.

But it's strangely quiet outside today....
Maybe I'll go out now and take a walk for a change.

Monday, 3 December 2012


Let's cook  a sweet omelette!
When you break an egg you have to do it very gently. Otherwise....

I was meaning to post this for a long time but I kept forgetting.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Someone Special

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

You guys.... Have you ever seen a real dead body?
I bet you haven't.
If you had you wouldn't be putting this thread up this casually.
Well, as for myself, I have.
A long time ago when I was still a kid I saw a body of someone who had hanged himself.
It was awful.....I went to see it just out of curiosity and afterwards regretted it from the bottom of my heart....
Both the face and body were swollen like a balloon...
The eyes were bulging...
The whole body was ghastly pale....
I saw something moving and they were maggots......
And then.... I ran home crying and before I knew I was throwing my arms around granddad hugging him tightly....
Then granddad just laid his hand on my head and ruffled my hair....
His hand felt bony and rough but it was warm...
And he gave me a candy....
It was so delicious.....
The taste was sweet, creamy and I remember feeling I must be someone very special for my granddad to give me such a wonderful candy....
Now I'm a granddad. And what else would I give my grandson but my Werther's Original?
Because he's someone special too.


Confused like never before?
Click >>This video may help clear up your mind.  

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kisaragi Station: Part I

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

This is a 2 channel log of an incident that took place back in 2004.

It is a long post so I divided it up in TWO PARTS.

Please click the link at the bottom to go on to the 2nd half of the post.


98:Anonymous behind you*1:  sage*2 04/01/08 23:14
Maybe it's only my imagination but can I say something?

99:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:16
Sure, go ahead.

100:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:18
What's happening?

101:Anonymous behind you :sage 04/01/08 23:18
I've been on a private railroad train but something is wrong.

104:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:19

107:Anonymous behind you: sage04/01/08 23:23
The train is the one I always use but for the past 20 minutes it hasn't stopped at any stations. Usually it stops every five mintues or, every 7 or 8 minutes at longest, but it hasn't stopped at all. There are 5 other passengers in my car but everyone is sleeping.

108:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:23
You haven't got off the car already, have you?

111:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:25
Isn't it about a difference between a limited express train and a normal train?

112:Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:25
a special rapid express train?

114: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:29
Maybe you are right. I might have got on a wrong train. I'll wait and see for a bit longer. If I notice some other strange things I'll post again.

115: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/08 23:35
why don't you go to the car at the end of the train and see the conductor.

116: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/08 23:40
What if the conductor is having a epileptic fit it will be a disater! Go have a look at the conductor's compartment at once!

118: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/08 23:44
It's showing no sign of stopping yet so I'll go have a look.

126: Anonymous: sage 04/01/09 00:00
There was a blind drawn over the window and I couldn't see any conductor or operator. The line is a Shizuoka*3 private line.

131: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:02
Why don't you tap on the window?

137: Hasumi  ◆KkRQjKFCDs*4: sage 04/01/09 00:08
I knocked on the window but there was no response.

146:Anonymous behind you:04/01/09 00:13
Can't you see something from the windows?
like the names of the stations it's gone past?

153: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:23
It's slowed down since it's come out of the tunnel. Usually there are no tunnels along the line. It's a train from Shin Hama Matsu*5.

156: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:23
it's stopping i think it's a station.

157: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 00:24
you are not getting off there are you?

160: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:25
the train is now stopping at Kisaragi station. Should I get off?  I've never seen or heard of this staion before.

161: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/09 00:26
what time did you catch the train?

162: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:26
yeah come on get off.

165: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:28
please stay on the train until the final stop.

166: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 00:29
it must have already left the station by now anyway.

167: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:29
i've got off. I see no one in the station. I think i caught the 11:40 train.

168: Machida Bodyguards ◆VbT745avmg: sage 04/01/09 00:30
I've searched for "Kisaragi station" on the web but nothing has come up.
but Hasumi's train was running non-stop for over an hour?
well, off to bath.

170: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/09 00:32
No search results for Kisaragi station...

176: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:34
i want to go back to the station i've originally come from but i can't find a timetable. the train is still stopping so maybe i should get back on it again? oh but the train left as i was writing this.

181: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 00:36
Are there any buildings near you which might have some people inside?
It's cold out there so take care.

182: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:36
i'll go outside the station and try to pick up a taxi. thank you very much.

183: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:36
you better do that.
take care

185: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:39
what with the last train gone and an empty station,
i think you'll have hard time finding a taxi.

186: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:41
and Hasumi became a resident of the two-dimensional world

187: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:41
not only are there no taxis, there is nothing around the station.
what now

190: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:43
Find a station staff or go to the nearest police box! *6

191: Anonymous: sage 04/01/09 00:43
Call 110? *7

193: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/09 00:43
call a taxi company?

194: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:43
you have no choice now but go to K*8

195: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/09 00:44
If theres a telephone box near you, find a taxi company in the yellow pages and call.

204:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:48
i called my parents and asked them to come pick me up but they also have no idea where Kisaragi station is. they said they'll look it up on the map first and then come find me, but i'm getting scared now.

209: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 00:50
What's happened to the others?
Are you the only one who got off?

213: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:52
>>Hasumi san
I also searched on the net but found no stations by the name of Kisaragi.
You're certain that you're around Shin Hama Matsu, right?
I'll try searching on Yahoo.

214: Hasumi  ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:53
i tried to find a pay phone but i cant find it. the others didnt get off so i'm all on my own. theres no mistake about the station's name being Kisaragi

217: Anonymous behind you: 04/01/09 00:56
sometimes a pay phone can be found on the outer edge of the station

218: Anonymous behind you:   sage 04/01/09 00:56
are you a game freak? i googled it and it came up with games

220: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 00:57
Why don't you get out of the station and see what happens?

221: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 00:57
I searched a bit
and found out you could write "鬼(oni)" *9 and pronounce it Kisaragi....

223: Mobile Man: sage 04/01/09 00:59
Post the names of the stations before and after Kisaragi Station.
You must be able to see them.

225: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:00
thats sooo creepy

229: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 01:01
what games? there are no sign boards showing the stations before or after this

249: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:08
Keep walking along the track and you'll get home.

256: Anonymous behind you:  sage 04/01/09 01:11
If you start running now you may be able to catch the train that's just left!

258: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:11
Surely there are some houses around the station.

259: Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 01:12
yes, that didn't come to my mind before because i've been too panicky.  i'll start walking along the track while i wait for my parents to call me. i checked my location on i-mode's*10 town information just now but all it showed was point-something-error. i really want to go home.

261: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:12
Troll or no, I'm determined to tackle this seriously until we find a solution.

280: Hasumi  ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 01:18
theres really nothing around the station. all i can see are some grassland and mountains. but i guess i'll be able to go home if i keep walking along the track so i'll do that. thank you very much. i don mind if you think this is a troll but can i consult you again if i have some problems? 

283: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:18
just be careful.

285:Machida Bodyguards ◆VbT745avmg: sage 04/01/09 01:19
Yeah sure
Be careful with your battery though. That's your lifeline now.

286: Anonymous behind you sage 04/01/09 01:19
Don't get mixed up with the directions.
And be careful when you are inside the tunnel.

296: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:22
can you get a mobile signal in the area where there are no buildings?
I think you shouldn't move from the station....

303: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:24
a cold night, alone in an empty station
the lights too might go out soon and she might find herself in complete darkness...

304: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:25
it can't get darker in the tunnel. she's gonna go into the tunnel now, isn't she?

305: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:25
it would have been better if she'd just stayed in the station and waited for the daybreak...

308: Anonymous behind you: sage 04/01/09 01:26
she's screwed up

CLICK HERE to read the SECOND PART of the story.


*1 On 2chan if you don't enter your name in the name field it automatically comes out as "Anonymous." Each board uses a distinctive variation on the standard "Anonymous," and as you can see this particular board uses "Anonymous behind you."
*2 Sage - "to lower" or "not bump" in Japanese. Usually if you reply to a post the whole board gets raised to the top but if you enter "sage" in the email field it apprently keeps the board from going up (I'm not a 2chan user so this is the best I can explain).
*3 Shizuoka (静岡) - a prefecture of Japan. Shizu means "silent" and oka menas "hill". Yes, this is where the famous horror game series takes its title from.
*4 These letters with ◆ in between are called "Trip." It is an impersonator prevention system. The system gets activated by entering a name and a series of password (only known to the poster) into the name field. So we are certain that all the posts named "Hasumi" are from the same person.
*5 Shin Hama Matsu (新浜松)- a station in Hama Matsu City in Shizuoka.
*6 Police Box (交番 koban, pictured above) - a small police station. You can usually find one near a railway station.
*7 110 - the Japanese emergency telephone number.
*8 K - sorry but I have no idea what he means by this. Maybe he means she should go back to Kisaragi station I found out K is short for "Keisatsu (警察)," meanig "the police" in Japanese.
*9 Oni (鬼) (picutred right)- a demonic creature in Japanese folklore. Some of them have full-time jobs in Hell.
*10 i-mode - a popular mobile internet service in Japan.


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Strange Dream

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

There was once a married couple living on their own.
Since about a month ago, day after day, the husband had been having the same strange dream.
He wasn't even sure if it really was a dream.

It went like this:
He would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night.
Then he would see a man, whose appearace was exactly like himself, clinging to the ceiling. This man would twist only his head around to look at him and say, "You've lived long enough, haven't you? Let's swap our places now."

So every morning it became a habit for the husband to greet his wife with the words,
"I saw that dream yesterday again."
Because it happened every day without exception, the wife began to really worry about him.
But one morning the husband got up and all he said to her was "good morning."
That took the wife by surprise and she asked him straight away, "didn't you see that strange dream yesterday?"
The husband replied:

"What are you talking about?"

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Warning

Note: I'm not the authour of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you very much.

Just after I started high school, mother went missing.
Father told me that mother had been having an affair for sometime.
"She's abandoned both of us and left," said father.
Looking at his sad face made me determined that I would remain being a faithful and loving daugther for him.
But since mother's disappearance, strange things started happening in the house.
The whole house seemed to be enveloped in a chilly atmosphere.
A door would suddenly open without anyone touching it, and things on the shelves would fall of their own accord.
That made me think, "maybe mother is already dead after all?"

I examined mother's shoes left in the entryway, and my suspicion turned to certainity.
If she had left, one pair of shoes should have gone missing.
But all of her shoes were still there. Then father must have killed mother in the house.

Why? What for? I felt a gnawing urge to ask him but I couldn't.
If mother is dead and then father gets arrested, I will be all on my own.
Father truly loved mother. If mother was the one who betrayed, she was to be blamed for what happened to her.
I'm just going to pretend nothing has happened. I decided.

But the strange occurrences did not stop.
One day I was lying in bed half awake and half asleep, when I heard the sound of footsteps walking around in the house.
Pitter-patter pitter-patter...
It was not father.
The sound was getting closer.
 Pitter-patter pitter-patter...
"Go away. Please go away!"
Even as I prayed, the foot steps reached my room and came in.
I felt lukewarm breath on my cheeks
I opened my eyes a crack and saw mother's face leaning over me, looking all vicious and menacing.
Then she said into my ears:
"Ge...eeet  O...oo...oouut."

I can't stay in this house any longer. I thought, but I could not think up of any excuses that might persuade father to move house. Strangely, it seemed I was the only one who was able to feel the ghost's presence. Father felt nothing at all.
Ever since mother disappeared, father changed his job and started working from home so that he could look after me better. He did most of the house chores too. After seeing his love and devotion to me, I could not bring myself to ask him,"'you killed mother, didn't you?"

So, I passed many more days pretending nothing was happening.
One evening I was sitting at a coffee table when I felt something bit into my toe. It was excruciatingly painful.
I looked down to see what it was that caused the pain, and I saw mother there.
Mother was lying underneath the table.

Father, who was cooking in the kitchen, sensed something was wrong and said, "are you alright, Mami (my name)?" But I just answered to him, "nothing. I just remembered I had some homework to do."
"The dinner is nearly ready. Why don't you come over here and do it on the kitchen table?"
I responded obediently to his words and opened my school bag.
And for the first time I noticed a note, folded in four, lying at the bottom of the bag.
I opened the note and saw some words scribbled in mother's handwriting:
"Mami, hurry and run away, your father is insane."

Mother had been trying to warn me all along.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Living Doll Game

The doll's face might change.

【The Things You Need】

・Two sheets of mirrors
・One doll (a Japanese doll is best, but if not get something that looks as close to human as possible. No plushies.)
・One candlestick
・One scapegoat doll (anything will do as long as it's a doll)
・One strand of hair
・Salt*1 (5 spoonfuls) wrapped up in paper

【The Procedure】

1. Arrange the two mirros so that they face each other.
2. Put the doll and the candlestick between the mirrors.
3. Wait until it is 12 o'clock midnight.
4. Just as the clock strikes 12.00  light up the candle.
5. Say to the doll, "I will leave here a new body for you. Please take it" for five times.
6. Then say to it, "Let's play together" for five times.
7.  If you start hearing some rapping noises or start experiencing some other strange occurences at this point, it is an indication that the preparation has been done properly. But don't worry if nothing happens.
8. While keeping the salt close to yourself , say to the doll, "Please come and find me. If you find me I will give you my life" for five times. After that go to a large room or your own room, turn off all sources of light in the room, and sit zazen *2   with your back to the door. Make sure you sprinkle some salt on yourself too.
9. Now all you have to do is wait for the doll to come to you.

Note: If you ever feel you are in danger, go and hide in some place like a closet.

【How To End It】

1. Still keeping the salt close to you, go to the room with the candle.
2. When you arrive in front of the candle, say, "You lose. It's over now" for five times.
3. After you've finished saying it, blow out the candle and sprinkle some salt over your body.
4. Find the doll and sprinkle some salt over it too.
5. Turn all the lights on and create a  happy, cheerful atmosphere (this is important).
6. Keep this atmosphere for at least an hour.
7. Make sure you take the doll to a shrine where they can perform a ceremony on the doll to appease the spirit*3, within three days of the ritual.

【Important Things to Remember】

・You must do it alone. It won't work if you have other people around.
・You must NOT utter a word while the doll is going around and looking for you.
・Do NOT use up all of the salt on yourself at the beginning. You'll still need some of it at the end.
・Do NOT go outside during the ritual.
・You must NOT run away without finishing it properly. If you run away it will come after you.
・Make sure to end it before the day breaks. If you don't it will stay on in your place.
・You must take the doll to the shrine where they can perform a ceremony for it at the end.
・If you find yourself having to combat with the frog, snake or fox, be very careful.

*1 Salt - as usual, natural salt is best.

*2 zazen - a posture used in Zen Buddhist meditation. It usually requires you to sit cross-legged, with your back straight. (see the picture on the left (top). For more info see wikipedia and Zen Meditation Instruction.

*3 A ceremony to appease the spirit inside a doll - a Japanese term for it is 人形供養(ningyo- kuyo). 人形(ningyo) means "doll" while 供養(kuyo)is a translation of "puja".
The picture on the left (middle) shows a scene from the Shinto-style ningyo-kuyo.

The pictures at the top of the post and on the left (bottom) show Awashima Jinja (淡嶋神社), a shrine in Wakayama prefecture famous for ningyo-kuyo.  As you can see the shrine's building is overflowing with dolls sent in from all over the country.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ghosts really do exist

Note: I'm not the authour of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your understanding!

This is a cryptic story!


I think ghosts really do exist.
When I was small I used to see another girl and called her my big sister.
She wore dirty clothes just like me and we lived together.

But one day I couldn't see her anymore.
My father and mother won the lottery.
They told me I used to just daydream because we were so poor.
We are very happy now.
But it looks like the lottery money is running out.

(updated) Have you got the ability to see ghost?

Please do NOT copy/distribute my works without permission. Thank you.

Before you try this ritual, YOU MIGHT LIKE TO READ THIS FIRST.
It seems there is more to this ritual than meets the eye.

Try out this test to see if you have got the ability to see ghost.

1. Close your eyes.
2. Visualize yourself standing in your room.
3. In your head, walk out of your room and make a tour around the whole house, visiting all rooms one by one.

Don't read the rest of the article until you have gone through all the steps above.


Are you done yet? :)

Now, did you meet any strangers in any of the rooms you went into?
If the answer is yes, you are psychically predisposed to see ghost! (Hurrah!!)
And by the way, that stranger you saw in your visualization was a real ghost.



One of my blog readers, Creepingsoftly, guides you through this ritual step by step in the cool video she made below!

Thank you Creepingsoftly! :D

Friday, 16 November 2012

The Face

Personally I wouldn't categorize this as a screamer but someone in the comments said s/he would consider it a screamer. LOL

The woman's face will just keep changing.
Just a bit disturbing, and not so scary (some people even find it funny.)

It might be scarier if you watch it in the dark.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Do you ever wash your dolls?

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

This thread was posted in 2channel (a gigantic Japanese internet forum) .


【Do you ever wash your dolls?】

35: Anonymous: 2007/08/14 (Tue) 10:38:56 ID:oPg8yp03
Do you guys ever wash your dolls?
Mine is starting to smell recently.


36: Anonymous: 2007/08/14(Tue) 10:59:33 ID:7BmddTpa
you don't wash soft vinyl or garage kit. lol
if it were a lovedoll I would have a bath with her. lol


37:Anonymous:2007/08/14(Tue) 11:03:06 ID:oPg8yp03
Whats more the other day I was brushing its hair but one big chunk of it fell out....maybe it's no good anymore.

41:Anonymous:2007/08/14(Tue) 13:48:56 ID:oPg8yp03
The eyeballs too fell out...they were such large, beautiful eyes......
Only I thought they would roll out like balls, but they fell like rotten persimmons from a tree.


42:Anonymous:2007/08/14(Tue) 14:29:32 ID:7BmddTpa
are you sure you're talking about a doll?


48:Anonymous: 2007/08/14(Tue) 14:56:01 ID:oPg8yp03

Fuck off!

shit! the smell just won't fucking go away! shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit

Note: Persimmons (pictured on the left) are popular fruits often eaten in autumn in Japan. They become really soft like tomatoes when ripe. (see also Wikipedia)

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you very much for your understanding.

I was the only child in the family and had always been much cherished by both my parents.
My mother especially doted on me and she would never get angry with me even when I made a mistake or did something naughty; instead she would always just smile and forgive me.
Maybe she wasn't an ideal parent but I loved her the way she was.

One day I came home from school and was watching TV in the sitting room when the phone rang.
It was my mother.
'Manami (my name),  I'm in the supermarket right now. Can you check if we have carrots in the fridge?'
I said, 'Hang on,' and went into the kitchen.
I was about to open the fridge when something caught my eye. A small notebook lay on top of the fridge.
That's unusual! I thought. I opened the fridge, checked the content, and told my mother about it on the phone.
After I hang up I went to the kitchen again to get the notebook. The notebook was something my mother always carried with her and it looked a bit tattered.

Ever since I was small I had wondered about the notebook.
I thought of my mother who always smiled and forgave me.
But I do remember: every time I made a  mistake or did something naughty she quickly wrote something down in the notebook.
And she still continued to do so even now.
For a long time I wanted to know what she wrote inside.
Gripped by curiosity, I opened the notebook without the slightest qualm.
And in the middle of the page which I had opened randomly, I saw these words:

" Today's Manami,  -3 points.  Only 168 points left."

Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Suicide Attempt

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

This is a cryptic story!


On the way to work I always walk past an empty apartment block which is due to be demolished soon.
The place however has become a famous suicide spot because people keep jumping off it. I've heard rumours of ghost sightings in and around the building too.
Moreover, there are very few street lamps around the area so it gets quite creepy at night.

One night I had worked overtime and had to walk past it around 11pm. I was really scared. Then I thought I spotted some shadow on the rooftop of the building.

I thought my heart would stop right there.
I looked carefully again and this time I was sure that there was a person standing on the rooftop.

Oh no, is it a ghost...?
Just as I thought that, the shadow jumped off.

I heard a crash and saw a woman's body sprawled on the concrete road.

I immediately called the ambulence and rushed to the woman's side.
She was bloody all over and her legs were twisted in weird directions.
She wasn't a ghost but the whole thing scared the hell out of me.
I saw some people leaning over the balconies of the apartment and thought they must have heard the crash and come out to see what was going on.

Soon the ambulence arrived and took her away.
I went home but couldn't sleep for the rest of the night because I kept replaying the accident in my mind.

The next day I was informed that the woman was severely injured but alive.
I'm glad it ended up as just a suicide attempt.
If she had died it would have left me with a trauma.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Ghost Waving A Hand (updated)

While the little boy talks pay attention to the scenary behind him.

Did you see the shadow?
Did you see how it was far away one moment and then was right behind the boy only seconds later?

Monday, 5 November 2012

How to experience something really scary

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.


I love creepy stories and often read them, but I'm not the one to get scared very easily. I've been to haunted places but have never seen anything. I've even had a go at  the one man hide and seek but nothing happened. Yes, I got a little creeped out; but that was all.

So I thought, how can I experience something really scary? And that was when I got the idea of trying out that mirror ritual thing. You know the one where you use mirrors. I bought six candles to form a magic circle,  and 6 mirrors about the size of B5 paper which I placed both in front of me and behind me. And I waited until 44 minutes past 4, full of expectation. I made sure the room was as dark as I could make it, closing all the curtains and turning off all the lights. I had the laptop set so the light from it would turn off after one minute past 4:44.

I was breathing hard through my nose and some candles got blown off because of it. I was busy relighting them when my laptop went black. I jumped for one second. The candles were almost too bright and I got sick of staring at myself in the mirrors and finally blew them all off by myself.
Just then my mobile went off and my heart nearly stopped. It was a call from my mum and she said,
"H__ (my name), are you at home? In your room on the second floor?"
She just said those words and hang up. I thought that was weird and tried to call her back.

Then suddenly something hit and stuck on my curtain-drawn window (it looked like a silhouette of a woman). I panicked a bit but you know those things usually can't get inside if you have all the entrances to the room securely locked, right? And so I calmed down a bit and even started thinking stupid things like, lets take a picture of it I could become famous on the web. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't capture the thing in the picture and after a while the thing itself disappeared so that was really disappointing.

And then I called back my mum but she said, no I've never called you, and I started feeling uneasy, but I really wanted to go to the loo and went downstairs.
When I walked past the mirror in the corridor I felt something was wrong, like suddenly I'd become taller than I actually am, and though I think now I shouldn't have done it, I walked back again to the mirror to take a good look at myself. Then I screamed. I never knew I had it in me to scream like that.
There was a woman sitting on my shoulders, grinning from ear to ear and headbanging like crazy.
I somehow made a dash for the loo and locked myself in and started trembling all over. Then mum called me again.

"H__, are you at home? In your room on the second floor?"
She asked me in the same tone of voice as before and I knew it would be the death of me if I told her I was in the loo,  so I told her I was in my room.
Then about 5 minutes later I was beginning to calm down and thought I could get out of the loo now, when -  knock knock - someone knocked on the door from outside. My fear reached its zenith. I was alone in my house.

Knock knock - came the sound again. 
Me "It's occupied."
Right after that a voice whispered  my name "H___ " into my ear and I blacked out.

Next I was in a dream and it was like a sports day at school.
An overexcited male voice was making an announcement and kept calling out my name,
H___, H___, H____.......

".....Yes, " when I replied,  the voice went:

Your legs have disappeared.    My legs disappeared.
Your arms have disappeared.  My arms disappeared.
Your eyes have disappeared.   My eyes disappeared.
You have disappeared.   I disappeared.
Scream.      I screamed.
Then suddenly someone let out an ear-splitting laugh.

I got out of the loo and blacked out for about an hour at the washbasin, and then I had a similar dream the next evening.
I was standing inside a park which had lots of old playground equipments in it.

A (someone's name) disappeared. B's legs disappeared.
C's eyes disappeared. D disappeared.

Errrr.....H__is in his room on the second floor sleeping. Sleeping.
An ear-splitting laugh followed. And I woke up.

Has anyone here experienced something similar to this?

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Book of Demon

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.

I thought this story would be appropriate for this occasion.
Enjoy and have a good time, whatever you are doing.
I'll be a bit busy for the next couple of days so I may not able to reply to your comments soon but I'll be back! Cheers!   - Saya


I used to live in Yokohama*1 and this is what happened to me when I was at junior high school.

My dad was a priest.*2 He was very easy-going and friendly for a priest and was quite popular among people.

I didn't have a very strong faith then, and maybe the only proper thing we did at home was praying a bit before meals.
We were leading a relatively peaceful life.

One day my big sis bought an old book, about a size of a fashion magazine, from an an antique shop.
This sis of mine was very into occult and she loved collecting weird stuff.
Every time she bought something like that dad would grumble, "A daughter of a priest, getting into a hobby like that! Not funny at all!"
It appears that there were sometimes really dangerous things among the things she bought and at those times dad would tell her, "Take them back to the shop or get rid of them!"

The book she bought this time too seemed to be a book about occult, written in English (sis was fluent in English).
And that very night sis tried to do a ritual about "summoning a demon"  ( she forced me to do it with her).
We were doing it for about 30 minutes.
Nothing unusual happened and we soon lost interest in it and started watching TV.

Later, dad came home.
As soon as he came in he said, 'What's this smell of beast? Did you bring in a dog or something?'
He then said he could smell it from sis's room and walked into to her room. There he immediately found the old book.

"___ko (← sis's name), come here. NOW!"
He was livid. We quickly ran to her room.
"....___ko, do you realise what this thing is?"
"Eh? Just a book about séance, isn't it?"
"You fool! This book's cover is made out of human skin, and everything that's written in it is about evil black magic!! And what's more - if this were just an ordinary black magic book it wouldn't cause much harm - but this was made by some Anti-Christian religious sect or someone from such an organisation. They've suffused it with a serious curse. No sane mind would think about using human skin for such a purpose.... I will dispose of this right now!!"
Having said those words, he grabbed the book and headed to the church, which stood not very far from our house.

About one hour later dad came back.
"Strange... the beastly smell hasn't gone away. Don't tell me you've tried some rituals from the book?"
With much reluctance sis confessed to dad about what we'd done. Dad gave her a hard slap across her face. This was the first time I'd ever seen him being violent towards someone.
"Getting into occult as a hobby is one thing. But doing it for real is another matter! I thought you were smarter than that. I thought you were content just reading and collecting knowledge....."
Dad then told to the now crying sis that she should go to the church with ___suke (← my name) tomorrow. And there was nothing more to be done that day.

In the middle of the night I felt the need to go to the toilet and sat up on the bed. I was just spacing out when I heard someone walking around inside the house.
I thought it was probably just dad or sis and didn't take much notice of it at first, but then the doorbell rang. For three times.
It had already gone past 3 after midnight. It was hard to imagine someone would want to visit us around that time.
I walked to the front door. No one there.
Then I tried to go back to my room when I heard three knocks from the inside of the toilet.
I checked the toilet immediately but no one was inside.
Next came a dry ripping noise, sounded for three times.
I started to feel really uneasy when dad came downstairs.
"Demons love number 3 and use it often. Don't worry, they are still at the 'Infiltration Stage.' Before they get to the 'Possession Stage'....."


Dad's words were cut short by sis's a piercing shriek from upstairs.
Me and dad rushed upstairs to sis's room. We opened the door. Sis was there.
For a second I didn't know what was happening. There was this thing that looked like sis but not sis.
She was sitting on the bed and looking at us, but something was wrong.
After a few more seconds I realised what it was. Her eyes were all black, and her tongue was sticking out. Her tongue was way too long.
She was screaming out some words I didn't comprehend.
"Impossible! To have gone past the Infiltration Stage this fast and be onto the Possession Stage......___suke! We must take___ko to the church now! Quick, give me a hand!!"

I did as he instructed me to do, and after binding both her arms and legs, carried her to a Land Cruiser*3 which was parked inside the garage.
Sis continued to act violently in the car and it was all I could do to hold her down.
As dad drove the car I asked him, "Is she possessed?" and he replied, "Yes." Then I asked him again, "What language is she speaking??" He said, "I'm not 100 percent sure, but it's probably Hebrew."

On the way to the church we ran over three black cats.
The traffic lights, which had just turned green, would immediately turn back to red. The car conked out for three times.
Dad continued driving calmly and we finally managed to arrive at the church.

We carried sis, who was still acting violently, inside and bound her to a chair. Dad came out from the back of the church, carrying a lot of tools.
"You are not gonna perform that exorcism thing like they do in the film, are you? Have you even done it before!?"
"I have. Once."
"Did it go successfully?"
"That time I wasn't alone. Maybe that's why we were successful..."
"Is there anything I can do to help?"
"It's not a ghost of a human we're dealing with, so try not to do anything without thinking first. Stand behind ___ko. If she pulls the rope apart, hold her down."

Having said it, dad started intoning,"'In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...." just like we see in the films, and sprinkled holy water on sis.
Every time the holy water got sprinkled on her face, her facial features became hideously contorted, and she screamed out; "It was all because that woman accepted it! (perhaps a reference to Virgin Mary when she had a conception? I heard about this from dad later)"and "If He hadn't died we would have become Kings ourselves! (a reference to Jesus? This too I heard from dad later)" Apparently, somehow all these words were uttered in Latin.

About 30 minutes into the exorcism, sis suddenly regained her consciousness, and started pleading to dad, shouting, "Help me, dad! Help me!"
I tried to say something to sis but dad stopped me, saying, "Don't talk to the demons during exorcism!! It could be real __ko, but it could be the demon talking. Ignore her."

And dad was trying so hard to ferret out the demon's name.
If he got the demon's name he could apparently diminish the demon's power.
Both me and dad were sweating like hell. I could smell faeces and urine from her mouth.
"Speak thy name!"
"fgbhnjmk,l.;rtyuiop;lkijhg (← some unintelligible words)"
"In the name of Saint ___ (← sorry I forgot the name), speak thy name!!!"

Dad got out a little piece of cloth torn out of  the sacred burial cloths of Jesus (dad didn't know if it was real or not, but it was effective so it must've had some sacred property). As soon as he pressed it on sis's forehead, the black-eyed sis tore away both the rope and the chair, screaming out:


At the same time, from all the windows of the church came the sound tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap  tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.
I looked up and saw the windows covered by ravens. They were all pecking away at the windows from outside.
It was impossible under natural circumstances for all ravens to come together in the middle of night and act in such a way.
Finally fear had taken its toll on me. I think I collapsed and lost consciousness.

When next I awoke I was in an emergency hospital, and it was still in the middle of night.
My sis apparently got some of her joints dislocated and dad had to take her to the hospital soon after they finished.  I was diagnosed as suffering from light anaemia.
"That thing who possessed sis, did it go away?"
"Yeah, for now."
"Will it come back?"
"Maybe. Maybe not. The world over there has no time line."
"It said we'll die in August, doesn't that scare you?"
"I got him out faster than I expected, so I don't think the demon had a very strong power. It was only a parting shot from a low-class demon. Don't let it bother you."
"What are demons, really?"
"I don't know... I don't know but we know they exist. I will tell you one thing: this time the demon was still in the process of possessing and also ___ko's consciousness was still present inside, that is why things went as well as they did. I don't think you are planning to become a priest, but if in the future you encounter someone who is completely possessed by a demon, then. ....."

After that nothing strange happened either to me or to sis. Nobody in the family died in August and we continued to live peacefully as before.

Three years ago, sis got pregnant and got married.
And there was a birth mark looking like number 666 on the child's body... no, only kidding! Nothing like that happened at all, but I heard that her son, who has just turned 3, said something weird the other day.
He said, "Mummy, don't ever go near the sea, OK?"

*1 Yokohama (横浜市 Yokohama-shi is one of the major port cities in Japan and has received lots of western infulences since the mid-19th century.  (Wikipedia). This is also my home town! :)
*2 I think the narrator means a Catholic priest. Catholic priests are generally celibate, but there seems to be some exceptions to the rule.
*3 Land Cruiser: the name of a Toyota car.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What should I do?

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your understanding.

This question was posted at a Japanese question-and-answer website.


【What should I do?】
Question: What should I do?
Date: 20th September 2008

Hi. This is my first time posting. I want your opinions.

Last year we bought an old house and after we bought the house we got some trees in the garden uprooted and found an old well there, but the estate agent never told us that there was such a well.
I found it creepy and paid a gardener to cover it over with earth but do you think I can ask the estate agent to pay for the cost?
And also ever since I got the well buried so many bad things have been happening to us, my husband got sick and got fired from his job, I had a miscarriage, and now the whole house is engulfed in gloom.

My mother-in-law kept blaming me saying, 'it's all because you buried the well,' which annoyed me so much that I battered her to death, uncovered the well, and buried her body inside, but she still walks around inside the house and throughout the night she sits by my bed cursing me
until the morning, so I can not get any sleep at all.
It's not just the old bitch, but the whole neighbourhood keeps complaining to me through radio waves.
They keep complaining from TV too so I can't watch TV.
It's actually all my husband's fault, he's the one who bought the house with the weird well in the first place, the other day I strangled him while he slept and buried him in the well the same way as the old bitch, but, he keeps walking around inside the house, and at night he curses me with the old bitch, what can I do to make the bitch and my husband go away?

Right now, as I'm typing in this question, they are right here beside me and watching me, and I'm so fed up with it all.
What should I do? Please someone tell me. Please.

Monday, 29 October 2012

The Camera of Prophecy

Note: I'm not the authour of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.

This is a cryptic story!


I bought a camera which was supposed to be able to photograph "a person's appearance ten years  from now."

I took a photo of myself for fun, but the picture that came out had nothing in it.
'What? It's broken! lol'
Then I took a photo of a friend who happened to be nearby.
The picture that came out showed an image of him looking like a beggar.

Now I'm really worried about his future.