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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Escape from the Haunted Room

Somehow you find yourself trapped in a gloomy apartment room.
As soon as you start searching for a way to escape, you realise there is another strange presence in the room....

You will find various items scattered around the room, some of which you should combine to solve some puzzles.

I found this an enjoyable game that sent a few chills down my spine!

Click here to play ----> Escape from the Haunted Room

Many thanks to noprops, the maker of this game, who graciously allowed me to introduce his creation on my blog.

There are TWO types of endings.

If you are stuck, LOOK AT THE HINTS (now I have two hints here).


If you get stuck, you may ask others for guidance, in the comments below.

However, please do NOT give out direct answers. You may only give hints, because it's not good to spoil other people's fun to solve the puzzles themselves!!

Please refrain from writing spoilers in your comment.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Please Do Not Ever Try This

Please do NOT copy this article without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

WARNING: By the look of it, this thing is probably cursed, so I labelled it under the "curse" category, just to be on the safe side.
Read it at your own risk.


The ritual below is very dangerous so please make sure you observe everything written in the instruction if you ever try it.
Also remember if you try it you will be doing so at your own risk.
If after reading this instruction you begin to feel cold or feel heaviness on your shoulders, you must NOT try it at all.

1) After midnight (around 2 to 3am) before you go to sleep, lie down and look at the four corners of the ceiling one by one, slowly and anticlockwise, starting from the corner that is closest to the north.
2) You must do it three times "slowly, anticlockwise."
3) Then cross your arms on your chest and chant "On-beiro-kya-mashironi-sowaka**" three times.
4) Still keeping your arms crossed, imagine a long and black haired woman in white kimono, covered in blood and with her hair down, slowly coming closer to you.
5) When she arrives in front of you, stop imagining.
6) Uncross your arms, turn off all lights to leave the room as dark as possible, and go to sleep.
7) You will see a woman in white kimono covered in blood, in your dream.

Even if the woman comes close to you, you must not speak to her.
She might ask your name but you must not tell her.
If she starts muttering something into your right ear, shake her off by waving your right hand.
That should wake you up.
If after you have woken up you look around and see no black shadow of the woman lurking in any of the four corners of your room, then you are safe.


** This mantra sounds like a mantra of Shingon Buddhism (Wiki).

The image is a painting by Fuyuko Matsui, a Japanese artist. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Lighter

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

Having turned off light, I lay down and started smoking when I dropped my lighter on the floor.
For a while I fumbled around in the dark for it but couldn't find it anywhere so I turned on the light again.
I then found my lighter, placed standing up on the table.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Notice from Saya

18th January 2013:

Still busy (but much less so than before). But I updated an article which I already translated and had it ready two weeks ago.
Please wait for my replies!

BUT actually, I might start replying to a few comments today...(beginning with the older ones)

16th January 2013:

Sorry, I'm still kinda busy so I'll start replying to your comments after 18th or 19th January.


Thank you for visiting my blog.

I may not be able to update or reply to your comments until around 16th January.
I'll let you know if the plan changes.

One Man Chit-Chat

Note: Please do NOT copy my article without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

*When you try any of the rituals on this site, please remember that you will be doing so at your own risk. Therefore please don't come complaing to me if something bad happens to you.

【Things you need】
Two Chairs

【How to do it】
1. In the middle of night, go into a quiet room where you can be alone, and place two chairs facing each other.
2. Sit in one of the chairs, while leaving the other chair empty.
3. Turn off lights and make the room as dark as possible.
4. Start talking to the empty chair.
   (The content of your talk can be anything: ghost stories, talking about yourself or about your problems. Anything gripping that leaves the listener hankering for more.)
5. After a while you find your voice start trailing off. Then you realise...
6. Something is there.

Note: One source says you have to drink a glass of water with hair in it prior to the step 1.

【How to end it】
There is no particular way of ending this ritual.

One person who tried this ritual said:
"I couldn't do this until the end. Very, very scary.
I felt a strong presence of something, and I immediately apologized and went to bed."

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

Around the end of June, the decomposing body of a college student was found inside his apartment room.
The elder brother of the student, Katsumi, was called in to check the identity of the body. And after the checking was done he was asked to remain and listen to the messages left on the phone.

14th March: From mother. She gets cut off while reminiscing about the past.
16th March: From a friend. He asks if the boy wants to go on a trip with him.
21st March: From father. He says the boy's grandfather misses him and wants to see him soon.
25th April: From a friend. He urges the boy to come to the college.
1st May: From mother: She tells the boy to call Katsumi.

The recording ended there.

The detective remarked,
"It seems the calls from your parents always come after two in the night**."

Katsumi nodded and said,
"Our parents died when we were small..."

** 2:00~2:30am is the time called 丑三つ時 (Ushi-mitsu-doki), when, as the saying goes, "even grasses  and trees sleep", and monsters and evil spirits are said to be most active.  Also if you want to cast a curse on someone it's best to do it during this time.

Friday, 4 January 2013


Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

A pervert took a 8 year-old girl deep into the woods.

The girl said,
"I'm scared, I'm scared," and started crying.

The pervert said,
"Scared? I'm more scared than you, because I'll have to go home on my own."