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Friday, 18 January 2013

One Man Chit-Chat

Note: Please do NOT copy my article without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

*When you try any of the rituals on this site, please remember that you will be doing so at your own risk. Therefore please don't come complaing to me if something bad happens to you.

【Things you need】
Two Chairs

【How to do it】
1. In the middle of night, go into a quiet room where you can be alone, and place two chairs facing each other.
2. Sit in one of the chairs, while leaving the other chair empty.
3. Turn off lights and make the room as dark as possible.
4. Start talking to the empty chair.
   (The content of your talk can be anything: ghost stories, talking about yourself or about your problems. Anything gripping that leaves the listener hankering for more.)
5. After a while you find your voice start trailing off. Then you realise...
6. Something is there.

Note: One source says you have to drink a glass of water with hair in it prior to the step 1.

【How to end it】
There is no particular way of ending this ritual.

One person who tried this ritual said:
"I couldn't do this until the end. Very, very scary.
I felt a strong presence of something, and I immediately apologized and went to bed."


  1. Yay! another ritual! xD
    (no i'm not going to do this)

  2. sorry for spamming, i forgot to ask what is this called in japanese >w<
    sorry >w<

  3. Waaaah you're back!!! This one is rather easy to do compared to the others you posted. But still, creepy :s I should be more careful with talking to myself when it's dark...

  4. Whoa. Creepy. Loved it! :D Thank you Saya! :D

  5. But what is the something!?
    A ghost? I wish I knew... or maybe I don't want to (>A<♥) scary...
    Isn't it rude to not finish your story? I'm sure the ghost or whatever it is wants to hear the ending, if it made itself known in the first place!

    This seems like something on the lower scale of scary rituals but I still wouldn't try it (>///<) I get creeped out enough when a chair is facing me at night... I always have to turn it back right.

  6. This ritual sounds pretty simple, so anyone can do it. I'm looking forward to reading about the experiences of those who are brave enough to try it. XD Personally, I don't really like the thought of inviting a ghost into my apartment, especially since there is no way to end the ritual.

    Still, I'd definitely encourage those who are particularly curious and adventurous to try it out and tell everybody what happens.

  7. I have no idea why but I really love learning about Japanese rituals o3o but this one seems simple to do(although I know I won't even dare to try it!)
    Amazing as always, Saya-san! Also I'm sorry for not visiting your blog the past weeks! D: I've been having my exams and I couldn't check your blog regularly, but I'm finished now and hoping to see more awesome posts! Please do your best. \(^o^)/

  8. Can i trannlate it to another languege?

  9. I'll try this tonight. Pray for me that nothing bad is going to happen please ;___;

  10. Do someone has complained to you because a ritual went bad?

    And yeah i aint gonna do that.

  11. Your blog is so cool and filled with a lot of interesting stories ^.^ I love it!

  12. The fact that there is no particular way to end it is actually very scary.

  13. Very simple and easy for those who might want to try a ritual that might not have such frightening consequences. (No way I'm trying it, though...)

    The only thing I'm wary about is that there's no way to end it. I'm going to guess that a good way to end it would be to say, "Goodbye." Like an Ouija board.

    @Imustbeflippin- Sending good thoughts your way!

  14. i always do this . except i'm laying instead of sitting in a dark room , talking to myself .

  15. sounds interesting. I might try it(:

  16. Very creepy. Kind of reminds me of a way to get rid of ghosts. You set up a dinner for however many people are participating plus one extra and say a few words after waiting, then clean up the dishes. Something like that. I can't remember where I heard of it though.

    Maybe it was from here? ;p I don't know or else I'd link to it.

  17. Uhm i kinda do this on a daily basis sin e my house is haunted by friendly dead ppl and animals i dont really use two chairs or a glass of water though, i also do it to communicate with my guardian

  18. @Time Waits: You're wise not to try it, dear :D
    It's called ひとりおしゃべり.

    @Prisilia: Yes it's simple but scary, isn't it? :)

    @Ron: Friday is certainly the best day of the week, dear. Thank you for commenting!

    @Ace: Oh your name sounds so positive! I'm glad you like it!

    @Princess Pon: It may be a ghost which is floating around you that gets attracted by this ritual. Yes you'd better not try it, dear! ;)

    @Diogo: I'm sure someone has already tried it, but no one has reported to me their experiece so far! I hope someone's good enough to come forward. :)

    @Muneera: I'm glad you finished your exams, dear. I hope it all went well! Are you on holiday now? Relax and have a good time. :)
    Thank you for your encouraging words, dear. :D

    @Anon (19 Jan): Sure thing. But could you make sure you mention about my site when you translate it? Thank you.

    @Imustbeflippin: How did it go, dear?

    @HN3: No, I wrote it as a precaution to avoid getting complaints! hehe
    No, don't try it! :)

  19. @Raven Snyder: Thank you dear. It's very nice of you to come and pay me compliments. It helps me to keep motivated. :D

    @spinning totem: That's right!

    @Rosy: Yes, that there's no way to end it worries me too. That's why I don't recommend anyone to try it! :D

    @Danee: Oh! You should introduce to us your imaginary friend! :D

    @tracy carrillo: Be careful, dear! Good luck! Let me know what happens!

    @Adorably Dead: Aww sounds like a cool ritual you've got there! No, it's not from my blog! But it's cool, I like it. Thank you for telling me that! :D

    @Niya: Oh my! But do you know a way of ending this ritual? If you know something effective to ward off the evil influence that might remain after trying the ritual, please let us know!

  20. now this is one thing that i WILL try

  21. @Kimberly: My god, do be careful dear. Make sure you have some safety measures. May be you should try sprinklying salt over the chairs after you finish or something. And carry an amulet or whatever. I'm sorry I'm not expert on these matters.

  22. I heard a way to end it. They say it actually depends on the presence of the entity that you had invited. If you feel that it's somewhat evil/hostile, you have to politely end the talk and drink water with salt and/or sprinkle the chair with salt (just what Saya wrote). If it's not, then just politely end it. Either way, it's still creepy.

  23. @anne cruz: cool, thank you for the information!! :D

  24. I'm not superstitious but I tried it for fun and was talking about my love life, how I hope to get married, etc, and my big old dog who is usually quiet at night ran in barking loudly. I am not sure if I woke him up out of a deep sleep and surprised him, but to be safe I said "I'm sorry, I have to go, thank you for listening." and got up, grabbed my dog, and left the room for the rest of the night.

  25. @alanna: you're certainly very brave! And that's some chilling experience! Thank you for sharing your story! :D

  26. @alanna Dogs are known to be able to see things that aren't really 'there'...

    Your dog could have seen a ghost...
    Speaking to you...
    In that room...
    Anyway, it's good that you left the room! >v<

  27. Nuuuu ;;////w//; **shivers* That sounds so creepy yet so fun!! I dont' know if I should try...hmm...LOL! But who am I kidding! XD I'd chicken out before even moving the chairs! Thanks for another awesome post though! It seems really interesting as with all your other posts :D

  28. Hey! This seems really cool, I think I will try this out next week when my parents are out of the house. I already have a habit of talking to myself vv frequently, as if I am talking to another person, so hopefully this will go well?? I'll comment my experience lol. Also, do you have to do this at night time or can it be done during the day jn a dark room?


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