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Friday, 31 October 2014

How to Go to Another World by Using Closet

Hi, everyone! Happy Halloween! :D

〔How to Go to Another World by Using Closet〕*1

What to Prepare:
  • A piece of paper with your name on it
  • Two cups: one filled with water to the 7th of its capacity, and the other empty
  • A cardboard box large enough for one person to sit in and still have a bit of extra space

  • The material of the paper can be anything, but its size should be small enough to fit inside the cup.
  • Use a brush pen*2 when you write your name.
  • The cups should be the ones you always use; prepare two cups of the same kind. It's best if they are made of glass.

After you've finished all the preparation, get inside the closet and pull the cardboard box over your body.
Make sure the closet doors are shut tight so no light can penetrate inside.

Below is what you should do while inside the cardboard box:
  1. Put the paper with your name on it in the water-filled cup.
  2. Close your eyes, and count up to the number that is the square of your age, in time with your heartbeat (e.g. If you're twelve count 144, if twenty-two count 484 and so on.).
  3. When finished counting, open your eyes, and transfer the water and the soaked paper to the other cup.

Now step out of the closet -  and you will know.

Take an extra care NOT to crack or lose those two cups.

*1 Closet - In Japan, we have two names for closet: one is kurozetto (クローゼット) which is a transliterated form of the English word closet, and the other oshi ire (押入れ).  The former conjures up a more modern western-style closet, while the latter refers to a type of built-in closet in a traditional Japanese home. The original text uses oshi ire, not kurozetto.  
Pictured right: a typical example of oshi ire

*2 Brush pen - called fudepen in Japanese (Wikipedia). They're talking about these kind of stuff.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Meadow

This story has been translated from Japanese into English by Saya.
This is not a scary story... but I want to share it with you.

It happened when I was about 7 years old.
When I was a child, I often had strange experiences.

The town in which I lived was called Shio-iri, in Yokosuka City.
It is the place with the one long slope. *1
On that particular day, we were playing hide-and-seek.

Chikoku-saka (source)
I had a hard time finding a good place to hide, but in the end decided to hide behind my friend's house.
The moment I ran to the back of the house, the scenery changed in an instant.
Before I knew, I was standing in the middle of a large meadow.

Where am I....?

I was stunned and at a loss about what to do. Then I saw ahead of me one flower rising from the ground, and also a little vase beside it.

Without thinking, I picked up the flower and put it inside the vase.
Soon, I spotted a small hill not far away, so I picked up the vase with the flower and walked towards it.

Then, young as I was, a sudden understanding dawned on me - that this hill was someone's tomb.
I put down the vase with the flower, closed my eyes and prayed.  (It wasn't like a proper form of prayer. I just closed my eyes and pressed my palms

Next moment I was back behind my friend's house again.
I was so startled that I was just sitting there in a stupor when I heard my friend shout,
"I found you, Ai chan!"*2

What was it just now...? A dream...?
That was what I thought.
Maybe I just daydreamed, but ever since then, strange things started happening to me even more frequently.

*1 One long slope: This could be Chikoku-Saka (pictured second from the top). Chikoku means "to be late." The slope is so named because the story goes that the soldiers stationed there used to ran up the slope, in order not to be late for the curfew after being out downtown.  
*2 Ai chan: Ai is the narrator's name, chan is a suffix indicating endearment. Judging by the name and the form of suffix, the narrator is probably a girl.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Jigsaw Puzzles

This story has been translated from Japanese into English by Saya.

A cryptic story.
Easy peasy!

As I have started living by myself recently, I decided to decorate my room with jigsaw puzzles.
Those are the type that, after receiving light, glow in the dark, and I really like the soft light they give off.

The other night when I returned home, the puzzles were glowing faintly in the dark,
and seeing that made me feel instantly warm and fuzzy inside, because it was as if the puzzles were welcoming me home.

I'm already itching to work on another set of puzzles.
Next time I might buy one that's the same size but has 2000 pieces.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Accident at Construction Site

Translated from Japanese into English by Saya

A cryptic story for you! :)

I was out for a walk when I heard a woman's loud scream.

 Startled, I ran to the place where the scream came from and saw a woman sitting on the road in front of an iron plate measuring around 2m in length, 2m in width and 50cm thick.

I tried to talk to the woman but she was too stunned to talk.
A man dressed in construction worker's clothes came up to me and explained what had happened.
It seemed the iron plate was dropped to the ground while they were working overhead on the building.
It looked like nobody got hurt. The woman just fell to the ground due to shock.
But I felt shivers run through me as I looked at the black iron plate on top of red tiles.

I went home after that, but in the late afternoon before the sunset, I visited the scene of the accident again.
The iron plate was still there. Probably due to its very heavy weight they hadn't yet been able to remove it.
The area was cordoned off with a security guard standing in front of it.

The woman I had seen earlier was still there. I went to talk to her.
"What happened earlier must have been quite shocking."

The woman replied,
"Yes, I was so shocked. Especially when I heard the scream."

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

On the Train

Translated from Japanese into English by Saya

A cryptic story.

On working days, I always use the train.
Today too, when I was on the train, suddenly a woman appeared in front of me.
God, not again. It makes me feel so depressed.

Friday, 3 October 2014

A Video Tape Found in the Attic

WARNING: A Potentially Cursed Video!

I posted this article once back in 2007, but afterwards the video got deleted, so I had to take the article down.
But today I found it again! And just now I uploaded it on my youtube channel so it won't ever get deleted again! Hurray!

Enjoy watching :D
The Introduction at the beginning:
This man says his girlfriend found a strange video tape in her attic. Ever since she watched it she has had strange things happen to her, including getting unknown bruises on her body and her hair falling out. Perhaps the video is cursed?

The video in question begins at 0:30.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Muderous Intent

 This story has been translated from Japanese into English by me, Saya.

"I feel so tired these days but I can't get any sleep at all...."
It was 10 days ago that I heard these words uttered by my girlfriend.
Then the day before yesterday, she said, "It seems I'm really tired. When I was lying down on the bed yesterday I had sleep paralysis and couldn't move my body at all (she laughed weakly)."
Certainly, as a construction worker, her work demanded more muscle than my work.

It was this same girlfriend who gave me a call past 11 in the evening. Looking back, she sounded quite strange.

"N (←my name)! Come over here right now! Please!"
Her place was an apartment complex, about 10 minutes from my house by drive (she lived alone).
"What's the matter? OK, I'll be there in a heartbeat."
 Two or three minutes into driving, I again received a call from her, but she was being way over-the-top hysterical:
"(Sobbing) Where are you?? Hurry!! Please!!"
"I'm nearly there. I'm hanging up."
I tried to hang up (well, it's illegal to use a phone while driving) but she continued, "Don't hang up! Please keep talking to me until you arrive at my place... (she was sobbing like crazy)"
"What's going on? I won't understand a word you're saying if you keep on crying like that. Have you had a nightmare?"

And so on and so on. We kept on talking until I finally arrived at her apartment complex.
Her room was on the 7th floor. I immediately got on the elevator and pressed the 7th floor button.
The door closed and the elevator started moving ー


The elevator's door was partly glass and therefore I could see through to the other side; and I saw my girlfriend standing there with a mobile phone pressed to her ear.
In a panic I hit the "open" button again and again. But the elevator had already started going up, so of course it wouldn't open.

And later I was glad it didn't.

The second floor: My girlfriend, standing there with the phone pressed to her ear, was looking at me with glazed-over eyes.
The third floor: My girlfriend, standing there with the phone pressed to her ear, was glaring at me.

I saw her on every single floor until it got to the 6th floor, each time wearing a different expression on her face.

But all I heard from my phone was the sound of her crying. As you would expect, I was speechless...
When I arrived at the 7th floor, there was no one there.
Relieved, I got out of the elevator and went to her room; she was still crying.
I asked her why she was crying, and she told me the reason:

She said that yesterday (right now that's already the day before yesterday), while she lay on the bed she had sleep paralysis, and saw a woman standing by her side who smiled at her and said "I'll kill you" and disappeared.

Then before she called me (that's yesterday) and just after she turned off the light she heard,
"I'll kill your boyfriend! I'll go over to him right now and kill him!" The loud voice echoed throughout the room... (I was shocked)

I stayed at her place until the next day. Then, because it was time for me to go to work, I went back to my place first where, on arriving, I discovered numerous scratch marks on my front door. 
I was in a hurry so I couldn't do anything about it then, so I just went off to work.

On the way back from work, my girlfriend called me and told me something very disturbing...
"Today around noon, I saw a strange woman who glared at me and clicked her tongue as she walked past me."
A cold sweat broke out on my skin. Why me? Was it a so-called iki-ryo?**

Now I really want to go and tell the person that she must have been cursing a wrong guy....   

**Iki-ryo (生霊): Literally, "living spirit." It is a spirit of someone still alive which may sometimes haunt other people.