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Monday, 29 November 2010

A Video about Suicide

A cryptic story.

One day my boyfriend emailed me a video.
Wondering what it was I watched it.
It turned out to be a video about him committing suicide.
With a rope around his neck he jumped; and after a painful struggle he died.
And the video ended there.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Video with a Strange Woman

Strange images of a woman keep interrupting the video.
I think I've seen this somewhere before??

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Mother's Rage

Note: The author of this story is not me. I'm only translating it.


This happened quite a long time ago, when I was about four.

It was early in the morning. I say "morning" but it was still dark in my room.
Suddenly I found myself standing on the bed, being told off severely by my mother.

'Why did you do it?!'
She questioned me angrily, but I absolutely had no idea what I had done.
I would say that was a normal reaction from someone who had just woken up.
I wanted to ask her what I had done but she was so furious that I thought the question would only make her even angrier. So I just kept apologizing to her without understanding the situation.
I said sorry to her again and again but she wasn't about to let me off that easily.

They say when something unpleasant is happening the time tends to go by very slowly but even so as a child I felt that it was going on for far too long.
For more than an hour my mother kept asking me stuff like:
'For what reason did you do it?' 'What was the reason?' 'What time do you think it is?' She went on and on in the same manner.

Well my mother was the type who could go on forever once she started telling people off and I knew that apologizing to her was useless. If I didn't say sorry she would go on being angry and even if I did say sorry she would still be angry. So nothing I did or said would make much difference.
That was what I thought.

And then I thought to myself lightly:"Oh she's especially in a bad mood today," or "I must have done something really terrible."

As my head became clearer I started noticing a few things; like although it was around four or five in the morning and my mother was shouting at the top of her voice, the noise hadn't disturbed my father, who was sleeping right in the next room. Well, that was perhaps OK but it was strange that my two-year old sister, who was sleeping on the bottom of the bunk bed below me hadn't even stirred.

My little sister should have woken up by then, especially because the shouting had got so loud to the point where it was impossible for anyone to ignore it and go on sleeping
That was the first thing that came into my head and then I began to notice other odd things.

To start with,  I heard no sound.

There was no sound of the clock ticking which usually bothered me and no sound of cars that could usually be heard outside around that time of the day. It was far too quiet.

And the strangest of all was my mother's unusual persistence.

I apologized to her over and over but she still wouldn't forgive me.
Normally she would have stopped telling me off by then.
Yes, she could be persistent, but not that persistent.

I then realized the most frightening thing of all.
I had not yet seen my mother's face.
To be more precise, I couldn't see her face because it was too dark. I was being told off in complete darkness.
I just assumed she was my mother by her voice and by the sense of her presence but I hadn't checked if she really was my mother.

"Why did you do it?"
"What time do you think it is?"
"Are you really sorry about what you've done?"
She kept going on about the same things.

Is she really my mother?
The moment I thought so:

A hand flew to my face.

I was hit hard across the cheek.
But the hand felt unnatural.

It had abnormally long nails.
And it also felt very cold.
She is not my mother! I knew it this time.

My mother had fragile nails which could break easily and she hardly ever grew them long because of it.

Who is she?

As soon as the question came into my mind, the voice, which had been high and hysteric before, suddenly became lower and prolonged like sounds on an old cassette tape.

It had changed into a really deep voice and the things she said became gradually abnormal too:

"Why did you kill?"
"For what reason did you kill?"
"Why did I die?"

Those were the words she spoke now.

I've got to run away!I thought, but I was standing on the top of the bunk bed.
I could get down only by the ladder and the woman was standing right at the bottom of the ladder; and she was still shouting angrily.

No, she was actually pleading now.
And up until then I thought my body was only tense because of being nervous, but now I realised I was suffering from paralysis.

Oh god, I can't move. The very moment I thought so, the woman, with a loud and clear voice, said:

'Are you really sorry?'
And she brought her face closer until it was just a few inches from mine.

Her hair was wild, her skin pallid, and she had no eyeballs.

I lost consciousness.

Was it in the morning? Or in the afternoon?
When I came around, I again found myself standing on the bed, being told off by my mother.

But this time I could hear noises outside and moreover it was bright and sunny in the room.
I could also see her face. There was no question that the person who was shouting at me was my mother.

'Why did you do it?'
'What were you doing?'
'Where did you go?'
She was asking me those questions.

This time too I had no idea what I had done so I asked her.
- What have I done?

'Were you sleepwalking or what?'
Then she started telling me what had happened.
The night before, around two after midnight, my parents were in the sitting room when they saw me walk past the room.
They thought I was going to the bathroom but then heard me say, 'I'm going outside to play.' And then apparently I just disappeared through the front door.
My action was totally unexpected and I was gone before they had time to stop me. They followed me and went outside, and tried to find me but couldn't.
After a while they gave up searching and came home to call up the police, but when they checked the bedroom again somehow they found me on the bed, fast asleep.

They were going to wake me up and try to ask me what had happened but no matter what they did I wouldn't wake up. They were also exhausted after the night of searching and before they knew they had fallen asleep themselves. They slept until they were woken up by my scream.

All I said to them in the end were: Yes, I was sleepwalking. No, I don't remember what I did.
I never told a soul about my experience until now.
Do you think this is something serious?

Monday, 15 November 2010

COOKING IDOL, "Noroi chan"

A cute Japanese doll shares with you her special recipe!! ("Noroi" means curse.)

You will need some rice cakes, bacon, and above all, BRIGHT RED TOMATOES!!!!


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Friday, 12 November 2010

Gone Missing With The House

Note: I'm not the author of this story


This happened when I was fifteen.
 One day I came home from school to find the place where my house should have been had become an empty lot.
Of course I could not have taken a wrong path since I used the same route to go back and forth from home to school everyday.
And also it was impossible to be mistaken about the location since the scenery around it was familiar.
But strangely the place had a run-down appearance with weeds growing everywhere showing it had not become empty suddenly but it had been like that for at least a few years.

In the end all my family went missing and I was taken into my grandmother's care.
I am posting this from my grandmother's house right now.
Have you heard of any similar things happening before?

I'm working now and still trying to find my family in my spare time; but I'm starting to lose hope.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Scary Cursed Movie

The Warning at the beginning says:
"The movie you are about to see may cause you serious spiritual damage.
If you are prone to spiritual damage or you feel reluctant to watch it, please stop the movie immediately.
I will not be responsible for anything that may happen as a result of watching it."

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Alone in the House

Another cryptic story.


I was scared after reading the cursed story and because I was alone in the house I switched on all the lights in my room and the hall leading to the bathroom. :D

But it was all fine in the end.
The only scary thing that happened was when after the bath I went back to my room and switched on the light the bag which had been on the hook fell by itself. That made me jump! lol 

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Wish

Note: This story is under the "Cryptic" category, meaning you have to think a little to understand it.
I'll give you one explanation for it later in the comments below.


A star descended to a little girl.
'Anything you wish I will grant it to you, but only for once,' said the star.
The girl had been crying.
'Please make everyone in my family disappear! I really hate them!'
The next morning when she woke up she went downstairs to the dining room but her mother, father and big brother were all there as usual.
The girl was sorry that she had made such a wish.
That evening the star appeared to her again.
'Are you happy now?' asked the star.
 The girl said, 'please, can I take back the wish I made yesterday?'
The star said, 'once a wish is fulfilled you can not take it back.'
The girl cried.

Monday, 1 November 2010

The Headphone

As usual, I am not the author of the story. I'm only translating it.


It was my habit to go to sleep with music playing.
I would often wake up in the morning with headphone still on my ears.

I don't remember about it very clearly but the other night I was finding it hard to fall asleep.
Usually after my head hit the pillow I needed only ten minutes before my consciousness was gone.
And you know how your heart sometimes starts beating fast when you can't sleep?
I didn't know why but I could feel my heart beating wildly inside me.

Alright, let's listen to some music! I thought. Tonight I could listen to some rock music for a change.
Probably I would just end up being more awake, but never mind! I could stay awake until the morning. No problem.
I used the shuffle option on my hi-fi and enjoyed listening to my favourite band.
But when the songs I didn't like came up I fast forwarded them all.
So there was no point in using the shuffle option after all...

After a while I began nodding off.
A few songs went by without me knowing it. Oh well I'm just going to sleep like this. I'm too lazy to move.
Sometimes when I slept with music on, I dreamed of the singers who sang the songs I was listening to.
I wish they weren't dreams....
The music kept on playing........

A long pause. The end?
I checked the display. The time showed 1 minute 55 seconds, which then changed to 56 seconds; the music was still going on.
Did it have such a song ? I didn't remember.
Soon my ears caught a faint sound.
It was a pleasant sound of wind that made you imagine of a large open meadow.
Someone was walking towards me.


It was a girl's voice.
What a pretty girl.
I could imagine her looks just by listening to her voice.

'Hello. Oneh-san (big sister)?'

The voice was talking to me?
I replied to her in my mind.

'Hello. How old are you?'

The girl asnwered:

'I'm seventeen. I'm glad I have a friend now.'

'Oh then I'm five years older than you! Tell me your name! I'm Kumiko, by the way. Nice to meet you.'

I experienced a warm feeling when I heard from her the word "friend."

'I'm Atsumi. You write "warm sea" in Chinese characters and read it "Atsumi." Can I call you Kumiko Oneh-chan?'

'OK! Then I'll call you Ah-chan.'
We talked about many things.
About myself, and about Ah-chan....
Ah-chan told me about her problems too.
It sounded like she was not getting on well with her father.
I then asked her out of the blue:

'Ah-chan, what are you doing here?'


The scream rang in my ears. No, no, no!
It was like a scream of someone in her death throes. The terror of it drew me back to the reality.

I must take off the headphone........ but, I can't???

The scream is breaking me down.......AAHH I love headphones AAhhhh I always have headphone on my ears AAHH I don't know what's so funny but I can't stop smiling. People around me are saying I've gone mad. They say I've always been a bit odd and now finally I've gone all mental AAAAAHHH I don't care what they say. Because Ah-chan is with me AAAAAAHHHHH It feels so good in hereAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH