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Monday, 30 March 2009

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Miffy at Mealtime

I have always wondered how Miffy uses her "x" mouth when she eats.
Now I know.

1.Miffy's Mouth

[Sorry, but the youtube link is now dead]

2.Miffy eats her dinner

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Tarako Kewpie Goodies

1.Tarako Kewpie Doll
This easy-to-carry size Tarako Kewpie is perfect for people on the go. Take it out of your suitcase at break and give it a little cuddle to relieve work tress.

2. Tarako Kewpie Pillow
After a long day at work you just want to dive into your bed with a giant Tarako Kewpie.

3. Tarako Kewpie Curtain
A gorgeous curtain to hang in a doorway.

More goodies below...

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Hanged Body

While on a mountain rumoured to be haunted I caught a glimpse of something shaped like a human body floating in the bushes.

A ghost!? I thought, and fearfully went closer to it to make certain of what I was seeing; it turned out to be not a ghost but a body of a man who had hanged himself.
I felt sorry for the unfortunate man and thought I couldn't just leave him as he was and I could at least take his body off the rope.

It was then I heard something drop with a thud. I was startled but it seemed his shoe just fell off.
I thought anyway I had to do this and tried to reach the rope but it was difficult. I then went round to the front of his body to work at the knot. I tried to undo it again and again but without success.

A while later I heard something drop with a thud again. I thought that was strange and looked down but there was nothing on the ground and when I looked at the body it was still wearing shoes.

That creeped me out, and I decided to leave it and started walking away. But then I realized something; I got round to the front of the body so many times but I couldn't remember the man's face at all, and I always saw only his back.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tarako Kewpie In Tokyo

I'm still in the process of translating new stories...
Meanwhile you can watch Tarako Kewpies and amuse yourselves!

1. Shibuya, 2006


Saturday, 21 March 2009

Tarako Kewpie Pasta Sauce

The (in)famous TV commercials for Tarako Kewpie Pasta Sauce!!

Before watching the videos you might like to read the Origin of Tarako Kewpie, an article I wrote to answer the question you are all dying to ask: "what in the name of god is Tarako Kewpie?"

After you have watched all these videos, I guarantee that you will be hooked on Tarako Kewpie, just like me!

Scene 1: Tarako Kewpies walking on streets

Scene 2: Tarako Kewpie invades a dining room

More vids below...

Friday, 20 March 2009

The Worrying Nurses

My friend had a motorbike accident and he was in a hospital until just recently.

The hospital is large, quite old but known for having cutting-edge equipment, and we have never heard any bad rumours about it. My friend could just be making the whole thing up lol.

My friend damaged his collarbone in the accident but it was only a light scar (though he needed an operation) and he was told he would be out and about within a week.
This happened apparently two days before he was discharged.

If you have ever stayed in hospital you know how early they turn the lights off at night. Each bed, however, is usually equipped with a lamp that gives off enough light for reading. My friend was reading a comic book under such a lamp when he felt the call of nature (not pee, but the other one). He got up from the bed, put his feet in slippers, and went out into the corridor.

A corridor at night in hospital sounds spooky, but in reality (he said) it was not that bad, because there was still some light, and also becuase he was a bit hyper thinking he would be out of this place in two days. It was very quiet, but that was all.

My friend reached the lavatory and went into one of the cubicles.
After he had finished his business, he kept on reading the comic book in the cubicle (without wiping down there lol) when he heard a patter of footsteps going down the corridor.

Just as he thought 'someone is coming here,' the footsteps stopped in front of the lavatory.
And then;
'Are you alriiight?'a nurse asked him.
So my friend replied, 'I'm alright, thank you.'
He heard the nurse leave, the patter of footsteps gradually fading into distance.

My friend went back to reading the comic book . About five minutes had passed when he again heard the same footsteps, which again stopped in front of the lavatory and a nurse's voice said,
'You are taking a long time. Are you reeeally alriiight?'
My friend replied, 'Oh, I'm really fine. I'm gonna finish soon.'
The nurse said, 'OKaaay.'
He was quite impressed about the nurse's caring attitude.

He again went back to reading. A while later, this time from inside the lavatory, he heard a voice saying,
'Uhhhm..Are you really alright?'
He got a fright because he didn't hear any footsteps this time and didn't expect her to come inside the lavatory.

And he was getting rather annoyed by the constant questioning so he said rather harshly, 'I'm REALLY fine! And if you didn't already know, this place is men's toilet!'

No reply came from the nurse and a dead silence followed.
He thought 'oops maybe that was too harsh,' and opened his mouth to apologize when the door went Baaang!!

My friend cried out and looked up.
And in the gap between the door and the ceiling there was a woman looking down at him who said,

'Arrre youuu reeaally alriiiighht?'

My friend, terrified and desperate to run away, banged the door open, but the nurse was not there anymore.

He ran back to his room but couldn't sleep the whole night.
But he was OK the next day and safely got out of the hospital.

He also told me that when he thought about it later, each voice seemed to be different from the last. And the final voice sounded the deepest of all.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Exploring Ruins

I so want to go exploring abandoned buildings. But I've got nobody to go with :(


Spoiler below...

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


From the creator of Bloody Date and Bloody Night comes CHAINSAW MAID!!
The caption by the creator runs:
THEY are coming for your FLESH and BLOOD! Now the last hope of the family rests on a sexy faithful MAID!
The most brutal claymation you've ever seen!

I watched this before lunch and it saved me from eating too much.
The creator's site TN Theatre (Japanese)

My Master Series: Episode 3 "Noodles"

Reminder:"I" in this story is not Saya!
For information about this series read episode 1

This is not a ghost story, but I must set it down.

My master in the Way of Occult had suddenly stopped coming to the club. Master's classmate told me that he hadn't been seen in the classes either.

That got me worried and I went to his apartment. As usual the front door had been left unlocked, so after a few knocks on the door I went in, and found inside the haggard master lying alone on the mattress.
I asked him what was the matter, and he said,
"No appetite. Had only noodles for the whole week."
So that explains it, I thought, looking at his pale face.
"Haven't you got anything else to eat? You could die, " I said and searched the room, but found nothing.

"Are you suffering from the summer heat?" I asked him, but there was no answer.
Well, I don't want to know anyway, I thought, and coldly left him.
I was in awe of my master, but he could sometimes be surprisingly childish, and for that reason there was a part of me that belittled him. At the time we were already speaking on equal terms.

When I paid a visit to him again two days later, he was still lying on the mattress in the exactly same manner as before.
It seemed he had never put one foot outside his room and stayed under the duvet all day.
"Noodles won't keep you alive for long," just as I said that to him, my master suddenly retched and, clutching at his chest, rushed to the toilet.
As I rubbed his back for him, he started to vomit. I watched him and thought something weird like, "you could eat noodles all day but your vomit still turns out brown."
Just then a sudden realization came over me.

Wait a minute...

I searched the room again but there was nothing there. Not even noodles.
"What on earth are you eating?" I asked him more urgently. But he said nothing.
He is possessed, a suspicion flashed across my mind. But I couldn't do anything for him then.
I later forced him to go the hospital with me where he was immediately admitted for malnutrition.

He was put on a drip and after four days he got well and was duly discharged. But he never told me what exactly he was eating during the time he shut himself away in his room.

Something, however, had changed in him. Whereas he was rather arrogant and laddish before, he had now become more meek and babyish in comparison. That same summer we would visit many haunted places, but the change had made him unreliable, and we would often face unnecessary dangers.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Hearse

There was a young woman called K who lived with her parents and grandmother. The grandmother used to be a kind lady, but ever since she became bedridden a few years back her personality had changed completely, and she began to make constant complaints and snide remarks to K's mother who looked after her. Her grandmother would often say, "I know you are all hoping I die soon." Her family got fed up listening to these words that finally they began to really hope that the grandmother would die soon.

Gradually the family began to take less and less care of the grandmother, and the quality of food got worse, and as a result she became rapidly weaker as days went by. Now she couldn't move at all but became only a thing that breathed in the bed. It was obvious to anyone that she didn't have long to live.

Now K's room was on the second floor and one night when she was sleeping in there she heard a car horn suddenly blast outside. K tried to ignore it but a moment later it blasted again. The horn kept sounding that she finally gave up trying to sleep and angrily drew the curtain back to take a look outside, wondering who could be doing something so antisocial at this time of night.

What she saw made her shudder. There was a hearse parked in front of her house. She couldn't be sure whether it had people in it or not, and the engine didn't seem to be running. It was very still.

K got scared, ran back to bed and pulled the duvet over her head. She kept trembling but nothing more happened afterwards and it was very quiet throughout the rest of the night.

When the morning came K asked her parents whether they heard the car horn last night. They said no. It was hard to believe that the sound as loud as it was could go unnoticed, but they didn't look like they were lying, nor was there any reason that they should lie. She wondered then if the hearse came for her grandmother, which was the only possible explanation left. Her grandmother was, however, still "fine."

That night there was another visit from the hearse, and the night after that as well. K tried to ignore it at first but for some strange reason the horn didn't stop blasting unless K looked at the hearse from her bedroom window. Night after night the same thing happened that K was becoming very nervous from fear and dread.

On the seventh night since all this started, K's parents had to go out for the day. K wanted to go with them but someone had to stay in for the grandmother. Also because they knew that K had been mentally unstable they half forced her to stay at home and went out by themselves.

In an attempt to force fear out of her mind, K did things like watching comedy programmes on TV as much as possible. She was afraid to go near her grandmother's room and didn't even take lunch to her although it was her task to do so.

Her parents had said they would be home in the late afternoon but the night came and there was still no sign of them coming back. Soon it was past midnight, and the time when the hearse usually appeared was drawing closer and closer. But nothing was to be heard from her parents, not even one quick phone call.

Then she heard the familiar sound of the horn outside. K was downstairs at the time but she didn't dare to see it up close and went upstairs to see it from her bedroom as usual.

But what she saw from the window wasn't the usual scene.
From inside the hearse, which had normally parked still, some men in black suits got out, and they were now passing through the gate. K was totally freaked out.
Soon she heard the doorbell ring downstairs.

The doorbell kept ringing for a while, until it was replaced by light knockings that soon became louder and more urgent.
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!!!
K felt she was going to die from sheer terror. A thought came into her head that maybe she had forgotten to lock the front door. The more she thought the more she became sure that she had forgotten to lock it.
K jumped up and ran downstairs at full speed.
But seconds before she could reach the front door, the phone at the bottom of the stairs started ringing.

The banging at the door still continued. K couldn't move; all she wanted to do was press her hands to her ears and scream. But instead she managed to grab the handset.

"Hello. Is this Mr._'s number?"
It was a surprisingly soft voice of a man.

"This is the police. I want you to stay calm and listen. A while ago Mr and Mrs_ have met a tragic accident and passed away. I gather you are their daughter, aren't you? Hello? Hello....?"

K was too stunned to say or do anything. Strangely, the persistent banging had suddenly come to stop.
K started thinking; maybe the hearse had come to take her parents away? Not her grandmother?
Actually, was her grandmother OK?

It was then that K felt someone tap on her shoulder.
K turned around, and her grandmother, who was thought unable to move on her own, was standing right behind her.
And K's grandmother smiled to her and said,

"You are coming too."

Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Staring Contest With Ronald

Set it full screen (and turn off the light in your room if possible )before pressing the play button:D

Don't worry it's not a screamer!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Fortune-Teller

That day I had to work until late and ended up catching the last train home.
On arriving at my local station I immediately started walking home, when I saw a few people gathering in one corner of the square in front of the station. Curious, I took a closer look to see what was going on, and found there a desk with a paper hanging from it which said 'Fortune-Telling,' and a chair on which an old woman sat; both the desk and the chair looked like the type usually seen in school classrooms.

I had never expected to see a fortune-teller at such a lonely country station like this, and was still more surprised to see some customers there. I went closer.
Those standing around the desk included one businessman and two students. On the desk stood one candle.
The person who was being seen by the fortune-teller was an attractive woman in her forties.

I tried talking to the people standing about.
Me:"Is she a good fortune-teller? I use this station everyday but I've never seen her before."
Businessman: "........"
Students: "........"
None of them replied.
The students wore the uniform of S_ High, a local school which I was familiar with.
What's wrong with them? So mean! I got a bit cross, but decided to wait for a while.
I waited for about fifteen minutes but still the first woman hadn't finished her turn.
She sure is taking a long time. What are they doing? I wondered.

There was nothing there to prevent me from eavesdropping, and so I listened.
Woman: "Is that inevitable?"
Fortune-teller: "Yes. That is the fate."
Woman: "Is that inevitable?"
Fortune-teller: "Yes. That is the fate."
They kept repeating the same words in whispers.

Something was wrong with them, I thought. Creepy. I decided to go home and turned around; but the businessman and the students who had been standing around me only a second before had disappeared. Before I had time to be surprised, the lights from the station switched off and it got all dark around me.
I turned to the fortune-teller and the woman again, and was further confused when I found they too had disappeared, along with the chair and desk.
I ran back home, wanting to get as far away from the place as possible.

Some days had passed before I read an article on the local newspaper that a family with two children died in a car crush on a railroad crossing near the same station. It was a small article and there were only their names and hints about where they lived, but the children were students of S_ High school.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I updated two old posts, A Car Accident and A Face That Shouldn't be There, today. The links for these videos have been dead but I manage to find them again on youtube.
If you find any other dead links on this site please kindly let me know.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Short Art Film "KILL ME PLEASE"

A short art film by Toshiyuki Kimura. Mr. Kimura is apparently an artist who has been involved in making some horror films like "The Ring(1998).' (You can learn more about him here and here but both sites are in Japanese, unfortunately)

Most words are unintelligible but from what I can pick up it is a quote from Japanese mythology. I can hear words Izanagi and Izanami, which are Japanese god and goddess, and the word "yomi,"which is an old word for underworld.
The story of Izanagi and Izanami are similar to the story of Orpheus and Eurydice in Greek mythology. Izanagi, when his beloved wife Izanami dies, follows her to the underworld. Izanagi persuades Izanami to return to the world of living, and she agrees, but "When Izanagi looks prematurely at his wife, he beholds her monstrous and hellish state and she is shamed and enraged. She pursues him in order to kill him. She fails to do so, but promises to kill a thousand of his people every day. Izanagi retorts that a thousand and five hundred will be born every day(wikipedia)."

The Beckoning Hand

One high school had an old gymnasium where sometimes past six in the evening a single, beckoning hand was seen to appear from its window. One student saw this hand and innocently walked in the gymnasium.

Form the next day the student went missing and there were two hands beckoning from the gymnasium's window.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

What Appears On The TV

*Disclaimer - "I" in this story doesn't equal me, Saya!

This is not so scary but it's happening for real and I want to post it here.

About a month ago when I turned on the TV, suddenly, in the middle of the screen and against a black background, a woman appeared, looking limp and wearing green clothes from top to bottom. I couldn't tell exactly but it was something like a green long-sleeved top and green trousers.
The woman appeared only for a second and then it turned back to the normal TV screen, but when I turned on the TV the woman would appear three out of ten times.

What is this...? I thought and called the electrician up to have it checked, but when he came somehow the woman wouldn't appear at all, no matter how many times we tried; and the electrician got annoyed and left. It seems she only appears when I am alone.

As you can expect I was scared so I tried things like keeping my eyes shut when turning on the TV and opening them after a few seconds, or going out of the room as soon as I turn on the TV, go to the toilet, and come back and then look at the screen, but somehow the woman would still be there. And about one second later, as if she had just made sure I saw her, she would disappear and it would return to the normal TV screen.

From one month ago until now the probability of the woman appearing has been getting higher and higher and now she appears nine out of ten times. Now I hardly watch TV at night. I would appreciate it if someone could suggest a scientific explanation for this.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

My Master Series: Episode 2 "Apprenticeship"

* Read episode 1 here

It all started when I moved from a little provincial village to a large city to enter university. For want of anything better to do I joined a certain club where I found someone extraordinary. At the time my interest in occult was at its height, due to having experienced sleep paralysis and other nasty things while studying for university entrance exam. I told him my stories, to which he commented, "you are good. Very good," showing obvious enthusiasm.

He was a postgraduate student majoring in Buddhist Arts. We hit it off immediately and on the very day I met him he took me for a drive at night. He said lets have some late-night snack and drove for a considerable distance, until finally we arrived at Gusto (a popular restaurant chain) on the outskirts of the city. He must have seen the letters "why here?" written all over my face; he said, "We've come for ghost-spotting. My favourite place."

He couldn't be serious, I thought to myself.
Coming to such a modern place as Gusto was unnerving enough to a country-bumpkin like me, but on top of that, ghost-spotting?
"Look down when I tell you. If you are lucky you'll be able to see the legs at least."
After hearing these words,it was impossible to taste anything in my mouth.
I was just munching on food mechanically when suddenly a sharp ringing started in my ear... And cold sweat broke out all over my body. I froze.
"Hey, look down. Now." He said.
Quickly I did as he said, and stayed still - actually the truth was, I couldn't move an inch even if I had wanted to (*).

Out of the right corner of my eye, just by the side of our table, I saw two white legs walk by, noiselessly and with such a smooth movement that they seemed to float.

A tapping on the shoulder brought me back to the reality.
"Did you see them?"
It was before the film "The Ring" was released, but looking back it strongly reminded me of the scene where Takayama sees a woman's legs in the park.

When I nodded, he continued;
"That was the source of the rumour that in Gusto there is sometimes an extra pair of legs among waiters. Well for me, I can see not only the legs but the whole thing. It's good for you that you can't see her face."
What sort of a man is he? I thought.
"Eat up quickly! She doesn't like me."
I myself wasn't totally foreign to paranormal experiences, but this guy - I realised for the first time - was different.
After leaving Gusto he took me on a tour to places such as a mountain path with strange fog and his favourite temples, and it was already morning when he finally released me.

Since then I had come to call him my master; and my apprenticeship would continue until his mysterious disappearance.


*a ringing in one's ear and a temporary paralysis are said to be common symptons which appear when ghosts are near.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Ooh, is it Y?

This is a story I heard from my friend Y. Y's grandad died about two years ago. Y loved his granddad almost too much, and at the funeral he cried like a baby, not caring that other people were watching.

It happened on the seventh day after his granddad's death. On that day there was a storm warning for the area where Y lived and in spite of the murderous wind Y didn't have enough money on him to take a bus and had to walk home from school. He struggled all the way to keep himself from getting blown away and it was already past seven in the evening when he finally arrived home. He took out the key from the bag and opened the front door.

As soon as he was inside, he saw the door to his own room, which was visible from the front door, open, as if to welcome him. He could see from the opening that the light and the TV had been switched on, as well as the halogen heater, which was the sole source of heat in his room.

It must be mum. She was considerate enough to have my room warmed up before I got home. Y thought happily, and he called out to her in a voice more cheerful than usual.

But strangely, no one answered Y. He looked around the front door and noticed there was only one pair of shoes that belonged to Y (note:Japanese people leave shoes at the front door before entering the house) and neither his mum's nor dad's shoes were there. Then Y remembered everyone in the family apart from Y was going to be home late, due to them attending a memorial service that was being held for his granddad. Who could be home then? Y was afraid that it might be a burglar.

Y tiptoed to his room, and fearfully peeked inside through the door. In the room there sat Y's dead granddad with his back to the door.
The moment Y realized that it was his granddad, his fear vanished into thin air. Y was the sort who could never watch horror movies without having someone beside him, but although he knew he was seeing a ghost it was different when the ghost was his granddad's.

Tears rushed to his eyes out of love and gratitude that his granddad cared enough about him to visit him even after death.
Granddad gave a few of his characteristic coughs and clumsily scratched at the back of his head.
"Granddad." When Y called, grandad slowly stood up and turned around.
And as he turned, as if by a trick, the outline of his body became slightly blurred.

Granddad's face looked as if covered in red ink.
"Oh...Oooh, Y. Is it Y?" Granddad called Y's name.
The voice was as he remembered it, but the intonation was somewhat strange. It was too monotonous. Granddad used to speak with a strong accent, but his voice sounded artificial as if it had been computer-generated.
Granddad took one feeble step towards Y.
"What happened to you, granddad?"
Y said, growing anxious because granddad was acting strange.
Granddad again coughed a few times and scratched his head.

"Granddad, did you try to come home?"
When Y asked, grandad looked up at the ceiling as if he was trying to think a little, and said;
"Oh...Oooh, Y. Is it Y?," uttering exactly the same phrase and in the same intonation as before. Y found that disturbing, and began to think maybe what he was seeing in front of him was not his granddad at all.
Granddad was still staring at the ceiling. From his fingers some purplish-red liquid trickled to the floor, making a small pool on the carpet. Moreover, when Y looked at him more closely, he noticed that granddad's arm was bent at an unnatural angle; and the length between the shoulder and the elbow was longer than a normal person's upper arm should be. Granddad wasn't like that at all when he was alive. Maybe this thing was something that was pretending to be his grandad.

Y slowly started to back away, being careful not to make any noises. But despite his effort the thing that was pretending to be his granddad seemed to have realized Y's intention and, stretching only its neck, it stared at Y.
Oh no, it's looking at me - the moment Y thought that, the thing's face appeared right in front of him.
Its body was still standing where it was; the only parts that moved were its head and neck. The neck was now like a over-stretched rubber band. Before his eyes, purplish-red bubbles formed around its mouth.
"Oh...Oooh, Y. Is it Y?"
Y screamed.

He ran for his life and took refuge in the nearest bookshop. He was scared to be alone in the house. He couldn't go back until the rest of the family was home, by which time it was past 9pm. He told them what happened to him but no one took him seriously.

That night he was forced to sleep in his own room where the red granddad had appeared. Y felt uneasy. Whenever he closed his eyes he feared that he would see that red face the moment he opened his eyes again. But in the end fatigue took the better of him and he fell asleep.

When he woke up the next morning, his face somehow felt itchy. He went to the bathroom and looked himself in the mirror; his face was wet with purplish-red juice.

From then on he stopped sleeping in his room. Because he wasn't sure if he could manage to escape like the last time if the thing appeared to him again.

To this day Y still says, "that was definitely not my granddad."