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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Exploring Ruins

I so want to go exploring abandoned buildings. But I've got nobody to go with :(


Spoiler below...

Reddish strips of paper you saw pasted on the walls and ceilings (like at 5:14) are called ofuda, a talisman issued by Shinto shrine. It's used to protect people from harm and disease, or used to seal in evil spirit. My guess is whoever used ofuda in this house was trying to seal in something??
The little pouch which was picked up at 7:34 is an omamori, a Shinto amulet. People carry them to ward off bad luck and attract good luck. It's like a portable ofuda.

The doll at the end appears to be an Ichimatsu doll, a creepy traditional Japanese doll that originates in Kyoto. 


  1. Thanks for the video. :^)

    I used to do this all the time. Usually I would go by myself but it's dangerous(and terrifying) so I wouldn't recommend it. One night me and three other people went to a house that no one had lived in for a long time... when we got to the second floor there were three loud footsteps from the ground floor that sounded like someone stepping on broken glass D:

    We lost our nerve and hurried downstairs, but no one was there, and our car was the only one parked in front. I wouldn't go back again unless it was daylight, and even then I stayed away from the second floor because it was always dark up there.

  2. Yes it must be scary and dangerous! But I think I should do it once in lifetime! Come to Japan and we can go together! lol

    And yes going to the second floor isn't always a good idea, especially when the house is old and made of wood! Wooden floors rot! You can find yourself back down on the first floor in one second, with broken leg!

  3. In the past, during a period of time where I didn't appreciate life so much, I went to visit all the supposedly haunted abandoned locations in my area. Never really saw anything scary... other than items that would almost certainly result in tetanus should they puncture the skin. I saw a transient in one place... and we smoked cigarettes... all in all, I can't say it was a super rewarding experience. Be careful, Ms. Saya! The transients might not treat you so well, and we need you! Be safe

  4. at the very end it looked like the doll morphed into a dead body.
    anywho... exploring alone is horrifyingly dangerous.
    nice site has entertained me for the longest time. keep bringing more goodies =)

  5. That was pretty creepy...
    Any idea why the rooms were all isolated like that?
    It's hard to imagine what it was like when people were there...

  6. That little doll at the end kept freaking me out, lol. Although not as bad as me catching my brother pick up very sharp scissors out of the corner of my eye; combined with this movie he scared me so badly XD lol!

    I've always wanted to go into abandoned houses, but I too need someone else, I'm not too afraid of floors giving way as much as I'm afraid of homeless people that are not nice.

    Now that I know what Ofuda are and what they are used for, I'm not sure I'd be spending to much time in a room where there are that many pasted around. Maybe the person that lived there was just really paranoid and superstitious though.

  7. I wish there were places like that I could easily explore, the problem is that there are not enough or police watch the places so much to catch trespassers.

    The video reminded me of the game Siren. That doll at the end would probably creep me out no matter where I saw it.

  8. Exploring old, abandoned buildings is something I've always wanted to do. Our downtown area has a lot of history, especially the early 20's and 30's when we were one of the textile giants of the East Coast. Pretty much all the mills are standing, and some of them are in the process of being converted. Still, seeing the old 'Bates Spreads' sign seemingly built in the late 1800's sends chills down my spine when I think of its history.

    Oh, and here's a good site created by a fellow who travels around, looking for abandoned buildings to explore:

  9. Yea it pretty scary to explore anything alone! There is this abandoned church near my friends house and its fenced ,but it would be crazy to explore it. The problem I would be scared of is being trapped in that building with no cellphone reception.

  10. Did anyone else see a face at 6:59?

    I've explored a few old buildings before. But I did so with a friend, a camera, and a cellphone available.

    I also found a piece of pipe in one building and carried it around as a weapon...just in case.

  11. I never expected to get so many comments!!

    William - not to worry! If I ever go to places like that I would go with someone I can really really really trust! And yes people should be careful especially if it's a hospital they are exploring because there's a danger of contamination!!

    Kenjerman - a new face! Welcome! Morphed into a real dead body? An interesting comment there! Thank you :)

    Woo! - I think the rooms were isolated to seal in some evil spirits? That's my guess! I guess you are a new face too? Thank you, dear.

    Adorably Dead - ooh! Be aware of brothers with scissors! Yes you may find nasty people hanging around these places! Like criminals. Once there was a guy who found a crazy man inside a run-down house. The man believed he was being watched and followed by government men! The poor guy got chased around and escaped by the skin of his teeth.

    thammuz - that's right the police is another danger! Sure the doll is creepy! I've got one like that at home!:)

    King Progdor - wow, thank you for the link! That's a neat site. You can take really beautiful pictures at abandoned buildings.It's also interesting to know about your town. Intriguing. Thanks!!

    Underworld_Reader - An abandoned church would be a good place to explore! But no I wouldn't recommend you doing it! Being trapped would be a horrible thing.

    Mr. Welldone - a face, indeed? Where?

    Someone said he keeps "hearing something from 6:18 to 6:20. It's very faint but it sounds like a moan with somebody crying in the background."

    You've explored old buildings before? I envy you! Very wise of you to go with a friend, and having a cellphone is a must.

    Oh and a pipe too? That's like in resident evil!lol


  12. Well, I've been coming to your blog for quite a few months, I just never really comment. XD
    Thank you for translating all the stories and posting videos and stuff.
    I really like reading them. ^__^

  13. Woo! - oh it's very good of you to thank me!! It's my pleasure always to entertain people. Please comment more often!!:)

  14. I love exploring places... I have this urge ingrained in my soul to travel, explore, discover, etc. The most ive done however was go to this school for mentally ill people but my friends didnt want to go inside, so we just explored it from the outside.

    Thats a good site, maybe youll find some sort of place to explore next to where you live! And it does seem to be a challenge to find people to go with you... :/ If im ever in your neighborhood, ill consider going XD

  15. Hello.

    In those Dark places long untouched by human hands, one can find that which one fears most.

    I have explored the most hidden parts of this world with naught but the Darkness as my company.

    Do explore.

    You will find what you seek.

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  17. Bryan - that's a really cool site, thank you very much! I found some pictures of Japanese ruins there too! Yeah give me a ring if you come to Japan and we can go exploring together!!hehe

    Mr.Welldone - you are unique, Mr.Welldone!

  18. It looks like the cloth and the doll was stained by blood D:
    BTW new here: I love your site:D

  19. Hello, Anna!
    A very warm welcome to you!:D
    I'm gad you like my blog!!

  20. I would love to go with you! I sometimes go wandering around old houses and locations myself, but I have my dogs for company. And sometimes my bandmates, who also like spooky stuff.

  21. Tani - your doggies would be most welcome to come along, dear.

  22. I wish I had runes near me to explore..

  23. I wonder if those seals were there to keep unwanted things from entering or coming out?
    I wonder who lived there in that house.. looks like a child was kept there.. waai.. I hope it's not a case of pedophile or something...
    And there's still a room downstairs... Why's the house designed like that?? How old is it??

  24. I go by the name Uitinla
    I must say i love this site, Saya your awesome. I saw what Mr. Welldone was talking about a face seen at 6:59, it appears very quickly between 6:59-7:00 i managed to pause it and i can see what looks like a face shown. i have tried to debunk it as the explorer's hand and the shadows i see at the paused image is some of the debris from what this person has been touching. but the shape is making it hard to determine, perhaps take a look?? anywho, i have a fair amount of experience with ghosts as i see them quite often and i lend a logical perspective of things. its nice to find a site like this one, thank you. :)

  25. i enjoy photography most of all my hobbies and some days i drive aimlessly, till i find what i am looking for. it is odd but i rarely find nothing and turn back. it's like i am being drawn to things that are visually interesting. i love to photograph burned down houses.
    one day i drove far out of town, and came across such a house. it's roof was caved in in places and many rooms were visible from the outside. i spent hours photographing various things inside: the old fashioned stove, the piano. it felt like the fire spread fast. i got the feeling that one person survived the fire and one didn't. it was spring. the light was more overcast, and it got cold. i felt compelled to go down into the basement. there places the floors were missing so it wasn't dark down there. it was much less destroyed than upstairs. rows of books, a sofa, a busted tv. then i noticed on the ground in the corner were two odd little ceramics. one was round, flat and dome-like with a gaping mouth-like hole on one side. (continued below)

  26. (continued from above) the other was an upright turtle sort of figure with a hole in its back/shell. both figures were hollow and they struck me as lonely looking. i picked them up and left. when i got home, i went to go in my front door, but i felt compelled to stop. i dug both pieces out of my bag and left them on my porch, like little guardians. they have been there for three years. sometimes i find small pebbles inside them and i've never figured out how they got there. none of the pictures i took that day came out, although that could have been a defect in the film. i'm not a psychic or anything, but everyone gets instincts and impressions. i try to listen to mine, even if they might be wrong. i still feel like i was somehow supposed to find those things and leave them outside my door.
    - erica

    ps: anyone wanting to explore abandoned ruins, be alert, careful, and wear thick soled shoes. in flip flops you are just begging for tetanus!

  27. I want to do that so BADLY!!! T-T but i'm a scary cat to do it by myself >.< i wish i have someone to go with.

  28. Ohh so that's why at Osomatsu san the 5th brother is named Ichimatsu; because he's creepyyy


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