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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Decapitated Head

Jumping in front of a train is one of the most gruesome ways of dying because the damage that is inflicted on the body is enormous.

One man killed himself by this very method, flinging himself from the platform into the rail when the train was just passing the station. His limbs were torn to pieces and as for his decapitated head it flew and landed on the platform. Many people were there to witness this ghastly incident, and they were watching it with sheer shock and horror, when suddenly the decapitated head opened its eyes and shouted, "This is not a show!"

Friday, 24 August 2007

100 Ghost Stories (Hyaku-Monogatari)

This is a classic Japanese ritual for summoning a ghost, called Hyaku-Monogatari (Hyaku=hundred, Monogatari=Tale).

The Modern Version (practiced since the Edo-period)

Prepare a hundred candles.

You will need a group of people, up to a hundred in number.

Sit in a circle. Light all the candles and place them at the centre of the circle.

Make sure the room has no source of light save that of the candles.

One by one, tell one another ghost stories. As each story ends, blow out one candle.

When a hundred ghost stories are told and all the candles are put out leaving the room completely dark, a ghost will appear in the middle of the circle.

The Ancient Version (from a source written in AD1666)
The ritual should be done at New Moon.

Prepare 3 rooms (or if that is impossible, 2 rooms will suffice) , adjacent to each other. Preferably these rooms should be arranged in a way that they draw the shape "L" when viewed from above.

The room in which group gather should be completely dark; the next room likewise. The third room should contain a hundred andon (a lantern with a wooden flame and paper shade) and a mirror on a table.

The paper which the andon is made of should be blue in colour. All participants should also be attired in blue, and all should enter the first room without carrying swords. Put away any other weapons and such dangerous objects from the room (although there were some who would adorn the room with a sword, to ward off evil)

When a story is told, the storyteller has to grope his way in the dark to the third room where he is to put out one andon, look himself in the mirror, and return to the first room once more. The group are allowed to continue story-telling while the previous storyteller is away. The stories here do not have to be only about ghosts or monsters; they could be stories of enigma or a curse.
When all the stories are told and the true darkness descends, something supernatural will happen.

In reality when they used to perform such ritual, they often stopped at 99th story and waited until the daybreak. It was because the true purpose of the ritual was to test one's courage, and they did not want the risk of actually summoning a supernatural being.

*The picture at the top shows rows of andon.
*The picture on the left shows Ao-andon (Blue Andon), one of the monsters which were said to appear at the end of Hyaku-Monogatari.
Ao-andon is a she-demon with long hair and horns and her teeth painted black, clad in white kimono.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

The Man-Eating Piano (*violent!)

Who would have thought of coming up with the piano = a man-eating monster formula?
Well someone did.

This bizarre and surreal clip comes from an infamous Japanese film, called House (or hausu as it is pronounced in Japanese), first shown in cinemas in 1977.

You won't know whether to feel horrified or amused by it.
The combination of the hand-drawn special effects and the bad acting contributes to create a bizarrely comedic result.

I will try to find out if there is another one to replace it.

For those of you who are interested, I uploaded the trailer below.

I have seen many trailers in my life but never one like this which, instead of giving us overall ideas about the plot of the film, only serves to further confuse us.

I haven't watched the film myself, but when I do, I intend to write a review on this site.

They Do Not Come Back

From Saya: The numbers in brackets show that there is additional information in the footnotes below.

A group of eight high school students, four girls and four boys, met in a house to tell one another ghost stories. The night came and they decided to go and do kimo-dameshi (1*) But the main reason for doing so wasn’t to test their courage, but it was that they could play the game in boy-and-girl pairs. It didn’t really matter where they went so they just chose to go to their high school (2*).

Their high school building was very old; it was nearly a hundred years old(3*). In the dark, the building looked more formidable than it did during the day.
The group duly split up in four pairs. They could not go inside the building so all they would do was to walk around the school ground once which would take about twenty minutes in all.
The group’s spirit was high and there were a lot of loud teasings as the first pair set off.

Twenty minute passed, and then thirty minutes gone... But the pair didn’t show up. “Wonder what kind of things they’re doing all by themselves?” the second pair said jokingly as they set off into the dark. But they too did not come back.

By then the ones who were left behind were starting to feel uneasy.

The third pair left, assuring the remaining two that as soon as they 'd finished the game they would come back on the double and that if possible, bring all the others back with them too. However, this was not to be, since the third pair also disappeared.

It had already been more than two hours since the first group set off. The girl of the last pair got scared and broke down in tears. Her partner said to her; “don’t worry. I’m going out there alone to find out what’s happening. If I don’t return in thirty minutes, go straight to the police. Don’t wait for me, OK?” Then the boy ran off.

He did not come back either; even so the girl, crying, waited for an hour before going to the police. The police accompanied her back to the school but at first they could not tell where all the boys and girls were gone. It was when the sky was beginning to get lighter that they reached an old, disused gymanasium.

The police went in there and saw that the door to the lavatory was open; when they stepped inside the lavatory they found the missing seven, all hanging by the neck from the ceiling. All of them were dead. From what the surviving girl testified those seven had no reason to commit suicide at all. But they could not find any evidence of murder, so in the end the incident was dismissed as a case of mass hysteria. The curious thing is, the school was not known for any ghostly stories.


1* Kimo-dameshi can be translated as a game of dare or a test of courage. This usually involves exploring supposedly haunted places, either alone or in small groups. On returning, the participants are sometimes asked to show a proof of their adventure. It is a popular game among young people and is often played in summer.

2* Schools in Japan often have their own ghostly tales associated with them. I don’t know why, but I guess strange rumours always spring up where a lot of people gather and many mini-dramas are enacted on a daily basis. In times of war or natural disaster school is always the place for the local people to seek refuge; perhaps this is another reason why dark tales arise from it.
There is something eerie about a huge building which is so noisy and full of people during the day, but is in sharp contrast often totally deserted during the night.

3* Buildings nearly a hundred years old would be seen as old in Japan, where the building are often made of woods and as such they are hard to preserve. As a nation we are often plagued by earthquakes, and stone building just wouldn’t be practical for us.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Higan-bana, called hurricane lily or tiger lily (1*) in English, is a beautiful red flower (2*) which in Japan blooms in Autumn. "Bana" means flower. "Higan" literally means the "world beyond", and it is the name given to a festival time dedicated to paying respects to our ancestors. It happens twice a year, in Spring and again in Autumn; it is around the latter time when Higan-bana are supposed to open their petals.

Having such a name and also being a fataly poisonous plant, it is associated with death and bad omen in Japan.

You might hear elderly people say that Higan- bana are actualy the deceased reincarnated into the form of flowers. So it is sinful to pick them.

Another might say that if you pick and take a Higan-bana home, it will bring fire on the house; possibly because its bright red colour is associated with fire.

Higan-bana are also sometimes called shibito-bana (deadman's flower), jigoku-bana (hell flower), yurei- bana(ghost flower), kamisori-bana (razor flower) or kitsune-bana (fox flower).

The meanings attatched to Higan-bana are: "sad memories"; "you are the only one I love"; "Let us look forward to seeing each other again."

1* Genus: Lycoris radiata
2* In some rare instances, white flowers

All pictures are borrowed from wikipedia and the rights belong to them

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

An Incident On A Snowy Mountain

A photographer went to a snowy mountain with his assistant, having been commissioned to take pictures for a magazine article.

They stayed at a log cabin, and a few days had passed when the assistant had an accident and injured himself.

At that point their work was still unfinished and they felt they could not go home unless they finished it first. So they decided to stay on the mountain.

However the injury got worse and worse, until the assistant suddenly died from it a couple of days later.

Even so the photographer would not go home. He was very committed to his job and to leave the work unfinished was unimaginable to him. He decided to bury the assistant by the cabin and continued to work on his own.

The following morning when the photographer awoke, the assistant’s dead body was lying beside him.
“I’m sure I buried him…” He was deeply puzzled. He went and buried the body again before going off to take pictures.

But the same thing happened again the following morning, and the morning after that. On his final day he decided to set the camera to automatic mode and place it by his sleeping bag, so he could see what went on during the night. The next morning, the dead body was there beside him as he had expected. He buried it again and then climbed down the mountain.

When he got home he developed the pictures he had taken the previous night.
And there in the pictures he saw someone get up, go out of the cabin, carry the dead body back on the shoulder and lay it down beside his sleeping bag – and that someone was no other than the photographer himself.

The Red Room

*The following story is fairly well-known and exists in several different versions.

Late one night, a taxi driver picked up a girl. When he asked her where she was going she replied she was going home.
“Please go straight down this road,” “turn right there,” she instructed him as he drove on. During the journey the driver sometimes gave furtive glances at her through the rear view mirror; the girl had beautiful shiny hair and seemed pretty, although he couldn't see her face clearly because she sat with downcast eyes. He also found her quiet and demure manner attractive.

Before long they reached a lonely, deserted hillside. The girl said, “You will see a house straight ahead.” And sure enough, a small, old cottage emerged from the darkness. The girl got off, and the driver stayed and watched her go into the house. It was odd that a young girl like her should live in such a lonely, old place, seemingly all on her own. He was intrigued and instead of leaving straight away, got out of the car too and crept up to the house, feeling an urge to know more about her and see her face properly. He felt he was behaving improperly but could not help himself.

When he got close, he saw all the curtains were drawn and there was no way to see inside.
He circled around the house a few times but there was no attempt from inside to lift the curtains. He thought if he stayed any longer the girl might notice him, so he nearly gave up and left when the front door caught his eyes. The door had a large keyhole, which looked as though it would work just as fine as a peephole.
He looked through the keyhole; but found, much to his dismay, all he could see was the colour red, and there was no sign of either the girl or any kind of furniture in the room. Now matter how long he kept at it the scenery remained the same.

He gave up looking, but still could not forget about the girl, so he stopped by the small restaurant he'd seen on the way to her house, thinking he could make a few inquiries about her there while having a meal at the same time.
He told the restaurant owner what had happened, even revealing (although he was terribly embarrassed) that he had a peek through the keyhole.
“I looked through the keyhole, but all I could see was something red…I know it wasn't a proper thing to do.”

The owner, hearing that, looked at him strangely and said to him;
“You know that girl… she has some sort of disease and her eyes are both crimson red.”

*Did you understand what the restraunt owner's words meant? :)

Monday, 20 August 2007


Once there was a family of four, the father, the mother, the son and the daughter. The father and the mother had grown cold to each other in recent years and were arguing all the time. In spite of that, the family planned to go on a holiday. But the day before the holiday began the couple had a fierce fallout again. The father this time got out of control and murdered the mother. The next morning the father left home for the holiday with the children as if nothing had happened. After some sight-seeing the three of them sat down to rest. Then the son looked quizzically at his father and asked; “Daddy, why have you been carrying Mommy piggyback all morning?”

Sunday, 19 August 2007


It is late at night. A woman alone in her room watches TV. With a bored expression, she aimlessly flickers through channels... until she encounters a strange movie, and a series of bizarre events follow...
A very well done flash movie well worth watching.

This Time...

A young couple had a baby, but as they were poor and could not afford to keep it, they decided to kill it… They went to a lake in the dead of night and having rowed a boat to the middle of it, dropped the baby into the water, while the mother kept murmuring; “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” over and over again.

Some years passed and the couple decided to marry. Between them they had a new baby girl and the family was living happily together. When the little girl became four years-old, she suddenly started pestering her parents to take her to the lake. The parents were reluctant to go, but finally gave in because the girl was so persistent. As soon as they arrived at the lake the girl said, “Daddy, I want to be on that!” pointing at a boat. Again reluctantly the couple gave in to her entreaty. They were in the middle of the lake when the girl said; “Daddy, I want a wee-wee.” The father, not knowing what else to do, lifted her up above the water so that she could do it, checking first that no one was around. And it was that very moment, when the father’s hands were wrapped underneath the girl’s knees, and both were facing the water, the daughter looked back at her father over the shoulder and said; “Please don’t drop me this time.”

Saturday, 18 August 2007


This is a true story I heard from my friend N; a very sad and painful story of what happened to Ikumi (pseudonym), whom N had been friends with since primary school.

Ikumi lost her father before she entered primary school and her mother brought her up alone, working hard day and night without rest, sacrificing everything to get her daugther into high school, even university. It wasn’t long before all that hard work started taking its toll on her and she collapsed. But as soon as she got a little better, she started working again, only to collapse soon after… the same pattern repeated itself again and again, until the day came when she couldn’t get up at all.

The mother realized that she had not long to live and gave Ikumi an amulet (NB: you usually get an amulet from a shrine and it is a little sachet with some sacred object inside) saying; “I am sorry, Ikumi. From now on you will have to survive on your own. But if one day you found life really hard and thought you couldn't go on anymore – please open this amulet.” Very soon after that the mother passed away.

Ikumi cherished the amulet and never parted with it except when she took a bath. One day Ikumi and her friends (including N) went to a public swimming pool and when they were getting ready in the changing room their talk turned to Ikumi’s amulet. Her friends got very curious and begged Ikumi to show the content of the amulet. Ikumi at first refused, but thinking it had been a long time since her mother passed away and maybe it was alright to take a little peek, she decided to open it. Inside the amulet, there was a small folded paper. What? Is this all? Ikumi couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. She took out the paper and unfolded it. On there it said - in shaky handwriting- “Ikumi, die.”

*The picture above shows omamori, the Japanese amulet (wikipedia)
You wear omamori for good luck and protection from evil.

Cursed Kleenex TV Commercial

This TV advert, known as "Kleenex, the Red Demon Version" (aired 1985-6) is rumoured to be cursed. Here is a list of some of the rumours it spawned:

1. Everyone involved in making it became ill or died mysteriously.

  • The camera man who shot it burned to death in the sauna from the machine failure.

  • By the time the film was aired, not one of the film crew was alive.

2. The actress in it suffered from mental illness and was forced to retire from acting.

  • She was incarcerated in a mental institution.

  • She eventually hanged herself.

3. The child actor impersonating as the red demon died suddenly:

  • by getting hit by a car soon after filming - he got decapitated.

  • after suffering nightmares and sleep paralysis non-stop for three days and nights

4.If you watch this advert, you will be cursed and/or die.

  • After seeing this advert, many people committed suicide.

  • If you play it in SAP the girl's singing voice transforms into that of old woman's.

  • If you record it first and then replay it, the red demon turns into a blue demon.

It is understandable why people would start such rumours, seeing the eerie atmosphere which permeates the movie: the blood red background, the demon, the ethereal singing voice... But before you freak out, you should know that these rumours are totally unfounded! (After all the song, which was rumoured to be cursed and said to become a demon-summoning incantation when sung in reverse, seemed to have once been a no.1 UK hit single!) There was a newspaper article of a camera man who died in the sauna, but it is not known whether he was the same person who filmed the advert.

Here is another Kleenex advert known as the "Angel Version", which was aired between 1977-78 and also sometimes rumoured to be cursed.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

A Call In The Midnight

(*Note from Saya(the translator): the “I” in this story is not me, but an anonymous man who is the author of this story)
This is what actually happened to me, so there isn't going to be a clear cut explanation at the end. But it scared me out of my wits, and I thought you might be interested to hear it.

It was about three years ago. It was my first summer since I started university and began living on my own. Previously I had never bothered to get a mobile before, because when I was at school we had a spare telephone handset at home, and I would use that when I needed a secret chit-chat with my girlfriend etc. But then at university everyone around me carried mobiles and they all told me how handy it was, so in the end I was persuaded to buy one myself. Now, I can't live without it. Anyway, my story is going to involve the mobile.

It was around 2 or 3 am. My mobile suddenly started ringing. Being a student it wasn’t unusual to get phone calls at odd hours – but it was very late anyhow, and as I wasn’t yet used to hearing the sound of sharp ringing tone in the middle of night, I jumped out of my bed half in panic and lunged for the phone.
“Hello?” I said.
“..zzz…z……z.” There was no answer.
Still no answer.
All I could hear was the sound of heavy rain. Wherever the caller was, it must have been outside and it was pouring buckets. And probably very cold, too. Trivial thoughts like these flickered through my mind as I continued vainly to get some response. I didn't think about hanging up, as I was still feeling groggy and wasn't thinking very clearly.
I don’t know how long it took, but after some time I finally heard a voice. It was a voice of a middle-aged woman, perhaps in her thirties.

“Helloooo?” I said again, for the hundredth time.
“Hi! Do you have any idea where my mobile is ?”said the woman.
“What? Your mobile?”
“Yeah, ,my mobile! I’ve just lost my mobile!”
“Well…. That’s too bad…..”
“I’m stuck in the middle of a mountain! I’m coming over to you right now!”
“What? Mountain? What do you mean??”
Beep beep beep…
The woman hung up, before I could understand what was going on.

For the next few minutes I just stood there, simply stunned, but then a thought hit me which made me wide awake in less than a second.
It dawned on me that the number on the display started with 090 (NB: 090 are standard digits used at the beginning of a Japanese mobile number), and also I had no clue whatsoever about who the hell she was. Once I got my mind working, I started noticing other really odd things about the call. So she's in the middle of a mountain, in this rain and at this hour? Why and how could she call from there? Mobile? Didn’t she say she lost her mobile? Was that the mobile of someone else she was with? How did she get to the mountain in the first place? By car? But I could hear it was raining like mad.. was she outside? Why? - How? - What? Now I was really beginning to panic.
Then I remembered her last words, and felt my body go cold all over: I am coming over to you right now.
In a flash I was out of my room and was dashing towards my friend's house. There I stayed up with my friend all night, with all lights in the house turned on.

What happened the next morning is the most terrifying part. I was naturally very tired from lack of sleep and so tried to go home and get some proper rest. But when I arrived at my front door the whole area was covered with someone's footprints… all wet and muddy.... and there and then, I changed the mobile setting so that I could block that strange phone number. I then went straight back to my friend’s to sleep in there.

That’s the end of my story. Soon after the incident I broke the moblie by accident, and lost all the data. To this day I still don’t know what that call really meant. Whoever the caller was - a ghost or a psychopath – it was truly unnerving experience to me. When I tell this story to my friends they all say I should have returned the call, but if they had been in the same situation, I bet they wouldn’t have guts to do that either. Some things are best left alone …. As the old saying goes, “The wise man never allows himself to be in danger.”

Experimental Music WIth Aim To Cause Mental Destrution (remix)

Experimental Music With Aim To Cause Mental Destrution (remix)
A really bizarre and creepy music which probably does what it says on the tin if you've listened to it long enough.

happy3: Mental Destruction
Apparently the original version of the music above, with a short movie.

Found another one! The original and longer version of the music. Sound only.

Good Friends

One summer four friends went to the beach. The group was made up of two men and two women. Let's say the men were called A and B, the women C and D, where C was A’s girlfriend, and D was B’s girlfriend. The four friends had known each other for a long time and lived in the same apartment block. B, C and D went into the same car. A had a motorbike and rode on his own. When it was time to go home, B said “Shall we have a race and see who can arrive home first?” A agreed, and the motorbike and the car started a race. The car was the first to arrive. B and his girlfriend D were thrilled that they had won. But C, who was A’s girlfriend, was not so happy. She knew A was a very skillful rider, and had been so sure that he would win the race; as it happened, A was still nowhere in sight. He never came home that day. The next morning B and D went to C’s room to tell her sad news. “Well… I really don’t know how to say this..” B started. “I got a call from the police earlier this morning who told me that A had been in an accident. He was speeding when he hit the guardrail… He died in an instant.” This was terrible news to C, who loved her boyfriend very much, but B and C had something even more shocking to tell. “I said before that we had a phone call from the police. But well…now, don’t be upset… immediately after the call we had a visitor.” “A visitor?” “Yes. And when I asked who it was, guess who answered.” B paused. C could see the two were now visibly shaking as B opened his mouth again. “The person said… that it was A.” C was not sure if she’d heard right. She just stared at them incredulously. “We thought it was some kind of sick joke, and I was about to go out and give him a piece of my mind. But then I realized, how could anyone know what had happened to A, when we were the first to receive the news? No one could have thought of playing such a joke. I thought of that, and then I got really scared. I couldn’t open the door. Luckily, after waiting for a few minutes he went away….” B and D then warned C not to open the door if the same sort of thing happened to her. They believed that the person who came to them was A’s spirit, and that the accident came so sudden that A was unaware of his own death. If C opened the door, they said, he might try to drag her away with him to the next world. After B and D left, C spent the rest of the day crying alone in her room, remembering all the wonderful time she and A had shared. Then the night came. C woke up by a loud knocking on her door. “It’s him….!” C tried to stay calm and ignore the knocking. But it would not stop. “Hey!” said A. “It’s me! Open up!” C went to the corner of her room and covered up her ears. But after a while, with all the wonderful memories still fresh in her mind, she could not resist anymore. “Please! Open the door! It’s me!!” The knocking was getting louder and louder. C went to the door silently. Through the curtain, she could see the outline of A’s form. He was standing right there in front of her, just beyond the door. C nearly opened it, before remembering her friends’ warning. A was dead. He had to understand that. Shaking and crying, she shouted in a desperate voice, “A, please… you …dead…….” The knocking got even louder. C thought that she could at least help him see the truth and leave this world in peace. Mustering all her courage, she finally pushed the door open. ”A, you are dead!!!!” “No! You are the ones who are dead!!!!!” - At that, she lost consciousness. When she next opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a bed in hospital. To her amazement, A, who she thought had died, was standing beside her. He was crying with joy. C did not know what was going on. A started to explain: “After I’d done the race and arrived home, I waited for you three to turn up but you never did” He told her between sobs. “So I rode back the way I came, and saw your car, all smashed to pieces… B and D, who were seated in front, were dead on impact. You got away with only few injuries, but somehow you’ve been unconscious all this time.” As all the facts started to sink in, C began to understand what had really taken place and went deathly pale. It seemed B and D, who had met an instantaneous death, had stolen into her mind and, through the dream, tried to lure her away from this world. If C had done as they had asked and not opened the door, she too would have been dead - for real.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

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