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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Creepy Woman Captured on Google Street View

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If you remember, sometime ago, I created THIS POST that talked about a creepy woman found on Google Street View:

"Remember me?"

"You think all I do is just stand here...but you're wrong!"

I now regret posting such a misleading article...😱


I used to think she was a ghost or yokai... But it turns out that I was wrong. A new piece of evidence shows that SHE IS JUST A NORMAL WOMAN WHO HAPPENS TO WORSHIP SOMETHING UNUSUAL. 


Be prepared for the new revelation!  ↓↓↓


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Sunday, 25 April 2021

Friendship spell

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(Translated and arranged by Saya)

This fantastic artwork was created by 💛iafwstatic💛 (see their details below!)

There was a girl who transferred from a school in the countryside to a school in Tokyo. 
She was so pretty that soon the whole school was gossiping about her. 

But for some reason, a few days after she transferred to the school, bullying started against her. 

The girl, however, didn't tell neither her teacher nor her parents about it, because she didn't want them to worry.

One day, though, the girl found a sinister-looking pattern on her chair and desk. 
It looked like a sort of curse spell.

The girl was so shaken by this that soon afterwards she committed suicide by cutting her wrists.

Her classmates attended her funeral and they were all sobbing, saying "oh, why did you have to die?" 

The girl's mother saw them and was enraged.
"You were bullying her and drove her to kill herself! It is all written in her diary!" 

But the truth was very different from what the girl and her mother had thought. 

Her classmates only longed to become friends with the girl because she was so pretty, but couldn't find any opportunities to do so. 
Thus they resorted to other indirect means to get closer to her.  

They had stolen the girl's belongings and made silent calls to her house only out of admiration for her. 

That sinister-looking pattern was not a curse spell but only a friendship spell. 

Later that day, when all the mourners had left the funeral, the mother spoke quietly to the girl's portrait:
"A long time ago....when I was a girl, I taught my best friend a friendship spell. But I was lying to her. It was actually a bad luck spell. 
  I did it because I wanted her boyfriend to myself....That boy is now your father. 
I guess it's "what's goes around comes around.""  

Back in school, the classmates were discussing about why all this had to happen to the girl. 
"Hey...I think we can't blame her if she misunderstood about the spell.
I just found out that the spell wasn't a friendship spell at all. It is actually a bad luck spell." 

"That can't be! Who said it was a friendship spell then? " 

"It was you, wasn't it, Sensei (teacher)?" 
One girl looked at the female teacher who was there with them in the classroom. 

The teacher gave them a chilling smile. 
"Indeed. It was a friendship spell that my best friend once taught me." 

Some interesting articles below explaining the meaning of "Sensei":


Special Thanks to 💫💖iafwstatic💖💫, the artist who drew the picture for this post! 
They are an AMAZING artist. PLEASE check out their details below:😊

(Note: if you link the carrd, also link the website at least, just in case Carrd goes down, the website should still be good.)