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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Getting Ready

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Hi, everyone!

Happy New Year! :D

Here's a new cryptic story you've all been waiting for!
I look forward to receiving interesting theories from you!

I hope I can continue to entertain you with spine-chilling tales in the coming year too!

Take care and be awesome ;)
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"Hey, are you done yet?"
I speak to my wife's back. How come women always take so long to get ready!
"Nearly done. Don't be so impatient! We're in no hurry.... hey, Shou-chan**, stay still!"
She's right, but I have always been an impatient person, so there's nothing I can do now to change it.
It's nearly New Year. The whole world is busy.
I take a cigarette out of my suit pocket and light it.

"I wonder if we won't surprise your father and mother by turning up so suddenly."
"Don't sweat it. They'll start smiling the moment they see their grandson's face."
I say, glacing at our son who is lying down by us.
"OK, ready? .....Oh, wait."
"Huh? What's the matter?"
"Look, this..this here."

My wife points at my neck and I touch it.  
 "Oh, I forgot."
"You're not only impatient but scatterbrained too! Come here."

" you," whispers my wife, as if she were talking to herself.
"Why now, all of a sudden?"
"Come on, we're husband and wife. There's no need to be shy."
She is looking down and I can't see her face, but it seems like she is blushing.
"Yeah... I love you too."
It must have been years since I last said something so frankly to her. I feel a little shy, but it doesn't feel bad.

I take her hands in mine.
"So, shall we go now?"

I kick the stool at my feet.

** Shou-chan:  Shou is the son's name, and chan is a suffix that expresses endearment (wiki),

Monday, 30 December 2013

Urbex in Japan

If you're interested in Urban Exploration in Japan, I suggest you visit these sites!

Totoro Times; Urban Exploration (Top Page)
Includes loads of beautiful photos of famous ruins in Japan

Abandoned Kansai 
Ruins from Kansai region (Kyoto, Osaka etc.) in Japan

Exploring Japan's Ruins/Haikyo  (Top Page)
A science fiction & fantasy author, Michael John Grist explores ruins in Japan

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Really Crazy DVD

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Last year a friend - called A -  whom I had not contacted for a long time, emailed me.
"I got a copy of this really crazy DVD. You wanna come watch it?"

 This friend was a total horror nerd who often searched internet to get copies of supernatural or so-called snuff movies.**
"Fine. I'll find a couple of other people to join me. See you this weekend." I replied.

Three of us went to his place.
"So? What's this DVD about?"
When I asked, he said, "it's about imprisonment and mental torture. Take a look."

The video looked like it was filmed by a handy cam. A man who looked like he was in his early thirties was tied to a chair.
He was being forced to watch something.
The same situation went on and on endlessly....
It looked unnervingly realistic compared to other snuff movies we had seen that it was somewhat sobering. And I remember clearly how A, who sat behind us, was watching it with obvious relish.

About 15 minutes into the video things began to change.
The man in the video started to seriously resist watching. He was trying his hardest not to see.
However, although his body was resisting, he somehow could not tear his eyes away from that unknown something.
His eyes looked no longer like the eyes of a sane person.
The man then started to alternately give a hysterical laugh and say obscenities, while his neck swayed unnaturally.
And what's more, his facial expression kept changing at a pace that was beyond normal.
It was about four times as fast as normal speed.
In contrast, the scenery behind him changed at normal speed.
But the part above the man's neck moved at abnormal speed and he kept muttering something.

In the end the guy who was probably the cameraman asked, "do you know your own name?"
The man answered, "Abyaaaa, hehehehe, ____kawa _____ji."
His voice and the movement of his mouth weren't synching at all.
The cameraman: "Uhh.., this guy's finished."
And the video ended.

To be honest, by the time the video finished, we had become a little sick.
A still kept on talking energetically, blabbering on about the video, but I didn't want to hear any of it.
I didn't want to watch it anymore so I made an eye contact with the other two guys signalling that we should go home.

On the way back in the car, one of the guys said, "did you notice the strange way A moved his mouth just now, when he was desperately trying to explain some stuff? He looked almost like that man in the video..."

A went missing soon after that, and two months later they found him dead; he had committed suicide naked.

We are beginning to think that we, who also watched the video, might eventually end up having a breakdown like A.

**Snuff movies - movies that depict the actual murder of a person or people (Wiki)

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Strange Lady

Hi everyone,
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Well, anyway my dears, HAPPY CHRISTMAS, and take care!

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This story has been carefully translated from Japanese into English by me. Please do not copy/distribute it without permission. Thanks.

I heard this from my aunt.

My aunt one day received a letter from her son, who was living by himself at the time.
Below is roughly what was written in the letter:

"Come, come, I have toys and many sweets for you too."

When I was a child, a lady*1 often called out to me from upstairs.
I went upstairs and drew pictures with her.
Most of the pictures she drew were very creepy -- like pictures of a severed head or a hanged man.

When we had a dinner, the lady never ate with us but just stood there laughing.

One day when I was playing outside, the lady was looking out the square-shaped ventilator underneath the floor of the house,*2 and she was laughing.
I wonder what she was doing there.

Once when I went to see her upstairs and opened the door, she was changing clothes.
Her skin was festering and covered in boils and she looked as though she was suffering from some kind of disease.

Mother, who was that lady?

My aunt and uncle laughed saying their son had already gone senile although he was still a college student.
My aunt then made a phone call to him saying,
"Sweetheart, I'm the only female in the family, you remember?"

The son said,
"Huh?....fzzzz....What?..zzz.... Sorry, I didn't catch your words.
So did you remember then? The lady is actually here with me right now."


The phone went dead.

My aunt, now scared, quickly went over to her son's house.
But by that time he had already committed suicide by setting himself on fire in the nearby park.

My aunt, making a scary face, said to me, "even if someone calls you while you're in this house, you must ignore it, OK?"
Since then I avoid going over to her house as much as I can.

*1 a lady : お姉ちゃん (oneh-chan) in Japanese, literally meaning "older sister." Mostly kids use it to address any young lady they encounter even if she's not blood-related to them.

*2 a square-shaped ventilator underneath the floor of the house: perhaps he's talking about a ventilator like the one in the picture on the right.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Strange Painting

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A cryptic story.

One day I was assigned to clean up the art room at school **
I wanted to go home as soon as possible, so I was doing it very fast when I noticed a painting hanging on the wall.
It was a portrait of a very beautiful woman but it was a little creepy and had a distinctive look around her eyes.
It felt like her large eyes were looking at me.
I got a bit scared and quickly finished cleaning up and went home.

Next day the school was in commotion.
The painting in the art room got stolen.
Because I was the last person to have seen it, the art teacher pounded me with questions.

"So you're saying it was still there when you were cleaning up."
"That's right. Was the painting expensive?"
"The painting's entitled  'Sleeping Beauty' and it was given to me by my artist friend who painted his own daughter while she slept. It's not worth much. Both the painter and the daughter already passed away too."

"I see...."

The painting in the end was never found.
Strangely they didn't find any traces of someone breaking in.

** Japanese school kids are often ordered to clean their own classrooms during lunch break and/or after school.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Day He's been Waiting For

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This is a (sort of) cryptic story. Enjoy!

Man "Yes! The day I've been wainting for has finally arrived! I really couldn't wait!
Woman "Can we break off our engagement?"
Man "No, impossible."
Woman "Do you love me?"
Man "Of course!"
Woman "Will you ever cheat on me?"
Man "No way. How can you think I would do such a thing?"
Woman "Please kiss me."
Man "Of course. I'll do it many, many times!"
Woman "Will you ever beat me?"
Man "Never!"
Woman "Can I trust you?"

(edit) For a BIG hint, click "Read More" below.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Dreaming of Hide-and-Seek

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This is a story about my little brother. At the time, my little brother was 10,  I was 14, and my older brother 16. *1
My older brother was living at boarding school so he was often away from home.
I was a member of the school athletic club so I went jogging every morning.

One summer day, I got up early as usual but my little brother, who was supposed to be sleeping on the lower bunk bed beneath me, wasn't there.
I thought he'd just gone to the toilet, and went out of the house without being a least bit worried: but then I saw my little brother sleeping outside.
I woke him up and went jogging.  When I think about it now, the front door was locked when I came out.

From that day onward, my little brother sometimes disappeared, and every time he did so he was found somewhere inside the house.
He never went outside after the first time but he was often found hiding underneath a desk, a table or in the dark narrow space behind a wardrobe.

We had pretty much forgotten all about it when around new year this year, while we were talking about family memories, our mother started saying, "all of you used to sleepwalk."
I couldn't remember I ever sleepwalked and I never knew my older brother sleepwalked either.

But then I remembered something. I asked my older brother:
Me "When you were a kid, did you ever have the same dream over and over again? A dream about hide-and-seek?"
Brother "Yeah, come to think of it, I did have a dream like that a few times when I was an elementary schooler."
Me "The kid who was with you, didn't he often ask you to come with him?"
Brother "You mean, to the riverbank? I never went with him."
Me "Me too. I said no. But didn't he say something at the end?"
Me, Brother "Ok, never mind. I'll take your little brother with me then."
I think it was at that point that I stopped having the dream.

Next month it will have been 13 years since our little brother passed away.
One morning in December, I came back home from jogging to find an ambulance parked in front of our house.
My mother had found my little brother in bed, his body stone cold.

I don't know if my little brother ever had the same dream as us. Did he follow the kid to the riverbank? Or was it simply because he was the youngest among us? Or did he just die from unknown illness?

I decided I will never tell my parents about this. It's a secret only known to me and my older brother.

*1 the original text here says, "the little brother was a fourth-grader at elementary school, I  was a sophomore at junior high school, and my older brother was a freshman at high school," which correspond to 10, 14, and 16 years of age respectively. I thought leaving them as they were would be confusing to the readers who don't know the Japanese educational system, so I decided to simplify this part.

The Legend of River Sanzu

The picture at the top shows River Sanzu (三途の川 sanzu-no-kawa)  near the sacred Mount Osore (恐山 osore-zan) which bears the same name as the mythological river that divides this world and the world of the dead (Wikipedia).  Once a person crosses this river, he or she can never come back to life. 

Click "Read More" below to find out more about River Sanzu!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Hallwoeen from My Reader

One of my anonymous readers drew this picture for me!
I found the message in the spam box so that's why I didn't see it until today. Sorry about that!

This must be my cartoon characters, Bunniesky (the rabbit. no, it's not M*ffy!) and Eddie (the bear) from my other blog.

Thank you very much, it's sooooo cute!

The Ritual of Kamiyori

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Happy Halloween~ Enjoy your day and be safe!

This happened to my grandfather when he was still a little boy.

When he was little he used to live in a village, hidden deep in the mountain in T__ prefecture.
Most villagers were engaged in forestry and the mountain was cherished by them as if it were their parent.
The village, small as it was, even had a lord*1, who lived in a large mansion on the outskirts of the settlement.
This lord never got involved in forestry and led an easy, carefree life.

The village was the epitome of idyllic pastral life, but it had its own peculiar rules.
The rules were that "On the 3rd day of every month, no one is allowed to go near the lord's mansion except the Kamitori-shi (hair-cutter)*2," and "You are not to speak to the guests who visit the lord's house."
Every month a few people from outside the village would pay a visit to the lord and they would all leave the village before the nighfall.
These rules had been inculcated into Grandfather from the very early age, so he had no problems keeping them.

One day,  a stranger strayed into the community from outside the village.
Let's say this man's name was A.
Without permission, the man built a cabin not far from the lord's mansion and started living there.
The villagers soon called for a meeting to decide who was going to explain the village rules to this strange man A, and Grandfather's father (B) was appointed to do the job.
B went to A's cabin and explained to him the village rules.
He told A that if he broke the rules dire consequences would follow so he must obey them to the letter.

The thing that struck me as odd was that why they didn't immediately shoo him away from the village; to this question, Grandfather answered, "the half of the villagers had originaly moved in from outside and they didn't have a mind to throw him out."

Anyway, back to the story.
A listened to B's explanation and agreed to keep the rules.
And then the first "3rd day" came since A's arrival.
This day too, a couple in their twenties, and one man in his forties, came to the village.
Everyone who came on the 3rd day looked well-dressed and refined as if they were from a rich family.

Why did those from outside the village come to the village?
The secret lies in the "Ritual of Kamiyori." *3
The Ritual of Kamiyori was an art to remove curse and possession from a person, and the village's lord had kept this art alive for generations.
The art, true to its name, used a bunch of hair to attract evil energy and remove it from the receiver of the ritual.
But the place where the hair got retrieved was from the abdomen of the receiver.
The person who went to the mountain to seal off the hair was the Kamitori-shi, who was baptized by the lord.

That day things went on as usual, and the Kamitori-shi picked up a paper packet that had been left at the back of the lord's mansion, and went into the mountain to seal it off.
But A, who had not lived in the village for long, decided to ignore the rules although he already knew about them. That day he was observing the Kamitori-shi's every action, keeping himself hidden behind trees.
A assumed that there must be something valueable inside  the packet, so he followed the Kamitorhi-shi.

The place where they sealed off the hair was a small shrine*4 built in the middle of the mountain. It was also the Kamitori-shi's job to take care of the shrine.
A waited until the Kamitori-shi put the paper packet inside the shine and walk away; and then he went to the shrine and took the packet out.
But inside it he saw only a bunch of blood-soaked hair. Astonished, A threw away the hair and ran away.

Next day, A's cabin went up in flames.

A managed to escape the fire but the lord became suspicious and called A over to the mansion.
A obstinately refused to tell him what had happened on the previous day, but the lord could see the thing that was haunting A.
The lord told him that if he valued his life, he must take over the job as kamitori-shi; if he refused, there was no guarantee for his life.
But A ignored the threat and refused. On the same day, A was banished from the village.

A few days later, the lord's mansion burnt down to the ground and the whole family died in the fire.
Among the remains of the fire, they also found a body which looked like belonged to A.
The villagers concluded that it was A who set the mansion on fire and he must have failed to escape himself.
A few more days had passed, and the Kamitori-shi went to the little shrine; but the shrine was completely destroyed and all the hair that was inside had been taken away by someone.
The truth is still in the dark, but the villagers conjectured that A first destroyed the shrine and, after getting the hair, went over to the mansion.
The curse that was sealed in the hair and other such evil energy became amplified at that moment and it caused the fire that ultimately burnt down the mansion.

After the lord died, earnings from outside the village dropped and the village gradually became desolate; it was not long before the village was completely deserted.

"Now you know why I have a strong fear of hair,"
Grandfather said to me, while stroking his bald head. 


*1 Lord - used in the sense of "someone who owns a lot of land and is treated like a prince by the local people."
*2 Kamitori-shi (髪取り師) - 取り(tori) comes from the verb 取る(toru) meaning "take away." 師(shi) means "a master."  I translated it as "hair-cutter" in the text, just so that you readers don't have to look up in the footnote everytime you come across a foreign word. But it's an uncommon word even in Japanese and naturally has no equivalent word in English.
*3"Ritual of Kamiyori" (髪寄りの法 kamiyori-no-hou)  - kami (髪) means hair, and yori (寄り) comes from the verb 寄る (yoru) meaning "to gather." But 寄る(yoru) in its old usage also has the meaning of "possession by a god or a mononoke (物の怪, ghost/monster)."
*4 Small Shrine (祠 hokora) - very small shinto shrines you find by the roadside, in mountains, in forests etc. See the second picture from the top.

The picture at the top: an abandoned village of Haccho (八丁), in Kyoto - source

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Granny and Grandpa

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Another cryptic story for you!

Once upon a time there lived Granny and Granpa.
One day Granpa said to Granny,

"My dear, is dinner ready yet?"
"My sweet husband, we've just finished our dinner. Don't you remember?"
"Is that so?"
"Yes, of course."

One week later, they were both found dead.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Staircase and Old Man

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Once when I went on a trip I stayed at a certain Japanese-style hotel. *1
The food was superb and the service impeccable; I was satisfied thinking I'd made a right choice to stay there.
I was comfortably watching TV in my room when I felt a sudden thirst. I decided to go to the vending machine next to the front desk to get some beer.

But when I came out of the room I saw a steep staircase next to the room, and spotted a vending machine at the bottom of the stairs.
"Huh? Was there a staircase here? Well, it's a good thing that I don't have to go all the way to the front desk," I thought.
I went down the steps and bought a can of beer from the vending machine. There was a Japanese-style room *2 next to it and I could hear some people talking behind the door.*3

When I came up the stairs, I met an old guy who was staying in the room next to mine, and he asked me where I bought the beer. When I told him, he too went down the steps.

But as soon as I walked into my room ----
Clang clang Crash!

He fell from the stairs!
I opened the door, but there were no stairs there.

I searched the area but there was no sign of stairs anywhere.  I knocked on the next door but the old guy wasn't there.

I made an inquiry to a hotel worker but he said there were no stairs there too.
Of course it would have been no use telling him what had happened because there was no way he would believe my story.

It was creepy but I spent a night at the hotel as I had planned and went home the following day.
The old guy in the end didn't come back.

A few years later, when I had forgotten all about it, I moved into an area which I remember to be not far from the hotel. There I heard that a certain hotel named ____ discovered, during renovation work, the skelton of an old man buried deep in one of its walls.

How come did they find a few-year-old remains of a man inside a 20-odd-year-old wall?
Moreover, they didn't find any signs of the wall being tampered with....
Those were the sort of things I read in the local newspaper.

I couldn't recall the name of the hotel I stayed at the time, but I didn't have enough courage to look up its name.

*1 a Japanese-style hotelRyokan (旅館) in the original text. The picture on the right shows Yokote-kan (横手館) at Ikaho hotspring resort (伊香保温泉), a famous ryokan which the bath house in the anime movie Spirited Away was modeled after.
*2 the Japanese-style room: zashiki (座敷) in the original text. In a hotel, it refers to a kind of room where people hold a dinner/drinking party. (See the second picture from the top for an example of a zashiki with shou-ij doors)
*3 the door: shou-ji (障子) in the original text. It consists of translucent paper over a frame of wood (wiki).

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Washing Face

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What's so creepy?

This is a cryptic story!

Right, I should get going soon.
The clock is showing it's just past the noon hour.
Shit, I haven't even washed my face yet.
I can't be bothered but I guess I'll have to do it.

I turn the tap water on and splash water all over my face.
Then I put some soap on my fingers and work it into lather, and spread the foam over my face, massaging the skin at the same time.

The burbling sounds of water running down the drain echoe in the room.
Maybe I've let it run for too long.... I should wash the soap off my face now.
I grope for water.
Huh? What? Where is it? My hand doesn't touch water however I try.
I have to bear the stinging pain of the soap bubbles getting into my eyes as I open them to look for it.

The Tap, the tap... where is it?

Ah, here it is, the tap.
I twist the tap and water begins to run.
I splash water over my face.... Finally, it's clean.
I use a towel to pat my face dry. 

Uh.... I'm kinda scared to look into the mirror now.

I haven't shaved yet, but nevermind.
I run out of the house like a bat out of hell.

Photo curtesy of  here.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

One Man Hide and Seek (Multiple-Player Version)

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Click here to view the single player version.
For those who dare not do it alone...

【The Things You Need】
  • A plushie with all the cotton taken out (the plushie has to be the kind which has limbs)
  • Some rice (enough to stuff the plushie)
  • A needle and a red thread
  • A knife or a pair of scissors (something sharp)
  • A cup of salt water for each participant (coarse salt would be best)
Note: Make sure you create a place of refuge (a room). Burn incense and/or put ofuda (1) etc to purify the place, and keep the lights on too. A room with an alter (2) would be best suited for this purpose.

【How to Prepare the Plushie】
Nooo!Don't eat me!
  1. Take out all the cotton from inside the plushie.
  2. Stuff the plushie with rice.
  3. Clip the nails (or some other parts of the body) of each participant, put them in the plushie and sew it up.
  4. When you have sewn it up, wind the red thread several times around the plushie, and then tie it into a knot.
You have to give a name to the plushie.
You can use the name of someone you hate.

【How to Play】

In the beginning, play hiden-and-seek like you normally do and let everyone take turns being  "It."
Note: Include the plushie in your play too. Make sure the plushie is the last one to play "It."

The last person to play "It," when her/his turn comes, has to say to the plushie,
"The next 'It' is____(the name of the last person who plays 'It' )," for three times.

Next go to the bathroom and put the plushie inside the bathtub.
If the bathtub is filled with water, put the plushie inside straight away.
If it is empty, put the plushie first and pour water in later.

Leave the plushie as it is and go back to the room. (3)

Close your eyes and count up to 10. (4)
First, find all the participants, then when you're done, hold a knife (or something sharp) in hand and wander around a bit and go to the bathroom (you can also go there straight away).

When you find the plushie, say to it,
"____ (the plushie's name), I found you,"
and stab it with the knife.
Then as you put down the plushie, say,
"The next 'It' is____ (the plushie's name)."
As soon as the plushie is put down, run away and hide  (all the participants do the same).

 ◆Things to beware of when you hide
Never go outside the house.
You MUST turn off all sources of lights except the TV. (5)
Keep salt (6) by your side while hiding.
Be quiet while hiding.
There is no limit to how long you can hide.
Do not let anyone participate in the ritual if the person hasn't put part of his body into the plushie (it might harm the person).

【How to End It】

It is possible to quit it half way.
Note: when you quit, put the salt water in your mouth and find the plushie, and say to it, "I'm the__ (a number indicating your turn) to quit.  (eg. say "I'm the first to quit," if you're the first person to quit)."
Then say, "The people who are left are ___ ___ ___ (all the names of the people who are still hiding)."
After that go to the place of refuge and stay there until the play is over.

For everyone who is quitting (whether you're quitting it half way or playing it till the end):
When you want to end it, put some of the salt water in your mouth (don't drink it) and come out of your hiding place.
Whatever you see or hear on the way, don't spit out the salt water.
Find the plushie.
I hope you find it in the bathroom....
When you find it,  first pour the rest of the salt water over the plushie, and next spray the salt water in your mouth over the plushie.
When you've done that, say,
"I (we) have won," three times.
This should end the ritual.

You MUST throw away the plushie after the ritual.
The best thing to do is to burn it.

(1) Ofuda : Paper talismans you can get from shrines.
(2) Altar : Either a bustudan - a little Buddhist shrine (See the footnote to this post for further info) OR  a kamidana - a little Shinto shrine (See the footnote to this post) which some Japanese people keep at home.
(3) I don't know which room he is talking about, but probably it just means the room where you start playing hide and seek.
(4) Clearly these instructions are meant for the last person to play "It."
(5) To find out why you need to leave the TV on, read the Note #4 just before the video on the post of the single-player version of this game. (Go from here)
(6) ie. probably the cup of salt water you prepared at the beginning.

Please don't ask me why it's still called "one man hide and seek" even though it's for multiple players. lol (Actually I think it's because this is a re-arranged version of the original one man hide and seek)

Here's the source for the second picture

(Click below to read a message from Saya!)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Too Cruel

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This happened when I was still at elementary school.
One day A, who was my best friend, came to school on crutches.
I asked him what had happened but he wouldn't tell me.

I was worried about A since he had recently lost his father in a car accident.
So I turned to B and C, who were playing with A on the previous day, for an explanation.

B and C looked uncomfortable at first, but in the end, knowing that I was A's best friend, they told me what had happened.

B  "Yesterday we were playing catch in A's apartment's garden.  At one time C threw a wild ball. A tried to catch it but tripped and fell. And then on top of A's leg..."
Me  "Go on!"
C  "She fell....."
Me  "What?"
B  "A's mother."
Me  "......!?"
C  "It was suicide, apparently. She's still alive but is in critical condition."

That day A left school early, and the next day we learned that A's mother had passed away.
Having lost both his parents, A was taken into the care of his paternal grandparents.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Issei Sagawa: The Japanese Cannibal

Please do NOT copy/distribute my works without permission. Thank you.

He is a polite, soft-spoken and intelligent man, if a little too shy.

He is an ordinary person just like you and me - except that he has an almost insatiable desire to eat human flesh.

Meet Issei Sagawa, the Japanese man who, while studying in Paris, murdered his fellow female student and consumed her flesh.  Due to loopholes in the law, he was never tried for his crime, and to this day he still lives as a free man.

WARNING: This video deals with a highly disturbing subject, and contains images of extreme graphic content (such as black-and-white photos of a half-eaten corpse, and Sagawa's own verbal and pictorial description of the murder.)


More info about Sagawa and the summary of the murder below (all taken from Wikipedia) ↓↓↓


Monday, 14 October 2013

Death Sentence

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A cryptic story!

My son has a weird habit of pointing fixedly at people's faces (these can be faces in photos or on TV).
Recently I discovered that the people whose faces are pointed at by him, all die within three days of him doing it.

Today too, when I was trying to turn on TV, my son started pointing fixedly at the screen.
Right after the TV turned on, the face of a famous politician appeared on it.

Hmmm, it looks like this guy is going to die soon too.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Spirits at Temple

 Please do not copy/distribute my works without permission. Thanks.

WARNING: This video may be cursed.

(posted at 2 channel)

32:Anonymous:2012/09/14(Fri) 21:36:50.74 ID:0kDZB7980
I want to introduce you to a video which was accidentally filmed after midnight.
But some people became uncomfortable or sick after watching this, so please watch it at your own risk.

34:Anonymous:2012/09/14(Fri) 21:40:10.94 ID:mCbN/oQ/0
YEAH!!!!!!!! I'm so looking forward to it~

:2012/09/15(Sat) 00:07:10.51 ID:/CgMwVT/0
Hi, this is 32.

OK, so please turn off the lights in your room and open the door a crack before watching it.
I know I'm repeating myself but please watch it at your own risk. 

The people filmed here are spirits who had come down from the other world.

This was filmed during the 30's Showa period (Note: 1955-64) at a certain Buddhist temple.

130:Anonymous:2012/09/15(Sat) 00:12:53.31 ID:F0GSbQxnO

You're not trying to curse us, are you?
I'll stay away from it

132:Anonymous:2012/09/15(Sat) 00:13:34.43 ID:msdMF4DGO
Those spirits were dumb enough to be filmed unaware?

144:Anonymous:2012/09/15(Sat) 00:17:36.41 ID:dpbfAOHu0

163:Anonymous:2012/09/15(Sat) 00:29:42.08 ID:Cq1sC+2L0
I watched it for a few sec but then felt goosebumps spread throughout my body and quit watching

Monday, 7 October 2013

Reverse-S Ward

Please do NOT copy/distribute my works without permission. Thank you for your cooperation. 

13 Oct 2013 - I made a little alteration to the translation.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

As you know I usually write messages on the text widget on the side bar, but the widget hasn't been working. Blogger sucks sometimes.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to get some feedback on this story, partly because it took me quite a while to translate it (it is a long story, after all.) Also I personally think it's an interesting story and I hope you guys will enjoy reading it as much as I did!
So please don't be shy and leave a comment! I love getting comments from you and they are the only things that keep me going sometimes.

Well, my friends, take care!



This is going to be long.

The story involves a certain area in Kyushu*1.
Let's call it "S ward." There was another place over a mountain from S ward, which was known by the name of "Reverse-S ward."*2
Nowadays people rarely use the word reverse but instead call it "New-S ward" but my grandparents still call it Reverse-S ward.

The reason it has "Reverse" in front of the name shows it hasn't got very good connotations to it.
The "Reverse" in this case implies that it is a Buraku-related area*3.
When I was a high schooler, the schools in such areas still gave lessons on discrimination against the Buraku.
(I'm only trying to tell my story and not trying to promote discrimination against the Buraku)

A few years ago, a boy (I'll call him A) went missing (although he was found to have committed suicide later).
I am originally from S ward. A was from Reverse-S ward but he went to a school in S ward.
He was my friend; we were good friends until he started bullying a particular student.
And that student was no other than me. No one around me stopped him. Not only did they not stop, but they also pretended nothing was happening, as if we were invisible to them.
Even when I begged him to stop he wouldn't stop hitting and kicking me. It all started suddenly, out of the blue, and I initially thought he was just looking for a fight and I hit him back, but unfortunately there was a big difference in our physical builds and strength.
The next day he again suddenly started beating me. Without any reasons. I asked him why he was doing it but he never answered me.
He always had a faint smile on his face as he hit me and that made it even scarier.

Then suddenly A stopped coming to school. I was so relieved.
But after such an incident, no one at school really wanted to come near me anymore. It was my first real taste of isolation.
I was surrounded by so many people yet I felt so utterly alone. One day, after three weeks of A's absence, our class tutor told me he wanted to have a talk with me.
This is the conversation we had:

Tutor "You were good friends with A, am I right?"
Me "Not really...."
Tutor "Hmmm.... You weren't bullying him?"
Me "Huh?What?? Me?? Or  you mean A was bullying me???"
Tutor "No, you. I won't say anything to anyone so tell me truthfully. I promise you won't get into trouble."
Me "No way, me???"

That time I honestly didn't understand what he was on about. In the tutor's mind somehow I was the one who was bullying him.
So I decided to set the record straight.

Me "I didn't really want to tell you this, but I was the one who was bullied... I was hit and kicked in front of other students..."
Tutor "You sure?? You?? Other students were watching??"
Me "Of course. But why did you think I was bullying him? Who told you that?"
Tutor "Well... Nothing. Forget it."

There was something obviously strange in his manner. He looked perplexed. For the next few moments we were both silent.
Then the tutor suddenly spoke.

Tutor "A's been, as you know, absent from school, right? I don't know what he's been doing but he seems to be refusing to come to school. I've called his home but his parents would always answer me and tell me he is not at home."
Me "......."
Tutor "And then, yesterday I could finally get through to him and I asked him what's been happening with him. What A told me then was that he was afraid of you."
Me "Eh?? Me???"
Tutor "Hmmm...Yes, he says he's scared of you and won't listen to me."
Me "Wait a minute, me? It's the opposite. I'm the one who is afraid of A."
Tutor "Right. OK. I understand. I'll just ask you one more time but you really aren't bullying him?"
Me "No, I'm not."

That was our conversation and after that he let me go and I went straight home.

I thought bullying only happened when there were a lot of people against one person. I once saw bullying when I was at junior high school and that image stuck in my mind as a typical example of bullying. You would also sometimes hear a group of students bullying one student by taking money by force or stripping him naked in the toilet. Those were the kind of things I imagined bullying to be. I never imagined only one single person could bully another person. Not only that, he even tried to set the tutor against me!
For the first time in my life I felt a real rage towards someone. I felt it wasn't enough to just hit him. I wanted to murder him. That was how I really felt.

From the following day I started to skip classes. I didn't feel like going there and anyway even if I went I would just be all alone, I thought.
However, during this period I witnessed something terrible which nearly caused me to lose my mind.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The secret behind the "Have you got the ability to see ghost?" ritual

Note: Please do NOT copy my work without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

The following story reveals a rather disturbing secret behind the popular "Have you got the ability to see ghost?" ritual (you can read about it here, but I suggest you READ THIS POST FIRST).

Ah..Yes, I know.
I can feel you're ready to MURDER ME.

I owe you all a HUGE apology. I didn't know about this when I first posted about the ritual.
I want to emphasize that it is yet unknown whether this story is true or not!


Do you have a strong psychic power?
You can check if you do or not, by the following test.

First, close your eyes and imagine, as vividly as possible, that you are inside your room of the house where you were born ( Either that or you can visualize your own room where you are actually living now, but I don't recommend it).
Next, go out of the room and walk around the whole house, checking every room.
The sitting room, the kitchen, the entryway, the garden, the bathroom....Have you visited all the rooms?
When you are done, go back to the room where you started and open your eyes.
This is the end of the test.

Now you can check the result below:

If you didn't see anyone, that is, if you found no one in the house  -
Unfortunately (?) your psychic power is 0%.
I hope you continue to live peacefully.

If you saw your family members or friends -
Not bad. Your psychic power is 80%.
Do you sometimes hear some sounds or voices that others cannot hear?
By the way the rooms where you met someone emit stronger spiritual energy than the rest of   the house; normally you don't have to worry about it, but it is best if you keep this fact in the back of your mind.

If you met a stranger or someone who is already dead -
You've entered a dangerous zone.
Your psychic power is 120%.
You are a person who has really strong spiritual energy.
If you go to haunted places, you will expose yourself to the danger of possession.
When you talk about or listen to ghost stories, you will naturally attract random spirits that are floating around you, so be careful.
The rooms where you met that someone are the places with especially strong spiritual energy.
Try not to go near those places too often.
If they happen to be children's rooms or bedrooms, I suggest you move out of those rooms and sleep in other rooms.

If you met something the identity of which you absolutely have no idea -
such as white mist, a strange beast or a black shadow - all these "non-human" things -
Very dangerous.
You must not go near those places where you saw them.
Get yourself purified as soon as possible.
Your life depends on it.

And now, I'll come to the gist of the story.
I did this test with my friend T (the one who told us about the test) and K (my friend from high school) and with a couple of other people, as an appetiser before a night of ghost-story-telling party.

I saw no one while doing the test, but there was a guy who said he saw his mother in the kitchen and that got us all excited. But then suddenly K said, "I saw an all-black human-shaped 'thing' on my bed in my apartment." We were in such a high spirit that we began saying, "Let's go see his place!" But I noticed T alone had this look on his face that said, "Oh f**k."
We ended up not going on that day, but I couldn't shake off that image of  T's expression and I asked him what he meant by it the following day.

T confessed to me that it was actually not a test to see if you have an ability to see a ghost, but it's  "a method to make you gain an ability to see something that you shouldn't be able to see," and he also said that something like what K saw was the most dangerous entity.
After that K started skipping classes at college and I haven't heard from him since.
What I heard from another person who was a close friend of K was that after the party K started saying odd things like, "The black thing was really there.... It keeps staring at me...." and he gradually lost his mind and is now getting treatment in the hospital.....

Friday, 4 October 2013

Miffy, what are you eating?

Here's another CUTE picture of our little Miffy.

To those of you who are craving to read another horror story, my sincerest apologies. I promise you will get what you desire from me soon!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sunday, 29 September 2013

The "Come Here" Ritual

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 How To Do It
  • Shut out all the lights from the outside to make the room dark.
  • Light up a candle, and with the candle in hand, walk around the room while saying "Come here, come here" repeatedly.
  • Head to the front door and walk around the area saying "Come here, come here," all the time, like above.
  • Go back to the room and hide (in a narrow place).
  • When you hide make sure you blow out the candle.
  • Wait quietly.

It is not known what might happen next.
Below is one person's experience of the ritual:

There were two people (me and one friend) 
I didn't hide but just sat on the bed.
My friend first walked around the house with the candle, and later hid underneath the bed.

The results:
The candle got suddenly blown out while walking around, although there was no wind.
My friend felt someone's breath on his ear, felt someone tagging at his legs and heard some footsteps while hiding.
I saw some strange luminous object, and felt some eyes on me.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hi, everyone!

Here's a little cryptic story for you to enjoy!
I'm still busy, so I can't make a full come-back yet, but I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the kind and encouraging comments you've been sending to me!

Take care and see you again!



Please do NOT copy or distribute my works without permission. Thank you.

What the hell are the police doing these days?
They're frittering away our taxes without achieving any results. What a waste of money!
You know there was a murder near my work place last week.
A young girl got stabbed to death by an ice pick. What's more it wasn't a normal ice pick, but a special one with three blades. Scary, eh?
This is a small town, so the story is on everyone's lips.
It's making huge headlines too. It's understandable considering you don't often get such an extraordinary incident like that around here, but all the media does is make people feel even more uneasy.
You should see my grandma, the poor woman is scared witless. She's been praying in front of the alter everyday for hours on end.
But you know what, I heard the stupid police haven't even identified the murder weapon yet. It really sucks.   


Friday, 23 August 2013

Tarako Dance


Instead do this fun, easy-to-learn Tarako Dance everyday, and your body will start resembling that of Ken and Barbie in no time!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Please do NOT copy or distribute my works without permission. Thank you.

This took place in the house I'm still living now.

The place where I live has no history of hauntings and my family have lived on the same land for generations; and that is why I never imagined such a terrifying thing could happen to me.

But recently, whenever I'm in the sitting room, day or night,
I hear a woman humming in low voice:
"Mmmmm......mmmm, mmmm....."

At first it sounds so far away and I have to strain my ears to catch the sound,
but if left as it is, it gradually gets louder and nearer.

If I still continue to ignore it, it becomes louder enough that I can hear it without concentrating.

So what I always do is, whenever I notice this sound, I chant the last part of the Heart Sutra. * (This is the only prayer I know....)
Anyway I chant the part where it goes "gyatei, gyatei" repeatedly, and as soon as  I do that, the sound gradually fades out.

In such a place as this I can never concentrate on watching TV.
The time when the humming starts is random, and if I don't start chanting the Heart Sutra as soon as I hear it, it sometimes even ends up entering into the room.

The other day the new album of my favourite band was released.
I was so looking forward to listening to it, so when I finally bought it at a shop, I was so excited.
Immediately, I went home and used headphones to listen to it. When I finished listening to all the tracks, I took off the headphones with a deep satisfaction; and it was just then, from right next to my ears, I heard:


*The Heart Sūtra is a famous sūtra in Mahāyāna Buddhism. It is often cited as the best-known and most popular Buddhist scripture of all. (from Wikipedia).

Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Master Series Episode 9 "The Urn"

 Please do NOT copy/distribute my works without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

This has to be one of the scariest experiences I've ever had.

It was the autumn of my first year at university. My master in the Way of Occult was in the state of hiatus.
He sort of lacked his usual vigour and his intuitive power seemed to have dwindled.
Even when I said to him, "Please take me to a haunted place or something!" that sparked no fire in him, and his mind seemed to be elsewhere; he would just take out four 1-yen coins*1 from his pocket, shake them a little on the back of his hands, and mutter under his breath, "Nope. Bad omen,' and go back to lying down, thereafter not moving a muscle.

But one day, out of the blue, he grabbed me by the hand and said, "Let me read your palm."
After he had examined it a little, he said, "Oh dear, oh dear. This looks bad. So bad that I don't know what to make of it. You must be dying to know what I mean, yes?"
There he goes again, saying anything as he pleases.
"Well! So that's decided. Let's go, let's go!"
He dragged me along with him by force.
Nevertheless I was glad that he had perked up a little.

He didn't tell me where we were going but I obediently followed him.
We got on a train and headed to the the prefecture next to ours, and arrived at its main city.
After we got out of the station we walked into a mall.

In one corner of the mall, we spotted a small table with a sign that read "Palmistry," *2 behind which sat a middle-aged man.
My master called out to him in a familiar manner, and told me the man was his "relative."
The palmist, who introduced himself as Shuho, said to my master, "So you have come to see it again," with a look of displeasure on his face.
Shuho-san*3 was apparently a well-known local personage, and was also in kinship with  Hachiro Asano *4.

Before I had a chance to find out why we were there, I had my palm read by the man; but he said nothing was particularly bad about my palm, except that I had some lines indicating I might experience some troubles with women.
I was glad when he told me that the Girdle of Venus, *5 which is a semi-circle that starts from between the first and second finger and ends between the third and forth, was vivid on my hand.
The line is supposed to be an indication that I have an artistic trait in me.
"Aren't you going to have your palm read, senpai?" *6   I asked my master, but Shuhou-san glared at him and remarked, "There's no need for me to see his hand. Death is written all over it."
My master just laughed if off.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

House for Free

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[Kansai] Giveaways 3 [Free] *1

925 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 08:52:44 ID:oKOysTpy0
Does anyone want a house in North ward, Kobe?*2
But there are three conditions:
  1. You must receive it for sure *3
  2. Don't leave the house empty for more than three consecutive days
  3. Live in it until you die
 If you can keep these three conditions I will let you have it together with the land *4

927 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 09:36:33 ID:9nxs32dV0
>>925 all for free?
Does it have a garage?

930 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 10:46:17 ID:WJyJIS9g0
Such freaky conditions....
What kind of property is that?

936 :925:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:22:20 ID:oKOysTpy0
The house was renovated 20 years ago
but there's a well in the woods in the backyard, and the well sort of belongs to my grandparents, so my grandmother asked me not to let anyone touch it (it's fenced in, just in case)
If there's anyone here who can live in it until his death and who doesn't go on long trips, I can hand it over to him right away.
So if you think you're the person who can fulfil all the conditions, please come forward. It'd be a great help.
I don't want to give away too much info about the location, but it's somewhere in Tanigami. *5

938 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:25:25 ID:oKOysTpy0
Everything  is for free, but I don't want to keep ties with the locals,
so I'm not going to give you my contact details after that, *6
but I hope you'll be understanding about it because after all you'll be getting it for free

There's no garage, but it has a huge empty garden so you can park your car there

940 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:27:20 ID:4NXlvumj0
Please tell us all the downsides

945 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:43:40 ID:U9k3b5CrO
I can just imagine a body being dumped there inside the well
What would happen to the ownership of the land and house?

946 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:44:33 ID:wj6ZBA3K0
Oh I see it now

He kills his grandparents, dump their bodies in the well, and hand the land over to someone else, in the hope of obstructing the police investigation
It might be tricky for the police to perform an investigation on the land that belongs to someone who is not the suspect

954 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:56:42 ID:oKOysTpy0
Nothing like that is happening. There are no downsides either
Something comes from the mountain at night, it's just so scary  it's heartrending
I for one never want to see it again

*1 This is the thread's title. "Kansai (関西)" refers to the western region of Japan.
*2 Kobe : a seaside town in the Kansai region (Wiki) . "Ward" is an area within a city.
*3 I think he means that you mustn't say "I'll have it" and then disappear or not live in it. 
*4 In Japanese law, the ownership of the land and house can be separate.
*5 Tanigami (谷上): a place in the North ward, Kobe.
*6 after that: I think he means "after I hand the house over to you."Japanese can be so ambiguous!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Never-Ending Dream

Note: Please do NOT copy this article without my permission. Thank you.

Don't forget that you need to click "READ MORE" below to continue reading.

I often have lucid dreams and I am used to having strange dreams, but last night's dream was nothing like the ones I'd ever had before.

I was alone walking down a narrow path in the woods.
Immediately I knew I was dreaming.
The colour green was too vivid, and the unnatural way the soles of shoes scraped the ground was a familiar sign of being in a lucid dream.
Normally when I realise I'm in a lucid dream I soon try to wake up and then go back to sleep again afterwards, but that time somehow I didn't feel like waking up.
So I kept walking down. It was a downward slope.

A house appeared in front of me.
It was a crumbling, Japanese-style wooden house.
Very old indeed.
It must have stood there for over a century, but from the size of it, it could have been a storage building rather than a residential quarter.
"I don't recognise this house...."
I uttered in spite of myself.
It was the first time an unfamiliar place ever appeared in my lucid dream.

It was dark inside the house, but because of the light that was coming from the wooden door I had left open, it was not completely dark.
A dusty wardrobe, and a large mirror covered with spider webs were left lying around.
Some detached wooden planks, small wooden boxes and somehow some spinning tops were scattered all over the floor.
It was a complete ruin.

Wait a minute, why am I in this place?
Why am I walking further into the darker area of the house?
In a lucid dream, where I am supposed to be able to exert total control over everything -  what am I doing?
I peered behind a panel screen that stood in front of me.
I think I "knew" what was behind it.
That was why I wasn't suprised when I saw it.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Please Tell Me the Way

Please do NOT copy or distribute my works without permission. Thank you.

"Please tell me the way."
It was early in the evening.
I was stopped by a tall woman on the street.

Her legs were abnormally thin, and they were shaking as if they were struggling to hold the body in balance.
Her arms too were stick thin, and a crimson red handbag hang from her shoulder.
She kept wheezing as if she were either having a serious difficulty breathing or sighing repeatedly.
I was sure it was me whom she had just spoken to, but her eyes were directed away from my face and looking elsewhere.

"Uh...umm...., where are you going?"
She didn't look normal.
I thought I'd better deal with it quickly and leave.
"Kasuga Town, 1-19-4-201."
It was my apartment's address.
She said everything correctly down to the room number.
"I - I don't know where it is."
I decided I didn't want to have anything to do with her.
Then the woman doubled over, bowing deep, so that her thin waist made a cracking noise as if it were about to break.
I then saw her stagger to the end of the street and disappear around the corner.

"That was frigging freaky...."
I made sure I made a detour before going home.
I cautiously checked the front door and, seeing it was securely locked, opened it.

"Please tell me the way."
A voice echoed from inside the dark room.

Miffy's Secret

Here's the latest anatomical sketch of Miffy's mouth.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Friend's Visit

Please do NOT copy/distribute my posts without permission.Thank you for your cooperation. 

I'm quite into ghost stories and I often tell my friends the stories found on 2 channel and other such places on the internet.
But I was sort of running out of stories to tell. lol

Then I bumped into a friend who is famous for knowing a lot of ghost stories.
We hadn't seen each other for a long time, and moreover, while we chatted it started raining hard, so I invited him to my house.

My friend stayed in my house for about half an hour.
After he'd done telling me ghost stories, he got up and said he had other appointments so he had to leave.
I went downstairs with him to see him out, but then he said,
"It looks like your girlfriend is pretty cross with me, huh?"
"??" I didn't understand what he meant. I wasn't going out with anyone at the time.
I said, what do you mean? lol  and he said that, when he came into the room, he saw a woman standing in the kitchen, who looked at him with an annoyed expression.
And he also often saw her come into the room while he was telling me those ghost stories.

Well, I'm living alone and there's no way there can be someone in the room beside me. 
I was a bit creeped out, but because my friend just went home without saying anything more, I thought he was just trying to scare me.

I went back home and saw no one there, as I'd expected. lol
But for a while after that I couldn't help but be in a funny mood.
Then after some time had passed, the same friend came over again.

So I said, "what's up?"
"I've come to see you," he said, so I said,
"But you just saw me."
"What? Oh... So he came to your place too?"
I prodded him to tell me more, and he said for sometime now he'd had friends and acquaintances telling him that they saw a ghost that looked just like him.
It seemed that the ghost wasn't a bad ghost and it never appeared more than once to the same person, so he said there was nothing to worry about.  But still it's kinda weird........

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sick God

Note: This story has been carefully translated from Japanese into English by me. Please do NOT copy/distribute it without my permission. 

Click "Read More" at the bottom to continue reading the story.

A long time ago my family thrived as Onmyo-ji *1 and because of that I have a rather unusual surname. For some reason the women of the family have always been born with stronger power than men, so strange as it may seem, it is always women who get designated as the master of the house.
But with so much mixing of blood the power has diminished, and in recent years, up until my generation, my grandmother was the only woman who was gifted with the power to ward off evil. All my grandmother's sons, including my father, have ordinary jobs.

However I was born with the power. Grandmother said that it was because I happened to be born on the death anniversary of someone from many generations ago, who had a very strong spiritual power.
My peculiar family, combined with my power, meant that I had scary experiences almost every day during my childhood.
Ghosts are usually invisible unless you can "tune in" to them; I often saw things others could not see, and because of that, my classmates, and sometimes even my own parents, called me a liar.

So that was the state of affairs in those days.
One day my classmates -  two boys - were bullying me as usual and they locked me up in a small, old, derelict shrine; it was one place from which Grandmother had always told me to stay away, at all costs.
I guess the boys thought it would be fun to lock me up in there, because I used to cry by the mere mentioning of the place.

During the first 10 minutes of being inside I just kept screaming, begging them to let me out, but somehow after a while the taunting by the boys from the outside stopped altogether.
All of a sudden a cold air brushed my cheek. Strangely, I didn't feel it was unpleasant.

"You must not turn around."
I remember it to be a curiously androgynous but beautiful voice, like the tinkling of a bell.
And he (?) touched my hair; it was very long because Grandmother had told me to always keep it long.
"It is beautiful....I want it."
He talked quietly and deliberately. I was overcome by a sudden fear.
I remembered then what Grandmother had always told me: "Because your soul is empty, it becomes a good source of nutrition for those other-worldly creatures. Therefore if you ever find yourself in danger of being devoured by them, cut off your hair and give it to them."

His words "I want it" echoed in my head.
My voice trembling, I managed to say to him at last:
"If it's my hair...If it's only my hair, you can have it."
My words were hardly out before I heard sticky saliva-like sound from behind and the back of my neck suddenly became cooler.
Oh.. he's eaten it... My knees gave out and I thought I was going to collapse.
But hands reached out from behind and, getting hold of my waist, they slowly lowered my body down.
I had never been touched by something not human and I was surprised. Moreover, I felt my body heat gradually begin to drop.

I apparently fell asleep after that. When I awoke I found myself riding piggyback on one of the boys.
They were both crying, and for a moment I was distracted by their voices, but I could hear some footsteps following me from behind.
The boys told me that they tried to open the gate to let me out, but somehow couldn't open it.
After a while I came out of the shrine by myself but they were shocked to see my hair had become shorter; and the next thing they knew I collapsed in front of them.
Also they told me they got chased by some white, mist-like thing.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Notice from Saya

Dear All,

I'm EXTREMELY busy right now.
Therefore, I don't think I can update until (probably) 29th June.
Thank you for all your comments and I promise I'll respond to them as soon as I'm free.


I'll let you know if the situation changes.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

I Can't Open Them

Please do NOT copy or distribute my works without permission. Thank you.

This is what my older sister experienced.

It happened in the middle of one very cold winter night.
My sister was sleeping in bed, when she heard something  go padump, padum, padump, padum.

"So annoying....!"
She thought, and she tried to open her eyes, but couldn't open them.

Then the padump, padum, padump, padum grew louder and louder.

"What the hell!?"

While she was panicking, the thing suddenly jumped on top of her chest.

It was bouncing up and down, and giggling.

She could tell that it was the voice of a little girl.

My sister was sweating like a pig and tried to chant some sort of prayer.
But then she heard the voice say:
"Open your eyes and look."

My sister muttered,
"I can't open them...."

Then the thing said,
"If you sleep with your eyes open, you'll get a rooound cake.
So you'll be fine.
Because you'll get a roooound cake you'll be fine."
It repeated the same phrase over and over.

My sister still thought she couldn't do it, but in the end she managed to open her eyes.

And there she saw an ordinary looking little girl sitting astride her.
Soon after that she passed out.

I heard her story on the following morning.

"Some rich imagination! lol"
I told her, laughing.
"That's what I told myself. lol"
My sister was laughing too.

That was the last conversation we had.
On the same day, my sister got run over by a car on the way to school, and died.
Her eyes were wide open.

At the funeral, when I was preparing some offerings, a daugther of a distant relative - a little girl - came up to me.
She said,
"Here. Mi-chan*1 told me to give you this."

I thought this Mi-chan must be another kid of a distant relative I don't know about, and I accepted the gift without hesitation.

"Who's Mi-chan?"
When I asked, the girl said:
"Mi-chan says, because she lives inside the closet, she can't come out. But she says she'll be able to come out soon."

I was lost for words.

The gift she gave me was a small, tasty-looking round cake.*2

*1 "chan" is a suffix at the end of a person's name, used to show endearment towards that person.

*2 A round cake : the original text at this point was manju
 (まんじゅう) , a Japanese-style round cake with usually red bean paste inside.  Pictured right: Cherry-blossom manju.

Monday, 10 June 2013

A Young Man and His Mobile

Please do NOT copy/distribute my work without permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

A young man was messing with his mobile on the train.
Next to him sat an old woman who said to him,
"I use a medical device so could you please turn your phone off."

The young man replied, "I'm just reading a mail," and kept on messing with it.
An office worker who was standing nearby said, "You know, you may be just reading now but another mail might arrive while you're reading. So turn it off."

At this point the young man barked angrily, "Hey, what's your problem!!?"

He looked really pissed off. The office worker was in trouble! (The young man was very well-built.)
Every onlooker was holding their breath when the young man held up his mobile in front of the office worker and burst out,
"Look!! The last mail that came was 4 months ago! Since then nobody's sent me one single mail! Who would send me a mail now!!? I also know nobody I can send a mail to!!!"

That shut us up.
But then there was among us one gruff-looking young woman, who walked up to him.
Without a word, she snatched his mobile out of his hand, pushed some buttons on it, and thrust it back into his hand.
While the dumbfounded young man looked on, the woman took out her own mobile and started using it too.
Then after a few seconds the young man's mobile beeped.
The young man's eyes went wide and his eyelids fluttered busily as he stared at the mobile.
I could just feel it - everyone was crying in their hearts. The young man was crying too.
Never before had I felt so acutely that this world goes round by love.

The old woman died.