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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Friday, 26 June 2009

The Polaroid Camera

A man was taking pictures of himself using the self-timer on the polaroid camera.

After taking a few pictures he noticed a shadow in the corner of one picture.
He turned around but there was no one behind him. There was only himself in the room.

He took one more picture and in it he saw a strange man standing behind him. But when he turned around there was no one there, as before.

He then took yet another shot and this time the picture showed the same stranger raising a knife high in the air, ready to strike him...

He stopped taking pictures immediately but who knows what would have happenned if he had shot sequence photographs..?

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Saya's note: this one is also a story I translated a long time ago and hadn't bother to publish until now... Well, well, I hope you enjoy it!

My friend S once had a pet squirrel when he was at primary school. He adored it and looked after it well, but one day while he was out the squirrel apparently managed to open the cage on its own and escaped.

He searched every room in his house but couldn't find it.
He lived on the fifth floor of an apartment block. Maybe his squirrel fell from the balcony and died? He went outside and searched the ground below the balcony, but found no dead body of a squirrel or other such things. He then returned home and searched more but it was useless.

He wondered if his squirrel fell from the balcony but somehow managed to survive and ran away. For the next week or so he looked everywhere, both inside and outside home, but it seemed his squirrel was lost for good.

He was on the verge of giving up when one day he found a large envelope inside the post. Usually all mails for the residents would be put in the post boxes in the ground floor hall, so the fact that there was an envelope inside his house's post box meant that someone had brought it in person. S was curious and opened the envelope immediately.

And what he found inside - and it was the only thing in it - was a bushy tail of a squirrel...

And S was quite sure that the tail belonged to his squirrel. Who did this? Was it someone from the neighbourhood? Why was there only the tail in the envelope? What happened to the rest of the body? How did the person who gave him the envelope know that the squirrel belonged to him?

S never found out the answers. All he could do was cry and bury the tail.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Taxi

Saya's note: I translated this story quite a while ago (maybe it was last year) and left it unpublished thinking it wasn't scary enough... But now I don't have much time updating the blog I decided to publish it anyway...

When I stepped out of the tube station, it was raining heavily outside. I opened my umbrella and started walking. But something was wrong. The atmosphere was somehow very unpleasant.


Every single person I walked past didn't have an umbrella over them. Everyone was silent and looking grim; and they walked on, all facing the same direction.

Then suddenly a taxi stopped by, and the driver put out his hand and beckoned me to come over. I gestured to him that I didn't need a taxi, but the taxi-driver said, "Come on, get in!"
He was so insistent that I had to give in. Besides I wanted to get away from this unpleasant atmosphere.

Later, the driver, pale-faced, said to me;
"Well, you know..When I saw you walking as if you were trying to avoid bumping into people on an empty street, I thought I should help you...."

I think the taxi driver knew who they were dealing with?

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Miffy's Mouth

The Miffy Urban Legend

You know how Miffy's mouth is shaped "x". But do you know why it's shaped like that??

It's because Miffy once tried to eat her friend and so her father sewed her mouth up in the shape of x!