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Thursday, 26 February 2009

What the old hag is looking for

Saya's comment: this dream is one of Japanese urban legends and it is said to be dreamt mostly by children.

In the dream you are standing inside a room. And there you see an old hag who is frantically looking for something, rummaging through drawer after drawer.

You ask her, "what are you looking for?"
The old hag turns around and spreads out her hand.
"I am looking for my little finger."
You look at it and sure enough her little finger is missing.
Then the old hag asks you, "can you help me find it?"

If you have the above dream, make sure you say yes to her request, and find her little finger.
Because if you can't find her little finger, you will never be able to wake up again.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My Master Series: Episode One "The Lock"

Introduction: This is episode one of what has come to be called "My Master Series," a group of short stories that has been posted at a Japanese occult site randomly over a long period of time. Each episode is independent but in all of them always the same characters appear; the narrator, and his friend whom the narrator calls "My Master."

Episode One "The Lock":

My master in the Way of Occult at the time lived in a cheap, run-down apartment. The door lock was of an ancient type and he didn't always care to use it. One morning he woke up to find a strange man sitting by his pillow (note: many Japanese people sleep on the mattress on the floor ) who said "good morning" to him. When my master returned his greeting, the man started talking about his religious organization and how it would be wonderful for my master to join it. What my master did then was simply to get up and leave, with the stranger still inside the room. My master doesn't know the meaning of "crime prevention."

The first time he invited me to his room it was of course left unlocked, both before and during my stay.
We drank ourselves to sleep. During the night I woke up, feeling a ringing in my ears. Then I saw a figure sitting by my master's mattress, bending over him as if tyring to see my master's face. My immediate thought was that it was a burglar, and I was thrown into a panic, but my whole body tensed up and I couldn't utter a word. I decided, for the time being, to pretend I was still asleep, and opened my eyes very slightly. After a while the figure tottered to his feet and slowly moved towards the door. Go! There's nothing for you to take! I kept praying in my heart. The man opened the door, and before leaving, turned his head towards me for a brief moment. In the semi-darkness I saw a keloid-like scar on his right cheek.

When the man left I shook my master awake.
"Please, you must lock the door!" I was half crying as I said it.
But my master was unmoved. "That was scary! But it wouldn't have helped much even if I had locked it."
"What are you talking about? Are you out of your mind? Are you saying you were awake?"
My master kept smirking as I raved.
"You saw his face at the end."He said.
When I nodded, he pointed at my eyes and said something that froze my blood.
"The glasses."
Now I understood everything. I had very bad eyesight and couldn't virtually see anything without glasses. Even my master's face, which was right in front of me, looked terribly blurred.
"It was the first time you saw it without glasses, right?"
I hadn't known before that beings such as the one I saw was beyond the laws of science.

The being was a "passer-by" after all. Since then I had stayed over at my master's a couple of times but it never appeared to us again.