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Tuesday, 2 February 2021


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(Translated and arranged by Saya)

I got kidnapped once.

It happened nearly ten years ago.
The person who kidnapped me was a woman who lived in the same apartment building as I did.

She locked me up inside a bathroom.

While she didn't tie me up, she threatened to kill me if I tried to escape, and also she piled some stuff up outside the door. I couldn't escape even if I wanted to.  

The woman didn't try to hurt me and she only kept me in there; and I was still in the same apartment building, so I had much hope that I would be found soon. 

Despite all that, it was impossible for me to fall asleep.
Before long I lost track of time and fell into a delirious state.
My mind kept going back and forth between the reality and dream.
I felt numb and just sat still in the bathtub. 

It was then that my boyfriend suddenly appeared in the bathroom.
"Are you alright?" He asked me.

I didn't understand what was happening, and I asked him in return:
"What are you doing here?"
I thought I was losing my mind.

"This is probably a dream. I must be dreaming right now," he said. "This is your bathroom."
I told him, "A crazy woman locked me up in a bathroom in another room in the same apartment building. "

He asked me the room number, but I could only guess which floor I was on. 

He then told me that I had been missing for two days, and added:
"Hang in there, because we will come rescue you."
As soon as he said that, he opened the door and walked out of the bathroom, so I concluded that I had been hallucinating after all.

But not long after that, I was rescued from the place. It was three days after I had gone missing.

The police came to the hospital and questioned me. After they finished asking me some general questions, they suddenly started talking about my boyfriend.

My boyfriend apparently went to the police saying he had a dream about me getting locked up in a room by another resident of the same apartment building.

Needless to say, under normal circumstances, the police would not have taken such a claim seriously; but when my boyfriend gave them the number of the room in which I was supposed to be confined, they took a note of it just in case. And while making an inquiry, they found something suspicious about the said room; which led them to search inside and then eventually discover me.

When they told me that, I remembered the hallucination I saw in the bathroom, but wondered how he found out the room number.
So I asked him about that when he came to visit me in the hospital.

He told me that while he was on the university campus, he lost consciousness ( he fell from some stairs. He had been having sleepless nights because of me, and he wasn't paying attention) and then he had a dream.

He recounted the exact same conversation I remembered having with him in my hallucination. After he came out of the bathroom, he walked out the front door and checked the room number; it was just then that he woke up.

"Maybe I had an out-of-body experience when I fell," he smiled.
I think it was thanks to this strange experience I had with him that I was never traumatized by the incident.

I am much more upset by the fact that my boyfriend passed away before we could get married.

Please excuse me for this long story.
Since we are commemorating his third death anniversary soon, I remembered this incident and thought I would write it down here.