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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

NOTICE from Saya

My holiday is over and I am getting busier.
So I don't think I will be able to update as often as I used to.

My plan at the moment is to try updating at least once a week, like one article every Sunday.
Anyway I will let you know what happens!

Tarako Kewpie - Health Warning

This is what happens to you if you've seen too much Tarako Kewpie videos, listened to too much Tarako Kewpie songs, played too much with Tarako Kewpie lego bricks, and slept too long on the Tarako Kewpie pillow...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Visually Impaired Person

Disclaimer - I, Saya, did NOT write this story and I have nothing against the physically disabled. And I think this story does not intend to hurt the disabled either. This story perhaps involves evil people who happen to be disabled, but not any people who are evil on account of their disability, if you get my meaning.

This happened when I had just moved to a city and started a life of my own.
One late night I was walking home after a staff welcome party at the office.

The apartment where I lived stood in the middle of a quiet residential area and at night it was even quieter with hardly any people on the streets. I was quite scared as I was walking alone.

When at last my apartment came into view, I saw a woman walking down the street towards me. The woman walked with a noticeable stagger.

I didn't pay too much attention to her as she was a woman and I thought I would be safe. I was about to get inside my apartment when the woman bumped into a van that was parked in front of the entrance and fell right down on her face. When I looked at her closely she was wearing sunglasses and in her hand was a white stick.

I hurriedly ran to her help and asked if she was alright. She muttered something to the effect of, 'I'm fine,' in a quiet and inarticulate voice.

She seemed to be still in her twenties and also seemed visually impaired. I felt sorry for her because she was walking on her own in the middle of the night in such a condition.
I asked her, 'where are you heading to?'
The woman again muttered something like, 'I'm visiting a friend who lives in an apartment around here, but I lost my way.' And then she said, 'I don't know where I am right now. If you know this area can you help me to find my friend's house?'

I thought it was just natural to help visually-impaired people and said, 'OK.'
'Then please lend me your arm and we can go together, ' the suddenly-perky woman said, and we started walking together.

We walked arm in arm. The woman often asked me questions such as, 'what do you see now?' and she led the way by giving me orders such as, 'then we turn left here,' or 'turn right at the next corner.'

It was very dark around us.
At one point a car drove past us and the light from it fell on her face; I got a glimpse of her eyes behind the sunglasses and she was clearly watching my expression.

That definitely made me suspicious and I began to feel scared about the situation in which I found myself in (the woman firmly had her both arms entwined with my right arm, and I was holding a bag in my left hand).

But I thought to myself, what if she was really handicapped? And I felt guilty about being suspicious and in the end we walked for a good fifteen minutes.

Also the subjects she chose to talk about while we walked were really bizarre and freaky:
"The person I'm about to see is also handicapped," she said.
"He is still at primary school, and he has lost both his arms."
"He has been depressed for a long time, so I decided to knit him a jumper but I wasn't certain what to do with the arm parts."

Listening to her was the freakiest thing that I had ever experienced in my life and I was near to tears as I tried my best to respond to her.

The more we walked the darker and quieter the streets became.
I had even began to think about getting into a fight with her, if necessary, in order to get away, when she said:
'I think we are nearly there. Could you please tell me the apartment's name?'
I told her the name and she said, 'OK. I'm fine now. Thank you.'
She released me without problems.
Oh no! I knew I was wrong! I thought, ashamed of myself.

But as soon as I began to calm down I became suspicious of her again (how, for example, did she know which ways were right or wrong? ) It bothered me so much that I decided to see what she was going to do next from the corner of the street.

And in less than a minute I saw the same woman coming down the stairs of the apartment, with steady, light steps. So I had been right about her all along; she had played a prank on me.
I was going to make a complaint to her, when I saw another person coming down the stairs. The person was a man, about in his late twenties, very fat, and what's more, without arms.

The pair kept looking around them restlessly as if they were expecting someone; and they kept whispering to each other although I couldn't hear what they were saying.
Then all of a sudden the woman began to violently pull at the man's sweatshirt, almost as if she was trying to tear it apart!
The man tried to resist but in the end he got stripped of the clothes and went naked above the waist.
The sight of his naked armless shoulders and a sudden violent outburst of the woman shocked me into crying. It was all I could do not to scream.
I wanted to run away but my legs had already turned to jelly and I was also scared that they might see me and start chasing after me.

The armless man was rolling on the ground and screaming some incoherent words.
The woman then took out something that looked like a vacuum bottle(?) from her bag and started pouring a large amount of some liquid over the half-naked man.
Steam was coming out of the liquid which indicated that it was very hot, and the man let out a hair-raising scream, but no one in the neighbourhood was coming out to see what was going on.
I couldn't stand the fear any longer and ran away.

Fortunately no one came after me. I ran back into my apartment and locked myself in. I was teary and shaky for the whole of the rest of the evening.

I still wonder what it was that I saw...
Has anyone had a similar experience before? This happened six years ago.
There is more to this story, by the way. Would you like to hear it?

After a comment:
This happened at a much later date. About two years had passed since then and I had almost forgotten about it all. One day I was in a department store.
I was passing through a floor to get to the escalator, when I noticed a familiar figure.
I gave the person a quick glance as I walked by and it was the woman.
She wore the same clothes and the same sunglasses. There was no mistake.
She was not holding the white stick but this time one of her arms was missing (or that was how it looked to me).

The woman didn't seem like she had noticed me and she was standing with downcast eyes.
In front of her was a pram and she was trying to do something to the baby with her one arm.
The mother of the baby was looking at shelves and was unaware of what was happening.

I took it all in in one second and in a flash I was running down the escalator.
I dashed back home and I was again in tears.
I don't want to get involved with the woman in any way, ever again.
I was worried about the baby but I had never told a soul about it until now.

I get depressed whenever I think I might see her again somewhere in the future.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Three Customers

A taxi driver was driving in __ (an area's name) when he saw three girls standing by the road with their hands raised.
Customers! The taxi driver thought, and stopped his car to pick them up.

'Where are you off to?' The taxi driver asked, and they answered that one of the girls had a stomach ache and wanted to be taken to the hospital.
The taxi driver glanced at the girl in question and noted that the girl certainly looked very pale and seemed to be in great pain.

It was an emergency for sure, and he decided to take them to the T__ hospital, the closest from where they were and also the most famous hospital in the area.

When they arrived at the hospital the girls told him, 'we would like to stay with her (i.e. the girl with stomach ache) so if you don't mind, could you please go inside and get someone?'

The taxi driver agreed to their request and went to the hospital's front desk. There he told the nurse what had happened and asked her if she could go have a look at the patient in the car.
The nurse said OK and went to the car park, leaving the taxi driver at the front desk.

.......... Some minutes later the nurse came back to the front desk, ashen-faced.
'What did you do that for?!' She asked.

The taxi driver had no idea what she meant.
'Why did you do it?!' said the nurse again.

'Why do you have dead bodies in your car?!!'

According to the nurse, a few days ago some college girls met an accident while driving in the area. They were brought to the hospital but in spite of all efforts to save them, they all passed away.
And their bodies had been placed in the mortuary.

But the bodies in the taxi and the bodies of the college girls were unmistakably one and the same.
'What were you trying to do by stealing the bodies from our hospital?'
The nurse pressed him for an answer; but when the taxi driver picked the girls up, they appeared to be nothing but alive.

Needless to say, the place where the taxi driver picked up the girls was the same place where the girls had the accident....

I wonder what these girls wanted to do?

Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Balcony

*reminder: "I" in this story is not me, Saya!

This is my friend's experience.

When he first entered university and started living on his own he began to experience sleep paralysis frequently. At the same time he began to get many wrong phone calls. For example he received a lot of messages from a strange old woman on his answering machine, and once he even got a message from one stranger saying, 'your father is dead,' and that nearly gave him a heart attack (his father of course was alive).

One day he was dozing on his bed when he saw someone running on his balcony. Without thinking he shouted, 'Hey!You!'
And it seemed this annoyed the person on the balcony and he came into my friend's bedroom.

At first my friend thought the man was alone and he thought he would just kick him out, but the man wasn't the only one on the balcony. There were other people and they kept coming in until there were around five or six people who stood surrounding his bed.

And my friend became paralysed, seemingly from fear. He couldn't do anything with his paralysed body and he just kept saying to them in his mind, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry,' over and over.
That seemed to have worked and the people left his room.

After they were gone my friend fearfully went out on the balcony to take a look around. His house is on the fifth floor and his balcony and his neighbours' balconies on both sides were separated by walls. The walls were special ones that were breakable in case of emergency, but they weren't broken and no one could possibly have passed through the balcony.
My friend thought it all had been a dream.

And then days had passed since he had that experience and he no longer remembered about the dream. One night he was drinking with his friend in his room and they were talking and enjoying themselves when his friend suddenly shouted, 'hey, you there!' and tried to go out on the balcony.
He asked the friend, 'what's wrong?' The friend told him that just now he saw some men running on the balcony.

It was then that my friend remembered that he had had exactly the same experience before and that he had never told anyone about it.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Don't look behind you (updated 2014)

In the town where I lived there was an abandoned apartment with two-floors. It had broken windows and dirty, crumbling walls, so no locals would ever go near it.

One day me and my friend decided to explore the place. It was still early in the afternoon and there was a lot of light, so we ventured to the second floor.
And there on one of the doors we found some graffiti.
We went closer to have a look and found some words that said: I am in the room ahead.

We decided to go through the door.
We walked until we reached a fork and on the wall it said: I am on the left.

We were getting slightly scared but decided to turn left.
Then we came to the place where there were rooms on both sides of us.
And on the wall it said: My head is on the left and my body is on the right.

My friend, as soon as he saw it, lost nerve and ran away. But I decided to stay and, mustering all my courage, walked through the door on the right. I walked to the farthest wall in the room and on the wall it said: My body is underneath. I looked down and on the floor and it said, "My head is coming here from the room on the left. Don't look behind you."

Quickly I flung myself through the window and ran away.
Since then I have never been near the place.

In keeping with the current interpretation of the story, I made further alteration to the story.

Monday, 6 April 2009



Although this is a cheap animation and there is nothing too graphic in it, I found this video very disturbing perhaps due to the theme it deals with.

Definitely not for children though.

And of course don't watch it if you are feeling depressed or suicidal.

I could look at it positively and think it's trying to put people off suicide.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Terror at Two

At two after midnight look into the mirror with a comb in your mouth:
If you can not see your reflection in it, then it means you will die the next day.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Tarako Kewpie Goodies #2

7. The Tarako Kewpie Music Box
This could be a romantic present for a girl.

8. The Dancing Tarako Kewpie Doll
The toy has got a sensor inside and starts dancing when it's hit by sunlight.

The 4th-Dimension Wall

At 04:44:44am on the 4th of April if you lean against a pure white wall with your back, you will enter into the world of the 4th dimension and you will be trapped in there forever.

*I'm republishing this article because this is the day! :)

Friday, 3 April 2009

My Master Series: Episode 4 "Disappearance"

*reminder - "I" in this story is not me, Saya!

I'm thinking to write more stories about my master but I could get bored or depressed by your criticisms, so I'll write how it all ended first, that is about my master's disappearance.

During my third year at university my master was working as the university librarian. At the time he was often nervous, and would do things like pointing at an empty space and scream: "I see a woman over there!" I didn't feel or see anything but then I wasn't gifted like master, so I got freaked out too imagining what might have been there.

It was not until the autumn of the same year that I began to suspect there was something not quite right about him. We hardly ever saw each other then, but one day we met in the university canteen by chance and sat at the same table. My master then out of blue said, "the table behind us - how many people are there?"

It was nine in the evening and the canteen was almost empty. There was nobody at the table behind us.
"Do you see anything?"
When I asked he said, "you see them, don't you? How many?" and started trembling.
There was no ear ringing or chills that usually accompanied such experiences. A thought entered my head then that maybe he was imagining things...
"Don't worry. There is nobody."
I said, and he answered, "yes, yes. Of course," looking really relieved.
I was now convinced.
There was no ghost.
If there was a ghost, it lived in my master's mind only.
The word "madness" flashed in my head, and I was overwhlemed by a sudden urge to weep.

We had done the hundred-stories and went to countless number of haunted places together. We had committed some unholy acts and even tried calling up the dead. It would surprise no one if we were already possessed.
But the reason for my master's madness had nothing to do with these.

Three days after the encounter in the canteen my master disappeared. He left a letter saying no one should look for him, and I felt bound by his words.

It seemed my master came from a troubled family. The university made a contact with someone who claimed to be my master's aunt, and she came to clean up his apartment room. She was such a horrible bitch that she shoved me out of the room as soon as she saw me, even though it was after I told her I was her nephew's best friend. She could at least have asked how he was like before he disappeared.
That was the end of it all. But I have my opinions about the matter.

When I first entered the university I heard rumours going around about him. "He has killed before," was what some people whispered jokingly behind his back. But I think it was no joke.

There was something my master always said whenever he got drunk: "where you should bury the body - that is all that matters." We had an unspoken rule that when my master said this sort of joke we shouldn't go too deeply into the subject. But whenever he said these "jokes" his eyes would always shine darkly and it scared me to look at them.

And it makes me shudder to think of the times when I visited haunted places with my master in his car. Especially when we went to a particular hill ( the one with the famous "house of massacre") and while there he said the following words:

"A large number of unidentified people act in the middle of the night. And strange rumours. If the reason is not grudge, you can not identify one single person. "
When I heard these words I couldn't understand what the heck he was talking about but now I think he was looking for somewhere to bury it as we toured around haunted places.

What scares me most is imagining that he could have been hiding it in the car boot while I sat on the passenger seat next to him...

Lookin back, there are so many things about him that remain mysterious to me. All I know is even a person as gifted as he was couldn't overcome the darkness that eats us from within. I guess ever since that "noodle incident" he slowly succumbed to madness.

There are words by my master which are etched deeply in my memory. He said them when he took me to a more "serious" haunted place for the first time and I was shaking like a leaf from fear:

"What makes you afraid of this darkness? Close your eyes; there lies the deepest darkness that exists in the world."

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Truth about My Family's Odd Behaviour

Please do NOT copy/distribute my works without permission. Thank you.

This is an unbelievable story that really happened to me.

It all happened when I was fifteen years old. I was living with my mum, dad and my little brother.

On the new year's eve after we finished watching TV I went to bed hoping to have a nice dream, but instead I had a nightmare (I can't remember the content of the dream) and woke up quite suddenly during the night.

I could hear my heart beating very fast and my whole body was drenched in cold sweat as if someone had poured water down my back. I sat bolt upright on my bed and stayed that way for a while.

"This is just great - a nightmare on the new year's day!" I thought with irritation, and as I didn't feel like going back to sleep straight away I went to the sitting room to get a drink (we had a refrigerator in there).

And when I entered the sitting room somehow all my family were there sitting on the sofa, huddled together in front of TV, even though it was well past midnight (I didn't check the clock but it was probably around 2 in the morning). Also there were usually no programs on TV around that time of the night but they were showing some news (this part is also vague) on it.

What's more, there was no sound coming from the TV...
And every single window was open wide leaving the room as freezing as the outside.
Obviously something strange was going on. I went cold all over.
"What the hell are you all doing?? What's got into your heads??" Trembling, I yelled at them.
Then my little brother replied:"But.....ah....(the voice was too quiet to make out)" and he started crying. When my parents saw that they shut all the windows and turned off the TV, all the while not speaking a single word and showing no emotion on their faces; and they gestured to my little brother, who was still crying, like they wanted him to go to bed, and they all went back to their bedrooms.
Witnessing such a creepy incident on the very first day of the new year disturbed me, and I no longer felt like sleeping. I stayed up until the morning reading a comic book in my room.

In the morning I asked my parents what they were doing in the middle of the night and they both looked at me like: "what the hell are you talking about??" There was a huge difference between the disbelieving faces I saw then and the emotionless faces I saw the night before that I became a bit panicky thinking: "was that ghost thing that I saw last night??"

Well I knew my friends wouldn't believe me if I told them and, as I had just been dumped by my girlfriend in the previous month, I concluded that I saw hallucinations due to stress.

Some days later I again woke up during the night because of a nightmare. This time I sort of remembered what had happened in the dream; it was about getting hit on the back of my head. Strangely even after I woke up my head still hurt. And somehow I was thinking nonsense like: "I will be safe in the convenience store..."
I also got obsessed with the thought "I've been attacked by a ghost," and in panic ran to the sitting room but no one was there. The room smelt like something had been burning in it, maybe because we'd had some meat for supper. And remembering the strange incident that happened in the room on the new year's day I ended up spending a sleepless night yet again.

And then around the beginning of February my body started to itch all over.
I thought at first I just had a dry skin condition, but I felt a strange burning sensation especially around my back and head, and I kept scratching at these places. It seemed to only get worse and I went to the dermatologist and got some ointment. I was going to rub it on after bath when my brother said, "can I do it for you?" I showed my back to him but suddenly he hit me with his palm really hard in the middle of my back. It hurt so much that I shouted angrily at him, saying, "bugger off!!"

My little brother always cried when I shouted at him, so very soon his eyes became watery. Just when I thought, "oh.. he's gonna cry, he's gonna cry," tears started streaming down his cheeks.

Then strangely his face sort of began to lose its colour and in the end he was crying but without any expression on his face...

It was so creepy and when I looked at my parents they too were crying without expression. Now I was totally lost... When I looked at them closely they seemed like they were trying to say something to me but I couldn't understand what. ',' was about all I could make out.

Just then everything around me turned red and gradually it faded into sepia colour, and I felt my consciousness leaving me. That was what I thought but the next moment I found myself transported to a completely different place. But the place, however, was familiar to me, and after some hard thinking I recognized it as my cousin's house.
My uncle was looking down at me with a worried face.

"Huh..? How did I get here??" I didn't know what was going on. Soon people started coming into the room.

I made a guess that up until then everything had been a dream but I didn't understand why I was in my uncle's house or why my grandparents were there, or why I was bandaged everywhere. I began to panic.

"Maybe we shouldn't tell him anything because he doesn't remember what happened," I heard my granddad say. But my uncle replied, ' But we must tell him. The offender hasn't been caught, and the police is going to come and ask questions.'

Then my uncle told me everything. Someone set fire on my house on the 1st January and the house got completely burnt down.

I survived by pure chance because I was in a convenience store at the time when the house was set on fire. But it seemed I encountered the arsonist after all and I was attacked with a kind of bat and got hit on the back of my head and my back, and on many other places on my body, which resulted in loss of memory. After the attack I was immediately admitted to hospital and for sometime my life hanged in balance. When I got better I was moved to my uncle's house.

And now it was already March. For the last two months I suffered amnesia and had been undergoing rehabilitation, and it seemed only now I had fully recovered my memories.

I cried and cried: because I lost all the important things in my life, and I had spent the whole two months not knowing it. My grandparents were looking at me with pained expression. My uncle just looked away, but my grandparents finally began to cry as well, and we just kept crying together.

My body was covered with bruises, I was bandaged like a mummy, and everytime I bent my limbs a stinging pain went through me.

The windows which were somehow wide open on a cold winter night; my family huddled together on the sofa with expressionless faces; the nightmare in which I was hit by a strange man; everything around me turning red - all things now fitted together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

The arsonist hasn't been found. And when they took my bandage off, there was one place on my bruised back which was left unscarred, and it was in a shape of a small hand.
It has been five years since the incident occurred and as my bruises began to fade, so did the hand print.

I'm sorry this story was too long and badly written. The memories of the incident will stay with me forever. The story itself may not be scary but I think the fact that the arsonist is still at large is very scary, at least for me.
Thank you for reading my story.