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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Kizimecca's Art

The Japanese artist Kizimecca's website has a list of his works that include stuff like "murder scene photos" in a ruined building, photos of a dead animal, and paintings that depict dismembered and tortured human beings.

In one interview Kizimecca says his works don't reflect his inner desire to torture and murder people but rather they are meant to be sort of a statement to the society.

Kizimecca also comments: "I want people to see my works and think 'wow they are so beautiful!' although no one has ever said that to me before *laughs*"

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Dir en Grey "Obscure (the uncensored version)" 18+

WARNING - EXTREME VIOLENCE!If you do not like seeing BLOOD, SEVERED LIMBS, TORTURE SCENES etc do not watch it, because I do not want you to be sick all over your computer.

It's quite loud so watch the volume as well!

Dir en Grey (wikipedia)
Dir en Grey Official Site


I confess I only watched the beginning. :P