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Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Master Series Episode 9 "The Urn"

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This has to be one of the scariest experiences I've ever had.

It was the autumn of my first year at university. My master in the Way of Occult was in the state of hiatus.
He sort of lacked his usual vigour and his intuitive power seemed to have dwindled.
Even when I said to him, "Please take me to a haunted place or something!" that sparked no fire in him, and his mind seemed to be elsewhere; he would just take out four 1-yen coins*1 from his pocket, shake them a little on the back of his hands, and mutter under his breath, "Nope. Bad omen,' and go back to lying down, thereafter not moving a muscle.

But one day, out of the blue, he grabbed me by the hand and said, "Let me read your palm."
After he had examined it a little, he said, "Oh dear, oh dear. This looks bad. So bad that I don't know what to make of it. You must be dying to know what I mean, yes?"
There he goes again, saying anything as he pleases.
"Well! So that's decided. Let's go, let's go!"
He dragged me along with him by force.
Nevertheless I was glad that he had perked up a little.

He didn't tell me where we were going but I obediently followed him.
We got on a train and headed to the the prefecture next to ours, and arrived at its main city.
After we got out of the station we walked into a mall.

In one corner of the mall, we spotted a small table with a sign that read "Palmistry," *2 behind which sat a middle-aged man.
My master called out to him in a familiar manner, and told me the man was his "relative."
The palmist, who introduced himself as Shuho, said to my master, "So you have come to see it again," with a look of displeasure on his face.
Shuho-san*3 was apparently a well-known local personage, and was also in kinship with  Hachiro Asano *4.

Before I had a chance to find out why we were there, I had my palm read by the man; but he said nothing was particularly bad about my palm, except that I had some lines indicating I might experience some troubles with women.
I was glad when he told me that the Girdle of Venus, *5 which is a semi-circle that starts from between the first and second finger and ends between the third and forth, was vivid on my hand.
The line is supposed to be an indication that I have an artistic trait in me.
"Aren't you going to have your palm read, senpai?" *6   I asked my master, but Shuhou-san glared at him and remarked, "There's no need for me to see his hand. Death is written all over it."
My master just laughed if off.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

House for Free

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[Kansai] Giveaways 3 [Free] *1

925 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 08:52:44 ID:oKOysTpy0
Does anyone want a house in North ward, Kobe?*2
But there are three conditions:
  1. You must receive it for sure *3
  2. Don't leave the house empty for more than three consecutive days
  3. Live in it until you die
 If you can keep these three conditions I will let you have it together with the land *4

927 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 09:36:33 ID:9nxs32dV0
>>925 all for free?
Does it have a garage?

930 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 10:46:17 ID:WJyJIS9g0
Such freaky conditions....
What kind of property is that?

936 :925:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:22:20 ID:oKOysTpy0
The house was renovated 20 years ago
but there's a well in the woods in the backyard, and the well sort of belongs to my grandparents, so my grandmother asked me not to let anyone touch it (it's fenced in, just in case)
If there's anyone here who can live in it until his death and who doesn't go on long trips, I can hand it over to him right away.
So if you think you're the person who can fulfil all the conditions, please come forward. It'd be a great help.
I don't want to give away too much info about the location, but it's somewhere in Tanigami. *5

938 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:25:25 ID:oKOysTpy0
Everything  is for free, but I don't want to keep ties with the locals,
so I'm not going to give you my contact details after that, *6
but I hope you'll be understanding about it because after all you'll be getting it for free

There's no garage, but it has a huge empty garden so you can park your car there

940 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:27:20 ID:4NXlvumj0
Please tell us all the downsides

945 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:43:40 ID:U9k3b5CrO
I can just imagine a body being dumped there inside the well
What would happen to the ownership of the land and house?

946 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:44:33 ID:wj6ZBA3K0
Oh I see it now

He kills his grandparents, dump their bodies in the well, and hand the land over to someone else, in the hope of obstructing the police investigation
It might be tricky for the police to perform an investigation on the land that belongs to someone who is not the suspect

954 :Anonymous:2009/02/04(Wed) 15:56:42 ID:oKOysTpy0
Nothing like that is happening. There are no downsides either
Something comes from the mountain at night, it's just so scary  it's heartrending
I for one never want to see it again

*1 This is the thread's title. "Kansai (関西)" refers to the western region of Japan.
*2 Kobe : a seaside town in the Kansai region (Wiki) . "Ward" is an area within a city.
*3 I think he means that you mustn't say "I'll have it" and then disappear or not live in it. 
*4 In Japanese law, the ownership of the land and house can be separate.
*5 Tanigami (谷上): a place in the North ward, Kobe.
*6 after that: I think he means "after I hand the house over to you."Japanese can be so ambiguous!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Never-Ending Dream

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I often have lucid dreams and I am used to having strange dreams, but last night's dream was nothing like the ones I'd ever had before.

I was alone walking down a narrow path in the woods.
Immediately I knew I was dreaming.
The colour green was too vivid, and the unnatural way the soles of shoes scraped the ground was a familiar sign of being in a lucid dream.
Normally when I realise I'm in a lucid dream I soon try to wake up and then go back to sleep again afterwards, but that time somehow I didn't feel like waking up.
So I kept walking down. It was a downward slope.

A house appeared in front of me.
It was a crumbling, Japanese-style wooden house.
Very old indeed.
It must have stood there for over a century, but from the size of it, it could have been a storage building rather than a residential quarter.
"I don't recognise this house...."
I uttered in spite of myself.
It was the first time an unfamiliar place ever appeared in my lucid dream.

It was dark inside the house, but because of the light that was coming from the wooden door I had left open, it was not completely dark.
A dusty wardrobe, and a large mirror covered with spider webs were left lying around.
Some detached wooden planks, small wooden boxes and somehow some spinning tops were scattered all over the floor.
It was a complete ruin.

Wait a minute, why am I in this place?
Why am I walking further into the darker area of the house?
In a lucid dream, where I am supposed to be able to exert total control over everything -  what am I doing?
I peered behind a panel screen that stood in front of me.
I think I "knew" what was behind it.
That was why I wasn't suprised when I saw it.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Please Tell Me the Way

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"Please tell me the way."
It was early in the evening.
I was stopped by a tall woman on the street.

Her legs were abnormally thin, and they were shaking as if they were struggling to hold the body in balance.
Her arms too were stick thin, and a crimson red handbag hang from her shoulder.
She kept wheezing as if she were either having a serious difficulty breathing or sighing repeatedly.
I was sure it was me whom she had just spoken to, but her eyes were directed away from my face and looking elsewhere.

"Uh...umm...., where are you going?"
She didn't look normal.
I thought I'd better deal with it quickly and leave.
"Kasuga Town, 1-19-4-201."
It was my apartment's address.
She said everything correctly down to the room number.
"I - I don't know where it is."
I decided I didn't want to have anything to do with her.
Then the woman doubled over, bowing deep, so that her thin waist made a cracking noise as if it were about to break.
I then saw her stagger to the end of the street and disappear around the corner.

"That was frigging freaky...."
I made sure I made a detour before going home.
I cautiously checked the front door and, seeing it was securely locked, opened it.

"Please tell me the way."
A voice echoed from inside the dark room.

Miffy's Secret

Here's the latest anatomical sketch of Miffy's mouth.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Friend's Visit

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I'm quite into ghost stories and I often tell my friends the stories found on 2 channel and other such places on the internet.
But I was sort of running out of stories to tell. lol

Then I bumped into a friend who is famous for knowing a lot of ghost stories.
We hadn't seen each other for a long time, and moreover, while we chatted it started raining hard, so I invited him to my house.

My friend stayed in my house for about half an hour.
After he'd done telling me ghost stories, he got up and said he had other appointments so he had to leave.
I went downstairs with him to see him out, but then he said,
"It looks like your girlfriend is pretty cross with me, huh?"
"??" I didn't understand what he meant. I wasn't going out with anyone at the time.
I said, what do you mean? lol  and he said that, when he came into the room, he saw a woman standing in the kitchen, who looked at him with an annoyed expression.
And he also often saw her come into the room while he was telling me those ghost stories.

Well, I'm living alone and there's no way there can be someone in the room beside me. 
I was a bit creeped out, but because my friend just went home without saying anything more, I thought he was just trying to scare me.

I went back home and saw no one there, as I'd expected. lol
But for a while after that I couldn't help but be in a funny mood.
Then after some time had passed, the same friend came over again.

So I said, "what's up?"
"I've come to see you," he said, so I said,
"But you just saw me."
"What? Oh... So he came to your place too?"
I prodded him to tell me more, and he said for sometime now he'd had friends and acquaintances telling him that they saw a ghost that looked just like him.
It seemed that the ghost wasn't a bad ghost and it never appeared more than once to the same person, so he said there was nothing to worry about.  But still it's kinda weird........