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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Book of Demon

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.

I thought this story would be appropriate for this occasion.
Enjoy and have a good time, whatever you are doing.
I'll be a bit busy for the next couple of days so I may not able to reply to your comments soon but I'll be back! Cheers!   - Saya


I used to live in Yokohama*1 and this is what happened to me when I was at junior high school.

My dad was a priest.*2 He was very easy-going and friendly for a priest and was quite popular among people.

I didn't have a very strong faith then, and maybe the only proper thing we did at home was praying a bit before meals.
We were leading a relatively peaceful life.

One day my big sis bought an old book, about a size of a fashion magazine, from an an antique shop.
This sis of mine was very into occult and she loved collecting weird stuff.
Every time she bought something like that dad would grumble, "A daughter of a priest, getting into a hobby like that! Not funny at all!"
It appears that there were sometimes really dangerous things among the things she bought and at those times dad would tell her, "Take them back to the shop or get rid of them!"

The book she bought this time too seemed to be a book about occult, written in English (sis was fluent in English).
And that very night sis tried to do a ritual about "summoning a demon"  ( she forced me to do it with her).
We were doing it for about 30 minutes.
Nothing unusual happened and we soon lost interest in it and started watching TV.

Later, dad came home.
As soon as he came in he said, 'What's this smell of beast? Did you bring in a dog or something?'
He then said he could smell it from sis's room and walked into to her room. There he immediately found the old book.

"___ko (← sis's name), come here. NOW!"
He was livid. We quickly ran to her room.
"....___ko, do you realise what this thing is?"
"Eh? Just a book about séance, isn't it?"
"You fool! This book's cover is made out of human skin, and everything that's written in it is about evil black magic!! And what's more - if this were just an ordinary black magic book it wouldn't cause much harm - but this was made by some Anti-Christian religious sect or someone from such an organisation. They've suffused it with a serious curse. No sane mind would think about using human skin for such a purpose.... I will dispose of this right now!!"
Having said those words, he grabbed the book and headed to the church, which stood not very far from our house.

About one hour later dad came back.
"Strange... the beastly smell hasn't gone away. Don't tell me you've tried some rituals from the book?"
With much reluctance sis confessed to dad about what we'd done. Dad gave her a hard slap across her face. This was the first time I'd ever seen him being violent towards someone.
"Getting into occult as a hobby is one thing. But doing it for real is another matter! I thought you were smarter than that. I thought you were content just reading and collecting knowledge....."
Dad then told to the now crying sis that she should go to the church with ___suke (← my name) tomorrow. And there was nothing more to be done that day.

In the middle of the night I felt the need to go to the toilet and sat up on the bed. I was just spacing out when I heard someone walking around inside the house.
I thought it was probably just dad or sis and didn't take much notice of it at first, but then the doorbell rang. For three times.
It had already gone past 3 after midnight. It was hard to imagine someone would want to visit us around that time.
I walked to the front door. No one there.
Then I tried to go back to my room when I heard three knocks from the inside of the toilet.
I checked the toilet immediately but no one was inside.
Next came a dry ripping noise, sounded for three times.
I started to feel really uneasy when dad came downstairs.
"Demons love number 3 and use it often. Don't worry, they are still at the 'Infiltration Stage.' Before they get to the 'Possession Stage'....."


Dad's words were cut short by sis's a piercing shriek from upstairs.
Me and dad rushed upstairs to sis's room. We opened the door. Sis was there.
For a second I didn't know what was happening. There was this thing that looked like sis but not sis.
She was sitting on the bed and looking at us, but something was wrong.
After a few more seconds I realised what it was. Her eyes were all black, and her tongue was sticking out. Her tongue was way too long.
She was screaming out some words I didn't comprehend.
"Impossible! To have gone past the Infiltration Stage this fast and be onto the Possession Stage......___suke! We must take___ko to the church now! Quick, give me a hand!!"

I did as he instructed me to do, and after binding both her arms and legs, carried her to a Land Cruiser*3 which was parked inside the garage.
Sis continued to act violently in the car and it was all I could do to hold her down.
As dad drove the car I asked him, "Is she possessed?" and he replied, "Yes." Then I asked him again, "What language is she speaking??" He said, "I'm not 100 percent sure, but it's probably Hebrew."

On the way to the church we ran over three black cats.
The traffic lights, which had just turned green, would immediately turn back to red. The car conked out for three times.
Dad continued driving calmly and we finally managed to arrive at the church.

We carried sis, who was still acting violently, inside and bound her to a chair. Dad came out from the back of the church, carrying a lot of tools.
"You are not gonna perform that exorcism thing like they do in the film, are you? Have you even done it before!?"
"I have. Once."
"Did it go successfully?"
"That time I wasn't alone. Maybe that's why we were successful..."
"Is there anything I can do to help?"
"It's not a ghost of a human we're dealing with, so try not to do anything without thinking first. Stand behind ___ko. If she pulls the rope apart, hold her down."

Having said it, dad started intoning,"'In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...." just like we see in the films, and sprinkled holy water on sis.
Every time the holy water got sprinkled on her face, her facial features became hideously contorted, and she screamed out; "It was all because that woman accepted it! (perhaps a reference to Virgin Mary when she had a conception? I heard about this from dad later)"and "If He hadn't died we would have become Kings ourselves! (a reference to Jesus? This too I heard from dad later)" Apparently, somehow all these words were uttered in Latin.

About 30 minutes into the exorcism, sis suddenly regained her consciousness, and started pleading to dad, shouting, "Help me, dad! Help me!"
I tried to say something to sis but dad stopped me, saying, "Don't talk to the demons during exorcism!! It could be real __ko, but it could be the demon talking. Ignore her."

And dad was trying so hard to ferret out the demon's name.
If he got the demon's name he could apparently diminish the demon's power.
Both me and dad were sweating like hell. I could smell faeces and urine from her mouth.
"Speak thy name!"
"fgbhnjmk,l.;rtyuiop;lkijhg (← some unintelligible words)"
"In the name of Saint ___ (← sorry I forgot the name), speak thy name!!!"

Dad got out a little piece of cloth torn out of  the sacred burial cloths of Jesus (dad didn't know if it was real or not, but it was effective so it must've had some sacred property). As soon as he pressed it on sis's forehead, the black-eyed sis tore away both the rope and the chair, screaming out:


At the same time, from all the windows of the church came the sound tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap  tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.
I looked up and saw the windows covered by ravens. They were all pecking away at the windows from outside.
It was impossible under natural circumstances for all ravens to come together in the middle of night and act in such a way.
Finally fear had taken its toll on me. I think I collapsed and lost consciousness.

When next I awoke I was in an emergency hospital, and it was still in the middle of night.
My sis apparently got some of her joints dislocated and dad had to take her to the hospital soon after they finished.  I was diagnosed as suffering from light anaemia.
"That thing who possessed sis, did it go away?"
"Yeah, for now."
"Will it come back?"
"Maybe. Maybe not. The world over there has no time line."
"It said we'll die in August, doesn't that scare you?"
"I got him out faster than I expected, so I don't think the demon had a very strong power. It was only a parting shot from a low-class demon. Don't let it bother you."
"What are demons, really?"
"I don't know... I don't know but we know they exist. I will tell you one thing: this time the demon was still in the process of possessing and also ___ko's consciousness was still present inside, that is why things went as well as they did. I don't think you are planning to become a priest, but if in the future you encounter someone who is completely possessed by a demon, then. ....."

After that nothing strange happened either to me or to sis. Nobody in the family died in August and we continued to live peacefully as before.

Three years ago, sis got pregnant and got married.
And there was a birth mark looking like number 666 on the child's body... no, only kidding! Nothing like that happened at all, but I heard that her son, who has just turned 3, said something weird the other day.
He said, "Mummy, don't ever go near the sea, OK?"

*1 Yokohama (横浜市 Yokohama-shi is one of the major port cities in Japan and has received lots of western infulences since the mid-19th century.  (Wikipedia). This is also my home town! :)
*2 I think the narrator means a Catholic priest. Catholic priests are generally celibate, but there seems to be some exceptions to the rule.
*3 Land Cruiser: the name of a Toyota car.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What should I do?

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your understanding.

This question was posted at a Japanese question-and-answer website.


【What should I do?】
Question: What should I do?
Date: 20th September 2008

Hi. This is my first time posting. I want your opinions.

Last year we bought an old house and after we bought the house we got some trees in the garden uprooted and found an old well there, but the estate agent never told us that there was such a well.
I found it creepy and paid a gardener to cover it over with earth but do you think I can ask the estate agent to pay for the cost?
And also ever since I got the well buried so many bad things have been happening to us, my husband got sick and got fired from his job, I had a miscarriage, and now the whole house is engulfed in gloom.

My mother-in-law kept blaming me saying, 'it's all because you buried the well,' which annoyed me so much that I battered her to death, uncovered the well, and buried her body inside, but she still walks around inside the house and throughout the night she sits by my bed cursing me
until the morning, so I can not get any sleep at all.
It's not just the old bitch, but the whole neighbourhood keeps complaining to me through radio waves.
They keep complaining from TV too so I can't watch TV.
It's actually all my husband's fault, he's the one who bought the house with the weird well in the first place, the other day I strangled him while he slept and buried him in the well the same way as the old bitch, but, he keeps walking around inside the house, and at night he curses me with the old bitch, what can I do to make the bitch and my husband go away?

Right now, as I'm typing in this question, they are right here beside me and watching me, and I'm so fed up with it all.
What should I do? Please someone tell me. Please.

Monday, 29 October 2012

The Camera of Prophecy

Note: I'm not the authour of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.

This is a cryptic story!


I bought a camera which was supposed to be able to photograph "a person's appearance ten years  from now."

I took a photo of myself for fun, but the picture that came out had nothing in it.
'What? It's broken! lol'
Then I took a photo of a friend who happened to be nearby.
The picture that came out showed an image of him looking like a beggar.

Now I'm really worried about his future.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Brother, the Woman, and the Man

One night I was reading a book in my flat on the second floor.
I had often heard rapping sounds inside my room and I thought it had something to do with the weak foundation on which the building stood.
But that day some sounds were coming from a poster in my room and that was unusual.
Before long I heard someone's footsteps going up the stairs outside and I thought my big brother was home.

But the footsteps went on and on and they wouldn't stop.
That was odd and within less than three minutes I was popping my head out of the door to see what was going on.

I found a woman standing on the stairs, looking confused.
"Er, is___(my brother's name) home?"
I assumed, by the look of it, that she was my brother's girlfriend.
So without thinking very much I replied, "Not yet."
"Oh, I see...."
Looking quite disappointed, the woman walked back down the stairs.

My brother is going out with some weird girl again! I thought and went back into the room. But then I realised something.
My brother was on a business trip and he wasn't coming home until two weeks later.
If the woman was really his girlfriend she should have known that.
And why didn't I remember about his business trip until now?

"Can I please wait for him here until he comes back?"

I heard a voice from behind, and before I knew it was already morning.

After I woke up I was wondering if all of that had been a dream when I got a call from my brother on my mobile.
In the call he said his best friend had passed away and asked me if I could attend the funeral on his behalf.
(When I think about it now that was an odd request.)
I couldn't say no, and went to the address he gave me.

Usually when a house is holding a funeral they put up some temporary direction boards around the house and you will see those as you draw near to the house.  But I saw nothing of the kind and thought that was odd.
When I arrived at the house there was no reception either. I thought my brother must have got the address wrong. But just as I took out my mobile a woman came out of the house and greeted me.
"Oh, aren't you ___(my brother's name)?"
"Ah, no, I'm his younger brother."
When I answered, she said, "Of course, ___(my brother's name) isn't a student anymore, is he?" She chuckled to herself and invited me in.

I was then told the house was indeed where my brother's best friend used to live, but it had already been five years since he had passed away, and my brother had attended the funeral too.
I pressed my palms together in prayer at the little altar* inside which was his portrait; I didn't recognise the guy.

As I continued chatting with the lady I was thinking I must call my brother and get some explanation for this. But just then I got a call from my mother.
She told me that my brother had been in an accident in the place where he went for the business trip.
Without so much as saying goodbye to the lady, I dashed out of the house and rushed to the train station where my mother said she would be waiting for me, and together we travelled to the place where my brother was.

We managed to arrive sooner than we thought, but my brother had already gone into a coma. His rescue was delayed due to him having been trapped inside a car.
The doctor said we had to brace ourselves for the inevitable.

As I sat on the bench in the corridor with my mother trying my best to comfort her, my ears caught some irregular sounds of footsteps.
It was still early in the day and it was nothing unusual to hear many footsteps in the building but that particular set of footsteps which had caught my attention was not like usual footsteps.
Then it dawned on me that I had heard those footsteps before - on the staircases outside my flat.

In front of me appeared the woman I encountered at my flat.
"Not yet? Not yet? Not yet?"
I heard her mutter over and over again, and I knew in an instant that she was the one who brought it all about.
I glared at her and said "Go away!" in my heart.
In a flash she stopped muttering and her eyes swiveled round to look at me.
Her face didn't move an inch, yet only her eyes swiveled round like lightning.
Now I became aware that I was dealing with something terrible and felt chills down my spine.

I didn't know what on earth I could do and for a while me and the woman just kept glaring at each other.
Then suddenly there came another set of footsteps and for one second I looked towards the direction where the footsteps were coming from; and when I turned my eyes back the woman was gone.
I was thinking 'what's happened?' when a man, about the same age as my brother, appeared in front of me.
"Hey, you tell him not to make me worry too much, alright?"
He said, and making a fist he gently poked at my head a few times. And then he disappeared.
The man's face was the same as the one I saw in the picture at my brother's best friend's house.

My brother eventually woke up from a coma.
Later I asked him about the call but he said he never gave me one.
I looked at the call log and discovered that his name wasn't on it.

When I told him all the strange things that had happened to me, my brother cried.


*little altar - Here I am referring to a butsudan (仏壇, literally "Buddha altar"), a shrine commonly found in Japanese homes. A butsudan is a wooden cabinet with doors that enclose and protect a religious icon, typically a statue or painting of a Buddha or a mandala scroll. Some people place ihai (memorial tablets for the deceased ) and ihei (portraits of the deceased) within the butsudan.( wikipedia)  On the left is a picture of a butsudan.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Three Bizarre Flashes (updated)

I've uploaded the files for these flashes on my own site but I forgot to change the site's setting to go public. It was set to private viewing only before that's why the links didn't work. Now FINALLY  you should be able to watch them without problems (2012).

Click on each title to jump to the flash!


(All flashes are from: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  <---the link is now dead

Cursed Video (updated)

The message in the middle of the movie says: "You must show this to another person within 10 days of watching it; otherwise death will await you."

Curse Song

A strange creepy movie entitled "Curse Song" found in youtube!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Master Series Episode 7: "Deformity"

Note: I'm not the author of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.

I knew someone whom I called the Master in the Way of Occult, and he had his own ideas about ghosts. He would often give me lectures on their nature.

According to my master, nearly all ghosts are not aware that they are actually dead.

For example those who died in accidents may still be hovering around the scene of the accidents and continue asking for help; there are others who keep repeating the same routine they used to follow when they were alive.
The ghosts like those get scared of the same things that we humans get scared of.
Just like us, they get scared of yakuza*1, savage dogs and crazy people. You can give them a fright just by shouting at them.
The more problematic ones are those who are immune to such intimidation
Anyway it is always better not to get involved with those who are not aware that they are dead.

Such were his words, and I could understand them easily and also had heard similar things being said by others before.
But one day he told me a thing about ghosts which I have never read or heard from any other sources.
It could be that I'm just ignorant, but I wonder what you people's opinions are on this matter.

When I was in my second year at university some curious incidents happened to me in succession.

The first incident was when I went to a pachinko parlour*2. I was just loitering about when an  unusual appearance of a man, sitting in front of one of the machines, stopped me dead in my tracks.
His lips were abnormally swollen and drooping down to such an extent that they nearly touched his chest.
I just acknowledged then that there were people with such a disease as that and that was all.

But then the next day I was on the bus on the way to the town, and while I sat absent-mindedly in the seat opposite the front door*3, I noticed a person sitting in front of me had an extra finger.

No matter how many times I counted, the hand on the armrest had six fingers.
I saw a thumb sticking out from the left side of the hand but there was another one huge finger sticking out from the other side of the hand.

Was it something called "polydactyly*4"?
The person got off the bus before I did, but no one seemed to be looking at the person apart from me.
I wondered why no one paid any attention to a person with such an obvious deformity, but later on I realised how thoughtless I was.

Then on the following day I encountered a dwarf.
I was in a pachinko parlour again and noticed a child wandering around the aisles; but when I looked carefully it was actually a middle-aged person.
The person had a peculiar face and it was impossible to tell whether it was he or she; the dwarf kept muttering, "It's not coming out, " in a high-pitched voice.
The dwarf's gnarled legs seemed to be making him(or her) appear even smaller.
He or she was probably no taller than my chest, and I am not a very tall person.

This time I kept myself from staring. I felt it strange that I got to see so many unique individuals within such a short span of time.

I told my master what had happened, but instead of being overjoyed, his face hardened.
He loved scaring me and I had half-expected him to start teasing me and say irresponsible things like "you are cursed" or something, but he said nothing of the sort.
My master was sunk in deep thought for sometime but finally opened his mouth.
"Once you see something out of ordinary, for sometime after it you would naturally start paying more
attention to people. So things like that could happen. It's a matter of probability, you see. But there's something in your story that doesn't sound quite right."

"The seat, which is the one you sat in, was opposite the door of the bus and had windows on the right, wasn't it?"
I thought, what is he on about now?, but just nodded to his question.
"Of course the same goes for the seat in front of yours.  Now, the hand you saw on the armrest; was it a right hand or a left hand?"
I didn't know what he was driving at, so I just shook my head.
"While some buses have seats with their armrests on the window side, considering the situation you told me - that you could clearly see the hand and you also wondered why other people weren't noticing the deformity - I assume the armrest was on the aisle side. It follows then that the thumb shouldn't be sticking out from the left side of the hand."

Gosh! I thought.
"The hand that was on the armrest should have been a left hand, but from the way you describe it, it appeared to have been a right hand. But all you noticed was about there being an extra finger. Even I, who was only listening to your story, noted the incongruity; and it strikes me as odd that you didn't. You of all people should have noticed it, because you saw it directly, and what's more, were making a detailed study of it."

I had a feeling that I was going to hear something terrible and felt cold sweat breaking out all over me.

"In the other two stories, you gave me accounts of the people's sexes or their appearances, but in the bus story you didn't. But you said you saw the person stand up and leave the bus. You should have known what the person looked like. You have seen but you do not remember. All the details are very hazy. You are unconsciously hiding from yourself that some parts of your memory are hazy, and trying to convince yourself that it was just a matter of deformity and nothing more. I ask you again, were you the only one who was staring at the person in question?"

My master unfolded his previously crossed arms, and held up his hand in front of me.
"Look, show me your dominant hand. So you are right-handed.
Have your right palm facing downwards. And then on top of the right hand lay your left hand facing downwards as well. Let all the fingers, except the thumbs, be placed exactly on top of each other. Good.
So your left middle finger comes on top of your right fourth finger. Draw the left hand back a little...
Get the rest of the fingers do the same, don't worry if some fingers are not quite the same in length. Now you see you have six fingers all together."

I hope you, the readers, try this and see it for yourself.

"Now you have two thumbs, and your hand becomes symmetrical. How do you feel?"
It was a very strange feeling. How can I describe it -  Calm? Peaceful? I felt more unified than when I am simply, say, pressing my palms together.
I felt that especially when I moved my hand up and down while keeping the six-fingered form.
"That is the shape of a hand we humans unconsciously wish to attain.
Symmetrical, with one thumb on each side for grabbing things.
I have seen  "ghosts with two thumbs"  on some occasions."

"So you mean, that person I saw was actually a ghost, that was only visible to me?"
"Probably. You get those kinds sometimes.
Some ghosts retain their former shapes, but some others try to stabilise their ever-changing selves by unconsciously altering their shapes. So they end up becoming ambidextrous or six-fingered..."
Said my master, and he jokingly made a gesture to attack me with his six-fingered hand.

His talk filled me with the sense of wonder.
I have never heard it being talked about, either before or after I heard it from my master.
No books I have read have ever dealt with such a subject.
Was it just something my master made up? Or were they some rules about the world I do not know?

I will never find out the truth now.

*1Yakuza are members of traditional organised crime syndicates in Japan (wikipedia)
*2The second picture from the top shows a pachinko parlour. A pachinko is a Japanese gaming device used for amusement and gambling ( wikipedia)
*3 Look at the picture at the top. It shows the inside of a typical Japanese bus. The storyteller would have sat on the seat in the right row, the second from the front. The driver's seat is on the right, and the front door on the left.
*4 Polydactyly is a congenital physical anomaly in humans, dogs, and cats having supernumerary fingers or toes.(wikipedia)

Monday, 22 October 2012

The Cursed Dolls

Note: I'm not the authour of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.

Due to the nature of my job I often had to move house. Sometimes we lived in rented apartments and sometimes in rented houses.
This happened when I was transferred to  a place called Hagi in Yamaguchi prefecture. There I found a cheap house for rent and decided to take it. It was overall a good property but there were a few drawbacks; although it was large it was a bit ramshackle and it also stood isolated way back in the mountain.

Nearly a month had passed since we started living in the house when one day my daughter found a strange box in the garden.
Now, during my first holiday there I did go around the inside and outside of the house, taking time
to check everything over to make sure all was well; so I was sure there was no such thing as a box in the garden before. I would definitely have noticed it if it were there because it had a very characteristic look.

Although I think my psychic power is next to none, I could sense there was something really uncanny about the box .
If only I had made a right choice then, I probably wouldn't have had to go through all the terrifying experience that followed.
But I decided to burn the ill-fated box.
I am sure anyone with a common sense would have either thrown away or destroyed the thing. At the time it seemed to me there were no better choices.
Or so I thought.

A few days later, a terrible incident took place.
My friend had a car accident.
The car went up in flames and by the time she was taken to the hospital she had already stopped breathing, having suffered burns all over her body.
Again a few more days had passed when yet another friend of mine, who, while having a bonfire in her garden, caught fire by accident, and suffered severe burns on both her right arm and the right side of her face.

I went to visit the friend in the hospital and asked her what had happened.
She told me that, just a few days before the accident, she dreamt that she was being burnt alive.
I am someone who does not believe in such things as superstition, but this time I thought maybe I knew what might have caused those accidents...

After I left the hospital I immediately went home and searched the garden.
I found the small hole where I tried to burn the box and discovered that the box had survived the fire.
I remember that, just when I reached out to get the box,  I felt an awful chill come over me. Some dolls tumbled out of the box.

There were three dolls in all. One of them had been burnt to a crisp, and another one was only half-burnt.
The last one was completely intact. They were all traditional Japanese girl dolls wearing kimonos.
When I picked up the half-burnt doll, the doll's kimono crumbled away.

And the minutes I saw the doll's now bare back I was struck by utter terror.
My friend's name was written on it. The one that was completely burnt was too blackened so I couldn't make anything out but I think I'd had enough information to guess what might have been written on there.
Because the one that was left intact had my name on it.

Everything was a mystery. Who did this thing?
Three of  us didn't particularly had anything special between us. I have a lot of other friends.
I could not think of anyone holding a grudge against me. Why was the thing left in this house...?
Was there someone living here before me who had a grudge against me? But I have no acquaintances living in Yamaguchi prefecture.

Everything was just so extraordinary.

I moved out of the house soon after the incident.
I took the dolls to a shrine. I can not forget what the person at the shrine told me then:

"I  tried to purge them, but they are not something you can purge.
The grudge that infests these dolls are not of human origin."

Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Interview

A woman gets possessed by a ghost half way through the interview and goes beserk.
Don't watch it at night!

From about 0:29, the woman starts saying, first quietly, "Is Mr. Tajima here?" and she soon starts yelling, repeating those same words over and over.

The narrator is roughly saying:
Why did Yukiko Hasebe(the name apparently uttered by the woman) come to see Mr.Tajima?
Maybe Yukiko Hasebe and this mysterious face are connected to the porn actress who commited suicide after a disastrous love affair? (by the way the woman is interviewing for a porn shoot.)
Did she hold a strong grudge against Mr. Tajima and come back from the afterlife?

Thursday, 18 October 2012

How to Go to Another World by Using the Elevator

What you need: a building with ten storeys or more, with an elevator.

1. Get in the elevator (you must get in alone).
2. While in the elevator, go to the floors in the following order: 4th floor →2nd floor→6th  floor→2nd  floor→10th floor. (If someone else gets in while you are doing it, you can not complete the ritual.)
3. When you arrive at the 10th floor, press the 5th floor button without getting out.
4. When you arrive at the 5th floor a young woman will get in and join you in the elevator. (Do not speak to her.)
5. After the woman gets in, press the 1st floor button.
6. After you press the 1st floor button, the elevator will take you up to the 10th floor instead of taking you down to the 1st floor. (If you press other floors' buttons at this point you will fail to complete the ritual, but this is also your last chance to quit it.)
 7. When your elevator has gone past the 9th floor, you can take it as a sign that your ritual is now well nigh complete.

There is only one way of checking if you have been successful at the ritual or not;
The world you have arrived should have only one person - namely you - in it.
I do not know what happens after you arrive there.
But I can tell you this much; the woman who gets into the elevator on the 5th floor is not a human being.


Here is one man's experience of the ritual:

I tried it!!
The company I work for has a ten-storey building so it was convinient.
It was a holiday and no one was around too.

So I went 4→2→6.
The 6th floor is where I work and I could see my empty office from the elevator.
Then I went 2→10. No one was getting in. It was a holiday after all.

Then I arrived on the 5th floor, the door opened, and I saw someone standing there!
It was a woman too!
I was startled and let out a little gasp.
But it was just my senior colleague, Ms Takemoto(pseudonym). She is a woman, about thirty or so.
She was laughing at my reaction.  
'You are working overtime too, Ms Takemoto?' I said and let her in.
I was going to press the 1st floor button, but I thought it would appear weird for a person to come to the building the first thing in the morning and then immediately leave, and anyway the ritual was already over, so I gave up and pressed the 6th floor button.
(When I come to think of it now, it must have appeared weird too for a person to come down in the elevator and go up again without getting out. lol)
But then Ms Takemoto pressed the 10th floor after me which made me jump a little.
Well, I think she works on the 10th floor.
I thought maybe something might still happen if I ventured to go up to the 10th floor, but if I had gone up there with Ms Takemoto without reason she certainly would have taken me for a weirdo, so with much regret I got out at the 6th floor.

As was I getting out I thought I heard someone click her tongue behind me. 
I spun around but the elevator door had already closed and I wasn't sure if it was Ms Takemoto who made that sound.
Maybe I just imagined it.

So nothing happened to me after all.
But I wonder what Ms Takemoto was doing on the 5th floor at that time of day.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The News Bulletin (Updated)

About ten years ago I turned on the TV around 2:30 am. Sure enough , all I saw on the screen were colour bars and there was no sign of anything coming up soon. I was about to give up and go to bed when suddenly the colour bars disappeared from the screen, and some place that looked like a landfill appeared instead.

Together with the image, the words "The NNN News Bulletin" popped up at the top. For a while the screen continued to show the same landfill, viewed from a distance.

I carried on watching it, wondering what it was. Soon a lot of names started appearing, moving slowly up from the bottom of the screen, like end credits of a movie; and a monotonous voice read out these names one by one.
So it went on for the next five minutes or so, against a quiet, gloomy music in the background.
Finally when all the names had been said, the voice announced; "They are tomorrow's victims. Goodnight."

Ever since then I'm too scared to watch anything on TV past midnight.
And no one has ever believed my story either.

The picture is just an image and has nothing to do with the story.

I found this video on Youtube, showing how "The NNN News Bulletin" might have looked like.

gyatei (Updated)



The site's contents changed often, but if you are interested, I found out gyatei as of 10th January 2010 has been stored in the Internet Archive. Click the link below to jump:
(once you are there wait a few seconds until it transfers you to the page)

There you will see pictures like; woman's private part covered with boil-like things (the second from the top), and a bloody person giving milk to a baby (the fifth from the top) and so if you don't want to see stuff like those, keep away from it. (I myself haven't seen all of them: although I did see the second picture for a brief second - and it was not pretty)


(Below is my original post in 2011)

One of the bizarrest sites you are ever likely to come across.
It's filled with random strange pictures and gif animations, and however hard you try, you can never reach to the bottom of the page!
Some  images might be quite gruesome (like a picture of a bloody dead body), so please be careful watching it.

Message from me:

Hi everyone!
May I say thank you again for all the kind support you have given to the earthquake victims in Japan!

I hope you are all doing well! ;)
And I'm sorry if I can't answer all your comments.
I also don't know when next I can update.

Weird Pictures (Updated)

Go To The Weird Japanese Blog

The link above is now dead, but I've managed to find some pictures on the web which I remember were once displayed on that blog.

CLICK HERE to see the pictures.


(Below is the original text posted in 2011)

A Japanese blog full of bizarre and disturbing pictures.
Each picture is accompanied by indecipherable Japanese words.
I can't even read the blog title (hence just "the Weird Japanese Blog").

When you are there click the link at the bottom left of the page to see the older posts.

Tarako Kewpie TV Spot "The Miniture Square"

OH JOY!The Lord hath given us another Tarako Kewpie for the enrichment of our souls!


How to make a Hinna-kami*1:

1. Collect some soil of seven cemeteries from seven different villages*2.
2. Mix the soil with human blood and mould it into the shape of a god you believe in.
3. Bury the doll in a busy street and let one thousand people step over it*3.
4. If you then worship the doll, it will bring to you whatever your  heart desires.

But before you proceed with this ritual, remember that Hinna-kami will haunt you for the rest of your life, and in the end you will die a horrible, painful death. It might even still be possessing your soul after you die, so that it can take your soul to hell.

Other sources say:

人形神(Hinna-kami, Hinna-gami or the doll-god) is a name given to a type of possessive spirit, famous around Toyama Prefecture. In those areas, when a family suddenly becomes wealthy, people whisper behind their back that they must be worshiping a Hinna-kami.

You can also make a Hinna-kami by the following method:

Make one thousand dolls, each one measuring 9 cm tall, and boil them in a pan.
You will see only one out of the one thousand dolls will float up to the surface.
The one that floats up is called "Kochobo" and it traps one thousand spirits within it.
If you then worship it, it will bring to you whatever you want.
When you are not giving any commands to it, it comes to you of its own accord demanding 'What's next?What's next?' So that is why the family that worships a Hinna-kami tends to suddenly become wealthy.

*1 "kami" means a "god" in Japanese.
*2 Another source says you make the doll out of gravestone.
*3 Another source says "three thousand people for three years."

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Three Panel Mirror (Updated)

Watch the right side of the mirror. What happens when the little girl combing through her hair turns to look at her mother (camera), looks back at the mirror and then turns away from it again?

The narrator at the end says that this is an old mirror which had been given to the little girl's mother as a gift by her acquaintance.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Steps to Follow

Note: I'm not the authour of this story. I've translated it from the original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.


A Cryptic Story again!

I obtained a copy of the Book of Curse.
In the beginning of the book it said:
"If the steps are followed precisely according to the instructions it will lead to the activation of curse. However if the steps are followed incorrectly the curse will rebound on the caster himself.
Are you still willing to proceed?"

Of course!
I have someone I will never forgive as long as I live.
That is why I went so far as getting my hands on this Book of Curse.
I began following the instructions.

Step One: First, close your eyes and picture the face of the person you want to cast a curse on.
Easy. His face is one thing I could never forget even if I wanted to.
I pictured his face as clearly as possible in my mind's eye.

OK, done. Let's have a look at the next step...

Step Two: Imagine what kind of curse you want to activate.
That is also easy.
I will put him through every kind of human suffering imaginable on earth, and make sure he dies in great pain!
Alright, done. What's next...?

Step Three: Finally, open your eyes. 

At a Party

This a cryptic story. Try to guess the deeper meaning beneath the surface.

Note: I'm not the authour of this story. I've translated it from original Japanese into English. Please do NOT copy and paste it somewhere else on the web without my permission.

The other day I organized a birthday party at home.
During the party I took many pictures, and after I had them developed, I noticed something bizarre.
One of the pictures showed a closet behind my smiling friends, the door of which was slightly ajar, and from the crack a pale-faced, red-mouthed woman peeped out, glaring straight at me.

I panicked, and immediately called on a psychic to have the picture examined.
But the guy said, 'I feel no spiritual energy emanating from it. This is not a ghost picture.'

Thank God, I was relieved.