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Thursday, 18 October 2012

How to Go to Another World by Using the Elevator

What you need: a building with ten storeys or more, with an elevator.

1. Get in the elevator (you must get in alone).
2. While in the elevator, go to the floors in the following order: 4th floor →2nd floor→6th  floor→2nd  floor→10th floor. (If someone else gets in while you are doing it, you can not complete the ritual.)
3. When you arrive at the 10th floor, press the 5th floor button without getting out.
4. When you arrive at the 5th floor a young woman will get in and join you in the elevator. (Do not speak to her.)
5. After the woman gets in, press the 1st floor button.
6. After you press the 1st floor button, the elevator will take you up to the 10th floor instead of taking you down to the 1st floor. (If you press other floors' buttons at this point you will fail to complete the ritual, but this is also your last chance to quit it.)
 7. When your elevator has gone past the 9th floor, you can take it as a sign that your ritual is now well nigh complete.

There is only one way of checking if you have been successful at the ritual or not;
The world you have arrived should have only one person - namely you - in it.
I do not know what happens after you arrive there.
But I can tell you this much; the woman who gets into the elevator on the 5th floor is not a human being.


Here is one man's experience of the ritual:

I tried it!!
The company I work for has a ten-storey building so it was convinient.
It was a holiday and no one was around too.

So I went 4→2→6.
The 6th floor is where I work and I could see my empty office from the elevator.
Then I went 2→10. No one was getting in. It was a holiday after all.

Then I arrived on the 5th floor, the door opened, and I saw someone standing there!
It was a woman too!
I was startled and let out a little gasp.
But it was just my senior colleague, Ms Takemoto(pseudonym). She is a woman, about thirty or so.
She was laughing at my reaction.  
'You are working overtime too, Ms Takemoto?' I said and let her in.
I was going to press the 1st floor button, but I thought it would appear weird for a person to come to the building the first thing in the morning and then immediately leave, and anyway the ritual was already over, so I gave up and pressed the 6th floor button.
(When I come to think of it now, it must have appeared weird too for a person to come down in the elevator and go up again without getting out. lol)
But then Ms Takemoto pressed the 10th floor after me which made me jump a little.
Well, I think she works on the 10th floor.
I thought maybe something might still happen if I ventured to go up to the 10th floor, but if I had gone up there with Ms Takemoto without reason she certainly would have taken me for a weirdo, so with much regret I got out at the 6th floor.

As was I getting out I thought I heard someone click her tongue behind me. 
I spun around but the elevator door had already closed and I wasn't sure if it was Ms Takemoto who made that sound.
Maybe I just imagined it.

So nothing happened to me after all.
But I wonder what Ms Takemoto was doing on the 5th floor at that time of day.

One of my blog readers, CRRobbins, actually tried this ritual out and fortunately came back in one piece to share his experience of it!

Here's his video.

In his post from which this video is taken from, CRRobbins reports that the video was shot at a beach resort in Destin, Florida, around 10 or 11pm.

Thank you for your hard work, CRRobbins!


  1.'s scary o__o
    no matter how curious I am, I'm definitely won't try this if I can't go back :''D
    yay! I hope you post more rituals! I get eager to read this kind of post \:D/ (without any intention to try of course...) I the first?

  2. i'm not even sure that is the real Ms Takemoto.

    1. If it is the real one, it might suggest... interesting things.

    2. I have never tried it yet. But I am 100% sure there are definitely other parallel dimensions in the universe for sure. Worldwide I am unsure if there's actually been it confirmed encounter. Does anyone know? ������

  3. I've never wanted to do something scary so much in my life. :p Although it kind of whomps that you can only do it alone. I wonder if you did the ritual the reverse way, you could go back home. So many questions this brings up! lol.

    Do you think the numbers hold any significance? Because I think the number '4' is supposed to be the 'death' number or 'unlucky' number in Japanese culture, much like how the number 13 is in America.

    Absolutely love the person's account of what happened.

  4. Hey guys, thank you for your comments^^

    @Prisilia: I find this ritual very scary too!No, you'd better not try it, I would feel responsible if you disappeared from this world!

    And yes, you are the first, dear!
    You deserve a prize!
    I noticed too that you've got another pretty picture for your profile!

    @Time: I thought the same! Creepy, isn't it?

    @Adorably Dead: Oh don't try it!
    Yes imagine doing it all on your own!

    You maybe right about doing it in reverse order! Who knows!

    Don't know what siginificance those numbers holds though. You are right about "4," it's unlucky because 4 when it's pronounced sounds the same as "death" in Japanese!

  5. Thanks for posting this Saya.

    I'm wondering what happens if the ritual completes but you don't step out of the lift. Will the lady push you out? Will the person be able to get back to the original world?

    Anyway very interesting ritual.

  6. @Dethyl: yeah I wonder about those things too! Shame I can't provide answers for them!

  7. I was very curious and dug around on the internet (since people are usually curious about rituals). I found something very similar here.

  8. That's interesting, Dethyl, thank you for the information!

    Since the ritual has become somewhat famous among the net users in Japan you are bound to find other article besides mine on the same subject.
    But this version of the story I have never seen. It even suggests you ways to come back to the original world, I see!

  9. I find myself interested in trying this. not that i seriously believe anything will happen, but curiosity mixed with boredom is a pretty strong emotion.
    what stops me, is that on the chance it might work (because you never really know right?) i won't know how to get back.

  10. If i ever try this (probably never haha) i will remember that if a girl comes in from the 5th floor whether i know her or not the ritual is probably working so i'll get off on the 6th too haha.. (out of panic because the person with me may or may not be human)

  11. @tom nash: I heard some people have triend this ritual and failed but yeah, the ones who did succeed perhaps didn't come back to tell the tale!

    But like ryuu says in the comment below you, you can see whether a girl gets in on the 5th floor and then decide whether you want to continue or not!

    But still I would be worried if you tried it, so let us know beforehand if you ever want to try it!

    @ryuu: that is a very good idea, ryuu! I would do the same as you!

  12. Wow... that man might have saved himself by getting out before they reached the 10th floor, and he didn't even realize it. Very creepy ritual.

  13. @Anon: that's right, I think that's what happened to the man!

  14. Omg Saya! I am SO happy that you're back! I've been linking your blog to people several times whenever I got asked for creepy stories. This is my favorite blog ever and I shall keep checking often! Welcome back!!

  15. @Hikage: Hello, Hikage, nice to see you again :)
    Your favourite blog? That's very flattering!I must admit comments like yours keep me motivated :)
    Thank you and take care!

  16. Hello Saya, it's me again :D Thanks for complimenting on my name :)

    That sounds really creepy and as for the experience, I think co-incidence happens for a reason, it may meant something else, hah. And I think the guy was lucky to be alive >_<

  17. @Luna: I agree with you. He was lucky he didn't go up to the 10th floor with the woman at the end!
    Thank you for commenting sweetie, take care :)

  18. Hello! You've got a new reader. =D This is the best paranormal blog I've seen, and I really enjoy reading it. I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago, and I was afraid it wouldn't get updated again, so I'm quite glad it's active once more!

    That said, if I tried this ritual and somebody did join me on the 5th floor, I'd push that 6th floor button faster so fast, I might actually strain my shoulder. XD

  19. Small typo: that extra "faster" doesn't belong in that last sentence. I guess I really had the word "fast" on my mind! XD

  20. @Diogo: wow thank you very much for saying that those nice things! I'm really happy you like my blog. It does get me motivated to update more when I hear people say they enjoy reading my blog!

    Oh don't worry about small mistakes like that, I'm making mistakes about one million times daily! To err is human, to moo bovine! lol

  21. It's a stretch to find buildings here with more than 10 floors that are deserted at any time of the day. Where I'm living, such buildings are usually active 24/7 due to the proliferation of call centers, which are often on all times of the day, especially during the night. They have their own share of scary stories, though.

    When I was little (about 10 or 11, can't remember) we rode this elevator of a really posh hospital. This was really late in the evening, so there are few people about, just a scattering of nurses for night duty. It just so happened that the elevator went right on to the lowest basement level, where the morgue was (even though we were sure we pressed for the ground floor button) and you can imagine our confusion (and terror, now that we recall) that a couple wearing a wedding outfit came in. Their backs faced us so we couldn't see them, but they're really tall.

    I couldn't remember how we got out of that elevator but supposedly the couple was left in there. Even up to now we couldn't figure out what those two were doing in that deserted part of the hospital at that time of the night - garbed in full wedding regalia no less.

    Elevators are freaking scary.

  22. @Zanyuki: I think the whole building doesn't have to be deserted, it's just you don't want people getting onto the elevator while you are doing the ritual. But yeah if the whole building is teeming with people it would be hard to be left alone in the elevator anyway, wouldn't it?

    And gosh, who were the couple in your story? I mean nowadays you hear people getting married in the strangest of places - up in the mountain, deep in the sea, while falling from the sky(skydiving) etc etc. But morgue? Never heard of it. It does sort of seem to be an appropriate place to utter "till death do us part!" though.

    Thank you for your interesting story!:)

  23. @Saya

    If this was Facebook I would've clicked Like on that comment. It made me laugh - "till death do us part", indeed! =))

    I have no idea who that couple was. If that happened today (I'm 27), I would've asked the hospital staff and researched around. But sadly that was too long ago and all I have of the memory is that feeling of abject terror.

    You're too nice, Saya. :)

  24. I like elevators, the only time I don't is when they are crowded...I'm always smushed against a wall hahah!
    I'd like to try it but a building that might be weird for me to just stroll into such a building as they are often business buildings >.<
    Another world... I wonder what world it would go to? maybe I'd find my home planet/world (;v;)

  25. waah thanks for the compliment! hehe, no! no! it's impossible for me to do the ritual because I'm such a coward toward supernatural world, I don't even dare to watch every video you posted hahaha I just enjoy reading creepy story, so glad you're posting new post regularly :-)

  26. Oh wow I kinda wonder how ppl would get back because meaning there's a way in doesn't mean you can ever go back..and being alone in one world..I'd go mentally insane

  27. I tried it before while my boyfriend waiting outside on the ground floor. I've just done on 5th floor when I saw someone . . . standing quietly. I press any button I can, trembling inside XD I'm not sure who's that person actually. ( For seconds, I cant imagine if I willing to stand in elevator with . . . err,that XX )

    # Thank God, I still exist. If I continue the ritual, I might be disappear and hunting you right now. Hahaha

  28. @Anon: Oh dear, oh dear! I'm glad you are OK. Be very careful! I don't want you to disappear!

  29. This blog has been bookmarked! One of the best Horror Stories Blog i've ever read! Please keep updating your blog and keep up the good work! :D

  30. @Jason: Cool! Thank you very much for your compliment! I'm having a lot of fun updating this blog at the moment, so I will be around for sometime! :D

  31. (this is Dest, posted on your most recent story)

    I remember wanting to try this when I first read it, and read the link to that other blogs version. I find it interesting, and all, but I'm a coward. I'm scared of too much since reading all these stories. I have a huge mirror in-front of my door that I pass every night and morning to get to the bathroom, or anywhere when leaving my room. Reading those stories about mirrors cheeped me pout. Just like the dolls in my room ><

    I would like to see where you find these stories/ comments. One day I'll take Japanese (most likely my last 2 semesters because I need to keep my scholarship, and the only people I can practice with are a friends mom and grandma,n his mom s[peaks jap to her mom, and his grand ma only speaks jap (sorry don't feel like spelling it out, hope you do not mind Saya)

    I'm thankful his mom likes me :)

    if you have any other sites where people translate stories, or where its in English but it talks about other origin stories I'd love that as well :)

  32. @Dest: mirrors scare me too :)

    I get these stories all over the web. You can practice Japanese with me too lol

    Your friend's mum is Japanese? Cool. My own mother is Taiwanese lol

    I don know any other sites dear, I'm sorry. Recently I sometimes visit though and that's mainly for brushing up on my English!

  33. All of people are worrying about not coming back.
    Think about it.
    A supposed world where there's only you and supposedly nobody else.
    Not that I'm particularly interested in leaving my room in search of an elevator, though.

  34. what happens if you talk to the lady? would you die.

  35. When I was reading this my mom came behind me and said "so, your planning to go to another world taking the elevator. Now i'll know where you are if your missing". I started to think about me actually doing the ritual and then thought about the woman entering on the 5th floor, her not being human, and the guy who tried it hearing the clicking sound behind him, it wasn't human so it could kill me before I even got there, ANYTHING could happen. Soon I started crying and said to my mom "do you seriously think I would do something like that", I was only thinking about how scary being in that elevator would be, not even being alone.

  36. What do you assume would occur if you brought along a weapon? Such as a balisong?

  37. I'm super intrested in what would happen if you do this in both elevators at the same time (like with a buddy alone in the adjacent elevator).

    also, you can come back, if you don't get off at the 10th floor, you just do the same floor combo you used to get up there and you should return.

  38. Many of your posts have been copied to under their 'ghost games' and 'urban legends'
    I'm not sure if you know about this already but I thought you'd like to know.

  39. I wont to try this thing, but my country hasn't got 10th floors on buildings :(

  40. so is everyone to afraid to do this because there scarred of what will happen or are you just afraid to prove its not true

  41. @Anonymous (25 October 2013): Thank you, dear. I already know that Scarykids has been copying my stuff, although I don't know to what extent. Well, I must say whoever this person is, s/he certainly is a sneaky bastard/bitch, because s/he never copies it exactly but changes some details of the stories to make them look like they're original.

    These people might feel like they can get away with it, but they know in their hearts that what they did was wrong, and this guilty conscience will get the better of them some day.

    I mean, some people have copied my works in the past, but at least they acknowledged that they took them from my site. But Scarykids never admits it. F**king lowlife.

  42. What happens if you dont let the woman in the elevator and you go straight to the 10th?

  43. I used to live in a more than 10 floors apartment in the U.A.E

  44. Saya, would you object if I use this ritual in a short story? I will link back to you on the off chance it gets published.

  45. When I first read about this on tumblr I wanted to try it but then I sat there and pondered all the possibilities that could happen. How dangerous it could be. For all we know we are taking ourselves to our own personal...somewhere with our biggest fears.

  46. @Saya
    When I reach a 10 story building, I might as well try it. If I'm heading to the top of a building, surely someone will ask where I'm going. I will bring a full charged phone to take photos for evidence and a camera. If this does not work, I will try to play hide and seek with the doll and someone else.


    Do you have to do it at a certain time?

    Can you do it in Australia?

  47. @Armyjet2cp: You should be able to do it at any time of the day. I think many people prefer to do it at night though.

    Sure you can do it in Australia. Why not?

    Good luck with it! :)

  48. I actually tried this ritual in an apartment near to a shopping mall. The apartment has 20+ floors in it and the the elevator has access to every floor(not all the apartments in my country has that).
    So i went in and i pressed the number sequence, for the first few times i failed cuz there is always some1 that will enter the elevator but I eventually pressed the 10 floor without any1 coming in yet. My heart was beating rapidly so i immediately plugged in my earpiece to lighten the mood in case the women comes in when i pressed the 5th floor. When the lift got to the 5th floor, there was nobody there!
    Idk whether i should feel relieved or sad that the women did not appear... however, i think that there might be a few hidden conditions that are not met such as:
    time of day(it was daytime when i tried it so thats y it might not have worked)

    How old the apartment is( the apartment looked like it was only built a few years ago so it might be considered quite new...I should have found one that was built in the 90's ....but then again, most of the older ones dont have access to all floors for the lift, so i hope there is one with 1,2,4,6,5,10 in it)
    So....yea i am hoping to try this again in the best conditions if i can :)

  49. Sorry, but i did it and nothing happened. I did exacly what the tutorial said... Yes, i was alone and it was at night in a almost empty buiilding with 18 floors.

    Sorry about my english, i'm brazilian.

  50. Just tried it.
    But i panic'ed , temporary ost my memory, and pressed 8-2-4-6-8-1-10 instead... Dx

    This blog is scary (._.)... but really intresting and awesome xD

  51. Hello. I'm a Mexican writer and I'm preparing an article about the forms modern horror stories are taking on the internet.

    I would like to mention your blog in my article, pointing to some of your posts (including this one) so my readers can find them. Can I do this? Also (here's the tricky part), I would like to translate this specific post into Spanish, all with due credit, of course, and explaining the reservations you yourself have about translations, so those of my readers who don't know English can get at least an idea of what the original japanese text and your version are.

    What I find really interesting is that these stories go from one language to another even though translation is such a difficult process and it's very hard to find people like you, who translate with real care. We people really like those brief scary stories that seem on the edge of what's real, just like our ancestors did.

    You can contact me if you need references about my work through my Google account, my Twitter handle (@albertochimal) or this contact form on my website:

    Thank you very much.

    —Alberto Chimal

  52. @Alberto Chimai: Thank you very much for contacting me and letting me know about your project.

    Please feel free to use my posts.
    If you find anything unclear in my translation, please let me know and I'll explain it to you.

    I hope your work goes well.
    Take care! :)

  53. Oh my God... I'm still shivering

    I wanted to try this ritual since I readed about it, but now I warn all of you, DON'T DO IT!!

    I actually tried this ritual, but I made a mistake with one of the numbers, at a certain point I pressed the wrong one, and it took me to a floor between 1 and 4 (I don't remember), then as soon as the elevator door opened I felt scared as hell; it was just a black empty room with only 1 window just straight ahead of me, (no corridors or doors), I don't remember how much light was coming out of the window (or if the sky was black or not), the only thing I remember is inmediately pressing the button to close the door, but nothing happened, none of the buttons worked, I was so frightened, but as soon as I tried to return desperately, the room started to "suck my life", like if something in the room started absorbing my soul, I felt like if I was being crushed by that energy and I fell to my knees... and after that... I was unconcious.
    Lucky for me, it was just a "dream", well... a nightmare, and not any common nightmare, I woke up with sleep paralyzis (I couldn't even move), hearing the same voices I heard in that room, those "agonized screams" people mention.
    I'm still scared as I write this... when my life was being sucked... it felt real, very real.

    It was like a warning, to avoid ever trying this "game"

    I'm serious with this, and even though I haven't tried that game for real, now I know it is real, and that's why WON'T TRY IT, and I recommend people who haven't tried it to please AVOID it, you may not live to write your experience.

    (This is not a creepypasta or a myth, this really happened to me today, I didn't made that up, it all happened as described, I tried to be as detailed as posible, for the first time in years I truly felt like I had to share my experience, and it's good to write about it,so I don't forget it)

  54. Don't they label the 4th floor as 5th floor sometimes like we sometimes skip the 13th floor in the U.S.? So wouldn't that make the 5th floor in some Japanese buildings really the FOURTH floor!?! And four is a very unlucky number in Asia; it's associated with death. Creepy.....

  55. I will be in Florida at the end of the next month May 2014. I will give this a try and be sure to let everyone know what occurs. Maybe I'll try it at 2a.m. to see if that helps.

    @Grant I will be mindful of what you have written. Sorry for going against your wishes.

    I will document when I am about to attempt as well as after so that no one has to worry without cause.

    I am very excited! Wish me luck.

  56. @CRRobbins: OH MY! I hope you'll be OK! I'm scared!

  57. I am off to try this now, expect a video soon.

  58. @CRRobbins: Oh really?? Be very careful, dear.Have fun and good luck! :D


    Feel free to use the video.

  60. @CRRobbins: Thank you for the video, but when I follow the link, it says "the video is private"!

  61. my apologies Saya,I always seem to make a mess of it when using my cellphone to post. It should be set to public now.

  62. Thank you CRRobbins! I'm finally able to upload your video!

  63. I have PB which means ground floor, and then 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 so, how do I suppose understand 1st floor?

    0 (PB)

  64. I think the numbers signifies some communication codes to the supernatural world. So if it is done after midnight in a deserted 10-storey building, it may work if some spirits successfully "click" with you...

  65. there's a way to get back to your own world,when the girl from 5th floor gets in and the elevator ascends to the 10th foor,you may choose to get off the elevator or stay.if you get off,take the same elevator and press the same numbers when you started the ritual,by then u'll b on the 1th floor again,where u can get back to the real world :)

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Quise progresar en el campo laboral y conseguir un ascenso así que busque los beneficios de los Ritual del Trabajo,al utilizarlos con mucha fe mantuve un empleo seguro
    y me senti en armonía.

  68. i wonder how the other world really look like but is that possible had someone get there alive ? if so will he/she ever manage to get back to this world. if not it will never be reveal how does it's relly look like.

  69. i got another ritual which i never tried before. but i absolutely sure it would work , there u go.....get on the roof top of the building then jump over , it doesn't have to be 10 stories building even 4 or 5 is enough to get you there. u will find out how the other world really look like . p.s ( you will never make it alive)

  70. Just wanna say im new on your blog.and I wanna say i love it.I love reading your blog.

  71. Ok... I live on the 5 floor, so it was kind of weird, since I'm always on it :P But, I did it anyways. Nothing happend when I reached the fifth floor, so I just went to the first floor to buy cigarretts, I wasn't gonna get dressed for nothing lol. The curious thing is that when I got back from the store and reached my floor (the fifth) there was a young girl - a teenager, I assume) waiting at front of an another department door. This creeped me out, since the lights didn't work and she was just standing there in pure darkness. I opended my appartment REAAAALLLY and I mean SUPER ULTRA REALLY fast cuz I was just creeped out. When I was secure in my lovely home, I decided to conclude that it was just a neighbour's friend waiting him to open the door and wasn't familiar with our odd light swith system :P There are little buttons on the walls to push and the lights will turn on for a short period of time then turn off automaticly. I hope.

  72. 2 Mar '16

    Hi Saya :) =)

    Love your blog !!! :) Where are you my friend? Re: "Saya in Underworld" re: your blog on "Elevator to another world?" You have not posted in a year. I hope you are okay? I see you have not posted elevator game blog in a year. Take care !!! Hope to hear from you soon. JOHN USA :) =)

  73. 2 Mar '16

    Hi Rocio Diaz :)=)

    Cool experience it could have been coincidence or a real ghost girl. I want to try the elevator ritual sometime. I hope that the Japanese lady "Saya" is okay she has not written on this blog in a year. Keep us posted on any ghostly goings-on! Take care.

    John USA

  74. hello. i am dead. i been dead awhile. the girl who body im in, well, i guess u all shud kno things... like. awakai,,,, no really. no matter wut, never ever engage in confrontations or "fights" with ghosts, a enemy u cannot see who can see u, if this ever happens, u anger one that bad, put yer pride aside n grovel. ok, this a ritual that wont make no consortium or them mad, or force anyone from all that lovely paper work or keeping an eye on wut the spirits of indiginous ppl been up 2 the past 20 years, but i digress. figure u all been playing with the same group of ghosts long enuff online, so its time u meet some of the more intelligent of us. ok, here some magic aka a ritual 4 u. and saya, or sayan, or vegita, or whoever, use this however u want mang. automatic writing, but not words, binary. write random 1's and 0's, as much as u can til u get tired. then take the binary then convert it to ASCII. lots of places to do this on the internet. then u take the ascii and go to babblefish, or another translation program. use non english, not directly western languages... like japanese, arabic, chinese, russian, even greek might work, however languages of the east seem to work best. then u put the ascii in as this language, and have it translated to english. this is a letter from the other side. wut u read, might scare u, but its never gonna jump out n bite ya lol.

    1. I tried doing this and it did not work when translating the ASCII from Greek to English. Could you please elaborate? Thank you.

  75. hello
    so my daughter and i tried this tonight at the 10 story parking garage in sacramento ca, now i will tell you our experience.....

    so we first tried it together ( shes only 13) her idea then we split up now ther ar e4 elevators two on each side

    now before i go into more i need to say that something strange did occur after we attempted together the elevator went from floor 1 to floor 6 without either of us pressing a button the doors did not open it saat on floor 6 for about half a min before returning to floor 1 and again the doors remained closed we both stared at the doors then the elevator once again went up to 6 the doors again did not open it then went back to 1 and no open door it then went back to 6 for a third time the doors remained closed then back to 1 and then the doors opened.... ok so we split up and she had no results however my elevator a femnale did get on but it was on floor 8 not 5 however we rode down to 1 and both got off now im on the phone with my daughter and i told her a girl got on we meet up and i show her the gitl and she is just standing there not moving looks a little dazed or confused we were like shit i did not talk to her but i did look at her because i was kinda frightened lol now mind you this is at 1 am when no one is oin the garage lol

  76. I saw the video that's good! Specially lift button was looking good!
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  77. I want to try this but I'm just worried that if someone does get in with me the only problem is my work is on the 10th floor and all the other floors are open so if I got out on any other floor it'd be weird to get out and just get back in.

  78. I always wondered what would happen if someone would try to live in this dark world/dimension(assuming that he didn't get killed/possessed), if there is any water and food, some kind of predators and/or entities(other than woman from the fifth floor) etc.. And if someone would try this what would eventually happen to this person? It looks like everyone have different experience, but because most of them comes from reddit's sub Nosleep known for it's users fake stories we can't be sure if everyone really have that different experience. Anyone else also wondered about it? Also, could you Saya please say/translate from original source of this ritual how to comeback safely? Because for now there are two options: go to every floor like if you was performing ritual again but get out of the elevator before it reaches 10 floor or go to every single floor but in reversed order. Or there is no coming back?

  79. dude if i do ever try this and vanish i will haunt yo ass for the rest of your life lol


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