The Telephone Ritual

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Things You Need
  • A mobile phone
  • Some salt
  • A flashlight
  • An amulet
How to Play
  • First, make sure you have prepared all the necessary things - a mobile phone, an amulet (for protection), a flashlight, and some salt - with you.
  • After midnight, when you are alone, turn off all the lights in the house.
  • After you have made sure it's all dark, lock yourself inside the toilet (before you go in, scatter some salt around the toilet door so that spirits cannot enter the toilet)
  • Next, use the flashlight to light up the water inside the toilet.
  • Keep looking at the surface of the water
  • Then use your mobile phone to call your home number.
  • Let the phone ring and don't hang up half way through (if it gets cut off half way through, call again)
Most important:
  • If you see a change in the surface of the water or hear noise from somewhere inside the house, hang up straight away and scatter salt around those places where strange things occurred.
  • If someone answers your call, hang up immediately. Then come out of the toilet and scatter salt around the house telephone. If you do that you will be safe for the moment.
  • To be on the safe side, scatter salt all around inside the house even if nothing happened.

Please bear in mind that this ritual is very dangerous and it should be done with great care.

Some people say that the ghost of the ancestor or some spirit that haunts the house picks up the telephone.


  1. I assume this ritual is intended for people who lives alone in their house, because if a family member or roomate picks up the phone, well... It's not exactly scary isn't it?

  2. I think i will have 3 or 4 people answering the phone,, the ghosts in my house occasionally disturb me and my family member, especially during Thursday night,, I never really scared of them, but i saw one of them playin pranks on me one time and I never want to try to know abt their "existence" anymore....

  3. Kaitain: I really like that idea. The phone is answered. A shiver on the back of your neck. A scolding from your roommate, for waking them up.

  4. yay!! new post. off to read now.

  5. I think this is the least scary of all the rituals you posted, Saya-san. But I still wouldn't do it. I'm a scaredy cat ;p

    Will it work if the home phone is replaced with another mobile? Many people I know now no longer have a home phone. All using mobile.

    I think people who try this ritual will be very tempted to not hang up, and wait to hear whatever is on the line. Maybe even attempt a conversation.

    This remind me of a Japanese horror movie. Where a person can download a mobile app that enables a person to talk to dead people. If the person 'invites' or 'allows' the dead person to 'come home', the person will end up dead.

    Interesting post as always. Thank you Saya-san :)

  6. .. ONLY "safe for the moment"..

    I always see "some things" inside this old house that I stay in. If this ritual doesn't ask them to leave, I better not disturb them...

  7. Well, the obvious rule is " all rituals shouldn't be tested for your own safety " ( I just made this up, but still makes sense, right? ) xD
    Hello Saya, just out of curiosity, who wrote these ritual recipe? How and Why would they do that? ( I'm really curious about this :D )

  8. Answering machine? If someone or something answer the call, I will definitely give the person/entity a very serious warning. I will also ask for the lotto numbers for the next draw.

  9. I like it! gets me thinking of all the chilling posibilities.

    Such as:

    In some bathrooms you would have to have your back to a mirror while looking into the toilet. We wouldn't know what is happening behind our backs; in the room! Should we place salt between ourselves and the mirror?

    Let's say we do live with someone and believe them to have gone out only to find that they pick up the phone. This could be kind of embarrassing to explain or they may come home later and reveal they have been away the whole time as you originally suspected.

    You attempt this with your home phone line disconnected from the wall and still hear a ringing in the has and someone picks up on the other end.

    So many possibilites and most of them are quite chilling!

    Thanks Saya

  10. "safe for the moment" D: I guess one can never be really safe after waking up sleeping spirit roomates.

    Thanks for the recent posts, Saya-san! I've enjoyed them all very, very much.

  11. I get a little confused because here we call the room the bathroom and the toilet, well just the toilet itself I keep thinking of a ghost coming out of a toilet (although I guess that could be Hanako-san, it's a funny image.)

    hmmm, I don't have a home phone, just a mobile number.

    It's kind of scary that this ritual seems so simple but it's extremely dangerous. I wonder if it being so easy to do makes it dangerous because more people will do it or if it has really bad consequences. I don't think I want to do it after all!

  12. I kinda want to try this but I have a fear of dropping my phone in the toilet.

  13. Alternatively, if someone answers, hang up and call the local emergency number to report a break-in.

  14. all i can imagine is that when i call the house telephone then someone answer it with a scary voice...i bet i'll faint in the toilet..but it would funny when the one who answer the phone is your mom..XD btw thanks saya finally you uploaded something about ritual..i'm really appreciate it.. :DD

  15. Saya, you are just a true gem for continuing to post these. Thank you, thank you.

  16. Hey, hello again saya, i love this dangerous rituals that you post, so easy to perform but with a lot of simbolic meaning in each of its steps, even reading them puts you in a weird and dark mental place where you feel vulnerable and exposed to dark forces that roam in and around your home and yourself.
    Thank you for again giving us an amazing story.

    P.D. I promised a bunniesky fan art a while ago, but college keeps me busy everyday, so its still in the makings. :D

  17. Hello! This is my favorite game. I havent seen it on the blog (?), so I thought I would share it:)

  18. This ritual gave me the shivers just reading it. Definitely wouldn't try this one.

    Staring into the toilet sort of makes it...I dunno, it just makes me want to snicker a bit. Maybe a basin of water would've had more dignity, but a toilet........ XD

  19. LoL a hand or face will appear on the water and will grab you to drown

  20. Thanks Saya! It sounds really good and scay but i don't think i'll try it lol i'm too scared to do any rituals but maybe one day... When i'm older ><
    Melody :D

  21. I laughed a bit imagining that a grandpa or a dad anwsered the phone and said something like:

    "Dammit son, i told you to put the damn milk in the fridge"

  22. Hahaha, the comments are funny! Saya I wanted to ask you about the picture on the right hand corner of the blog. The one that was taken by you. Is it a special sort of picture?

  23. Thanks for updating Saya-san! Eventhough it looks interesting, but I won't dare to try it. xD Since somehow, I had experience got called from home telephone but no one in my house used it to call me. And when I picked up my phone, no one spoke at the other side, just silent. I dunno who called me, it really gave my goosebumps! LOL o__o I don't want to bother "the guest" in my house. XD

  24. I guess the fear is from anticipation from the phone, and watching for "changes" in the light refracted by the toilet water - making people scare themselves thinking the light is something more.

    Usually I love these rituals (I've done a couple for fun because im skeptical and love horror), but this one seems kinda dull to me. You don't even listen to the thing on the other end? boo. XD

    I wonder what sort of "amulet" would work.

  25. im sure im not going to try ths, too scared to try >x< jst able to "feel it" was worse enough, i dnt want smething "weird" hppen or see "smethng" again! im born in a family who culd see things, n i too used to saw it tho nt often. at tht time i saw lots of doors in my room whn i was waking up fr bathroom but im scared so i was covering my whle body n tried to sleep again. . .in the mrning a tragedy happened to my body's lower half. . . . . ~shatterhart~

  26. Zion de Noirdusche2 February 2014 at 04:14

    Somehow, the first thing that came to my mind was the fact that if i did saw any change on the toilet surface, i might panic and throw all that salt on the toilet lol
    anyway, recently one of my friend did the One man hide and seek ritual
    but he did some mistakes while playing, now the possessed doll is missing, i've tried reading some prayers with my friend, but still doesnt work, at night, that doll always appear, and though mostly doing pranks, still personally i think it wont be long before it gets dangerous, need some serious help here, please if anyone can provide help, send me an email or message through my facebook

  27. hi Saya, i'm a college student from Indonesia. can i have your email? there's something important i want to talk about, if you don't mind :) it's something about an article that i write for my faculty. and it would be great if you could help me out and talk about it. thanks before :)

    regards, Biyan Ananda

  28. @kaitain :Yeah, it says in the instruction do it "when you are alone."

    @Petzie: I wonder why the ghosts in your house are active especially on Thursday nights? Very curious!

    @nunu: To attempt a conversation would be very dangerous! You shouldn't meddle with unknown beings! :D

    @桔子: Yeah, well done for noticing that part LOL

    Aww you'd better not play it then, if you have a strong psychic ability like that!

    @Altria: I really don't know, dear, who wrote these ritual recipes or for what purpose they were written. They have all been written by anonymous authors.

    @CY: Awww you're a brave person, dear. I'd be scared of winning a large lottery though! I wouldn't know what to do with it.

    @CRRobbins: It's safer to scatter salt in any suspicious places you find!

    The ghosts may impersonate as your family/friends/partners! lol
    Don't let those entities fool you!

    A disconnected home phone ringing reminds me of the beginning of Silent Hill4 The Room. It was creepy (I never played the game but watched the walkthrough lol. I love the game's concept and atmosphere.)
    Thank you for your comment!!

  29. 'Safe for the moment' ....then how about next moment -.-" ?
    Its kinda interesting but I WILL NEVER EVER DO IT. Hahahaha. I am such a scaredy cat XD

    I need to ask my friends to do it, then. Kekeke

  30. tbh rather than scared I'd feel like an idiot looking at the toilet XD

    But! Some time shortly after my grandma passed away a shampoo bottle that was in the bathtub began shaking infront of my eyes, it was scary.

  31. I've been snooping around in your blog for quite some time, Saya-san. Hehehe...

    "To be on the safe side, scatter salt all around inside the house even if nothing happened." ...Yeah, and get blasted by my mum's wrath in the morning, telling me not to waste food and to clean it up thereafter. That's probably even scarier than the noises/strange occurrences/etc. >_<

    Anyway, keep up with the stories, Saya-san! They always gave me chills whenever I read 'em! :D

  32. @Sadae: Thank you for your comment and sorry for the late reply. I wish I could post more frequently but sometimes it's difficult! :(

    @Kelly: I understand your confusion. I was tempted to write "bathroom" too, but in Japan that wouldn't be an appropriate word since they usually have a toilet cubicle and a bathroom in separate places. So for them "bathroom" means only bathroom, a place to wash yourself.

    Yeah you'd better not try any rituals I post. You're never sure what the consequences would be!

    @Moxie: Haha OK but it's good that the thought is keeping you from doing the ritual.

    @VPM: Hahaha funny XD

    @BlueRio: That's why the instruction says that you should do it alone! :D haha

    @derpette: Thank you, friend. Take care! :D

    @Henry Lh:Henry, I'm sorry my reply is late. But yeah I'd be honoured to receive a bunniesky fan art from you! XD
    I hope your college is going well. Take care!

    @Anon (27 Jan 2014): Thank you for sharing that with me! Looks very interesting!

    @DonAbad: Haha I think the theory behind it is that evil spirits love dirty, watery places.

    @Anon (28 Jan 2014): Awww may be!!

    @Melody: Oh it won't be any less dangerous if you do it when you are older! The best thing is not do it at all! :D

    @ HN3: Haha you have rich imagination.

    @sy my: No it's just a picture of the place where I used to live in England. But I've seen people using it without my permission so I felt a bit annoyed. :D

    @Medi: Awww that sounds very scary! You better not try it in your house!

    @Steeple: Haha yeah this ritual is simple and one of the easiest to try. In Japan the amulet would usually be something you get from a Shinto shrine. It's a little sachet with some consecrated objects inside.

    @Anon (31 Jan 2014): Don't try it! I don't want you to get in troubles!

    @Zion de Noirdusche: Are you alright now?? I hope the doll has gone away. Try to read my comments at the "Spirits at Temple" post for information on purification.

    @Biyan Anada: Oh, I'm sorry it sounds like I couldn't help you with your homework.. You can still send me message via Twitter if you like.

    @Cik HudHud: You will sacrifice your friends? Haha XD

    @AI: Oh dear. A shampoo bottle shaking in the bathtub? I wonder your grandma wanted to have a bath or something? If that happened to me I wouldn't know what to do.

    @"G": Haha best do it after you become independent and there's no mum around to tell you off! XD

    THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR COMMENTS! I really enjoy interacting with you people.
    Take care <3

  33. I actually did try this! But no one answered. D: I think I'll give it another shot. Thank you, Saya san!

  34. i just read all of your story/ritual. but never do it cause i really scared... >//<

    someone who has ability to see ghost, already said i have the ability too..

    but, he said i have an aura that makes ghost avoid me..

    so, for the sake of myself, i must avoid any ritual that will called them near to me (sry for my bad english)

    ah, when my brother possessed, I had several times managed to drive them out of my brother's body

  35. Is this safe to do with pets in the house, or should I be completely alone?

  36. What about pets? Should they be removed from the house until the game is done?

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