How to Go to Another World by Using Closet

Hi, everyone! Happy Halloween! :D

〔How to Go to Another World by Using Closet〕*1

What to Prepare:
  • A piece of paper with your name on it
  • Two cups: one filled with water to the 7th of its capacity, and the other empty
  • A cardboard box large enough for one person to sit in and still have a bit of extra space

  • The material of the paper can be anything, but its size should be small enough to fit inside the cup.
  • Use a brush pen*2 when you write your name.
  • The cups should be the ones you always use; prepare two cups of the same kind. It's best if they are made of glass.

After you've finished all the preparation, get inside the closet and pull the cardboard box over your body.
Make sure the closet doors are shut tight so no light can penetrate inside.

Below is what you should do while inside the cardboard box:
  1. Put the paper with your name on it in the water-filled cup.
  2. Close your eyes, and count up to the number that is the square of your age, in time with your heartbeat (e.g. If you're twelve count 144, if twenty-two count 484 and so on.).
  3. When finished counting, open your eyes, and transfer the water and the soaked paper to the other cup.

Now step out of the closet -  and you will know.

Take an extra care NOT to crack or lose those two cups.

*1 Closet - In Japan, we have two names for closet: one is kurozetto (クローゼット) which is a transliterated form of the English word closet, and the other oshi ire (押入れ).  The former conjures up a more modern western-style closet, while the latter refers to a type of built-in closet in a traditional Japanese home. The original text uses oshi ire, not kurozetto.  
Pictured right: a typical example of oshi ire

*2 Brush pen - called fudepen in Japanese (Wikipedia). They're talking about these kind of stuff.


  1. This is really cool! But how does one leave the other world when they want to go home?

    1. idk but i hope its possible to go home

  2. Yay! Another of these going to other dimension stuff.

    If I had bigger closets I would totally try this.

    Thank you Saya


  3. Yay, a new post :3! Thank you very much, Saya-san, glad to see you back in the active!
    This ritual really intrigues me, I can't help but be curious as to what that "other world" could be...

    But because of Murphy's Law, I immediately imagine it as Silent Hill's "other world". ,Thus, there's no way I'm doing this on my right mind, haha!

  4. Happy Halloween, Saya-san!!! :D
    How are you? Did you ever do treat-or-treating? All those candies.. nom nom nom

    This sounds easy enough, but i'm still a scaredy cat. I don't think i could ever have the strength to visit a different dimension even if there's a known possible way.

    Thank you for this post, Saya-san. This is very interesting. I'm very interested to know if anyone Would try this one.


  5. nice posting, Saya-san ! ^^
    I remember when I was a kid, I used to hide inside the wardrobe (one huge free standing wardrobe, western style) and play with my dolls there. One day I stopped playing there for no reason, I just feeling scared. No one told me about horror stories nor I watched horror movies when I was little, so no way I got scared because of the stories' effect.
    So I think it's human nature to get scared in dark and narrow places, and maybe such fear draws otherwordly thins to get closer to us.

  6. I don't get the numbering..144 is not twice of twelve, it is the square of it. But 484 is not the square of 20 either..

  7. @A girl: Well-spotted! That appears to have been a mistake on my part. Thank you for letting me know! :)

  8. Thank you for another interesting post :)

    I noticed a part of the first note was misplaced,i think it should be "one is kurozetto which is a transiterated form of the English word closet,and the other oshi ire"

  9. Is the another world is the world with red sky complete with dark buildings and road ?.

  10. @Sydney Pacione: Most likely you won't be able to come back!

    @Danikka Fernande: I like these kind of rituals haha. Thanks for your comment!

    @Medicine Melancholy: Unfortunately I'm not as active as I want to be, because I have a lot of stuff to do at the moment.
    It would indeed be scary if we ended up in a world like Silent Hill.
    Thanks a lot for your support!

    @Nunu: Happy belated Halloween!
    I never went around houses begging for sweets, but I used to give children some sweets when they came around to my house. I would go and buy sweets at a nearby supermarket especially for that purpose. But that was when I lived in England (a long time ago). Back in Japan, no one comes to my house, because I live in a remote place. And halloween culture hasn't developed much in Japan yet.

    I'm glad you found the post interesting! Thank you for commenting :)

    @yovita RD: Thank you for that insight, yovita. A closet 8or oshi ire) makes a frequent appearance in Japanese horror stories. It's definitely got something to do with our fear of narrow, dark places.

    @ve: Thank you very much for drawing my attention to the editorial mistake. I was probably in the middle of editing the note when I published it without realising I have not yet finished it. I'm generally busy and exhausted, so please forgive me! :)

    @Farz Wolf: I don't know, dear! I wouldn't try it just to find out! haha

  11. Thank you, Saya - san. Did you have a great Halloween? The post is very interesting.

    Haizz, I want to try but my house doesn't have closet. >-<

    Ah, Can I translate and share it (and other posts in your blog) with my friend? I'm Vietnamese.

  12. I had feeling this other world is the same other world from elevator ritual.

    Yeah, don't try it Saya. Hahaha.

  13. I have a feeling 'getting back' will involve those specific cups, hence the cautionary note not to crack or lose them.

  14. Happy (late) Halloween Saya! I have been plagued with midterms so I haven't had the chance to check your blog, but it's great to see another post! Thank you for all the hard work ^w^

    Uwahh, rituals about closets always creepy me out because I used have nightmares about my own closet for some weird reason when I was a little kid. It was weird because even though I was not aware of ghosts or monsters yet (I was 5 years old), I just simply did not like to be in them, and I always dreamed about weird creatures hiding and coming out of them and wanting to hurt me and my family x_x.

  15. I feel slightly sad to those of them who want to try this but they're over the age of 30

  16. You kidding me Doraemon..Your imagination is good, you should have been better suited to make a novel about ghosts. Like a horror novel "Goosebumps".

  17. I want to try it but I'm pregnant so I probably shouldn't take my baby to another world. :)

  18. I love rituals like this. I just need to get my own house before I try these sorts of things. Thanks for the post Saya-chan. I can now choose between the telephone, elevator or closet ritual XD.

  19. Ms. Saya, I would love to do this ritual. However how do you come back? There's any way?

  20. saya where are you??? will you still update this blog in the future? If you do can you update more inexplicable stories in the future?? T.T

  21. saya where are you??? will you still update this blog in the future? If you do can you update more inexplicable stories in the future?? T.T

  22. saya i miss your posts!! please come back soon ;-;

  23. Hi Saya.

    Did you actually try this and couldn't find your way back to us? Come back Saya. COME BACK! WE MISS YOU! I MISS YOU!

  24. Saya san! Happy new year 2015!! we really miss you, where are you? Please update soon! ;_;

  25. I think Saya is going deeper into the underground, to bring us more stories about it !
    hope you'll come back soon, Saya. please stay healthy and well ! ^^

  26. I kinda did this, but nothing happened? Did i do it wrong? :(

  27. You haven't teach us how to get out from that world..

  28. Sayaaa~ If you're approving comments for the blog, you must be out there somewhere. I hope life is going well, and that you come back when you have the time. <3

  29. Yo sugarcube you still alive? i hope so, i miss ya and all that good creepy stuff from japan, i hope you are having a good life

  30. I feel that the way to get back would be to repeat the ritual sort of. Like, for you to get back into the box and close the closet, then doing the counting again (possibly in reverse) and then pouring the water and paper back into the other cup. This is based mostly off of my intuition so I am not for sure if it will work. I want to try this but my closet is too messy :(

  31. Its true i tried it but i fastly went back into the closet and went back cause i could see in the other world out of the window there was fire all over the town

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  33. > ScherfeeShares Buchardt

    Omg for real? Can you give us more details and what you did to get back??? :000

  34. do not do the ritual. you will regret it. please do not do it.

  35. I tried this and came back all I had to do was do the things backwards! My closet is an elevator!


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