The secret behind the "Have you got the ability to see ghost?" ritual

Note: Please do NOT copy my work without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation.

The following story reveals a rather disturbing secret behind the popular "Have you got the ability to see ghost?" ritual (you can read about it here, but I suggest you READ THIS POST FIRST).

Ah..Yes, I know.
I can feel you're ready to MURDER ME.

I owe you all a HUGE apology. I didn't know about this when I first posted about the ritual.
I want to emphasize that it is yet unknown whether this story is true or not!


Do you have a strong psychic power?
You can check if you do or not, by the following test.

First, close your eyes and imagine, as vividly as possible, that you are inside your room of the house where you were born ( Either that or you can visualize your own room where you are actually living now, but I don't recommend it).
Next, go out of the room and walk around the whole house, checking every room.
The sitting room, the kitchen, the entryway, the garden, the bathroom....Have you visited all the rooms?
When you are done, go back to the room where you started and open your eyes.
This is the end of the test.

Now you can check the result below:

If you didn't see anyone, that is, if you found no one in the house  -
Unfortunately (?) your psychic power is 0%.
I hope you continue to live peacefully.

If you saw your family members or friends -
Not bad. Your psychic power is 80%.
Do you sometimes hear some sounds or voices that others cannot hear?
By the way the rooms where you met someone emit stronger spiritual energy than the rest of   the house; normally you don't have to worry about it, but it is best if you keep this fact in the back of your mind.

If you met a stranger or someone who is already dead -
You've entered a dangerous zone.
Your psychic power is 120%.
You are a person who has really strong spiritual energy.
If you go to haunted places, you will expose yourself to the danger of possession.
When you talk about or listen to ghost stories, you will naturally attract random spirits that are floating around you, so be careful.
The rooms where you met that someone are the places with especially strong spiritual energy.
Try not to go near those places too often.
If they happen to be children's rooms or bedrooms, I suggest you move out of those rooms and sleep in other rooms.

If you met something the identity of which you absolutely have no idea -
such as white mist, a strange beast or a black shadow - all these "non-human" things -
Very dangerous.
You must not go near those places where you saw them.
Get yourself purified as soon as possible.
Your life depends on it.

And now, I'll come to the gist of the story.
I did this test with my friend T (the one who told us about the test) and K (my friend from high school) and with a couple of other people, as an appetiser before a night of ghost-story-telling party.

I saw no one while doing the test, but there was a guy who said he saw his mother in the kitchen and that got us all excited. But then suddenly K said, "I saw an all-black human-shaped 'thing' on my bed in my apartment." We were in such a high spirit that we began saying, "Let's go see his place!" But I noticed T alone had this look on his face that said, "Oh f**k."
We ended up not going on that day, but I couldn't shake off that image of  T's expression and I asked him what he meant by it the following day.

T confessed to me that it was actually not a test to see if you have an ability to see a ghost, but it's  "a method to make you gain an ability to see something that you shouldn't be able to see," and he also said that something like what K saw was the most dangerous entity.
After that K started skipping classes at college and I haven't heard from him since.
What I heard from another person who was a close friend of K was that after the party K started saying odd things like, "The black thing was really there.... It keeps staring at me...." and he gradually lost his mind and is now getting treatment in the hospital.....


  1. aw, it's ok saya-san. i know most of us that read you're blog are doing it for fun, but we should all be prepared if we intend to mess with stuff like this. thank you for always watching out for us, though! looking forward to your next post! <3

  2. ~Saya-sama,
    .. Creepy.. I did the test before and now I (should) have an ability I didn't before? I'm creeped out.. AND I read this at night.. Dx
    but that's okay, I'll just hide under the covers all night XD
    I'm kind of worried about my brother now.. sometimes before something bad happens he sees a dark, shadowy figure. not in his mind though.. Anyway Saya-sama, thank you for the post! :D

  3. I remember when I read the original post of this (just the ritual, not the explanation), I accidentally skipped all the way to the end and saw the results, so I ended up thinking the people I saw were just subconsciously planted by reading the results....

    But now, I wonder...To be honest, other people have seen strange things in my house; nothing threatening, though. XD

  4. ブログを再開してありがとうこざいます! 物語はいつも通り怖いですね。これからも読むことを楽しみにしています!


  5. Oh, I have done the ritual a countless times before. I saw some family members & a white figure. But nothing serious happened to me after that. I only hear whispers, footsteps and experience such things whenever I am alone. And actually I'm starting to hear humming voices at our school during night. It happened to me the other day when I was asked to bring some stuff back to the faculty and I have to pass through a dark hallway, stairs & an eerie room. While I was walking halfway through, I heard a man's voice humming a sad tune. Weird. Because I'm really sure that no one other that me should be there since everyone is busy working in our room which is located to another building.

    Anyway, sankyu for posting this~ >w< I'm lookin' forward for more stories & rituals. :D

  6. i've tried that ritual before and i saw black shadow in my sister's room on her bed during that ritual...luckily nothing bad happen on me..>.<

  7. Hard to do a proper test now that I've read the results.... :(

  8. Well.... this is awesome Saya. wish i knew this was missing when i told my friends about it and told them to try it also

  9. I tried doing it once, and although it's been a long time since I did it, I'm pretty sure I saw what I often see in my dreams: a Yūrei like figure, and nothing else.

    They've been in my dreams since I was a kid, before I even knew anything about Japan. On a related note, I dream about the supernatural all too often (most of my dreams involve the supernatural, I'm afraid!), and sometimes these dreams take place in my own room. On the flipside, I've never had anything happen to me and I've never had a personal experience. It's just this long haired girl that seems to have taken an interest in me. XD

  10. good thing I didn't saw a thing back then...maybe because my mind was pretty cloudy that time disabling me to consentrate

  11. He should have gotten himself purified. 0_0

  12. What if you didn't see anyone but you sensed a person (a stranger).
    Does that count as a danger zone?

    Oh s....

  13. Oh man.. i did the test waaay before. I did saw strangers and white figures. But nothing really strange happened. Because im used to hearing stuff people cant hear lol

    Still, this is creepy.

  14. Saya chaaaaaan! WHYYY??? hehe, i'm merely joking, although i had tried it myself, i dont think i had any kind of bad results since i only saw my grandma's brother in the house!! Anyways, i do try and keep this in the back of my mind because sometimes it can actually get pretty creepy, but anyways, at least now that you have given us a heads-up on the matter, we are all safer! It was completely mental to read this after so much time after the "can you see a ghost" post. It really shook me, and i was actually checking for an update in the wee hours of the morning, like 4 am, just as a thunderstorm was about to begin! :P The irony is sweet, i know... Thanks for the information Saya chan, once again you got us scared out of our wits! ;) Keep it up!

  15. Oh wait! Sorry for the double post Saya, guys and gals of the blog, but i just noticed something i didn't include in my last post.My grandma's brother is deceased. I could identify him cause i had seen pictures and stuff, but seeing deceased family members counts in the 80% or the 120% zone? please someone gimme a heads up on this one, cause when i overthink such things, things happen! :(

  16. Well i did the test sometime ago but i cant visualise anything cos im horrible at visualising that a good or bad thing .-.

  17. I tried this earlier, and I didn't see anything but then I tried it again more recently, this time I imagined the house I lived in when I was really little and I saw my dog that died when I was seven. I saw some strange figures too, but that's probably just because my memory is a bit murky. If not, then I'm definitely not visiting that house anytime soon!

  18. When I first tried this test out, I suddenly decided to imagine how I walked out from my flat into the stair well of the house I live in. I saw quite a lot of people standing near the door to my flat and staring at me. That creeped me out a bit, because the house I live in has seen many crimes. However, nothing that bad has ever happened to me after taking the test.

  19. I've never tried this ritual. I use visualization as a training tool for my witchy abilities, so I know it's not a good idea to fool around with this stuff unless you're ready to fully train yourself. Anyway, great post as always, Saya-san!

  20. It seems my sin is officially absolved :P Everyone has been so sweet and forgiving to me!

    @Anon (5 Oct): I just get worried because I know some of my readers are quite young, although I put a warning on the side bar saying "don't read my posts if you're too young!" I thought about changing the blog's audience setting to 18 yrs-old or over, but I felt that would be too much trouble. Anway, thank you for your support! I hope I can continue to give you entertaining stuff to read! :D

    @Kiera: Oh sorry I scared you! Sometimes it's better if you don't visit this blog at night! XD I'm sure both you and your brother are OK. Sometimes the best thing to do is not to worry about it. Take care!

    @DonAbad: Don't worry, dear, I suspect most ghosts are harmless creatures. They're just out to play a little prank on us humans. You'll be fine!

    @渚:こんにちは~お久しぶりです!コメントありがとうございます。ブログを再開できて、私も嬉しいです。またコメントしてくださいね!Take care!

    @Kurisu Kuiaran: I'm glad nothing serious has happened to you, dear, although whispers and footsteps in empty rooms woould scare the hell out of me! XD And you heard humming to boot! But it's good that you don't sound too bothered by it. Take care and thank you for your support! ;)

    @BlueRio: Good for you, dear. I'm glad to know you're safe! Take care!

    @Obsidian M: Well, if you can't do it, surely that's a good think, isn't it? Or did you want to gain the ability to see ghost? XD

    @Du Lugst: Sorry, my friend. I hope nothing out of ordinary has happned to you!

    @Diogo Valverde: That's interesting that you dream about supernatural beings so often. If the same thing happened to me I would be creeped out, but you sound like you're used to it! XD Oh I hope that long-haired girl is pretty! haha

    @ian wili: Good! Maybe your guardian angle saved you by making your mind cloudy! haha

    @Adorably Dead: I guess people in the real life can be as stupid as people in horror movies! XD

    @Noino: Idk but maybe merely sensing it and not seeing it might weaken the effect? I hope so!

    @Suzae: So you already had psychic power before you did the test? Then it had no effect on you then!XD

    @Tia: I didn't know whether I should publish this post or not after so many years since I published about the ritual. I was worried some sensitive people might get very nervous and worried. I'm glad that at least all the people who've commented so far are more less positive about it!
    Haha, yeah, and 4am and Saya in Underworld don't go well together!XD

    Idk, but a deceased relative might count as something in between 80% and 120%? lol Don't worry too much about it, dear. You'll be fine!
    Take care and thank you for being sweet!

    @Anon (6 Oct): Hahah I would say it's a good thing dear! Take care and be safe!

    @Carly Thompson: I bet your sweet dog was there to see you and let you know that s/he is there to protect you! No worries! :D

    @Sadae: Oh! Are you training to be a witch? So interesting. I'd love to know more about what you do for your training. Anyway I'm glad you're wise enough to have stayed away from the ritual! Thank you for your comment!


  21. I've tried the ritual when I read the original post long ago, and I actually saw two figures: one was clearly a lady in white (who I do not know) standing along the second floor near the stairs, and the other one (I couldn't remember how it looked like, I do know that it was sitting down) at the dining area.

    I've never felt uneasy whenever I'm at the dining area. It's different though when I go upstairs; sometimes I feel uneasy when I reach the end of the staircase, even before I've tried the ritual. In some cases, enough to have me sprint to my room and close the door immediately.

    I feel that it's actually thanks to the ritual that I am able to have, somewhat, a reason to the uneasiness (I really do not consider myself psychic). Lately we've been leaving the lights on during the night in the second floor corridor, and I don't feel that much stress from there nowadays.

    Thank you for posting this; I'll keep this in mind and not wander around haunted places. Reading ghost stories though is another story (maybe in moderation? :D)

  22. Thank you so much for the comfort, Saya chan, i am honestly grateful!

  23. Yeah!I already finished it!
    When I doing eyes feels hurt.I feel I want to open my eyes when I do this,but I forced myself to shut my eyes.I eyes feels different,different than usual right now....sigh
    Well,I see my family,members and my cousin,like all smiling create a happy situation...but,I can see myself too,happy like them.
    maybe it was from my good memories.

    I also seen a dark figure in dark but when I look again,or turn on the lamp,its....gone...
    Actually,sometimes I see some figures and hear something too,its....a normal thing to me...I think.....

    My house its kinda big and it take kinda long to finished it.Well,my eyes feel hurt (weird?) right now.
    I felt glad that I didn't live in a mansion or a castle,it will take very long to finish it!

  24. I haven't tried yet.
    But since a few year ago, when my grandma health became bad, my parent sent me to her house to stay with her at night. But there are so many creepy things happend to me at that time; I heard the voice people setting table in dinning room, and I actually thought there was someone cooking in the kitchen at that time. I also felt uneasy to go upstair as I always have a feeling that someone was watching me. With my sister, it was even worse cause she heard the voice and sound of kids that playing hide and seek upstair.
    In the end we tell our mom about that, at first she didn't belive me and claimed thar I had watch too many creepy stuffs, but then later my sister told her the same things. She went back to confirm that my sister and I never talked about that before. Finally, we had a purification ritual and I felt much better now eventhough sometimes I still feel uneasy if I have to go upstair.

  25. Yay!! I'm gonna try this!! :D

  26. Its everything fun and stuff until a demon posses your friends, poor K, but its not anyone fault, except maybe T, i pitty the fool (MR T joke)

    But seriously, thats awful, is this really true? Good thing i never tried it, my family has a long story with ghsts and this could be bad

  27. Ah.. this is scary.
    Im easily frightened when it comes to such unexplained occurrences.
    So I didnt dare to try it, in case something similar happens.

    Doing such rituals are akin to opening a Pandora Box. You will never know what you will find/see.

    A/N : Thank you for your compliments, Saya. You've made my day!

  28. hi saya,

    ive tried this, and in the end i saw a black shadow. it creeps me out but maybe it just was really my imagination

  29. Oh so that's the big secret you were talking about. It's been a long time and i think nothing bothered me in that time so no worries hahaha...^_^

  30. Why should we want to murder you? You could not have known! ^^
    When I did the test- way back when you first posted it I saw some dead family members- including a couple of people whom I had never met, but it turned out they were related to me after I looked for them in our family history. I also some some black blobby thing but I just avoided it and it's in a closed up room anyway. Although it did scare me at the time. But I've been able to see ghosts since I was a child, so I'm not too bothered- and it made me learn more about my family.
    Um... the person called K- is he your friend? I hope he gets better, poor man.

  31. dear all,
    pls heed the warning of do not try it if u are psychic or sensitive to the spiritual realm. i experienced some dark stuff while doing it and also after i "woke". i shall not go into details.. x-x

  32. Uwaghh... so many people said its working already... i cant and wont try this ritual tho coz i got two rooms in my house (which are in the attic and last time i went there, i heard knocking from inside the door so... no more going upstairs since then.. my house is somehow haunted, sometimes my parents see someone going upstairs and found out that everyone is in their room,, also strange noises from my sister's room upstairs.. not really a good experience but this is the only house we got so we'll have to make do. So, how much attracted i can be, i still wont try this one but i can see from the posts that it is a real one., have u done this too saya?

  33. Hi saya XD

    if u want i can teach some ritual to make urself see ghost XD wanna give a try ? >.>

  34. btw >.< Afif and Kiyoraka are the same ppl XD hehehehe sorry post again >.<

  35. I did it...
    I saw 3 black thing (non human)
    At my room, stairs, and my big bro room... :)
    I dont care anyway... haha
    My uncle told me that i ever followed by a ghost bc i took some coral at sea when i diving..
    He said the ghost was angry bc i take the coral...
    Yeah i feel something heavy
    But my uncle do something and boom
    My body feel so light!! ;9
    After he do that he said again "the ghost has gone but he left me a message u may take the coral but dont boast it"

  36. i saw a black shadow in my upstairs living room... haha...

  37. Done this one at the house I'm at now. I've always been sensitive to the other world. What I saw was:

    -2 Black entities(humanoid) that were non-aggressive in kitchen, they were very familiar, from my childhood.

    -Passed away fiancee in my room as I moved back. Had shadow-like projections between herself and my right arm.

    -Friend/roommate's father in living room; he was dead before I met him.

    Huh...Will have to see where this goes.

  38. I did the ritual, and I saw a girl. She was wearing a white dress, her skin was pale green or blue. She was cover with mud, just a little bit on her face and dress. At first when I did it, she was in the kitchen (my room has a good view on the kitchen), then I did the ritual again and she was at my bedroom door. I open my eyes and took a deep breath and did the ritual again, this time she was right in my face. I quickly move to tour around my house, and she was appearing in my sight watching me. I finally got scare and stop the ritual. It was scary!

  39. P.S.: We all forgive you, it was fun doing this ritual~!

  40. I really don't dare to perform this ritual. a psychic told that I have 6-sense. fortunately, I'm including a stubborn person, so that it can withstand the power and life as a normal person. different with my brother, when his mentally weak, suddenly he could see what he should not see and hear what should not be heard. but now his power has also been resealed. psychic said, there remains the possibility of either my strength or brother, regardless seal. I hope it will never happen.

  41. I've tried the test myself and I made my girlfriend try it as well. I was able to move in most of my apartment but when I was picturing the fridge, it was all blurry and dark, and I turned to check my bedroom and it was all black and blurry as well. My girlfriend made the test and she saw the fridge dark as well and didn't had a good feeling about it and she saw a fat man in the kitchen all made of grey, like he was painted. He was just standing there. She told me about seeing things in the past.

    I haven't told her the detail of the test so she don't get worried and scared. But it was a pretty interesting experiment.

  42. So I tried this and the TV suddenly turned on to static. Wat do

  43. @Diel: Thank you for sharing your interesting experience with the ritual. I'm glad that this post is helping you to keep safe and stay away from dangerous plaes! :D

    @Tia: this is a very late reply, but I'm happy when you're happy!

    @Rika: Oh I wonder what's the cause of the pain in your eyes! I hope you're not too scared. Be safe dear.

    @Anon (8 Oct 11:03):Oh my. What scary experiences you had in your grandma's house! Which country are you from? I'm curious what sort of purification ritual you received! Thanks for sharing your unique experience!

    @Black Bunny: Bunnies are always welcome at my blog, because I love them!

    @HN3: I'm interested in your ghostly experiences. You should share them with me!

    @sunflowerbloom: Your welcome! :D

    @Chel: No worries! It's true sometimes it's only our imagination that lets us see these things.

    @ryuu: I know! So sorry! But I'm glad to hear that nothing happened to you :D

    @Tani M: K is not my friend. The things written in this post were also translated from Japanese :)

    But you saw some family members whom you didn't know about before? That's spooky. And you can see ghosts too!? Do you have any measures to protect yourself?

    @桔子: Thank you for warning others! :D

    @Petzie: I have tried the ritual once, a long time ago. I didn't know then that this was meant to make me gain ability to see ghosts! I don't know if I can see ghosts but I've had a number of ghostly experienes since then.

    Perhaps those ghosts in your house are just having fun playing pranks on you! :D

    @Afif: Sure, please teach me!! :D

    @Anon (15 Oct): Hahaha I like your little episode with the sea ghost! XD So cute.
    So do you still keep the coral?

    @Anon (17 Oct) : Don't sweat it, dear. Put some salt and burn insence and chant mantra. If these don't work, go get a purification ritual! Or just don't worry about it at all! :D

    @K-One: Oh dear me. Are you alright now? Have you done anything about it? I hope you're safe.

    @Akei: That's so scary! 0_o
    I'm sure no harm will be done to you though, as it sounds like the girl ghost just wated to scare you for fun!

    Oh and thank you for forgiving me! XD

    @Anon (27 Oct): It's interesting that your brother can see or hear paranormal things when he's mentally unstable, but it must be hard for him! I hope you and your brother are ok!

    @Andrew: Wow I get a comment from a cute baby! And you have a girlfriend too at your age, Baby Andrew? Amazing! lol

    But the fat grey man is scary! He died from eating too much pizza!
    Even after he died he still can't get over his obsession with pizza and hangs around in the kitchen!

    Oh it's a good thing you haven't told her the truth because if you did she wouldn't come around to your apartment anymore!

    Jokes aside, thanks a lot for your sharing with us your interesting experience!

    @Yaupas: Ghosts love watching Telly as much as we do!

    EVERYONE, thanks a lot for your comments!

  44. According to this my psychic power is 120% I saw my dad, ran into someone in the kitchen and in the garden I saw this really creepy woman, she was covered in blood.
    I understand now why we should use the house where we were born and not our houses where we currently live.

  45. i did this ritual when it was first posted, i met a man-shaped shadow or ripple like a mirage or soap bubble, but that was years ago and i'm all right :D

  46. I did the ritual earlier, I saw my my two sisters, some strangers and a painter who died in eighties. They all seemed friendly though and nothing bad has happened to me so far.
    Two friends of mine couldn't enter some rooms, as if they were blocked. Weird, huh?

  47. i actually practiced this quite often since i never found anything =A=; and usually failed before checking all the rooms. Your blog is definately scariest than all the creepy pastas i've ever heard or read

  48. My mom told me that she tried this even before I found your blog. She said that she often did it and pictured one of our houses in which located in a rural area. One time, she told me that she saw her grandmother walking around in the house (my great grandma passed away years ago). my great grandma only smiled and waved a little to here .-. My mom also walked on the streets and met people that she haven't seen at all. I tried it once but it looked like a blurry picture or something like that:/

    Anyway, I love your blog!

  49. i want to doing this ritual, but i read all those comment from the first post. But to be honest, sometime in real life (and oh, i never do this ritual before)i always, accidentally and in split second, i often see black shadow across in some place at my house. And sometime, there are mysterious figure crypty passing in my sight. You know?This all happened without me close my eyes and do a ritual walk around inside my house. Because i was to scared of what i will see...
    its been almost 8 years i moved to the house i live in now. And i also often dream about my old house, in there i more often had vision. And saw so many creepy things.
    And i have bunch of scary things i ever see ... and i was scared, i really scared.. seriously. i want to live my life so peacefully. :((
    I wonder if there anyone who have a same experience as me, please, tell me how to stop this.. u know "this"

  50. @desi sulistiowati : There's someone called Poteto-chan who got worried after watching one of the cursed videos and asked me for advice concerning methods of purification. Read my comment at the "Spirits at Temple" post. It's one of the October 2013 posts and also you can find it at this address :

  51. I played this game thinking it was not at all dangerous. When i entered one of the rooms in my apartment i suddenly felt uneasy. I saw a inhuman face hovering above me. Later I have been having dreams about the same room. They are vivid dreams and in one I entered the room and found two mirrors facing each other. When I turned around the door slammed shut and I could not open it, it felt like someone held the foo
    r shut from the other side. In the dream my boyfriend was shouting outside the door as I was screaming in panic. I do not think playing this game is a good idea… PS: I am a skeptic. But i do hold a corner of my mind open to the fact that some of this stuff can be real and even if its not it could be dangerous. And of course i do not blame you, Saya, I enter these games at my own risk:)

  52. I tried this last night before going to bed, reading and going around your blog, my brother was with me, so it was hard to concentrate. And my device's light was in my face, So with a breath I did read the explanation AND then I saw the ritual, reading carefully...To fast forward, During the ritual, I went past some room, checked in them...And even took time to imagine To check closets...I didn't realize I had to do it in 3'rd person a few times, but I tried.In one of my closests however...I saw Someone shivering in a corner where my mum keeps her mops,holding their hands to their face with wide eyes.They looked very frightened, and I didn't understand, however, they seemed young, very young, like a teenager. A few times, i don't know if this was just my head, but, Some weird face kept flashing across my view. Red. Before I read this, I was watching something so it could have been that still in my mind. Now, I did check my mum's room..she has a tall dresser right near the door, so behind the dresser, I saw an almost blob like form..With some weird eye,hyper realistically...Now, I know that whatever I watched could've or might've influenced it, but no one else wad around, I made sure. It was weird, but it was rare to find. I hope it wasn't really anything but my thoughts because...That blob thing is NOT normal.

  53. OMG.... the ghost actually knows that u are trying to find it by using this ritual? Meh im gonna try it anyways....

  54. thank you for your blogs saya-chan.

    i did the test and found a man. At elast i believe he is a man. I couldn't his face because he's covered by darkness or shadow or something like that. What i know he's wearing hat.

    And it's just happen it's in my new room, which that even my father didn't dare to sleep there alone.

  55. If you saw a family or friend is it safe to talk to them or is that dangerous?

  56. If you saw a family or friend is it safe to talk to them or is that dangerous?

  57. Well I will try this with cautioun

  58. What if I saw myself in several areas doing various everyday activities?

  59. I saw your previous page about this "test". So I did it. Before reading anything else before it. Now I have a pretty good mind and I can visualize pretty well anything as I am a carpenter by trade. And visualizing the finished product has basically earned me the right to saw I am good at what I do. But besides that, I have been interested in the paranormal for basically my entire life (im 24 now) so I came across this test in my research so I decided wtf lets give it a go. I dont know what to make of it so ill take any opinion anyone has to give me. Before I explain, my email is im open to pretty much any insight as I am really interested in answers. Okay so back to my test. I did this in the house I currently live in with my wife and son, I started off in my bedroom, didnt really look around this room as I was much interested in the rest of my house. I start walking down the stairs and It starts to looks as if im walking into a fog like you would find in a meadow. Not thick but enough that your vision is a little unfocused, I start looking around tge living room and nothing. The kitchen and the dining room tge same. But I come to my sons room (which is a fairly new add-on by a previous owner) and I come across this dog. A really mean dog that is attacking me but I dont seem phased by its attack. It was dark almost black seemed like a smokey grey. And as I left the room and went towards the bathroom, it basically disappeared. There was nothing in the bathroom. I circled back through the dining room toward the basment. I turned on the basement light and started down the stairs and I could feel heat all over my body. As if I were stepping into a hot tub. I looked around the basement but not thoroughly. I went back up the stairs and through the living room to head back up to the bedroom, but my wife was sitting on the couch. She was watching tv and as much as I could see didnt even acknowledge my existence. I stood in the living room, and I felt the sudden onset of anxiety that comes to me every so often for no reason but then this black figure came out of nowhere and rushed across the living room and attacked me. I was able to fight with it long enough to get my wifes attention and to get her out and I ran back upstairs to finish the test. Now to do this test I basically let myself fall into a half asleep type state like I have read from other sites and people I have talked to. Also I was in dead silence and complete darkness. But if anyone can just talk to me about this that would be great as I am really freaked out and actually concerned for my families safety as of right now.

  60. I saw a black figure in about 3 rooms in my house. It was blurry and all I could see was the outline, and the faint trace of eyes. It just stood in the middle of the 3 rooms and stared. God now I'm freaked out...

  61. Hello, I'm Jordan. I'm freshly 13 and I did this test first in my current house and had trouble. I just kept seeing black figures of men standing completely still. I did this in my old house though also, and saw the same thing, note that I also went through my house very fast as if in a TV show someone was having a vision or something, so I went through the room (quickly) and got to my parents room and saw a pale white girls face and then I opened my eyed real fast. I am not sure quite what this means, can you provide an answer?? Please...

  62. Hello~
    So yeah, I want to murder you, but nevermind, I can't because I reaaaaly like you

    I already do this ritual last year? I don't know, maybe 2 years ago
    And I met stranger who already die, I guess?

    And now I can't sleep in my own room anymore :')

  63. first. thank you for saya san for give a people a ritual for check the physic power.. its very helpful

    but i want give some people advice about what saya mean..

    some people her may known where bali island is in bali we can say physic power known as "Melik" and almost melik people can see ghost until 10 - 13 years old but if your age is about 17 years old maybe some of people will not see it anymore i believe because

    im the one people call "Melik" or have some Physic power

    but in bali if have some physic power and your age is 17 years old and you not redeem* your physic power most people will die certain that years 17 - 21 but some time people not die certain condition i believe..

    some people maybe dont believe saya or people who experience this or me..

    but if i can say i have 1 young brother already dead because me or their parent didnt know their kid have some physic power or special

    im not to force you to believe but be careful in saya ritual mention above i already test it and see big black shadow cover my room and 2 weeks ago my young sister wake me up at 3 AM and she say she being be presses by some big black male person

    be carefull..

  64. @Angel Hilarius: Hello! I'm glad you decided not to murder me! XD

    Don't worry too much you'll be OK!

    @Tomo-chan: Gosh, I hope you're OK. I'll be praying for you, dear.

  65. Hi, Saya this is the first time I performed one of the rituals about months ago, thanks for posting this, really cool and simple^^

    So I lie down in my bed and started the ritual. Never had a chance to travel all parts of the house because once I succeeded imaginating vividly, in the beginning of the journey I opened the door of my room direct to the living room and I looked to the right then there's this tall guy with broken face full of blood, hanging eye standing about 3 inches in front of me. And I was like "what the hell!?" I was shocked and that feels like really happened (FYI: actually Im not kind of guy that easily startled). I get up and checked the place where he stood, and I got a very very strong and long goosebumps. But nothing happens after. Few weeks later I listened to 'Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face' suddenly I feel like something 'zapped' from my heart, like a shockwave. Maybe that was a warning from him because he was offended and because of he was murdered by a hammer that smashed his face or is it just something else? I dont know :p

    Sorry if you hard to understand my words, my english is poor ^^'

    Safety & Peace

  66. what do you do if you saw a (non-human) entity when doing this and when you open your eyes after finishing the thing you saw is now starring at you through your window?

    1. I've had a similar experience like this,sometime after moving into my current house I always felt something staring at me through my bedroom window and would hear footsteps or muttering from time to time,it got better and I did the test again today,and he was standing in my bedroom window like always and he was pacing like usual,I didn't even thought about him today and he's moved to our backroom window for quite some time and he's gone for now. Try not to talk to it or even notice it like I use to do,try putting a cross in your window like I have,even when I didn't see him I use to be so scared of being near my window no matter what time it is that I would avoid my room completely, but try not to show fear in case it might be a evil spirit,hope this advice works and I hope your ok and safe from it :)

  67. All throw out my child hood I used to be able to tell when people were coming and how fare they were away like I would play hide and seek with my sister and I would always find her on the first try with my eyes closed and my hands on my ears but how I new exactly were they were was when someone was at least 30 away my ears would feel like they are draining water but I would also be able to hear when and we're people we're dead or alive but I used to and still kinda do have night terrors and the strange thing was I used to hear them whispering to me while I slept but always after my weird dreams like being in a room full of monsters and so one I know has died telling me to hide behind the door but anyway I did ur test and I saw a women with scales all over her skin lizard scales and then their was a flash and the walls were lined with20+ people most of them looked chalk white but there was shadow ones as well and I have actually been seen a shadow stand right now in front of me when I was a kid it was hair raising to say the least but they used to visit me every night for my hole child hood and sometimes I would feel like a group of people would put their hands under me and lift me up in mid air and then put me back down and I would pass out as soon as I hit the pillow but when I used to play games like hide and seek with other people I would shut my eyes and usually the they would put their hand on my shoulder or hold my hand and they would show me were they were but I remember I would tell them sometimes I know we're they are already I'm not sure if I used to talk to them when I used to go to sleep as a kid but I always used to have a none stop ringing sound in my ears for decades and I later found out that it is what people say that they hear of before the they have a night terror and one more thing the feeling of having a night terror touching your face and laying their check on yours and whispering but anyway is that really a bad if I do ur test and I see 20+ beast and shadow and none human looking things in my old bed room

  68. saya-chan, i love you!! im your biggest fan! im doing a bunch of your rituals like this one lately ha ha! i wonder if you have an instagram or twitter? i really want to follow u... i know youre too busy to post right now, but i miss you so much! :C

  69. I saw something in my brother's room, its freaking me out, it had shadow and no face, no distinguishing features, my mind couldn't decide on anything when I was in his room, and then when I went to the basement, I saw a very tiny small verison of my brother and I suddenly felt huge, also is it normal to see yourself???

  70. What happens if you say someone hanging themselves in your room? (It was my childhood bedroom.) and it was the first time you went into that room as well.

    What does that mean?
    I did not recognise the person, it was a little girl with black hair and a white nightgown. Though she disappeared the moment I stepped into the room, I only saw her before I entered the room.

    She was slightly turning, and had her back turned to me, and she was rather small, making me beileve she is a little girl. I could be wrong though.
    But she was small from what I could see.


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