The Severed Head

 (Translated from Japanese by Saya) 

I wanted to drink some milk and opened the fridge; and found someone's severed head inside.
Startled, I instantly shut the fridge door in spite of myself.
I thought, surely what I saw was just a trick of the mind,
and opened the fridge again, but would you believe it, there was someone's severed head with its eyes rolled back.
I shut the door in spite of myself, but I thought I must have seen something that was not real due to fatigue,
and summoning up my courage, I opened the fridge once again.
Then I saw there some unknown person's severed head with its eyes rolled back, and it was smiling faintly.
Startled, I shut the door, but I thought I must have seen some hallucinations,
because I haven't been sleeping properly I saw something that was not real, and I
opened the door. Then I saw inside a severed head with its eyes rolled back.
That startled me and I shut the fridge door before I even knew it, but I thought I must have imagined it,
and opened the door again, but sure enough there was a severed head with its eyes rolled back, smiling faintly.
I shut the door in spite of myself, but I was sure it was just some hallucination. Because recently I haven't been sleeping well.
So I changed my mind and opened the fridge but sure enough there was someone's severed head inside.
Before I knew it I shut the door, but I thought it must have been my imagination.
Because I am tired I saw something that was not real, so I changed my mind and opened the fridge,
but would you believe it there was a severed head there with its eyes rolled back -- I went, what!? and shut the door,
but I told myself I was just seeing hallucinations due to fatigue,
and opened the fridge again, but would you believe it, there was someone's severed head inside, with its eyes rolled back, and it was laughing.
In spite of myself I shut the door, but it surely must have been my imagination,
I told myself I mistook it for something else, and opened the door once more,
but would you believe it, there was some person's severed head inside, with its eyes rolled back, and it was laughing hysterically.


  1. I like this story because it's surreal and funny :D

  2. This individual must be pretty deranged xD

    In spite of myself, I read the story again and found it as funny as before.
    I quickly reconsidered what I had just read, and finding only dry humor, I read the story again.
    Facing something even more eccentric and intriguing, I reaccessed my choice in humor and decided to give it another go.
    And lo, it was downright hysterical this time around!
    Forcing away my eerie chuckles, I decided to write a deranged, uninteresting comment that would help others with not looking into that damn refrigerator anymore.

  3. Really it was just fatigue. Just his imagination. Nothing else. Now I need a bottle of tea from the fridge, anybody willing to go and get it for me? Very fun story!

  4. A mirror inside his fridge and he was just keep seeing his own reflection.

  5. The main takeaway from this is that you should be very careful when trying to get milk from the fridge, since it could send you spiraling into madness. Drink soda instead. :D

  6. My question is: Did this person ever get that milk they wanted to drink? Because I think "HE NEEDS SOME MILK!!!"

  7. That severed head seems to be quite nice (well, as severed heads go) ... at least it has a sense of humor. :)

  8. Surreal is the best way to describe this story. I just... love it! It's so simple, and yet so effective!!
    It made me feel like I was going insane along with the narrator, also because of how the sentences are formatted xD. Can't help but think of Ito's style of horror too.

    Btw, about the previous comment, I had never heard that theory about Sloth, it makes a lot of sense! You know a lot of interesting facts :D (Also, I'm really happy to know you like my comments, you're too kind!)

    Thanks a lot for this story too! See you, and stay safe! ^^

  9. Oh my! I had a dream about this story for some reason. Not the exact thing happening in my dream but I read the story in my dream. What happened was if you read it again the story changed. It was so weird like the story where I had to keep reading it again and again in my dream and the story changed every time. However, the context was the same.

    Also, in the dream, Saya had a note where it mentioned that everything that happened was real.

    IT WAS A DREAM!!! I did not stomp on my pillow before sleeping btw.

  10. Hi everyone, thank you always for leaving comments!
    If it weren't for you people's comments, I wouldn't know that there were people out there who were actually reading my posts!

    @Sir Calvin Taylor I'm so glad you found this story as funny as I did! Frankly I didn't know if I could convey the funniness of the story through translation, but it appears I've been successful! This is yet another proof I'm a genius XD (I've been watching too many motivational videos on Youtube lol).

    @George VanMeter Excuse me, sir, but TEA-DRINKING RED PANDAS ARE PROHIBITED ON MY BLOG.

    Haha XD actually it's alright. If you were drinking coffee I would have barred you from here but since you're only drinking tea, you may stay. XD

    @CY Aren't you a realist? I like that in people.

    @Diogo If you drink soda there won't be just one but two heads in the fridge! XD

    @GreanJinSung Goodness gracious! Not only I do weird things in real life but I also do weird things in other people's dreams? I'm sorry about that! XD

    @Yukari I don't know if you and other people noticed how the head's facial expression changed as the story went on?
    Yes it doesn't seem like a malicious spirit!

    @Gabriel I can't remember where I read the theory about Sloth. It could have been on a psychology book. :)

    Well, I'm always happy to receive comments from nice people like you! :D
    Take care and be happy and be safe, dear <3

    Merci beaucoup everyone! Have a nice day! :D <3 <3

  11. This one weirdly scares me because im doing exactly what the severed head do as im reading. And get chills after i realized what i just did TT_TT


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