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Sunday, 26 May 2013

How to Go to Another World: The Black Telephone Version

Note: Please do NOT copy my article without my permission.Thank you for your cooperation. 

【Things You Need】

■ A black rotary dial telephone
■ A paper and a pen
■ Two black cords, each measuring more than 40cm
■ A watch

● This ritual won't work if you are carrying salt with you.
● Do it in an empty house that has four rooms or more.
● Shut the curtains of all rooms before starting the ritual.
● Turn off all lights except the ones in the place where you have the black telephone (this place can be anywhere, including a room, a corridor, and a hall).

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  1. Tie one of the black cords to the black telephone's handset. You need to tie it very tightly so it doesn't come undone even if you tug at it.
  2. Hold the handset, keeping it at a distance from your face, and dial 20406080; after that put the handset back in its resting position. Then lift the handset again and dial 25515823. Leave the handset lying there, whether the line gets connected or not. (Even if it does get connected don't answer it.)
  3. Keeping noise to the minimum,  creep into the nearest room from where the black telephone is, and close the door behind you. Wait for one minute.
  4. Get out of the room and go back to the black telephone, (hang up first and ) lift the handset and repeat the procedure 2.
  5. Keeping noise to the minimum, go into the second nearest room from the black telephone and wait for one minute.
  6. Get out of the room, put the handset back, and repeat the procedure 2
  7. Keeping noise to the minimum, go into the third nearest room from the black telephone, and wait for one minute.
  8. Get out of the room, put the handset back, and in this state dial  22822.
  9. Enter the fourth nearest room from the black telephone with your eyes shut. As soon as you're inside, tie the second black cord to the doorknob in a double "8" shaped knot.
  10. Open your eyes. Don't utter a word no matter what happens.
  11. Draw back the curtains and if the windows have all turned black (then it means you are in another world**).

【How to end it】

Find an 8 digit number that is lying around somewhere in the room and write it down on the piece of paper.
Grab the doorknob together with the black cord, close your eyes and repeat the 8 digit number over and over in your mind.

If at this point you get spoken to, don't answer.
Don't take your hands off the doorknob even if something tugs at you.
Repeat the number dozens of times in your head, and after you finish, open the door.
Check the windows in all rooms. If they are still black that means you still haven't returned to the original world.

Within seven days of finishing the ritual you will need to burn the note on which you have written down the numbers to ashes, and then wrap the ash up inside a white paper or put it into a sachet, and carry it around with you.
You will be prone to encounter strange experiences.
But instead you will have fewer experiences that make you feel happy.


** I added these words in brackets. The original text somehow gets cut off here and doesn't explicitly say what happens after the windows turn black.


  1. Hi SAYA, can post "How to end it" like this post for the post "How to Go to Another World by Using the Elevator" ? I really want to try!

  2. it's always interesting reading them but not doing them is always the safest.

    by the way saya, are there any wishing rituals? im very interested!

  3. I wonder what it means by 'strange' experiences? Would that mean chances of meeting ghosts or spiritual beings?
    Is it really better to have strange experiences over happy experiences? (´・ヘ・`) I guess that is the cost, experiencing fewer happy times, in exchange for going to another world & strange experiences.
    I think I'd rather have happy experiences!(。^‿ ^。)ゞ

  4. Oh my house is perfect for the occassion! :D I'm just kidding, i am too much of a scardy cat to try such a ritual by myself, especially in my creepy house! :P It clearly states that the effects afterwards are gonna be permanent, right? Not so many happy experiences but istead strange occurences...Thank but not my cup of tea! :P Although i haven't tried any of the rituals but the Sadako number, i can truthfully say that these posts creep me out to the bone! :)

  5. Interesting. When I think of a portal to another world the first thing comes to mind is a mirror. Never have I ever thought of a telephone. Thank you for the story,SAYA. Strange experiences,does it means that you will have special abilities like hearing people thought,future sight or be able to know if some one gonna leave our world forever? Guess I would never know cause I want my happy experiences.

  6. i would so try this....if i wasn't so afraid of everything

  7. Wait so the ritual makes you less happy?.....That sucks, i mean strange things are kinda cool, but u will be less happy, yeah its sucks

  8. my grandparents house is the right place but i would never try this ha...ha...ha...

  9. this is a no no for me. if someone or something will interfere (tug me) while doing this, i'll never do this. reading this already creeped me out.

  10. I'm glad my telephone is blue colored.

    If we don't find ant 8 digits number when we want to end it, then we're seriously screwed. :s haha

    saya, do you ever try one of the ritual ? Any of them?

  11. @Anon (top): I couldn't find any finishing ritual for the elevator one. Sorry!

    @Ragnarok: If I find any wishing rituals, I'd certainly post it for you!

    @Jasmine: I wonder what they are too, dear. Thinking about it creeps me out, but I'm also interested in finding out what they are. I'll try to search the net and see if anyone has done this ritual.

    Me too, I'd rather have many happy experiences! (^▽^)hehe You're making me happy now by your sweet message!

    @Tia: It seems you live in a nice house! I wonder what life is like in Greece. I'd love to go there one day.

    I'm not sure if the effects are gonna be permanet. It wouldn't be very pleasant if it were permanent, would it? I'm also satisfied just reading about them. Doing them is out of question for me! haha

    @Chester Ho: That's true, using a telephone as a portal to another world is a little unusual. When I first discovered this ritual, I knew straight away that I gotta tell everyone about it! :D Everyone so far has the same opinion when it comes to the issue of happy experiences!

    @Kimberly: Don't do it, Kimberly! I would be worried.

    @HN3: haha I'd never wish you to have less happy experiences, dear. Please stay away from this ritual!

    @ForthKun: The scary thing is you don't know the identity of this thing that would tug at you! And I don't intend to find out about it by myself either!

    @Hasumi: Good for you! Mine is unfortunately black, but that's a temporary one I borrowed from my uncle, to be used just while I'm in Taiwan. I always prefer the colour pink for my mobile.

    Nope, I never try these rituals myself. Instead I let you guys try them for me! hahaha


  12. HOLY CRAP that sounds CREEPY. I always feel creeped out with these rituals but funny thing is I always want ot try it out hahaha but I guess I chicken out first lol. I have a creepy story : when I was like 12 years old, me and my big brother which at that time he was 14, we heard about people saying that you can phone 666 and hear creepy sounds so INNOCENTLY we phoned 666 at night, it was around 11-ish, it rang...and rang..and rang...AND someone or someTHING on the otherend picked it up. We felt goosebumps all over but we continue anyway cuz we're very curious. the weird thing is we can hear echoes, drips of water on the other end. It felt like it was deep down under and all we heard was a deep breathing and it got cut off. I always remembered that one. It freaks me out just to think i'll try it again anytime soon lol. What was I thinking back then hahaha. FYI we dialed 666 like 10 times or more until it got picked up. It could be a crossline interference by phone or....SOMETHING mwahahaha*evil laugh*. Just though I might share this with all u horror lovers

  13. @nathan king: That's a great story you shared with us, Nathan. I love hearing real creepy experiences like that from people. Thank you very much! :D

  14. I have tons and tons of creepy stories, since I can't e-mail them i probably will share them in your comments hahahaha. I never get bored and tired of reading your blog. U never cease to amaze my deep curiousity about spooky supernatural stuff. You're like the yellow pages of supernatural stories hahaha. Japanese horror stories are the best. So mystical, yet creepy. I always wanted to go to Japan (*~*). Here in Jakarta there are many eerie urban legends.

  15. Its a pretty neat house Saya, thank you! :) Well since i dont want to spam your post with anything not regarding the story itself, if you'd like it, i would be more than happy to share information with you about my country! Just say the word! :)

  16. This has nothing to do with phones, but coincidentally, I woke up at night a couple of days ago and heard a noise I couldn't explain, which came from inside my room, just a few feet away from my bed.

    I must be spending a bit too much time reading Saya in Underworld. XD

  17. @Nathan: I look forward to hearing more spooky stories from you, Nathan! And urban legends from Jakarta? That sounds intriguing. It's the first time someone called me yellow pages, haha. It's my pleasure to know you and share these stories with you!

    @Tia: you wouldn't be spamming my post at all! I always talk unrelated things in my comments too, as you've probably noticed! Do Greek people enjoy telling each other ghost stories too? Japanese people love it, and they do it more often during summer when the weather is hot, because they find it has cooling effect. haha

    @Diogo: oh dear, oh dear. I remember you had other supernatural experience in your room before, did you not? I think it was you who said your ex-girlfriend once filmed you during your sleep and something weird happened... Be careful! But ghosts are mostly harmless creatures. They just love to play pranks on people. So no worries! :D

  18. Well, it depends! Greece has a really spooky side and lots of places here are bound to the supernatural according to beliefs! However it depends on the region and how much a person takes pleasure in listening or telling ghost stories! Personally i really do, and lots of my friends also, but not all of them! It also depends on how much you believe in God and christianity in general, since if you do, then you believe in the existence of spirits. For example, in my village in Pelopponese, people really believe and ghost stories are something really interesting and enjoyable to do on a hot summer night. However in Athens, not so much, hehe :P

  19. Damn creepy. There is no way I'd try any of the rituals in your blog XD I do find it interesting that these rituals always involve getting some kind of "power" in exchange for your happiness. It makes me wonder how much people are willing to sacrifice for a little bit of power...scary.

  20. @Tia: Oh so in the place where you live, you also tell each other ghost stories when the weather is hot? Wow.

    Oh, Pelopponese is where Sparta was! To me, Greece is a magical place full of legends. You don't know how fond I am of Greek legends. I've read Sophocles' Oedipus Rex and it has left a deep impression on my psyche. I wonder at Greek schools, you get to study classical Greek literature.

    I've had a few of my blog readers telling me they want to send me the ghost stories they know, and I'm debating whether I should open another sub-blog so that I can post the stories I collected from them. I think it would be a great idea. If that happens, I'd love to invite you to submit Greek ghost stories you know. :D

    @Sadae: You're sensible, dear. I myself never tried or will try these rituals! haha I don't want to sacrifice my happiness for power. Yet, that's exactly many people are doing in the modern day world. For example, fame and money have become the ends in themselves, rather means to obtain happiness. People have become the sacrificial lambs of money-god.

  21. Oh it would be my pleasure! i know dozens upon dozens of them and i would be more than happy to share them with you and the other blog readers! And yes, in greek schools we actually get to study and analyze lots of classical epic works like Homer's Odyssey, Homer's Heliade, Euripide's Antigoni and such! In junior and senior high school, ancient greek is actually taught, not to be spoken (That's ultra hard! :P) but to be learned for a deeper understanding of our language and others as well!

  22. @Tia: Wow that's so amazing. I should've gone to Greece instead of England for my high school education. haha It's amazing that you actually get taught ancient Greek. I can't imagine what it sounds like. I should try to listen to ancient Greek at least once, I'm sure they have it on youtube or something. Idk.

    I don't know anything about Homer's Heliade. Wow. It must be interesting. I admire Greek culture.

    Thank you Tia, for offering to share your stories with us. It would be nice to collect stories from different parts of the world and put them all together here. I think that'd be very exciting! :D

    Thank you Tia, for your lovely comment!! (I'm gonna think about other questions I can ask you about Greece!)

  23. This ritual is time and energy consuming lmao. no way I would try this. I'm not that patient to to go back and forth into diff. rooms >.< anyway, what if you couldn't find the seven numbers in the room? hoho

  24. @unicorn: haha, yeah it certainly IS time consuming. I'd get really disappointed if after I'd gone through all the troubles, I don't get anything unusual happening.

  25. So do you hang up the phone the second time around, or do you leave it laying on the table, then hang up and dial again when you get back from the rooms?

    I like this post. Nice and creepy. :p

  26. I love these, 'going to another world' ones. To think that there is an alternate reality to this one is one of the most amazing yet terrifying things to think of; reminds me of the Spanish horror film, "The Baby's Room".

    What is the significance of these numbers; does anyone know?

  27. I think nobody should try this... you dont have to put special attention to everything to note its rather demonic because you cant take any salt with you... but i think that if you do it correctly you WILL go to another worl; because as seen in a story where a man and two other people go to a "red and black world" trough an elevator (as said by the man), this shows that the windows should have turned BLACK, so thats what i think, keep up the good work Saya :)

  28. Medicine Melancholy14 August 2013 at 02:55

    Oh my goddess, this is creepy indeed. As curious as I am, I would still rather not try this out.
    Especially the parts which say "don't reply even if you're spoken to" "don't stop even if something tugs at you", just imagining that.. Or opening the windows and the outside being all black... It feels creepy even if I'm reading it at work, with the room full of people! Those rituals are always so great. Thank you very much for your work, as always, Saya-san!
    Just yesterday I had a feeling that by now your blog would be back, I'm glad it indeed is. I have already read pretty much everything new you've posted since then, just posting on the last one I saw. And well everything is as amazing as always! Of course I have also read about what happened and made you do the decision of shutting it down for a while. You can't be blamed of course!
    But let's not talk about such unpleasant things, yes! I am just very happy to know you're back. I know it's hard, but do know that for every nasty person that there is, there is always a legion out here who deeply loves your work, and is really thankful for it, so always try to think of the bright side of everything.
    Thanks for everything, Saya-san <3 <3! I know this may be a bit late, but welcome back. Oh, and please don't worry with replying to me ^^, you are very busy, do spend your free time with well, things you like!

  29. Sorry everyone for the late reply!

    @Adorably Dead: Oh, well-spotted, dear. I added "hang up first" to the procedure 4.XD It seems I forgot to translate that part! Thank you very much!

    @Sie Nihcht: I love these rituals too! I know one or two other rituals similar to this one so I should translte them too.

    @Anon (12 July 2013): Oh so you see the connection between this ritual and the elevator story...hmmm very interesting!

  30. @Medicine Melancholy: First of all I would like to say thank you for your heart-warming words. I'm sorry this is a very late reply.

    It's amazing that you had a feeling that my blog would be back? That's strange and interesting!

    I enjoy reading comments from you readers, so please feel free to drop by again!

    It brings me so much joy when people tell me they enjoy and love the stories I translate.

    I hope you get to see my reply..
    Well, anyway, thank you again and take care!!

  31. I wonder if anyone has actually tried it.

  32. i would love to do this ritual saya! I'm not scared at all. But however i dont know how im supposed to find a telephone like that or cords. i don't mind seeing ghosts or strange things. also it probably wont work in my house because my house has a lot of religious stuff. crosses,jesus,rosa de gualupe etc also my house only has 3 rooms.

  33. HELP ME! I'M here in another dimension w and I can't come back. All ur fault


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