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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Snowy Roads are Scary!

(29 March 2014) I just remembered why I didn't put a warning up for this video.
It's because the video itself already has a warning at the beginning.
So please, make sure you pause the video for one second and READ THE WARNING. It will give you a clue about what's going to happen next.

Get out your studded tires!



    ...who puts a freaking jump scare in a tyre commercial, anyway? >.>

    Glad I'm not watching this at night.

  2. i was like this O.O the whole moment and forgot to breath on the entire clip.

  3. It certainly made me jump! I showed it to my roommate and he almost screamed like a little girl. Good laughs for us all around!

  4. Luckily i muted the video since i got a feeling that it's gonna be a pop up video..XDD

    1. Damn, I was using earphones.

  5. I saw this one before the Christmas. It was funny and I certainly see why you need winter tires.

  6. what is the text in the notebook say?

  7. Lol. Genius commercial

  8. Saya-san whyyyy...

    I broke my number one rule muting my speakers this one time and almost fell out of my seat!

  9. That made me jump D: So scary~ I never thought that you'd post a jump scare video, Saya-san~ :3

  10. Ohhh lol I read the comments before watching so I muted it at the first watch...

    the actor is pretty :>

    btw Saya, my uncle just came home from a trip to Japan and he brought home a... kewpie salad dressing. I sort of laughed because it reminded me of your blog so much.

  11. good thing i am not holding the laptop...flying laptops are scary

  12. scared the f**k out of me . . . good luck to sleeping now :3

  13. Ah, hello there, Saya-san.. you're a girl, I guess..
    Kinda remind me to Saya from BLOOD anime..
    I like your blog, I read through all your post for one day and one night straight.
    And what I like the most is cryptic story.. and you know what, now I have enough courage to finish those Siren games..
    Snowy roads are scary.. Indeed.. especially when you walk alone but found out that there are other footsteps beside your own..

    P.S : "Saya" means "I" or "Me" in my country. Hehe :D

  14. Geez, i nearly jumped at that one but i think i've gotten used to jumpscare and scary stuff i might even try 1 man hide and seek... I would be terrified if that happened to me but... How do i put this... I met a ghost on the bridge of our school and she became my friend and now she protects me from stuff and she looks exactly like that girl in the video apart from the scary face so i would think she was playing a prank on me or something if that happened. I know u prob think i'm mad or crazy or something but she is my friend now. P.S she doesn't like my real best friend Calvin lol so 2 of my friends (ghost and human) are enemies. Melody ;) btw Calvin can see ghosts just as well as me so we would make the best look ous for ghosts? Lol thanks Saya

  15. Oh my God. It scared me to death yet I almost got beaten by my brother! He's freaking older than me XD His reaction was one thing I scared besides the video itself. Kekekeke

  16. 怖かった!どこで撮影されたのでしょうか。幽霊が出るまで結構綺麗な風景だったと思います。印象的なCMでした。ありがとうございました。

  17. After read comment. I keep my laptop far from me and watch. It's not scary like i think it'll be. But i think i like this commercial idea. So funny. lol

    Thanks for some funny video today ! :D

  18. hahahaahah this one funny <3
    japan always knows how to make a good ads lol.

  19. Hello! It sure has been a while, hasn't it? I apologize for my long absence, my offline life has kept me occupied.

    Anyway, if you're having trouble with ghosts in your commute, you probably shouldn't be thinking about what brand of tire you're currently using. Instead, you should consider moving to a new address as soon as possible! XD

  20. Why o why am I watching this before going to bed??!!

  21. God! I think its all about horor story, u make me scream even its still noon here (and i put my earphone too) what a shocking video saya san. Its my 2nd comment hope i will continued loving ur blog, amin

  22. I thought this vid was just funny and not scary at all, but it looks like it freaked some of you out!

    Sorry about that!

    @fatalysitc: It's always best to watch my vids during the day! :D haha

    Oh but you used earphones? Bad idea XD

    @Danee: haha glad you entertained you! :P

    @JazzytheMan: Good, good. At least one other person is finding it funny!

    @BlueRio: Good old BlueRio, knowing how to go about your business on Saya in Underworld! XD

    @CY: I agree. It certainly put the message across! XD

    @J Ea Less: Turn the subtitle on and you'll know

    @nunu: It is, isn't it?XD

    @Hei Yu: Hahaha sorry dear. I did use to put warnings for jump scares in the past but I thought this vid didn't need one. Because it didn't make me jump XD

    @Kurisu Kuiaran: Sorry, dear! I apologize!

    @sardine god: Oh kewpie dressing! It's from the same company that makes Tarako pasta sauce so yeah no wonder it reminds you of it!

    Next time ask your nice uncle to bring you Tarako pasta sauce too! :D

    @mossy hemisphere: haha I'd feel so bad if I caused you to break your precious laptop!

    @Anon (14 Feb): I hope you managed to sleep!

    @Ekky Sanyotho: I'm female, indeed.
    Yes everyone likes cryptic stories. They're the most popular ones on my blog.

    You're playing Siren games? Aww good luck with them! They look really scary to play!

    Yeah, lots of people from your country told me the meaning of "saya" in your language. It's interesting! :D

    Well thank you for commenting! See you again!

    @Melody Chivers:I don't think you're crazy dear. It sounds like you're having an exciting life with your ghost friend! I envy you!

    @Cik HudHud: Hahaha tell your brother sorry from me! XD

    @渚: どこで撮影されたのかな?私も分からないです!サイレントヒルみたいな風景ですよね。私はけっこうおもしろい内容のCMだと思ったのですが、怖いと思う人のほうが多かったみたいです。こちらこそコメントありがとうございました!

    @Comatose: Your welcome, my dear. You're quite active for someone who is comatose! lol

    @Rozaline Jin: It's good that you find it funny, dear! I hope I can update more funny stuff on this blog!

    @Diogo Valverde: I'm just glad to hear you're happy and sound. I hope we can keep in touch!

    @Myriam Cisse: You poor thing. Don't worry it's just an advert and it's not gonna do you any harm!

    @novemberain: Aww sorry you had your earphones on! Yeah, keep commenting, please! I need you guys' support for continuing this blog!


  23. I cursed the whole night after watching this. S***! How could they make a tyre commercial like this? HAHAHAHA


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