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Friday, 23 May 2014

Mountain Road

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A cryptic story for you! Enjoy! :D

It is a dark, gloomy mountain road - no houses in sight, with neither moonlight nor streetlamps.
I am driving quite fast, wanting to get home as soon as possible.
Then suddenly a person runs out into the road in front of me.
I slam on the brakes and manage to avoid crashing into the person.
The person seems unhurt too, but he is saying something to me, his face contorted with anger.
I get scared somehow and speed away in full throttle.
I then glance at the rearview mirror, and see that the person is still glaring at me.
What a persistent guy. After all, it was his fault, wasn't it?


  1. Please, DON'T BE SHY about sharing your theory with us!

    Nowadays I welcome ANY kinds of theories. I just enjoy seeing the ways you people become so creative through these cryptic stories!

    Please don't fight amongst yourselves about who's got it right or wrong.

    Respect other people's opinions!

    Just relax and enjoy! :D

  2. This one is pretty tricky. I think this is one of those "almost robbery" stories. After all, why would the guy be around if there's no houses and nothing? Sounds like a setup to me.

    But alternatively... if they sped away on that dark road, how can they still see them? Is the person (or possibly creature?) chasing them?

  3. Hmm... That person is a ghost and this 'I' is the one who hit him before.

    Or... He try to suicide and he got angry because 'I' didn't hit him.

    Well, the fact that it was dark and 'I' can see his face on rear view mirror show the possibility that the number one theory is the right one though :p

  4. I think, since there was no light source, how was the person able to see their face? Also when the sped away it should have made it harder to see (especially without light) but they were still able to see them clearly.
    (Thank you for all your hard work Saya!)

  5. maybe he was glaring at the car????? or he was warning him about...something ?

  6. it's dark, no houses in sight, yet he's on a gloomy mountain road and also, he's on himself that wanting to get home as soon as possible--

    ...why would there's another random person runs out into the road infront of him?

  7. There are no signs of civilization, no lights, and its not only dark but gloomy according to the writer. Yet not only can he see this 'person' he almost hit, but at the end he calls him persistent. That word alone makes me think the man has either chased down his car or even worse he hasn't been driving as fast as he thought and is caught in some sort of time warp that has kept him close to this man instead of continuing down the road (like those old horror movies where the hallway gets longer but you don't really go anywhere
    although you're running for dear life). This story is unsettling and like most of the cryptic stories leaves me feeling extremely uneasy after reading.

  8. LOL Really ? Of course He can see that person's face because after all cars have headlights attached to them, don't they ? So that person is either '' we-all -know-what it is '' OR robbers OR possibly some satanic cult group haha.

    Now,I'm not gonna lie, if you guys ever have road trip before, chances you're gonna bump into these kind of things very often.Last time my friends and I went to the beach with our own motorbikes.My friends were quite keen with the speed so I had to tell him to slow down so others two can catch up with up.Then he lighted his cigarette( yes I know, it's dangerous while driving but the road was empty as hell - 3 in the morning ) and to my shock, he passed one of the old men, and by pass I mean that old guy was 20cm away from my shoulder.But my friend, on the other hand still kept his composure and driving.I was scared sh*tless and even more creeped out because looking back, I still can see him standing in the middle of nowhere without moving or anything.Later on, when we arrived,I told him about that incidents and to my surprise, he didn't see that old man at all...

  9. "that person" is on the backseat now, oh sh**

  10. OMG I think i know this one!! He was driving along an extremely dark road. So if he was that far ahead (he drove away at full throttle rmb?) , how could he see the person when he glanced back??

    K i feel smart HAHAHA :'D (i didnt look at other comments when I typed this! Loololol)

  11. The driver sped away after the accident but could still see the man's face in his rearview mirror --> The man was dead and now seated on the back seat! :P

  12. Uhm thé guys he nearly ran over Was somehow in his backseat?

  13. I agree with "how can he see that man face while it's dark"

    but i think that the person who jumped out into the road was a victim of kidnapping maybe.. he look scare and pale,, he tried calling for help, but because of the dark road, he looked like being angry in the driver's eye.. when the driver drove away and left him behind, he couldn't do anything beside glaring at him and accepting his fate...

    or, maybe that person is trying to warn him about something like a slide or fallen tree ahead on the road... that's why he seem angry :3

  14. OMG I think he wanted to commit suicide.

    That's probably why he chose a road that was dark with no light source (except from the car) and dashed pretty quickly. so creepy that he got angry like that.

  15. I have to agree with the people who thinks that the person is either a) in the back-seat or b) keeping up with the car somehow. Because rear-view mirrors really only show that a person is there. I wouldn't be able to tell that person was glaring at me if I was speeding away from them.

  16. Oh oh, the person is in the back seat, that's how he can still see him glaring at him through the rearview mirror.
    I had to read that twice to get it.

  17. If the writer can see the person's face from the car's light, and he can still see the person's face while speeding up in his car,

    I think that means the person is following the writer's car and keep a short range near the car!!!well that's creepy

  18. I really like everyone's theories so far, I think the most probable ones are the person wanting to suicide, or being a ghost.
    One of my own - I know this is highly speculative, but I, personally, think that there may be two different persons in this story, aside from the driver.
    The one on the road.. and someone in the backseat, who may be someone the driver has kidnapped, or is taking somewhere to kill then dump the body.
    Just because the driver says the person is "still" glaring at him, calls him "persistent", and can still see him in the rear-mirror despite speeding away. I just think that "still glaring" implies the person was glaring all the time, but the one he almost hit wasn't necessarily glaring AT him, just swearing in the general direction of the car.

  19. First time commenting, wanted to say I enjoy reading the stories in this blog, many thanks for translating all these stories for us!

    I have a slightly different interpretation. Many are basing their theories on the driver being able to see the person glaring at them, but there are cases where people just assume that a person is making a particular expression. It could be that the driver is assuming that the person is glaring at him because he's still standing there looking at him instead of moving away, even though he can't actually see his expression.

    I theorize that the driver would have gotten into an accident had he continued to drive at that speed. The person saw him, and went to stop him and scold him since he was driving so dangerously, which was why he was so angry at the driver. The person was "glaring" at him afterwords because he was watching the driver drive off safely.

    It's another way of looking at it, which is why these open-ended cryptic stories are so great. What I don't get was why did the driver describe him as persistent; how would a person standing still and staring be persistent?

    1. Naaah i think the prsistent just means that he still was glaring at the author after a while.

  20. Since he drove away at full speed, he shouldn't be able to see the man's face anymore as 1) he's too far away 2) it's too dark to see his expression. This means that "the person" is following his car. Damn creepy

  21. How could he see the person's eyes in the rear view mirror if there was no light? His eyes must have been glowing or something... Spooky!

  22. I think this is not scary at all because in the story didn't mention when the accident happen
    The driver can see the man in rearview because the accident happen daylight

    *sorry my english bad D:

  23. I actually automatically interpreted it as the eyes he saw in the rearview being his own. That he saw his own reflection and thought it was someone else. Or there was someone in the backseat he had forgotten about, or something.

  24. Kevin Jordan: I think this happened in night, because he mentions that there's no moonlight.. If it was day, well it would be obvious that there's no moonlight..

    But yeah my theory is that if he was driving away so fast, how could he still see where the person was looking at?

  25. My first thought was 'how can he still see the guy?' and that it was perhaps a ghost, following in his mirror. Since there were no lights, I think that has to be the real point.

    But since discussing is fun, another thought was that perhaps it was a suicide attempt failed, so the man had intentionally stepped out, the driver braked, making him have to wait for the next car.

    I also like the 'almost-mugged' idea.

  26. Wow.. that's so scary Saya-san.
    I think the ghost followed the narrator and was in the narrator's car in the backseat. That's why narrator can clearly see the ghost.
    Or maybe the ghost was in the rear-view mirror.


  27. O_O The person who almost got hit is still angry since he wanted the driver of the car to hit him on purpose, he wanted to get hit(suicide) :P

  28. The creepy part is, well.. was he really speeding away from that man?
    or maybe that man is *somehow* be able to stop the car and keep glaring at car's driver?
    Or maybe that man has some kind of ninja-like skill so he manage to keep up with the speeding car?

  29. I wont join the theory fight right above saya hahahha,, i prefer to open my mind and see how everyone make their theories and each and every kne of them makes sense. I think that is the beauty of cryptic stpry.. the commenters would gladly explain and open pur mind hahhaha,,

    So in this time, i wont give any theory coz i think everyone is right, which makes the story even creepier....

  30. I think the man needs a ride somewhere, but the driver didn't stop and offer a ride, he was speeding up instead.. That's why the man looks angry, and he must walk along the dark road again..
    The driver was a douche..

  31. Maybe this is dumb, but I just thought that mountain roads meant that it was either going down or up, so if he had ran away he wouldn't be able to still be face-level to the guy, right? The guy would either be too low or too up, since I imagine that mountain roads, at least here in Brazil, are pretty inclined. I dunno, though. I might be wrong. Also, the glowing eyes is a good one. It can be also one of those cases that they are trying to get hit or something for them, when the person leaves the vehicle or stays in place for too long, they can group-rob him, like other guys would come out of the bushes and so. Sorry if is just dumb. ^3^'

  32. My theory is that he didn't want the driver on his property and/or somewhere else dangerous ahead. He could have been hurt or murdered...or he could be a murderer himself waiting for flies to sway into his trap. I feel like it has to be a ghost or a murder scenario of some kind. But I do agree with a lot of the theories above since all seem to be sound and make sense. It could easily be all if not generally most of them.

  33. Um, well. He drove away at full speed, didn't he? And he only slammed the breaks to avoid hitting him, but didn't swerve.

    Since this is a riddle, it could be that when he sped up in full throttle, he drove right through him, which would explain why he was still angry...

    (I'm not sure if the first one went through, so sorry if this is a double post!)

  34. The driver didn't hit, then the driver hit. He took the body to the back seat. The body's sitting dead but his eyes are still open, glaring to the driver.

  35. My first guess was that the driver became possessed by spirit and the last sentence belong to it as it was angry that his prey run away from him.


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