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(Translated and arranged by Saya)

(This is a true story that happened in 2chan😱) 

839: Anonymous 2010/06/29(Tue) 13:55:28 zxP0DBDF0
I work as a receptionist in a hotel in the east of Hokkaido. *1
The other day, there was a guest who was late arriving to the hotel so I took the liberty of calling him. 

The guest answered my call, saying, "Oh, I am sorry. It seems like I am lost" 

Since he sounded as if he was driving,  I hang up as soon as I could. Shortly after that, my shift ended and I went home. 

Next morning, I read in the newspaper that the same guest had met with a car accident and passed away. 
There were some witnesses at the scene, so the exact time of the accident was mentioned, but it was more than two hours before I made a call to him. 

I wonder where he was being lost...? 

Moreover, yesterday, strange noises which sounded like someone groaning were recorded for 47 seconds on the voice mail of my own private phone. 

I am planning to have a purification ritual from 16:00 today. 

842 :Anonymous:2010/06/29(Tue) 14:06:21 OYvok4pTO
Wrong thread. 
Didn't you perhaps call the wrong number and the other person was just playing along with you? 
That recorded message might have been just a prank call. 

843 :Anonymous:2010/06/29(Tue) 14:17:48 zxP0DBDF0
I do not think I was making myself clear there. 
Of course I considered that possibility and I checked the switchboard logs. 

Besides, even if the guest had given us a wrong number, that same number could not have made a call to my private mobile phone. 

It was personally scary enough for me to take a paid leave and travel all the way to Kyoto. Please pardon me if I am writing this in a wrong thread. 

864 :Anonymous:2010/06/29(Tue) 16:48:37 QCnDTsnc0
I wonder if you got possessed by him when you called him at the beginning? 
I want to know how the purification ritual went, but I guess you won't be able to tell us about it here. 

897 :Anonymous:2010/06/29(Tue) 19:14:57 HPDSAB0F0
I am 839. I have come back to the hotel (* the hotel he was staying in Kyoto) just now. 

I went to see a medium who was introduced to me by a friend who works in another hotel. 
Even before I opened my mouth, the medium said, 
"Oh dear. You have a couple with you, a man and a woman. Ohhh, what a pitiful state they are in! Was it a car accident?" 

I was so surprised because I hadn't mentioned anything about it to my friend and I had told my workplace that I was only attending a memorial service held for a relative. 

According to the medium, at the time when I called the guest, it was already after their damaged car had been towed away to the police station, and my call got connected to their mobile phone that had fallen under the passenger seat. 

After that I received a purification ritual, but during the ritual, my phone vibrated like it had gone mad, and then it stopped, but since then I have not been able to turn it on again. 

All of these things are new to me, and the excitement of the day has not been subsided in me yet. I only wished to give you a quick update. 

907 :Anonymous:2010/06/29(Tue) 20:00:34 U7Eet0Qu0
I would have thought the police would call back to ask you questions if they discovered that someone had called the phone found in the damaged car. 

909 :Anonymous:2010/06/29(Tue) 20:27:15 QAOJzMZHO
Perhaps the police answered your call to see who it was. 

911 :Anonymous:2010/06/29(Tue) 20:48:48 HPDSAB0F0
I have been out to buy some alcohol.

When I called the hotel (* his work place) earlier, I have casually asked them if anything unusual had happened but they said no, so I do not think the police has called us.

I do not think that was the police, judging by the conversation we had. 

In all honesty, I had never experienced any supernatural phenomena before, and although I like things like ghost stories, I had never previously believed them. 

I had never dreamt that I would be forced to change my beliefs so dramatically at my age... 

I am not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight... 

915 :Anonymous:2010/06/29(Tue) 21:15:24 QAOJzMZHO
Please don't let them take you to the other world! 
Let us know if something appears to you! 

916 :Anonymous:2010/06/29(Tue) 21:29:27 rFiFbua5O
Are you alright? 
Have you calmed down? 

It looks like it's going to be a hot, humid night.
I am an insomniac, so I am here watching over you. 
If something happens to you, let me know! 
You are not alone.(´▽`)

919 :Anonymous:2010/06/29(Tue) 21:36:30 QCnDTsnc0
 That must have been tough! You deserve a good rest. 
I can only imagine how scary it would be to see ghosts appearing in such a state.

If you have time, you should go sightseeing in Kyoto to take your mind off your troubles. Although it might be too hot for someone who come from the East of Hokkaido. *2

920 :Anonymous:2010/06/29(Tue) 21:46:31 HPDSAB0F0
Thank you so much. 

But I think the purification ritual was successful. 
It helped enormously that the above mentioned medium appeared to be a dependable person.
I have been working as a receptionist for many years and take pride in having an accurate judgement of people by their appearance, and she *3 had a very pleasant face. 

Not only that, she apologized to me for breaking my phone, and did not receive anything from me apart from a box of sweets I had brought to her as a token of appreciation. 

The reason I feel a little agitated now is because I see the world in a totally different light from before. 
To be honest, I do not remember being so scared of the night apart from when I was a child... 

If it were possible I would like to have taken a break and gone sightseeing some temples, but I have a night shift tomorrow...
Speaking of which, the night in Kyoto is really sultry. 
I do not feel it when I am inside the room because of the air conditioning, but I keenly felt it when I went out to buy things just a while ago.

956 :Anonymous:2010/06/30(ζ°΄) 07:51:06 /dnKoBgn0
>>897 are you still there? 
This is no joke... 

"At approximately 1,a.m., on the 30th, a passerby found Hideaki Tanaka (age 48), a hotel worker from Obihiro City, Hokkaido, lying prostrate at the national highway 143 junction,  Higashi-yama Ward, Kyoto, and called 119 (*emergency number).

Paramedics, upon arrival, confirmed that Mr. Tanaka was dead from multiple injuries.

Higashi-yama police department is now investigating it as a possible hit-and-run accident.
Mr. Tanaka was in Kyoto to attend a memorial service held for a relative. "

959 :Anonymous:2010/06/30(Wed) 08:32:06 HrTbhAMUO
What? Wait...

I have read all the previous replies and he said that he wasn't able to go to sleep. What if he went to take a walk outside last night...
This gave me goosebumps all over.

I wish he could come back and reassure us that he is alright.

961 Anonymous:2010/06/30(Wed) 09:07:31 dyvIK0bp0
A hotel worker from Hokkaido.
Now in Kyoto.
(Ostensibly) there for a memorial service. 

For real? He fits all the description. 
Please come back and tell us you are OK...!!! 

He just happened to make a call to that dead guy and got randomly cursed? How could this be possible...?


*1 Hokkaido ---  (Japanese: εŒ—ζ΅·ι“, literally "Northern Sea Circuit" or "Northern Sea Region") is the second largest island of Japan. The Tsugaru Strait separates Hokkaido from Honshu (the main island) ; the two islands are connected by the undersea railway Seikan Tunnel. (Wikipedia)

This island used to belong to the Ainu, who are the indigenous people of Japan. Some of them still live there. 
Here's an article on the Ainu: 

More Links:

Golden Kamuy is a popular manga that involves a portrayal of the Ainu (I have never read it though πŸ˜†✨)

*2 Kyoto is located in basin and is surrounded by mountains. Therefore, it is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. 
Hokkaido, on the other hand, is close to Russia and tends to have cool weather all year round.

*3 Medium --- the story doesn't mention the gender of the medium, but I just imagined it was a female medium. 

There are famous mediums in Japan called Itako, who are blind women with an ability to communicate with the dead.


  1. So chilling that you can contact ghosts or the underworld so easily to be cursed, after some innocuous action 😳.
    Also, the make over for your site looks nice! (I am on mobile so I haven’t had a chance to check it on desktop).

    1. I am glad you like the new blog theme πŸ˜†⭐ I changed it once before this, but it was such a long time ago! I thought it was about time to do it lol πŸ’–✨

      It seems that in ghost stories, phones often appear as mediums to connect this world to the underworld! ⭐

  2. Hi Saya-san!

    That is extremely unfortunate for Mr Hideaki. Who would have guessed a routine work call would result in something so terrifying.
    This is really like the movie Juon, with unsuspecting passersby happily going through their lives but then tragically fell under the Juon curse just because they unknowingly cross paths with the ghost family. No matter how insignificant the encounter was.

    Now off I go to read the rest of the blog.

    - nunu -

    1. Hello!❤️✨

      Would you believe it, I have only ever watched the American version of Juon, and never the original Japanese one πŸ˜†✨

      I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the blog! Thank you for your comment!✨

  3. Hi Saya-san!

    I have plenty of similar stories like above from my country (I live in Indonesia) but nothing like a cursed/sinister one. It always ends up just such "hell, goodbye" from another world. But stills give you a chill.

    Anyway, I just notice that you changed the blog appearance and I just want to say I like it and it is comfortable enough to read at late night in the dim light. Good job Saya-san, and stay safe!

    1. Hello! I have heard Indonesia also has many great ghost stories πŸ˜†✨

      I am happy that you like my blog's new look! I wanted to change it so it's easier for you people to find my older posts!

      Thank you and I hope you stay safe too. 😊🌈⭐

  4. Scary. The living should not deal with the dead.

    1. It's so bizarre that whatever the medium did had no effect on the ghosts whatsoever.πŸ˜†✨ Judging by the way the phone broke, it only made them angrier!

      Thank you so much for your comment!⭐🎡✨

  5. One thing that has been bothering me since the dawn of ghosts that kill people.... don't they ever get afraid of getting brutally beaten by whoever they killed? especially if they killed many... or maybe just having extremely awkward situation of "hey f*ckface, you happy now? because now I'll haunt your haunted *ss forever too" or maybe there will be ghost fight , XD

    sorry for the colorful languange, haha

    Thanks for your story Saya!

    1. Watch your language, please 🀣⭐ This is a place for well-educated, well-mannered people!🀣🎡✨

      I have never thought of it that way, but now I wonder too if those evil ghosts who kill people are suffering another kind of hell!🀣🌈✨

      Thank you for your deep insight πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ’Ž✨

  6. I'm gonna ignore that you said this was a true story, so I won't get scared at night. Because I got literal chills when reading it :|

    1. You should read all the stories under the "Funny" label on this blogπŸ˜†✨

  7. OwO
    omg that's so scary.
    i half want to believe the original poster was just fooling around, but i'm not sure...
    uh, rest in peace, Hideaki-san.

    as always, thanks a lot, Saya-san!

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment!πŸ˜†✨ It's always nice to hear from my blog readers that they got scared of those stories!

  8. Are we realy sure that he is still alive in his last post?
    The police report say that he was FOUND at 1 am. Not that the time of dead is predicted at 1 am.
    And in his last post he say that he just went out to buy something from the groceries store

    1. You mean the last post was written by his ghost?πŸ˜†✨That would be scary!

  9. I was thinking about this story again, and now I think the medium didn't receive money from him because the ritual was unsuccessful.πŸ˜†✨


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