"I Screamed When I Found This on Google Maps!"

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(Translated and arranged by Saya)

1: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:22:33.93 ID:Ols6C3B2a

2: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:22:46.41 ID:qy39W9cCM
Whatttt? LOL

3: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:22:57.80 ID:XphuctEr0
That's serious

7: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:23:22.34 ID:uQqnNQ1sa

15: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:23:52.87 ID:OAYrqcRq0
Please don't post a real thing.... 

19: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:24:10.48 ID:JHIPIH/L0
That is a famous telephone box haunted by a female ghost. 
I saw it on another occult site. 

27: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:24:47.90 ID:Eq6V+ljHa

20: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:24:11.26 ID:4NSAjxeg0
She is just making a phone call. No big deal.

39: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:26:11.16 ID:Ij4FwE720
Does it need those steps?

41: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:26:33.38 ID:IVTbX1hIM
Yes, it does because it's in a yukiguni (Note: lit. snow country, meaning a snowy region) **

42: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:26:34.51 ID:ZfPjKYUz0
It must be just light reflecting on dirt but what are the odds of capturing that on a camera? LOL 

49: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:27:46.31 ID:Et754jGPM
That's no joke
I can feel her grudge even through the screen

66: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:30:55.80 ID:WlXBuJj20
It's just leaves giving an illusion of a face

80: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:32:38.67 ID:Q4FqnOtd0
How come there is a telephone box in such a place?

82: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:33:11.25 ID:E39KyP3B0
Is it a haunted place?

86: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:33:42.40 ID:EQ69UeeNM
Here you go

 88: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:34:05.96 ID:3jnuLRXXa
Will you STOP making it bigger 

94: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:34:57.36 ID:7taanjGGa
Isn't she carrying a dog?

116: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:37:32.02 ID:Gi4aiIKV0

125: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:38:21.54 ID:ADX3/zKE0

118: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:37:45.07 ID:0EtzJYlta
A telephone box on a forest road? 
It is 100% haunted

138: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:41:27.28 ID:j0YcfVxT0
Is it in Japan?

142: Anonymous 2021/10/08(Fri) 06:43:01.44 ID:0ivd1GysM

This has been taken from 5chan.

**This haunted place is apparently located in Yamagata prefecture (山形県).  

⭐Some notable stories that involve telephones: 


  1. As always, thank you so much for leaving comments! I appreciate every one of you!😁💖🎵✨

    As you have probably noticed, I only post once a week now even if I could post more often. I do this to be easy on myself so that I can post on a consistent basis without putting an unnecessary pressure on myself.

  2. "Who the hell still uses a payphone?"

    That woman, probably. It reminds me of a grandpa who shares his childhood story where he encountered a telephone (in a basement[?]) and talking to someone from another world.

    Even if you know exactly how a phone call works, it still can feel magical that it can breed a lot of supernatural stories.

    1. I should put links to other stories that involve telephones here! 😆🎵

      That story was heartwarming but I am not sure if I would enjoy talking to this particular lady 🤣🌈

      Thank you so much for your comment!

  3. The user who said “Will you STOP making it bigger” made me laugh so hard though 🤣🤣🤣

    1. I know right 🤣💖💖💖✨

  4. I foresee many visitors will come to this booth as it is such an instagrammable spot.
    Probably the ghost will leave the booth then.
    The attention will be too overwhelming.
    But if the ghost is gone then the phonebooth will be missing its ghostly aura. Hmm.

    Interesting read, Saya-san. Thank you. From where I am, it's very rare to find an actual working public phone. Most public phone are broken and just serve as an eyesore.

    - nunu -

    1. It's getting rarer and rarer to see telephone boxes in my country too!😆✨

      I hope this one stays where it is so the ghost has a place to stay! 😆💞

      I hope too that it doesn't attract too much attention from people! I doubt it will though because it seems like it's in a quiet country side!

      Thank you for your lovely comment!🎵✨

  5. I am literally scared and really covered my screen with my hand just not to see the pic while scrolling hahaha.

    And for your releases, yes it's okay! It's something to look forward every week. Thanks souch for yoyr stories!

    1. I am sorry you are so scared!😆✨

      Thank you so much for your kind words! 🙏🌸✨

  6. The phone boot will be taken down soon, Too many people have discovered it as the EXIT PORTAL, also that was not a ghost, that was a person mid-escaping the matrix XD

    and now about how telecommunication techs often connects to the supernatural.... Our life would be much easier if it was the only problem, as you can see there are billions of scams and then also the fault of the tech companies in the first place in setting up flawed security, I knew a reputable cellular provider who once got hacked because they don't update their antivirus, another whose employee got tricked into giving personal infos, and other who are just plain bad or straight up selling your data.

    sorry for the rant, Thanks a lot Saya!, Just take it slow, no need to rush and please always take care of your health and be healthy!

    1. Thank you so much 😆❤️

      I understand your discontent with phone service providers 😆✨

      I hope you stay happy and healthy too!

  7. hello saya-chan !! the face really scares me haha XD

    1. But perhaps it looks less scarier than the faces of our mothers when they are angry! 😆🎵✨ Thank you for your comment!

  8. I love pictures like the first one. Back at my college, there was a picture of old Main burning, and in one of the windows, there looked like a woman. Great images.

    1. It's cool your college had a ghost in residence 😆✨ I would like to have seen that picture too!

      Thank you so much for your comment!🌈⭐

  9. I've gone to same place via google map, but what i seen is different


  10. "Will you STOP making it bigger " is my whole reaction while reading this post

    thank you so much for the story Saya-san!!

    1. 🤣🤣🤣✨✨⭐
      Thank you so much for your fun comment!

  11. google has blurred the ghost's face. i find it both funny and creepy at the same time 😅😅

    1. Oh no, is that so? It's probably my fault.🤣✨


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